Why are new age couples still opting for kundali matching

The present age is the age of speed and digitization. We, as the present generation, want all things to be done in a jiffy, in the fastest way possible. From our daily chores to our career progress, all things are expected to take place at lightning fast speeds. However, when comes to taking the most important decision of our lives, we still believe in following the age old saying of slow and steady wins the race. Here, we are talking about the most important phase of our lives, i.e., marriage. Despite being modern in most ways, we still tend to follow the age-old practice of Kundali Milan when it comes choosing our life partners. While many couples today prefer giving more importance to things like understanding and compatibility, there are some who still believe and opt for horoscope matching before taking the leap. This holds true not only in case of arranged marriages but love marriages as well. So, what is it about this practice, which makes it an important part of Indian marriages, even in the modern times? Why do we still come across couples, who still opt for kundali Milan before getting married? Let’s try and introspect:

  • It is a tradition: India is a country where a lot of importance is given to traditions and culture. Since birth, we are taught to respect and embrace our traditional values, which hence, become an important aspect of our lives. Since horoscope matching before marriage too is one such tradition, hence, many modern-day couples respect it and make sure to follow it in order to please the elders of their family.
  • It gives a sense of security: There is no doubt that matching horoscopes provides a sense of mental and emotional security to the people involved. If the horoscopes of the prospective couple match perfectly, the couple and their families are mentally assured that they will lead a happy married life together.
  • Predicts compatibility: the believers of horoscope matching say that if the horoscopes are studied thoroughly, they can predict the physical and mental compatibility between the boy and girl. Hence, they make it a point to match kundalis before marriage.
  • Financial stability: Many believe that horoscopes can predict the financial conditions that a couple is likely to face after marriage. Hence, many new age couples believe in matching them before taking the big step.
  • Saves time: Today is the day of fast paced lives, where careers and progression hold utmost importance. Hence, giving full time to any relationship is a task considered impossible. Generally, we see that the people who are busier with work opt for horoscope matching before marriage. They believe that by doing so, they don’t have to waste much time on building a relationship. They believe that if the kundalis match, the relationship is bound to work out.
  • It is science: Many new age couples still believe that that astrology and horoscope matching are based on science. They believe that the predictions made are based of mathematical calculations and genealogy, which hence assure they’re happily ever after together.

Believing or not believing in horoscopes is a totally subjective thing and should not be forced upon. So, make a wise decision before taking the huge step.

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