How is Horoscope Matching Special

Marriage in India is a class apart. The mere grandeur of a typical Indian wedding can leave the spectators in sheer awe. Keep all the glitz and bling apart, the thing that makes Indian weddings unique is the way things are executed, while keeping all the traditions and rituals in mind. One such ritual or practice that has been an integral part of Hindu weddings all across the globe is that of horoscope matching. The practice of matching the birth charts of the couple before the wedding. In most cases, the marriage only solemnizes if the couple are considered to be a perfect match for each other, as per their kundalis. While there are some who rubbish this practice as a mere superstition, there are many who consider it a must before any traditional Hindu wedding. So what is it that makes matching so special that it has stood the test of time? Let us try and analyse:

  • It is an age-old science: while many might think otherwise, astrology as a science has existed since ancient times. If we go through history, we find that this science found its roots in the ancient civilisations like Egypt, from where it travelled to the Indian subcontinent and became popular. As many times, the predictions made through this art have been fruitful, hence, many have firm belief in the same.
  • It is tradition: what makes India unique from rest of the world is that no matter how modern or technically sound we become, we still make sure to stay rooted to our traditions and culture. Horoscope matching is one such tradition, that people consider to be an integral part of match making, and hence should be followed.
  • Has a high success rate: while many may choose to ignore horoscope matching as a mere superstition, they can never argue when it comes to the high success rate, the couples who have had their horoscopes matched before marriage lead a better married life in comparison to their counter parts. Often, we come across couples who did not know each other well before marriage but had matching horoscopes, are leading a much happier married life in comparison to their counterparts.
  • Provides mental peace: if the horoscopes of the couple’s match, then the family of both the bride and the groom are at peace that their children will lead a happy life together. This mental peace and sense of security itself acts as a strong base on which a relationship can be built.
  • Helps predict compatibility: horoscopes, if matched properly, can actually predict the compatibility between couples. So it is better to get your compatibility quotient checked with your perspective partner, rather than repenting later.

Getting your horoscopes matched or not is totally a personal choice, which cannot and should not be forced upon anyone. However, keeping the benefits in mind, one should consider getting the same done. Who knows, you might end up spending your life with the person whom you have always dreamt of? As they say, it all lies in the stars!

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Should Horoscope Matching Overrule Choice

Most of the ancient Indian traditions and customs have left the world amazed at how our society could have been so advanced so early. The whole concept of India’s traditions and age old customs has been based upon logic and the intricate and intriguing study of elements that since recently have remained a mystery for other societies. One such tradition is Astrology. Astrology is an ancient art, which is based on the study of planetary alignments and motions at various points in time and space. These movements are said to be influencing us both negatively as well as positively depending upon what planet is influencing us at what time.


Now from this information and practice emerged the intricate practice of horoscope matching. Horoscope matching is done when the horoscope of two people is studied and common and adverse points against one another are brought out. Often done in terms of prospective bride and grooms in order to know whether the couple are compatible and will be able to lead a successful and happy married life. But the salient aspects of this widely acceptable art forms are the ones that are now slowly taking over this practice and thus leaving it under a shadow of doubt always. The availability of learned and intelligent horoscope readers, the availability of correct data and the overall margins of accuracy have now often left the followers with lingering doubts and cast aspersions over its very authenticity.

With the comparison between traditions and modernity and logic and belief happening often the debate over horoscope matching acting as a substitute for choice has also raged on for a long time. With believers in horoscope matching giving arguments that horoscope matching is not against choice but it allows one to cover the follies that a young heart might commit at a certain age the more liberal minds tend to argue that there is no substitute for the signals that the heart and mind give and time spent with one individual tends to remove all doubts against a certain partner.

A very powerful and a logical argument that is often given is that horoscope matching was essentially developed as a tool for cutting short time and distance as the marriages that took place earlier were often arranged marriages and the possibility of the prospective bride or groom spending time with each one of the suitors was not possible therefore horoscope matching used to act as a screen for the choices that were available so that the list could be shortened. But in modern times now that both boys and girls have time to spend time with each other and find out who is best suited for them and also in a more open society that exists now can even have live in relationships so the screening effect that horoscopes used to do is no longer required.

With the debate over whether horoscope should be given precedence over choice not likely to die down soon, it is clear that till the time the old don’t make way for the new the new cannot prosper so it is required that the old traditions have to adjust and make way for the new norms else the society as a whole will suffer.

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A Day Out At a Telugu Wedding

There is a reason why Telugu weddings are so much fun and regal in their outlook. Despite being particular about their culture and roots, the Telugu people amazingly manage to blend them with a dash of modernity and flashy presentation. They always ensure that all wedding customs and rituals are followed in the right traditional order. Andhra people are most particular about this observance and don’t compromise on the customs. If you ever visit their wedding, you will find equal importance given to the décor, lights and food in Telugu Matrimony.


The marriage traditions are sacred and very colorful. Starting from the pre-wedding rituals of Nischitartham and going into the pendikoothuru ritual, the stage is set for the marriage functions.

  • Things worth mentioning: You have the Pendikoothuru ritual, Snathakam, kasha yatra, Mangal snaam and aarti as very important rituals. The people perform gauri puja and ganesh puja at their home. Ganesh puja is conducted on the day of wedding at the mandap before the bride arrives. The prime objective of conducting this puja is to offer obeisance to God Ganesha and seek his blessings for a happy conjugal life. It’s also done to ward off any evil and obstacle in their married life.
  • The entry of the bride: The maternal uncle of the bride accompanies her to the mandap. This is the stage where there is a curtain or chadar between the bride and groom. They are now allowed to look at each other. The priest recites the mantras and holy slokas. In some communities down South, the maternal uncle carries the bride to the mandap in a rabid bamboo basket. The process leads to Kanyadan.
  • Jeerakalla Bellamu: In this ritual, the groom and bride apply a mixture of jiggery and jeera on each other’s hands and join each other from under the chadar. It’s a pious ritual denoting their unbreakable and inseparable bond.
  • Madhuparkam: It’s another elaborate and catchy ritual that you can’t miss in Telugu Matrimony. The bride wears a cotton sari with a bright, red border. The groom adorns a spotless and white cotton dhoti showcasing a red border. It’s the traditional Telugu wedding outfit of both the groom and bride. These shades symbolize their purity and strength.
  • The mangalsutra custom: Call it a custom or ritual, wearing the mangalsutra is the ever beautiful part of any Hindu wedding. Different cultures have their slants and timings on this episode, but the message and content remains same. During this pious tradition, the family members remove the curtain separating the couple. The groom bends sideways to tie the mangalsutra around the neck of the bride and ties a careful three knots. The number is a must! It signifies the physical, spiritual and mental union of the groom and bride.
  • Saptapadi and kanyadan akshata: In this famous wedding custom of Telugus, the couple exchange pretty flower garlands. In the saptapadi custom, they take seven rounds around the scared fire and take their wedding vows.

They make seven promises to one another. After the completion, the guy puts a silver ring in the toe of the bride.

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Telugu Weddings: Things Not To Be Missed

Indian weddings are unmatchable in colors and beauty. They are full of myriad traditions and life. Telugu wedding or Andhra marriage rituals are actually quite similar to the traditions of Tamil weddings. The wedding ceremonies of Telugu Matrimony provide a glimpse of original regional attributes, comprising the splendid rituals of the region. Generally, the weddings of this state are conducted through elaborate rituals. Interestingly, some people of this region also follow Tamil rituals of marriage. The people are very religious and particular about the wedding customs.

Traditional Kerala Wedding

You will never find any modification or alteration in the customs and rituals except the food part. There are many things that you cannot miss in these weddings.

  • The pre-wedding rituals: The most significant and the first wedding ritual in this region is the same as everywhere. It starts with engagement. It’s popularly called Nishitartham by the people of the state. In the course of this engagement, the groom’s and bride’s families exchange, jewelry, gifts, sweets, clothes and fruits. They perform each engagement function and rituals most traditionally. The would-be couple also exchanges their rings. Both the families decide a good wedding date on this special occasion.
  • The Pendikoothuru ritual: The Telugu marriage tradition is remarkably similar to the haldi ceremony of North India. In this ritual, the women of the house apply a mixture of oil and turmeric paste on the bride as well as the groom. After this ceremony is completed, they take a purifying bath or snanam in the river and then change into their new clothes.
  • Snathakam: It’s one of the marriage ceremonies that are generally held at the groom’s house. It’s another important wedding ritual and the groom wears a silver thread, which is regarded to be very holy. It’s a clear indication that he is becoming ready to step out of his bachelorhood and enter a new threshold of life as a family man.
  • Kashi Yatra: Perhaps the most interesting, fun-filled and intriguing part of Telugu Matrimony in kasha yatra. It’s pretty much the replica of kasha yatra of a Tamil wedding tradition. Here, the groom acts as if he is going off to the holy pilgrimage city of Kashi and is just not interested in worldly matters, marriage, relationships and rituals. He prepares to leave with an umbrella, walking stick and a few bare necessities. At this very moment, the bride’s brother steps into the fold and stops him. He promises to give his sister’s hand in marriage to him. The groom returns to the mandap and gets married.
  • Aarti: Just after the holy bath, the couple applies oil in their respective houses. Then, their families conduct an aarti and puja, and pray for the prosperous and happy married life of their children.
  • Gauri puja: The aarti is followed by offering prayer to Goddess Gauri, who stands for marital bliss, harmony and prosperity.
  • Mangal snanam: They conduct this ritual on the wedding day’s morning generally.

In this ritual, the bride and groom take a holy dip into the river after performing auxiliary scared rituals of their marriage.

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A Christian bride is an epitome of grace, elegance and poise in her exquisite white gown. She is the classic example of a diva from heaven. There is no prettier sight than watching a bride walk down the aisle- looking shy and confident at the same time. Every bride wants to look her best at her wedding and we get you the bride essentials that can make any bride look spectacular.


The Classic white Gown– Though many brides have done away with the classic white gown that is quintessential in Christian matrimony but there is no better attire a bride can wear that than the simple and elegant white gown. 

Minimalistic Jewelry- As they say less is more so efforts should be made to keep the look simple yet elegant. Wear minimal jewelry so that the actual beauty of the bride is seen and not hidden behind strings of necklaces and heavy earrings. Pearls or diamonds look glamorous yet classy with a gown so you could invest in a simple pair of earrings with a necklace.

Simple Makeup– The real beauty lies within. Remember this mantra and strive to look beautiful on your wedding without much makeup. A christian bride looks innately beautiful in a wedding attire and jewelry that very little needs to be done in the makeup department. Depending on the time of the wedding the makeup should be kept light, especially if you have an outdoor wedding.

Accessorize Right– Very often we forget to accessorize well as we are so caught up in getting the perfect gown and jewelry to match with it. But it is important to have the right type of accessories as well to complete the look. Get comfortable yet good looking heels for the wedding. Just remember that if it is an outdoor wedding than prefer to have smaller heels else you will be walking like a duck. Add a headpiece to the ensemble – a veil or a flower crown or a tiara. It gives the bride a delicate look. Keep a thin cover-up for the gown, especially if it is an outdoor wedding as you might get cold later into the night. You could get a matching shawl or bolero or a capelet jacket with some embellishments.

From when she is an adolescent, every bride dreams of the way she will look at her wedding day. Her picture encompasses her favorite diva dressed immaculately, looking ethereal and angelic. With these tips you will surely look like a beautiful bride you always dreamed of.

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Christian weddings are simple and elegant with minimal focus on rituals and maximum attention on having a good time. The weddings are considered to be a union of two individual in love and the best way to celebrate this bond is through a simple yet beautifully conducted wedding. We list down a few things that can make a Christian matrimony an event etched forever in the memory of those who are a part of it.

second marriage

Innovative Wedding venues– Any wedding is more appealing if the wedding venue is great. Cut out the run-of-the-mill venues and make it fun and different. You could choose to get married on a yacht or a in a park or in a lighthouse or at the place where you first met you partner. Let the venue you choose symbolize you and your partner in some way. You could add the reason for choosing the venue and a few pictures of the place as a part of the wedding favors.

Wedding Favors– Go off the beaten track for this one and give your guests something personal, a remembrance of the wedding that they would treasure even when they are old. You could have your photographer take pictures of you two and also one with the couple at the wedding and have it as a part of the favor. You could also make a small booklet with your memories with the particular guest and some pictures to add more emotional value to the favor.

Unique Toasts- In most Christian weddings, the bridesmaids and the best man usually raise a toast to the newly married couple. So instead of the having the run-of-the-mill sentimental ones, keep it fun and entertaining. Ask you bridesmaids to enact something that the bride does often (an action, a phrase or read out the lines from her favorite story). The best-man could do a jig with the groom, something that the two did while in college or school.

Novel Decor Ideas– Any venue can be made to look stunning if the decor is nice. So have unique ideas for decor, If need be hire a decorator who would be able to suggest something different. If you want, keep a theme for the wedding and have all the decor as per theme. If the bride and the groom like any famous cartoon character they can be used as props for the decor or keep a general colour scheme and doll up the place in those shades.

Surprise Element– Ask the bridesmaids and the grooms friends to plan a surprise element for the guests as well as the newly wed couple. It could be some fun games for everyone or a special dance performance or an act depicting the bride and the groom and how they met.

The idea is to think out-of-the-box so that the wedding is unique and remembered by one and all for times to come.

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How is Making Life Partners Meet

The basic purport of a site, as viable and esteemed as is to pair two humans who’ve never met each other in life. People register themselves into the portal because they aren’t looking for any crash n burn candy-floss romance, but are looking for a serious relationship, marriage. When you have marriage on the cards, but don’t have any partner to settle down with, or are too reticent to forward with it, or don’t have time to look for one due to enormous professional hammerings, this website is your ultimate destination.

The setup is simple and smooth. The more you login to search, filter and express interest in the domain, the closer you actually get to your prospective life partner. Here is how the website is making people meet.

  • Register your profile and complete it: After registering yourself, make sure that you’ve completed your profile. You can start off by verifying your phone number and uploading photos to bolster your chances of receiving better feedback or responses.
  • Search for potential or suitable matches: The site urges you to do a smart, basic or astrology based search for your potential partner after logging into your account. Users can refine their searches by picking it from a criteria number, thereby getting in proximity to your ideal match.
  • Mentioning your partner preference: This is quite simple. It’s an advanced feature, which you use for describing your coveted partner on the grounds of their basic information and auxiliary details like education, social and religious background, location and career. You can thus get matches in accordance with your preferences. The site has its own automated system that links you with those profiles that tally with your likings.
  • The regional and community-based segments: They also have dedicated segments for searched based on religion, region, caste and creed. For example, a regular reads as Ms Lalita. Age 23, 5 feet 5 inches tall, Hindu, Nair and occupation is nurse. Then they put the state. If people want to stay within their community, the search segment is different. You know what you want and you can get that in com.
  • Expressing interest: You can make the first move or initiating by expressing interest in the concerned member you are fond of or like. There is also the option of accepting or declining member requests. You can block a person from expressing interest in you.
  • Setting the right filters: For those who don’t want to receive much interest from account members not complying with your partner choices or preference, can always set the filters. You need to know the interests from site members who are not matching your preference list will appear in the list filters in your account.
  • Becoming a premium member by upgrading: For faster results and better response, the site itself recommends you to upgrade to their premium membership club. Once you become a premium member, you can have access or connect directly with those members you like via chat, email and phone.

The process is smooth and short. Once you start talking with someone, it becomes easy to meet her/him.

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Things That Make Using Great

One of the biggest takes of online matrimonial sites is the bandwidth they give you to find your partner. With more and more people flocking to these portals and sites, and the internet usage data increasing by leaps and bounds due to this steady influx of users, sites like have created an excellent user interface, user-friendly operations, controls and instructions. They understand that people are coming not only from urban areas but also from suburban regions and small towns. With more than 40 million estimated members in their database, there’s a wide variety of choice for the communities.

If you live outside India, fret not. There’s a massive NRI database assisting you to find your suitable life partner. You are into one of the finest, largest and definitely reputable matchmaking services.

europe couple
  • Optimizing your privacy: One of the biggest things hitting anybody’s mind while coming to these sites is security and privacy controls. These certified and licensed websites are paranoid about the safety of users and their security and privacy.
  • The steps taken: First you have geotrust certification and merit. Your credit card information and online payments on the concerned site are absolutely aligned and safe. Pertaining to all transactions and payments, the website uses secure and tested SSL server and encryption technology. If you do a market research, you’ll find that they form the highest standards presently available on the web world. The concerned have been sanctified and licensed by the leading monitoring company for e-security on the globe, Geotrust. In addition to this, com also accepts all forms of cheque payments. For some countries, they actually payments from your house if you so wish to.
  • Website security confirmation: The SSL directive means that you can be very much assured about your credit card numbers and communications. These details between the web servers and site and browser are kept secure and private. The site activates the SSL session feature to activate this feature.
  • Confirmation of website identity: Geo Trust gives SSL certificates to the sites. They form the core of online trust and security solutions. They are the pillars to deliver 256-bit encryption to all recipients alongside the True Site badge or trust tag. It provides third-party identity validation for a website.
  • Guarantee of match: Millions and millions of members have found their suitable matches on this esteemed site. They have been successful and their stories are all there in the section. The enviable track of soaring success in this circuit gives the website the clinching confidence to provide users the unique and strong guarantee. It means that if you’ve sent a minimum of 10 pings or interests to the concerned members who haven’t yet filtered your profile and you don’t get a single proposal or accept within the initial or first one month of becoming an esteemed premium member, the site will refund the entire sum to you. They don’t even ask any questions before doing that.

The website is most particular about the quality control and privacy. The customer support and tech team is always willing to help you.

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Benefits of

Most of the people living in urban Indian ought to have come across of matrimonial sites or have heard of them. They know how they work. Unlike dating websites in the western countries, the matrimonial sites in this part of the world function on the basis of fusing technology to bridge or facilitate an arranged marriage. The diction and format of the so called arranged marriage change. The exponential growth of online sites like is primarily owing to the barrage of options they offer to you, the user/s.

The format makes it quite convenient for the sites to find and match a suitable partner. As per statistics from the 2012-13 calendar, about 30-35 million people registered their names and profiles in this esteemed website.

  • The basic reasons for its popularity: A big reason why this site has received the support and blessings of conservative parents looking to get their children married is mainly because the sites never try to turn into threadbare dating channels. The choice of dating a person you like on this site remains much like a positive aftereffect of the portal. But, fundamentally, young people use it and also their families, who will be intuitively similar to what the youth wants in real life. The wants are based on their social standing, value system and other similar parameters.
  • The resultant mix: The aforementioned reason for viability leads to the immediate next reason why this site is a mega hit. In addition to the various usability aspects, com caters to not only the so-called urban youth. It also caters to the diverse castes and communities throughout India. It has a huge database that includes difference castes, communities and regions. These parameters are the main focus of majority of Indian families in the content of marriage.
  • Safe and user-friendly: When you visit this site, the first thing to notice is user-friendliness. As a result, it doesn’t matter if it’s the elderly or youngsters in the fold, anybody can access this website easily. Additionally, it comprises special features that entail the traditional mindset or perspective of plenty of users. Components like privacy options and controls help in keeping the identity of both the guy and girl limited to the exclusively and genuinely interested people. They are never revealed to others or random public. This makes so many families very comfortable and safe using it.
  • Knowing the other features: Other notable features that are pretty attractive and viable to users are those photo protection aspects. These features don’t allow anybody to download or copy the pictures. You have verified phone numbers only. It helps to know the person you’re interacting with to be a genuine entity. The intelligent contact tools and filters help both the groom and bride zero in on the type of people they’re trying to find. Other easy and friendly features entail match alerts. The website sends these alerts to all registered members. There are prospective brides and grooms checking these alter messages in their mobile devices or personal email.

The website has designed and developed the match alert system once its popularity touched its zenith.

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Different Weddings, One Shadi

The best and perhaps the most interesting part of Indian weddings is that despite having the rituals from the same Vedic system and belief, the implementations vary. The Shadi remains the same. You can call it saath phere or saptapadi or saath paak in different languages, but the meaning and purport remain the same. If you’ve ever been to an Indian wedding, you can get curious about the proceedings or what’s going to happen. Shadi is the common aspect or element of all Indian weddings. It’s the main ceremony symbolizing the holy union of two souls.

perfect tamil wedding

Traditionally Indian weddings last for an average for 3-4 days. On the first night, you have the priest performing the ganesh pooja, a pre-wedding ritual that usually takes place at the couple’s home. The close relatives and bridal party come in attendance.

  • Finding the common link: A handful of common ceremonies that you always enjoy are the henna or mehendi ceremony. The Haldi or gaaye holud or snanam is another momentous function celebrating the day when the bride lets her hair down at her home and the women in her family helps her. She is adorned for the big day. Sangeet is another favorite ceremony. It includes dance extravaganza and music. There are many other wedding games and fun traditions designed to bring the newlyweds closer or if it’s an arranged marriage, then break the ice between them. It helps to make a traditional setting look beautiful. The families also get comfortable with each other.
  • The var mala ceremony: It’s one of the most important wedding rituals without which a Shadi is not complete. It’s also called Jaimala and primarily involves the couple exchanging garlands. Like all other rituals and customs, it’s another significant ceremony finding much reference in the Vedic fold as well. This ancient practice is observed in India under different names. The ceremony takes place right after the groom enters the venue of the wedding. He comes with his baarat, a common feature in a shadi.
  • The tilak ceremony: Also known under various names, the Tilak ritual is one of the initial wedding traditions in India. Initially, it used to be held once month prior to the actual wedding day. However, times have changed and people have become very flexible with these things. The time and date of this ceremony is determined and decided as per the convenience of both families. To be precise, you can conclude that commencement of the concerned wedding alliance starts from this ritual.
  • Vidai ceremony: Now, who doesn’t know or have across this enduringly touching ceremony? Practically all individuals dream of getting married one day or the other. After you attain maturity and adulthood, the search for the perfect someone begins. One of the main post-wedding ceremonies, Vidai takes places right after the completion of wedding rituals. The parents and family members of the bride bids her farewell and the teary-eyed, emotional bride says them bye as she steps into the car with her husband, heading for her new home.

There are other post-wedding rituals lined up at the house of the groom.

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