Planning your finances for the perfect Bengali wedding

Bengali weddings are an extravagant and long affair and are usually scripted in layers. It involves a plethora of rituals driving on traditions and cultural faiths, finely created adornments, lip-smacking culinary delights and loud blessings showered the newlywed couple. Each Bengali ritual entails a significant role to an essay in the wedding festivity. Depending on your family, you’ll need to plan your wedding as per the followed customers. You must bear in mind that it might take a considerable amount of time to organize the Bengali Matrimonial ceremonies. So, it’s always better to plan them in advance and plan as per your budget.

Bengali Wedding Decoration

Managing your finances is most important as Bengali weddings are a long affair. The list is too heavy to find one-size-fits-all modality. In order to manage your expenses, you need to get an insight of some of the most important things in the wedding. Just like the first stage of solving a problem is to first acknowledge the fact that there is one, you have to underline the areas of expenses to curb or manage your finances. It’s that simple.

  • Ceremonial planning: Deciding who executes main rituals of the day is important. You can hire a priest from a common source or a reputable agency. An old granny from your paternal side might also be required as she would know the rituals very well. Ask the priest to provide a list of things required for the wedding in accordance with your budget. Take the list to Dosho-karma bhandar and get it done.
  • Planning the celebrations: This part includes deciding on the catering, venue, lighting, topiary, fountains, flower arrangements and other necessities. If your place is too small and compact to accommodate to all bor jatri guests, you can book a hall or hotel based on the number of guests coming. You can hand over the decorations of the canopy and alter (Chand nat olla) to an experienced member with decorations or event manager. You need to remember that the most significant pictures of your wedding will be held at this stage. Decorating it properly is the main lookout.
  • The décor: This is one part that takes the chunk of finances along with the venue. While you can book banquet hall well in advance and not go for resort or lawn, you can do away with transformational and vibrant décor if you’re on a tight budget. Floral beads are expensive and you can do with simple flowers or paper-cuts to give that ornate feel.
  • Bride’s preparations: This is something that brainstorms all. Not just in a Bengali Matrimonial, but all other marriages in India make the bride as the cynosure. Planning her Banarasi saree with red and golden color and border becomes an imperative. You can hire aspiring beauticians to do the make-up and do away with exorbitant charged by bridal makeup artists these days.

Deciding on her jewelry is always within your financial scope and abilities. You can rather buy the pure gold and give it to the maker to craft it rather than purchasing it readymade. That’d save a lot of cash.

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