Menu ideas for a typical Telugu Wedding

Indian wedding is famed for the colorful and lavish events. While the North-Indian weddings are replete with pomp and show, the South-Indian wedding celebrations are slightly from that genre. It’s very joyful but grandiose in general. However, the people spend enormously on gold and similar assets. Food happens to be an integral aspect of any celebration and Telugu Matrimony witnesses some of the best foods out there. While most the Hindu weddings have vegetarian meals, some people also include non-vegetarian meals at reception bashes.




Telegu, the famous Dravidian language spoken mostly in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have some the best cuisines and cultural insignia that make their weddings so spectacular and worth remembering.

  • Starting with appetizers: Appetizers are that important food which you serve before the main course menu Telegu wedding cuisines entails a host of traditional appetizers alongside snacks from various other cuisines. There are separate counters or corners for appetizers. You can find both non-vegetarian and vegetarian foods in the list of appetizers. The food menu is complete without stuff like jahan pakodi, veg cutlet, hot kaza, lasala vada, lollypop, Artikaya bajji, mixed vada and mirchi bajji. You can also have kym balls, Andhra special Gari, Tamalapaku bajji and Vamu aaku bajji.
  • The main course meal: It generally entails roti (Indian bread), rice along with 4-5 types of tasty vegetarian dishes. There are two to three types of non-vegetarian dishes accompanying the first lot. Lentils or pappu (dal) are very common dish in Telugu Matrimony. Since it’s a coastal region, sea foods also rule the roost in the food menu of some families.
  • The vegetarian course: It includes food like makka roti, sajja roti, upudu pindi, sarva pindi, pesara pappu, kandi pappu, rassam, pachi pulusu, pappucharu, vepudu, Pappu koora, ooragaya and so on.
  • Non-vegetarian meals: Families that are open to non-vegetarian food prepare Kodi pulao, Talakaya Kura, endu Chapala Vankaya and the famous Hyderabadi mutton biriyani. The latter is a class apart and needs no introduction. You also have meals like Gongura Mamsam, Royyala Kura and Kodi Gudla Pulusu on the list. Mostly, Muslims and Christians present this wonderful non-vegetarian.
  • Come home to the desserts: Desserts and savories happen to be an integral part of the wedding culture of this region. Like any other wedding food, they are a must in the menu. You have a host of traditional sweets in the local cuisine. They are perennially and automatically in the menu. However, many people also prefer to have desserts from different other cuisines of the country. Talk about customization, this is your forte. You can seve Malai-kulfi with chakodi. How about it for a real fusion?
  • Know the names: Some of the best desserts and sweets to serve are Boondi laddu, Sunnundallu, Malai khaja, Gavvalu, Kobbari Lavuju, Chakkera pongali, Rava Laddu, Poornalu, Boondi, Vennappalu, Payasam, Pongali, Polellu or Bhakshalu and Tapeswaram Kaja. There are other extremely popular sweets like Palathalikalu, Undalu, Laskori, jeedilu, Pappuchekka and Ravva Kesari.

You can pick any three or four from the list and serve them according to your preference.

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