Giving a Modern Twist to Some pre wedding rituals of a Marathi Wedding

In the first place, you need to remember that Marathi weddings don’t have that extreme pomp and show. The relay of festivities and rituals define and marks its charm. On most occasions, the weddings take place in the morning. You don’t require much planning to make it a grand success. To do justice to Marathi matrimony, all you need is a sacred surrounding, proper ambiance and the plethora of rituals. These things would make it more appealing and special.


To give a modern blend to the chain of attractive pre-wedding rituals, you need to know the rituals first.

  • The Skahar puda: Both the families exchange or shakkar or sugar in this ceremony. It makes the informal or short engagement of the girl and boy. What you can do is, make sharbaat from the sugar and feed it both the families. You can also go for a sharbaat making competition in the family. Conclude the event by some singing.
  • Wang nischaya with Kelvan: The former is the formal engagement ritual. Both the families worship each other’s Kuldevta separately. You have the close relatives and pals calling over the groom and bride along with their respective members of the family for a meal. You also give each other gifts. Now, pick 2-3 common gifts that you can present to one another. You can go for gifts like cosmetics, apparel, daily wear stuff, ornaments, watches, pearls and other utilities. The girl and boy can ask one another about their wants. They can actually match-fix or rig the event. Only you both will know about the gifts. Ask your respective family members to guess what’s inside. That will be quite interesting.
  • Haldi Chadawat ceremony: No Indian wedding is complete without the quintessential Haldi. However, in Marathi matrimony, they perform the haldi ceremony the day before the wedding. You immerse mango leaves in the turmeric paste and then apply that on the whole body of the beaming body. You start with the feet and then slowly move upwards. The groom’s house too has a similar ritual. You can create haldi applying completion at your house. Get some spare haldi paste from the plate and ask the members to volunteer. They can make designs and beautiful little rangolis with these pastes. The winner gets to click photos of the bride, get something from the bridal trousseau and gets the prize of applying the bride’s makeup too.
  • Chura : While you can’t do much about simant puja, the chura ritual is definitely accommodation. It’s the ceremony where you will see the bride’s pals get those colorful bangles. Usually, the bride has green bangles and there’s lot of dance, music and fun. You need to remember that the bride can open or remove the concerned chura of her ‘shagoon’ after one month of her marriage. You can give the best chura to the one who performs the best dance or song in the competition.

Get all the girls and let them flash their chura gifts in front of the camera. Let there be little prizes for all.

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