India is a democratic nation and considered to be free when it comes to taking our own decisions but, is it really free? I guess not because even in this modern society, we still follow our old customs and traditions which have proven to be wrong a number of times. One such tradition is patrika matching which is more of a burden on arranged marriages.


Patrika matching


Almost every Indian family looks forward to matching patrika of the boy and girl to be married before taking any further steps. Some people even match patrikas before meeting the families. What if, the family was good and because of the predictions of the patrika, you are declining a good offer? What if, the boy/girl is your type but, the patrika says something else? What if, something else is written in the fate but, the patrika reader said the opposite? All such questions can have answers which no one will want to think of or reply to.

Relevance of Patrika

With the changing scenario, some people have also understood the relevance of patrika in a marriage. However, they do not rely on patrika completely and consider other factors more important. When a child is born, (especially in India) his/her patrika is the first thing that is made by the pujari and even the name is given with the help of that patrika. Some even believe that our entire lifetime is engraved in it; one should just know to read it.

Unmatched patrika- unchanged life

The whole negotiation of patrika matching is a tiresome ritual but, still, it came out to be a positive decision for both of us. Although I knew that convincing my family with an unmatched patrika will be a tough fight but, finally I won over it. I liked the boy in my village and this liking grew from our childhood as we grown to play together sharing our toys. Our families have known each other for a long time and were good neighbors. Gradually, I fell in love with this guy but, never tried to tell him as I feared of my family.

One day when I discovered that my parents are planning my marriage, I had no choice than to speak out my heart. Without many quarrels, they accepted it but, they asked to match our patrika. Unfortunately, our patrikas didn’t match and it took days to think over the matter. Somewhere deep in my heart, I was praying to make them say ‘yes’ for both of us. The years of acquaintance and understanding between the families worked and we both were united in the bond of marriage. As per our patrikas, we were never good for each other but, even after all these years, our marriage is as fresh as the first day.

It is not necessary that every patrika matches in the same way as the families expect and the future predictions come out to be correct. There are couples who despite unmatched patrikas were married and are living a happy life together.

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