Planning a Bengali wedding in Kumaon hills

Although Bengalis are not known for destination weddings like some other cultures of India, the new generation is a bit different and holds their views. Bengalis are acclaimed for their travels and traveling spirit and this takes them to mountains, hills, rivers and oceans. Planning a Bengali Matrimonial ceremony in Kumaon hills appears to be a scintillating venture. It’s not a big, fat, wide scale Pahari wedding, but a traditional Bengali wedding nestled in the lap of lofty and pristine hills of Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region, which is one of the most scenic and spiritual places in the country.

shreya saran in bengali bridal dress

It’s all everyone’s cup of tea to organize a wedding here. This would be one of the best destination weddings and the theme, arrangements, and elders add to the great function. For those going through the cacophony of picking an ideal place for your D-day and entice guests to the mountain lap, you can check some most surreal places in the state.

  • Nainital: Well, it had to start with it. Cradled in the spectacular Kumaon region of Himalayas, this town is one of the best destinations to hold a grand wedding where you can also take your pre-wedding photoshoots. The scenic Nainital vistas are perfect for taking some candid snaps, spending some cherished moments near the lake and watch the beautiful sunset together at the famous Sunset point.
  • Mussoorie: This one’s tucked in the mesmeric vistas of scenic Dehradun. This is a quaint and lovely hill station in the Garhwal region that’d make your Bengali Matrimonial festivities a grand affair in its quintessential abode and kaleidoscope landscape. Apart from the perfect pre-wedding photos, if you want to host a lavish reception, then there are opulent banquet halls as well.
  • Dehradun town: Doon valley is an ideal place for your wedding and you can choose the venue from a cluster of distinguished farms, wedding halls, banquets and the beautifully manicured lush, sprawling gardens. The place is also famous for pre-wedding shoots at Asan barrage, FRI, splendid Dak Pathar and other places where you can preserve some precious moments.
  • Rishikesh and Haridwar: If you are a spiritual person and would want to hold the wedding right in between the celestial feel, these are places. It’s not opulent in grandeur but surely strongest in religious fervor and tradition. It’s like being witnessed and blessed by God only.
  • Planning your food and drinks: Well, the cost of food in the local market is higher than those in the plains. The reasons are obvious and you need to transport that from your place to the venue well in advance. You need to prepare an exhaustive list and put extra food as well because, in any emergency, it’d be difficult to get them. The marketplace at the mountains is not what you have in the city. So plan accordingly and beforehand.

Also, remember to arrange the catering part. You can hire local caterer as that would save a lot of money. Taking your caterers with you is expensive. The locals know the market and products and can help you in the hour.

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