Arranging your marriage through a matrimonial website- A boon or a bane?

With technology taking over our lives in today’s day and age, marriages are also arranged now through the virtual world. There are no more middle men and family matchmakers who would take on the task of finding mates for their own. Matrimony sites are now in vogue and do a decent job of finding a life partner but at times they can become a bane to handle. Let’s find out more about matrimony through sites like


Arranged Marriages



Matrimony sites are a gift for those in search of a life partner. The virtual marriage world has made it convenient and easier to find the right match. All you need to do is fill in the requisite details, create a profile and you are set for finding that perfect mate to spend your life with. There is no need to contact far-flung relatives who you may not have spoken to for years just to enquire about any suitable match for your child or pay loads of money to middlemen who work as marriage brokers.

You also have the advantage of getting in touch with only those people who you think could be of interest as most details about the person are mentioned on the profile such as educational qualifications, ethnic background, interests, work values and more. Only if the profile seems interesting you can get in touch with them.


Matrimony sites might be the ideal way of finding a match for some but for others, it just takes away the charm of meeting like minded and also similar family background people through relatives and friends. Also, most people try to put their best foot forward on their matrimony profiles in order to impress but in actual the person might just be the complete contrast. It is very difficult to know about the authenticity of the person.

Also, today there are many sites available and all of them offer a plethora of choices and have millions of people on every site. It becomes very tedious and long drawn to choose from these profiles. Many times these profiles are fake and are made just to get contact details of girls that are later used for nefarious activities.

Matrimonial sites can be used to our advantage if we use them properly. They provide a good platform for those who have no prospective alliances within their circle. It is also a time saver for many. However, one should be careful of the fraudulent activities that take place on these sites and also give out genuine details of yourself and family.

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