The Indian marriage system has been based on a set of time-tested beliefs which have been passed down since time immemorial. The marriage system is based on finding the perfect match, based on a few set guidelines and customs. Everyone wants a blissful married life and everyone equally wants to make sure that the correct steps are taken towards achieving the same. Horoscopes are one such means to achieving the perfect match and horoscope matching the path.


Indian Wedding Jweller
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Inter – Faith Marriages- Traditionally, marriages were confined within the same caste and religion and inter religion marriages were far and few between. This kept the aspect of horoscope matching simple, with few variations required. The opening up of society and the acceptance of “love marriages” in Indian society has given a new dimension to the aspect. Even today, interfaith marriages aren’t very well accepted with great resistance from the immediate family Horoscope matching and setting’ things straight takes on a more ominous task, especially as the percentage of successful interfaith marriages is not too high.

Horoscope Matching – The Basis.  The aspect of the lifelong partnership between husband and wife is what makes horoscope matching so important in life. The Vedic culture believes in the effect of both partners on each other throughout life. Horoscope matching attempts to study these relations based on planetary movements, amongst other things, and see if they would make a happy couple in the long run.

Horoscope matching in Inter – Religious Marriages.   Traditionally horoscope matching has been a Vedic culture which has passed down the times to the Hindu religion. It is one of the branches of the Vedas. Other religions don’t accept the aspect of the concept of horoscope matching. Thus, prior to getting into an inter – religious marriage, it is important to understand the following issues.

  1. The religion of the Couple.  As a couple, one would want to decide whether they plan to convert their faith and to which religion. Once that is decided it would be easier to plan on the requirement of horoscope matching.
  2. The requirement of Horoscope Matching.  The next aspect would be of seeing whether you both believe in horoscope matching. A number of marriages which succeed are testimony enough to the fact that one need not require matching horoscopes to have a successful wedded life.
  3. Cultural Differences.   Getting used to the idea of living with a person of a different faith for life, especially when the initial period of “blind love” dies down is important.

If as an individual one can answer the above three aspects and dependent on the faith you plan to embrace as a couple, horoscope matching will then be certainly an additional step to ensuring that the wedding is indeed “blessed in heaven”.

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