Marriages are made in heaven- Does it hold true?

It is said that marriages are made in heaven but does it really hold true in today’s world where the gadgets and gizmos have taken over our lives and we find everything from food, jobs, products and love by the click of a finger. Some may argue that there is a cosmic power that still works to bring two people in love together while others feel that marriages and love are man-made and is a manifestation of feelings and situations found on earth and a lot of work goes into making it work.


The practical ones believe that marriages are not fairy tale romances where love suddenly strikes and it continues till eternity of life without any strife or struggle. In fact marriages involve a lot of adjustment and hard work on the part of both the partners. It is a work in progress all through their lives with many highs and lows. It is how you mold your relationship through these phases of life. This is the reason why some marriages last while others don’t. Marriage is a union of two people who need to give each other space, time and trust to value each other more than anything else. If we tread carefully on these significant parameters then marriages work beautifully. Else, there are more chances of a fall out as seen in today’s day and age. Increasing number of people are falling out of marriages than the ones getting into it.

However, the eternal romantics have faith in the proverbial phrase- Marriages are made in heaven. They trust that if you really believe in something the entire universe conspires to make it happen. So if two people are meant to be together the cosmic forces will work towards them coming close. Their union will not be stalled, stopped or affected by people, situations, and circumstances. Even in the marriage, they do not need to work towards making it happen because it will automatically get streamlined. Issues and problems will get resolved as they are meant to be. They are the Romeo Juliet variety who find romance in everything and feel love is an instinctive emotion that comes naturally to your soul mate.

A lot of inputs and opposing views on this matter are available in matrimony sites like They make for an interesting read as one gets to understand the minds of both sides. One needn’t take sides but find a mid-path and look out for that perfect mate who would complement you and complete you but at the same time work towards making the relationship work.

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