Why don’t new age couples agree to Kundli matching anymore

The modern generation of a present age believes in speed and digitization. The present generation does things in a jiffy in the fastest way possible. From daily chores to career and daily life progress, all things are expected at lightning speed.

All aspects of our lives now have a practical tinge to it, with marriage being no exception. To the new age couples of the day, the success of the marriage depends on the practical understanding that they share with each other, rather than anything else. In the present times, it has actually become very tough to find a life partner, who understands you and accepts you with all your likes and dislikes. Hence, these days, the age-old practice of Kundali milan is losing its significance. What was earlier considered a necessity is now considered a burden. Long gone are the days when people allowed astrologers and their stars to predict their lives and future. They believe that no one, but they themselves are the masters of their own destiny. It is their responsibility as a couple to understand each other and spend their lives together. Horoscope matching, has hence, certainly taken the back-seat. Let us now look at some points due to which new age couples do not agree to horoscope matching before getting married:

  • Compatibility matters: Many modern-day couples believe that it is the compatibility between the couple that matters rather than anything else. As per them, no horoscope matching can predict the compatibility and understanding that a couple might share with each other, rather than any starry affair as predicted by their horoscopes.
  • Understanding issues: Many people believe that a couple needs to understand each other’s needs and thinking for a marriage to be peaceful and successful. No horoscope can predict the understanding quotient between the two people involved.
  • It is not proven science: Though many believe the other way around, astrology is not a proven science. There is no solid proof that can back the claims made by astrologers based on horoscopes. Moreover, there are many instances, where the predictions made for the couples based on kundlis have proven to be wrong. Hence, one should not follow kundli matching blindly.
  • Questionable accuracy: there are many things that can be questioned when it comes to measuring the accuracy of the predictions made through horoscope matching. We often come across couples who were “suppose” to lead a happy married life as per their horoscopes, but, are very unhappy with each other.
  • It is not foolproof: Horoscope matching can never be foolproof. If this were the case, then there would be no divorce cases between couples who were a perfect match as per their kundalis. Since it is not so, hence we can easily say that this method is not foolproof and should not be followed blindly.

It is high time that we now stop believing in stars for foretelling the future of a relationship and take the reins in our own hands to make it work.  For happiness is just a state of our own mind rather than anything else. All the best!

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