Online dating v/s in person meeting: which is safer

In present times, everything thing is becoming digitalized. From books to gas stoves, all things have a digital alternative, which is much better than its predecessor. Not just that, even our personal lives are being dominated by digitization. From taking admission in a pre-school to finding love, all can be done at the click of a button. Off late, online dating has become a rage. With sites like tinder and match, it has become very easy for people to register online and try finding the person of their dreams. The anonymity these sites provide makes them all the more comfortable for an individual to find their prince or princess charming. However, there are always two sides to a coin.  While some believe that online dating is the “It” thing, there are others who believe that nothing can beat the charm of old school in person dating. Both the forms of dating have their own pros and cons, which are as follows:




Online Dating:


  • More to choose from: A vast number people these days prefer online dating. You can meet and date anyone sitting in any corner of the world. Since the perspective is wide, hence you have more people to choose from when it comes to finding your prince charming.
  • Can be done any given time of the day: Online dating can be done at any given time of the day. So if you have had a tough day at the office, you can still talk to your beloved at late night.
  • Site suggestions and tools: The website helps you suggest and select people as per the details are given in your profile. This makes searching for the one you might click with easier.


  • Filled with liars: many times people lie about their age, appearance, like and dislikes on a dating site. Hence, the actual first date at times turns to be disappointing.
  • Online fraudsters: There are high chances that you may bump into an online fraudster or stalker you may trouble you later on.
  • Can be addictive: there may be a possibility that you may end up getting addicted to the websites, and end up spending your whole day living in a virtual world.

In-person meeting:


  • The possibility of having common friends: in the case of offline dating, you generally meet the person through common friends. Hence, the possibility of the person being bad is very rear.
  • Meeting face to face: Since you meet your date in person, you can hence be sure of what they look like and how they think. You can even judge them on the basis of their body language and gestures.
  • Background check: It is easier to check the background of a person when you have met him in real rather than a dating site.


  • Uncertainty about relationship status: If you meet someone through common friends and like him, you cannot be sure whether the person reciprocates your feelings or not, which can be unsettling.
  • Socially withdrawn: when you date a person offline, you tend to become socially withdrawn as you spend most of the time with him rather than anyone else.

Online or offline dating is totally a matter of personal choice. However, one should weigh the pros and cons in detaining before taking the leap. Choose well!

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