Can Kundali matching really predict doshas

Since time immemorial mankind has been fascinated by the idea of developing ways and means that can help them peep into the future and let them know what is in store for them in the times to come. Also, the necessity of knowing how a person is and how he or she will behave in situations without actually meeting the person is also something that has captured the imagination of everyone.


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Modern research for time machines and time warping still goes on, but we Indians have the assistance of kundali Milan, an ancient practice of studying the planetary movements to assess what the future holds, to look up to. Although still not considered an exact science, the believers in this ancient practice seem to trust their kundali sayings and the subsequent remedies to the hilt. Kundali tends to study the movement of the planets and stars and their effect on the particular individual and then predict what the future will be like for the individual. Also, it suggests remedies for countering any problems that may be existing or are about to be encountered by the person.

A key aspect of kundali reading is the identification of doshas in a kundali. Reading the position of stars and planets during the birth of an individual and its subsequent movement assists the kundali readers to assess all that is wrong with the individual and what is to be blamed for such happenings. Most people tend to base their subsequent actions according to these doshas and plan their key events in accordance with favorable planetary movements. This is most evident at the time of marriages where kundali matching is done and the doshas in each one are brought out in order to ensure a good match.

But the question is, can the kundalis of a couple really bring out the doshas in a person and subsequent remedies correct whatever is wrong? The answer seems to be an emphatic no.  Many reasons seem to contribute towards this answer:

  • Lack of knowledge of kundali readers– Kundali readers are not equipped and not qualified for bringing out all the nuances of the complex planetary system. Although in olden times these kundali readers who were qualified did exist with most of the temple pundits turning kundali reader these days the accuracy required does not exist.
  • Changing mindsets and moralities– with the changing time’s couples have also become open minded and progressive. They tend to believe that kundali matching does not hold much relevance in modern times with couples looking for compatibility rather than focusing on the wrongs of an individual’s personality. The feeling of being in control of your own future seems to be existing foremost.

The art of kundali matching and subsequent identification of doshas although ancient and widely practiced lacks the appeal and relevance in today’s times and requires accurate kundali readers to assess and analyze kundali to make it competent enough so that it can influence lives in such a manner that people make all their decisions according to it but until then good old love will suffice.

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