Giving a Modern Twist to Some pre wedding Rituals of a Telugu Wedding

India is a vast country of different regions and definite geographic boundaries. Each one has its own beautiful culture, which are knit to one another with one common thread-the Vedic marriage rituals. Despite the regional differences, different names, different phonetics and tremendous diversity of language and food habits, weddings are the only platform where entire India looks to be the same. The Telegu people hail from the region of Telanga and Andhra Pradesh mainly because these are the places where the people speak it as their mother tongue. They have the same order of pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals in their Telugu Matrimony.

mana nellore.jpg

Like every other Hindu marriage fold, the people celebrate the rituals in accordance with the importance and significance in the marriage. Although they are all considered sacred and the people are devoted to their customs, you can still fuse some ideas to make them look even more joyous.

  • Starting with Pendilkoothuru: It refers to the application of turmeric on the bride’s body before she takes her cleansing bath. It’s a great platform to induce some fun. The bride can wear goggles while the elders smear turmeric on her body. Make a wall or select a wall, cupboard in the house where the family members can put a palm stamp on the structure after applying the paste on her body. It will serve as a wonderful cognizance of the days. You can capture the beautiful moments on lenses as the girl’s relatives apply the paste, click photos then go to the side of the verandah to put their palms open wide and press it on the wall. The yellow stamp would tell that someone was there. You can spice up the show with a little competition. The bride has to guess the persons from looking at the palm stamps. You can keep some prizes for that well.
  • Kashi Yatra: Well, being one of the most interesting and intriguing rituals of Telugu Matrimony, Kashi Yatra doesn’t need any special introduction nor does it need improvisation. As the groom pretends to shun all material desires and calling, heading towards the pilgrimage town of Kashi, the bride’s brother steps into the scene. He convinces the groom and makes him change his mind, enabling him to accept the conjugal life. The bride’s brother gives his sister’s hand in marriage with the person and then the hero of the scene, the groom walks back towards the center stage amidst raptures and claps.
  • Making it more interesting: To make things more appealing, you can make the acting more quality. Keep proper stick and shoes for the groom to take with him. Also, when he returns to the mandap and marries the girl, she can tell something that invites instant applause. It is a picture moment and you cannot help but click a hundred photos, capturing a hundred emotions from different people present in the venue.

In the mangala snaanam, where the would-be couple takes a holy bath, you can do a photo-session in wet clothes, provided the weather permits that. Also, involve the other family members in the shoot.

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