5 Reasons to Avoid Finding a Life Partner on Facebook

The present age is the age of technology where everything can be found at the click of a button. Friends and relationships too are no exception. Long gone are the days when one needed to muster confidence in order to speak to someone and express themselves. The same can be done by making them a friend on ever popular websites like Facebook. Facebook as a site needs no introduction. Based in California, U.S.A., this site was launched by Mark Zukerberg in February 2004. Since then, it has grown to be the most popular social networking site worldwide. It is by far, the most raging phenomenon to have engulfed people of all age groups with its charm all across the world. It is an ideal platform to make new friends and get in contact with old ones.

Off late, a new trend has started going across the net, and that is people trying to find love and their soul mates on Facebook. This, however, is wrong in it’s very foundation only. While it cannot be denied that there are many success stories of finding true love on FB, there is also a possibility that you might end up in a trap. One often comes across stories of F love, where people had to pay for it dearly. While friendship is an acceptable norm, shadi is one thing that should never be pursued on facebook. Here we have 5 reasons as to why one should avoid finding a partner on facebook:

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  1. It is not a match-making site: before trying to find a match on FB, one needs to get this very clearly that facebook is a social networking site, not a matrimonial or dating one. Hence, it is designed in a way to meet and make friends, not life partners. Hence, using facebook as a match-making site is not a very good idea.
  2. It is not people specific: Unlike other match making sites, Facebook does not have a target customer base. All kinds of people from different parts of the world make profiles of facebook. It is not necessary that the relationship that you develop with a person on the other end is long lasting or a serious one, and can definitely leave you heart-broken later.
  3. Chances of getting dumped are high: As we all know that facebook does not work as a matrimonial or dating site. Hence, even if you think you have found your soul mate on the same, you can never be assured of a lifelong commitment. Chances are high that your beau is just considering you a casual fling and might end up dumping you later.
  4. Has no specific privacy settings: Unlike matrimonial sites, where you can keep you profile picture password protected, the profile pictures on Facebook are public by default. Hence, it can never match up to the privacy settings of match making sites.
  5. You can run into frauds: since making a profile o facebook is easy and needs less scrutiny, there maybe chances of frauds making fake accounts on it. Such people may exploit you emotionally as well as financially and dupe you later.

While there is nothing wrong in making new friends and interacting with new people, one needs to be very careful when it comes to making relations. May you find your loved one soon !

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Things One Should Never Tell His or Her Life Partner

Marriage is a lifelong commitment. Once married, you can never look back and repent the things you did in the past. No if’s and no but’s work once a married relationship starts turning sour. Many a times, we keep thinking that what wrong did we do to deserve all this? Well, the answer may not be that farfetched. It actually lies in where it all began, i.e., your courtship. Courtship is that magical and lovely time, when you bond with your would-be life partner after getting engaged. With the blessings of your parents by your side, you feel a stage of euphoria, where all seems red and rosy. Every time that you meet your would-be life partner, you feel on top of the world. There is an emotional connect between you, that can just  not be described in as many words. However, there are chances that one might get carried away with emotions and end up saying things, which may jeopardise your shadi and a happy married life that you both dream to lead. So to avoid any such situation, we have here a list of things that you should never tell your would-be life partner:

  • Details of your past relationships: there is nothing wrong in telling your life partner about your past relationships, but only if they are comfortable with it. There is no point is discussing the past and divulging details of the same to your would-be, with whom you have decided to settle down and have a future. Moreover, never ever commit the mistake of comparing your present partner with your ex flame, as this will surely become a bone of contention between you two in the future.
  • Comparing families, especially parents: Everyone has a different set-up and different way of running a house. Do not ever make the mistake of comparing your family with that of your would be. Moreover, don’t discuss private family issues , just to keep the conversation going. Though the reaction for the same might not come up just then, it will very well impact your fiancé mentally and sow the seeds of unrest in his or her mind.
  • Talking finances all the time: though you both are meant to lead a life together, this certainly does not give you the licence to pressurise your fiancé financially. Never pressurise your fiancé into telling his or her financial details, if they are not telling you willingly. Moreover, don’t make your better half spend way too much on you so that he or she comes in a tight spot later.
  • Demean them in any way: if your fiancé gets you something or does something special for you, be gracious and appreciate their effort. Even if you are not too overwhelmed by their effort or dislike what they give you, be gracious enough to accept. There is no point in demeaning them for their effort as it will surely lead to sourness once you take the leap.

With these points in mind, you are sure to have a smooth future ahead. Make sure to remember that not all things are to be told if you want to have a happy life ahead. All the best!

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Things One Should Always Tell His or Her Life Partner

Nothing can match the feeling of being in love. A warm fuzzy assurance that surrounds you and ensures you that there is someone, who will always standby them no matter what. This feeling of being in love gets doubled the moment you get formally engaged to be married to your soul-mate. Every day and every night is spent dreaming of the happy married life and the future you are likely to lead with your fiancé. The late night conversations and the early morning sweet-nothings make your courtship period the best and the most memorable time before shadi. However, there are certain things, which may add more spice to your already sizzling relationship. So here we have a list of things that you should always tell your would-be life partner, which may set the very basis of your married life ahead:

  • What they mean to you: make sure to tell your would-be life partner his or her importance in your life. Make sure to make them feel special by telling them how important a part they are of your life and how, your life would be boring if they were not a part of it. This sweet gesture will assure your partner from the beginning and will help form a strong base of your relationship.
  • Your expectation from the relationship: a good courtship period is a golden opportunity that you have at hand to know your would-be partner better and vice versa. Make sure to discuss with them the kind of expectations that you hold from your relationship. Make them know how the both of you, together, will take on life and things that come along with it, hand in hand.
  • Your career plans: While love may seem to be a solution to all your problems at this stage, the fact of the matter still remains that you need financial stability to lead a dream life with your partner. Since you would-be is going to spend the rest of his or her life with you, make sure to discuss your career plans with him or her. It will help you both to plan out your future in a better way.
  • Your family set-up: In India, one does not only marry an individual, but adopt his or her family as well. Hence, it is very important to tell your fiancé about your family set-up and the importance of your family to you before you get married. This will in turn prepare your partner to adapt and adjust easily to your family, which will be very beneficial in the long run.

Make sure to tell and discuss these given suggestions with your would-be life partner before taking the plunge. Though they might seem minor as of now, they will surely play a major role in shaping up your married life and future together. So make sure to talk your heart out to your partner before you plan to get married and spend the life together. All the best!

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