What To Look Out For On A First Date With A Tamil Guy?

Even the Tamil guys living in urban cities like Chennai are that much forward in their attitude and actions compared to the new generation north Indian guys. When a girl starts talking the talk in a friendly way, they may not realize that she has some special feelings for him. She has to keep on making efforts to capture his attention. What to look out for on a first date with a Tamil guy?

Leave some subtle messages before the date

If you are really fascinated by a Tamil guy and believe in Tamil Matrimonial, you cannot ask him immediately for a date. Some preparatory steps are needed and you have to leave some small but subtle messages. These messages should convey that you like him and you are infatuated with him.  Your messages must also indicate that you want to know more about him. You should not ask for a date bluntly and there must not be any attempts to initiate the process of asking for a date immediately. Your messages and actions have to make him feel that you have a crush on him and wait for some time before going to date. Tamil guys are caring and passionate and they will start taking the initiative after some time.

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Heavy makeup is a turn off for a Tamil guy

Most Tamil guys prefer the natural beauty but that does not mean that you do not have to come without any makeup. Everything must be in moderation and you do not have to apply anything excess. If you do it in a simple and elegant way, you can create a magical effect and he is going to appreciate your looks.

Do not pretend that you are someone else

Tamil guys are brutally honest and they hate girls who pretend that they are someone else. You must behave in a natural way and be expressive about your likes and dislikes. Tamil guys love girls who are having an open mind and they run away from mysterious people. You can say whatever you feel without hurting his feelings and these guys will treat you like a queen if you behave in a natural way.

Display a caring attitude and be a good listener

You have to listen to him with so much attention and it helps you learn about him better. Moreover, you are giving an impression that you are a person with a caring attitude and it is going to create a positive impact on the Tamil guy you are dating with. Since these guys are emotional people, they always give great importance to these types of small gestures. Tamil guys will reciprocate with an equal amount of care and affection.

On the first date with a Tamil guy, you must find out whether he is a boyfriend material or not. There are shy Tamil guys but some guys are really talkative as well. You must decide whether his character and attitude compliment your personality and if you feel that he is the right guy, you can proceed with the relationship.

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