Marriages are made in heaven – the popular adage. This might be true, but in India, deep-rooted culture prefers to ensure that no earthly mistakes result in any faulty lines. Thus, Indian weddings have mostly been based on same cultural backgrounds, religion, caste, status of the families and family background for times immemorial. This time-tested means had kept divorce rates in India to a minimum. However, as western cultures have reached out and the world has flattened, India today has seen a perceptible rise in love marriages. These have resulted in the ever increasing cases of inter – caste, interfaith and inter-culture marriages. In fact marrying of Indians with none – Indians is also on the rise.




Aspects of Marrying a Non – Indian.  A number of issues need to be kept in mind when marrying outside of the country, to a person not brought up in India.

  1. Different Cultures. Just being brought up in a different environment can make a huge difference to the whole concept of marriage and the individuals will require making adjustments, especially if they haven’t already experienced that other culture.
  2. Indian Way of Life. Indian way of life and culture has a large number of aspects which are very different from cultures around the world. The merging of the ways of life, especially with the more conservative Indian ways will be a major aspect for consideration before the couples decide to take their vows.
  3. A marriage of Families.  Marriage is a mating of two families and marrying from outside your caste or religion brings two totally different cultures and faiths in direct contact. These can be trying times and the families must be prepared for it.
  4. Horoscope Matching.  When an Indian and Non – Indian decide to tie the knot, keeping cultures, backgrounds, and religion aside, the amount of adjustment and commitment required is well understood. The aspect of horoscope matching does, however, always come to mind, as for most Indians it is a part of their way of life and a part of their pre – wedding confirmations.

Horoscope matching which most Indians uses to determine the compatibility of couples is pre-dominantly an Indian culture based on astronomy and planetary aspects. In addition, it helps chart out a broad life chart while determining the troubled spots too. The questions a couple, of an Indian and Non – Indian would want to ask each other would include-

  • “Do we really love each other enough, to not need to match our horoscopes”
  • “Are we going to go with the results, good or bad”
  • “Are we  ready to reject the horoscope results, in case we don’t match enough guans”

Sometimes, in life, not knowing is bliss. However, it also requires being kept in mind that horoscope matching beforehand, helps one to tide over their issues when troubled times come. Also, it is increasingly being seen, across the landscape, as more and more “across the seas” marriages happen, that couples are going the full mile without matching their horoscopes.

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