Our rituals and traditions are like a guiding path for us. People who make them the only role in life suffer the most in the end. Patrika matching is one such tradition which is followed in Indian marriages. People depend a lot on patrika before selecting an appropriate bride/ groom for the boy/ girl. In most of the parts of India, people are still following this tradition and even if the boy and girl are not suitable for each other, marriages are fixed as per the patrika.


Patrika matching 1


Patrika can be wrong too

Just like every girl, I was also looking forward to a great life ahead after marriage. When my family discovered that the boy’s patrika is a good match for me, they too were very happy and excited about the whole idea. I was busy in my preparations for the big day to come and it all went well until the first month of marriage. But problems began to cramp out in the end of 1st month wherein my husband started to yell at me without any reason and my in-laws no longer supported me for anything. All I was facing was criticism from all of them.

I tried to give it another chance thinking that I might be unable to adjust in this new environment and started to please them by cooking their favorite meals, etc. But nothing worked out. I told my parents about all this and they asked me to try more from my side and I did as they said until one day my patience level broke down when my husband raised his hand to slap me for not ironing his shirt. That was the day when I decided to step out of my marriage and left the house.

Our knowledge- our decision

We have given our decision-making authority to the patrika readers despite having the knowledge and capability of choosing a right life partner. The law of India says that after 18, one can take their own decision to get married and the standard age to get married is 21. This law is being enforced because at this age, a person is capable enough to take his/ her own decision. Where family members are involved, they are even more aged, more experienced and more knowledgeable to take the right decision then, why is that patrika matching is of so much importance?

Several types of research and studies have proved that marriages fail even after matching patrika and succeed even when patrikas don’t match. In the coming years, people are going to outcast this system and will listen to their gut feeling. The coming generation will believe in true stories and live examples of a married couple and not on patrikas. Patrika is just a part of our horoscope in written form for future reference but, other than this, they should not be the mainstay of decision making for anyone.

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