Menu Ideas for a Typical Marathi Wedding

The food menu for any occasion or party is very crucial as it lights up a smile on the face of guests. In an occasion as grand and pious as Marathi matrimony, the food has to be the main pathway to the heart of your attendees. A successful marriage ceremony must have great food and you need to pick your menu carefully. So, that brings us to the food in your wedding reception bash. You need to be very conscious about the menu. It’s time to discuss some of the best wedding food ideas of Maharashtra.


You need to remember that a Marathi wedding ceremony not only entails vegetarian food, but many people also prefer non-vegetarian meals. However, the more popular ones are from the vegetarian platter. If you want non-vegetarian meals, you can go for the Konkani blend of the non-vegetarian menu. The Konkani cuisine has a strong influence on the non-vegetarian food in this state.

  • Appetizers or starters: You start the course with Batata vada pav, which is one of the most popular Marathi cuisines. Vada comprises some spices and potato deep fried in oil. You serve it with bread or pav. Next, you have Bhaji. Marathis prefer it very much. Onion, potato and green chilly is deep fried and coated with chickpeas flour or besan. It just works great. Then you have Dabeli, which is popular in both Maharashtra and Gujarat. Another lip-smacking street food, it’s made of mashed potatoes, plenty of spices, bread, farsan or sev, mint or green pudina, raw chopped onion, sweet dates, chutney and jaggery chutney. The last starter will soup. The best options are mushroom, mix vegetable, and tomato soup.
  • The main course: The main food in Marathi matrimony starts with the quintessential puri sabzi. It’s very popular across different locations of the country. The flour comprises flat fried stuff. You serve it with tasty potato sabji. It is very yummy. Then you have spicy vegetables. It includes Bhindi (ladies finger), aloo (potatoes), Phool gobi (cauliflower), mushroom, baby corn, palaak or spinach are some of the most favorite vegetables. Guests may also prefer kadhi pakoda, vegetable kofta, Hyderabadi veggies, navratan korma and the likes. Then you have Daal. It’s a must item in every Marathi wedding food list. Daal tadka or dal fry is really delicious. Many people also prefer moon daal accompanies by spices, dal bati, Gujarati kadhi or sambar too.
  • The other part of the main course: You have paneer items up next. Paneer is cottage cheese, which is a must-have in vegetarian food platter. You have a plethora of paneer dishes like paneer masala, kadhai paneer, paneer butter masala, sweet paneer curry, shahi paneer, paneer bhurjee and so on. You can pick at least two items.
  • Rice and roti: Rice is imperative for Marathi wedding food menu. The options are aplenty too. You have masala rice, pulao, onion fried rice, jeera rice, peas rice, biriyani etc.

Roti is also another must-have for the menu. There are multiple varieties as well. Up next you have kokum sharbat and soda water as beverages, followed by awesome desserts.

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