Can Jhatakam Porutham really predict doshas

A traditional Tamil family mostly consider weddings to be a holy event and believe that weddings are made in heaven. They lay a lot of focus on related the astrology of the potential success of the wedding. Generally, it is the mother and father who visit an astrologer to see if the astrology of the several suits based on their birth chart or graph. Here we will be discussing can Jhatakam Porutham really predict doshas.

The real answer is yes, it some extent, Jhatakam Porutham can really predict doshas and provide you suggestive measures to correct them.

Viswabrahmin Wedding
Viswabrahmin Wedding (PC:

Gun or kundali Milan

In Hindi, this is particularly known to as “gun or kundali Milan”. 36 is the highest possible number of ‘gunas’ that can be printed and nothing less than number 18 is approved. The idea of astrology related especially occurs in arranged wedding decided by parents of both the parties. Since the wedding knot is between two complete unknown people, the mother and father do not want to proceed further until the ‘kundali or guns’ of that two person are perfect to go ahead. These days, people relate to various wedding sites not only to find an ideal wedding partner who is a potential individual but also with a completely printed astrology based on Jhatakam Porutham.

Before you read on further you need know to the 8 primary ‘gunas’

  • Vashya- attraction
  • Nadi- Probability of childbirth
  • Gan- Psychological capability
  • Tara- Longevity
  • Yoni- Features, and nature
  • GrahaMantri- compatibility, and Friendship
  • Varna- Matching of Varna
  • Bhakoot- Effect one another health

Now, that you have the essence, reasoning about the idea of Jhatakam Porutham astrology for wedding let’s discover it a little more.

Why is it essential for the wedding horoscopes to match?

The answer is to ensure that wedding compatibility. As it is generally said, “Life is not always a relaxed bed of roses”- there can be trouble in the heaven whenever. Yes, no one can change the destiny but one can absolutely take safety measures. This is the main purpose behind the related of astrology. When an astrologer checks the ‘kundali’ of any person, he does not only make real forecasts about the long run but also make a prediction of choice, characteristics, social skills, and behavior, of an individual.

No one wants a connection to meet a sad ending and thus everything for making wedding last for long. Hence, astrology match making is considered to be the best way to ensure that mental and physical compatibility of the soon-to-be one couple.

Who is a wedding astrologer?

Wedding astrologers are accepted by science as real and true without any fake interpretation in it. They help you to solve your personal problems, emotions and anger by counseling you with their Jhatakam Porutham calculations. This is making most of the people to believe in it and take the services of Porutham readings which change their life in every way. For this, there are many websites that will help you to know their network and skills which have helped many people in every way.

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