Importance of Doing a Background Check Before Dating Someone

Dating has solidified its roots in India in recent times. Once considered a taboo, it has now found acceptance in the Indian society. Most youngsters now have the freedom to meet people whom they like and then meet that special someone with whom they want to spend their lives. With the rapid growth of technology, dating now has found itself a better spin off, which is none other than online dating.  There are many Indian dating sites as well as other apps like Tinder, where you can log in to meet people of your choice and end up dating. Here, you have the freedom to go and meet as many people as you like, before you meet your perfect match. Many a times, while chatting with a person, you may feel that you have known him for ages and that, he is just a mirror reflection of you. However, despite all its comforts and conveniences, there is a dark side to online dating as well. Many a times, newspapers are splashed with news where people have ended up losing huge sums of money, getting date raped or even murdered, all thanks to online dating. One thing is sure, that we cannot blame dating sites for such incidents. The fault purely lies with the people who get too much emotionally attached to their online partners, that they end up giving important information about themselves to them, which may turn out to be very dangerous. At times, individuals get so smitten by the person at the other end, that they ignore to do the first basic thing for online dating safety, which is, a background check.

Reasons to do a background check of your online partner:

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There are numerous reasons why checking the background of a person is the most important thing before you begin a chat. Following are a few:

  • Personal safety: Your own safety is of primal importance. By chatting or dating a person about whom you know nothing, you put yourself in danger. Hence, make sure to do a background check beforehand.
  • For the safety of your loved ones: There are times when in the flow of emotions, you end up spilling beans on your loved ones. Without judging the outcome, we tend to tell turns out to be a fraud, he may use this information to his advantage and end up harming not only you, but your loved ones as well.
  • Your date might be a stalker: Since you have no idea about the background of a person, you can never be sure of his psychological or criminal tendencies. Chances are high that you might be chatting with a cyber-stalker or hacker, who may hack your accounts and tend to de-fame you. Moreover, it may even lead to stalking in person, which may even put your life in danger.

When it comes to online dating, safety is the watch-word. Hence, make sure to do a background check on a person before chatting. It may just save you a lot of trouble in future.

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Checklist Before Going on a First Date

While the concept of dating is very new to India, it has become popular in no time. Rather, it has expanded itself twofold, since the concept of online dating has evolved. In case of online dating, people register online on dating sites to find people whom they like and would like to meet for a date. Despite being a western concept, online dating now has many followers in India, owing to its convenience. What better way to find a partner than in the comfort of your house, at the click of a button?  Many Indian dating sites have cropped up over the years and are now becoming very popular, especially amongst the youngsters. After a few sessions of chatting and getting to know each other, the First date is but, inevitable. The firsts of a person’s life are always special. Be it the first step, the first word, the first kiss or the first date, all these leave some special memories, which become etched in our minds forever. So you have to make sure that you have the most perfect first date ever with your partner. It has to be perfect!  Here we have a checklist for you, to make sure you have the time of your life:

  • The perfect venue: First and foremost, make sure to choose a perfect venue for a date. Choose a place which you both like. It can be a posh restaurant, movie theatre, club or a quiet evening by the lake. Make sure to choose a venue where you have ample time to talk and get to know each other well.
  • Dress to kill: Choose your dress as per the venue. Make sure to wear something in which you look and feel good. Be sure to be comfortable in your skin, because it is this comfort which will give you confidence to meet your date.
  • Update your knowledge: Though it may sound a little absurd, it is always better to update your knowledge before going on a first date. Update yourself with the current affairs and things that are going on around the world. Moreover, make sure to gain some knowledge about the things that your date likes. This will provide you with topics to talk about and hence, help break the ice.
  • Evaluate the details you want to give: Make sure to keep in mind the things you want to tell your date. These may include details about your family, friends, your relationship with your siblings. Along with this, make sure not to go overboard with emotions and tell things that you regret later.
  • Keep calm: Going to meet someone for the first time can be an exciting and intimidating experience at the same time. So make sure to keep your calm when you meet your date. You can do so by spending some quiet time with yourself before going on the date. Meditate a little if you like. This will help you be in charge during your date.

Make sure to keep this checklist in mind before you go for your first date. You will surely have the time of your life!

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How to Make a Good First Impression

As the old saying goes, “The first impression is always the last impression.” In present day scenario, nothing can be truer than this. We live in times where life is moving on at a superfast pace and everything, including relationships, needs to have a strong impact on a person’s life for it to move smoothly. Due to the lack of time, one trend that is becoming popular these days is that of online dating. It is a perfect platform for those who seldom find time for their personal lives and hence, seek companionship of similar souls online. If you click with someone on such a platform, then a personal meeting is inevitable. Hence, it becomes all the more important for you to create a good first impression on your first face to face date. So, if you are wondering as to how you can do so, we have here some tips for you:

  • Select a perfect venue and ambience: be very selective when it comes to choosing the perfect venue for your date. Rather than going to noise filled places like a movie theatre, choose a place which is calm and sere, which will give you a chance to know and talk to each other in a peaceful and romantic environment. Your venue selection will talk volumes about the kind of person that you are and will surely make a good impression on your date.
  • Dress to kill: Your dressing sense is a reflection of what you are as a person on the inside. Make sure to dress in the finest of your clothes, keeping in mind the venue of your date. Make sure to wear something formal like a dress or ethnic wear if going to a fine-dining place, or your casual wear, if you are meeting your date in a sports bar.
  • Talk sense: It is very much understandable that you might be a little nervous when you meet your date for the first time. However, don’t let it come across as an excuse for becoming a blabber-mouth. Make sure that you talk sensibly with your date. Just don’t keep on talking for no reason just to cover up your nervousness.
  • Be a good listener: Give your date a chance to talk. Listen and give importance to his opinions. By listening to him you can actually get an insight into the kind of a person that he really is. This will, in turn help you judge him better as well.
  • Don’t discuss your personal problems: Make it a point to never discuss any kind of a personal problem on your first date. By doing so, you only come across as a cry-baby, who is seeking help from the outside world. Remember that you are on a date, not a therapy session.

Always keep these given tips in mind while going on your first date. Come across as a strong and confident person, whom your date would like to meet and see again. All the best!

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Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

Dating is a good way to get people closer. If you like a person and start dating him or her, there is nothing more that will get you close and personal. From personal meeting to online dating, the main reason behind all these is to get closer to a person you like and decide a future course with him or her. Dating acts as a platform, which helps you in knowing the person closely and in the most intimate way. The way the person treats you, looks at you and cares for you during a date, helps you in getting an outlook as to what lies in store if you decide to persue this relationship further. This chemistry and intimacy that you both share, is basically a kaleidoscope of the colourful future that you might have together. Dating and meeting a person you love helps build up the intimacy between you two. So when on a date, make sure to ask your date some intimate questions, which may help in the strengthening of your relationship:

back_to_their_root_pic2 weddingsutra
  • What attracted you towards me?: Make sure to ask your date that what was the first thing that attracted him or her towards you. The kind of superficiality related to the answer to this question will help you make a decision on the future of this relationship.
  • What was the first thing you noticed about me?: Believe it or not, there is always something special about the way you look that attracts a person towards you. Ask your date this question. The answer he or she gives will surely make the already romantic atmosphere all the more lovely.
  • Do you want to know why “you” are so special?: Don’t keep the questions centered on your own self. Be bold enough to ask him if he wants to know why you like him. If his answer is affirmative, then go ahead and tell him all those things that make him one of the most special people in your life. This will, undoubtedly bring you two closer than ever.
  • What do you think the future holds for us?: If you are serious about the relationship and are thinking about a possible future together, then do not hesitate to ask him this question. It is very, much important for you to know whether you both stand on the same platform when it comes to deciding the future of the relationship.
  • What was the first thing that came to your mind when we met?: They say that first impression is always the last impression. Make sure to ask him what he thought of you when you met for the first time. The answer to this question will help you judge him as well as yourself in a better way.

Dating can be one of the most wonderful experiences of an individual’s life. Hence, it better to make the most of it and get to know your partner up-close and personal. After all, it is this love and   intimacy that will become the strength of your relationship in the future.

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The Benefits of Kundali Matching in the Age of Modernity

Today, young people have become highly competitive and self centered.  The modern world is fiercely competitive and everybody has to fight hard to succeed. Attitude and perspectives are no longer the same compared to last 10 or 15 years. Marriages are becoming short lived and the number of divorces is getting higher and higher. This situation is causing great concern among parents who always want to see the welfare of their children. That is exactly where the topic’ the benefits of Kundali matching in the age of modernity’ comes in.

Kundli Milan keeps the couple responsible and committed


Since the couple get to know about their compatibility and doshas well in advance, they make committed efforts to avoid unwanted complications. Both the partners become a bit conscious about their own actions and it helps them make the marriage work in the right way. When you do not have information about all these aspects, you become adamant about your attitude and actions. This situation causes a lot of confusion and leads to divorce as well.

Horoscope matching is not all about blind belief

Earlier, many people used to believe that jhatakam porutham did not have any scientific backing. According to them, it was based on blind belief. This thought process has changed considerably because of the scientific studies conducted on astrology. Today, there is ample proof that astrology has got its own logic and it is a kind of science where a good number of scientific evidences exist. This awareness has made several young couple believe in astrology and horoscope matching.

Foreseeing mental and physical compatibility makes life easier for couples

When to people live together, differences of opinions are bound to emerge. Actually, they are two individuals born and brought up in completely different circumstances. Their thought process, attitude, perspective, habits and dreams can be different. The key is to blend these differences harmoniously to maintain a balanced coexistence. It is not at all a simple task in this age of modernity. Kundali Milan checks both the partners’ interests, aptitude, mindset, and behavior and predicts what is going to happen in the future. This allows the partners to make the necessary arrangements in their thoughts and deeds to ensure a happy wedding life. Horoscope matching also tests the level of physical attraction. Marriage cannot survive when there is no feeling of desirability towards each other. Additionally, the health condition is also analyzed in jhatakam porutham and foreseeing all these aspects play a very vital role in making a marriage work in the best way possible.

When the couple and family members become aware of these critical aspects, timely intervention can be done to prevent any problem from getting worsened. The partners become aware of their compatibility and differences and they get adequate time to work out the differences. When you look at these positive aspects, you can easily say that Kundali matching is a good practice in this age of modernity and it always helps the marriage work in a positive way.

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The Downside of Kundali Matching We Conveniently Ignore

Kundali matching has become a common practice among the Hindu families in India and abroad. Most people are of the opinion that it helps a man or woman select the most suitable partner with the right physical and mental compatibility. Despite Kundali Milan offers some advantages, some negative effects can also be associated with this practice. What is the downside of Kundali matching we conveniently ignore?


Too much information can lead to a lot of confusion

First and foremost downside of Kundali matching is the fact that it makes people confused. When two people enter into a marriage life, their minds should not be cluttered. Jhatakam porutham gives them a lot of information and it can confuse them seriously. The most important thing is that how you are utilizing this information. Improper handling can make things really complicated.  On the other hand; if these details can be used positively, you can make your married life more interesting and compatible as well.

Hiring a substandard astrologer can generate negative results

Astrology is an area where the practitioners need to study and research continuously. Some people hire a cheap or inexperienced astrologer to save money and this method of approach is not going to benefit them at any cost. As mentioned earlier, astrology is like an ocean and best astrologers keep on learning and refining themselves in a continuous manner. When you are planning to Kundali Milan, you must hire a reputed and experienced astrologer. Inexperienced people do not have clear cut understanding about the poruthams and doshas and they often arrive at immature conclusions. This situation does not help the couple find out the correct mental and physical compatibility.

Biggest impediment to love marriages

In this progressive society, people are making efforts to break the barriers of religion, caste and creed. The number of inter-caste weddings is increasing these days and jhatakam porutham takes people back to religious concepts. This is one of the biggest criticisms that several people make against Kundali Milan. In love marriages, horoscope matching is a big impediment and if the jhatakams do not match, parents do not give consent to love marriages. Generally speaking, Hindus are the ones who prepare a jhatakam when a child is born. People, who believe in other religions, may not have a horoscope to match and this situation works against inter-caste marriages. The critics are of the opinion that horoscopes and other related aspects work against the progressive thought process of the people.

Many people raise these points to criticize the concept of Kundali matching. Strong believers conveniently undermine the downside of horoscope matching to justify their own beliefs. The fact of the matter is that all human beings want the welfare of the society and people. If Jhatakam Porutham helps a couple lead a happily married life, there is nothing wrong in depending on it. At the same time; if a couple can lead a prosperous life without giving any importance of horoscope, nobody can find fault with them as well.

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Ways to Avoid Kundali Matching in Indian Marriages

Most traditional Hindu marriages make use of Kundli Milan to learn the compatibility of the man and woman. Supreme importance is given to matching the horoscope and if the jhatakams do not match, the weddings are not going to take place as well. Some people are against these types of traditions and they always search for ways to avoid Kundali matching in Indian marriages.


Love marriage is a good option to avoid horoscope matching

If you want to avoid all the complexities involved with horoscope matching, love marriage is a good option. Some parents compel their son or daughter to match the jhatakam even if they are into a love relationship. Most of the time; these things do not find any relevance in love marriages because the boy and girl are pretty adamant enough to start a new life together. In such a situation, parents have to give consent to the wedding without finding the jhatakam porutham. Love marriages have been taking place quite frequently in this modern society and they are a good option to avoid Kundali Milan in marriages.

Inter-caste marriage is the most popular choice

Most Hindu families seek the help of an astrologer to make a jhatakam when a child is born. This horoscope tells about the future of the child and during the time of marriage, it is used to check their compatibility with the partner. This practice is confined to Hindu society only and other religions like Christianity or Muslim do not give any importance to jhatakam. If you are having an inter-caste marriage, the process of matching Kundali does not arise because the individual belonging to other religion does not have a horoscope. So inter-caste marriages help you avoid horoscope matching. More and more people have started promoting inter-caste marriages these days because of the progressive outlook that is prevalent in the society.

Financial constraints

Some families, which are suffering from financial constraints, do not give adequate importance to the horoscope. If their daughter or son gets a good alliance from a rich family, they are ready to compromise on the poruthams.  After all, every parent wants his/her son/daughter leading a happy and prosperous life. That is exactly why they make compromises and Kundali Milan seems pretty irrelevant when compred with financial constraints. You can find many people leading prosperous and happy life even without worried about jhatakam porutham.

The bottom line is that love occurs even if your horoscope does not match. It has been happening to many people and they are getting married to each other. It is up to the individuals to decide how they want to proceed and if they make a choice, they must be prepared to face the consequences as well. It can be good or bad and the most important thing is the individual choice. Every individual must make decision according to his/her conviction. Finally, the ways to avoid horoscope matching can never be termed as good or bad and your perception and conviction are things that really matter.

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Porutham – The 10 Things to Know

While planning a wedding alliance, the Hindu custom analyzes the ten poruthams. It does not allow the wedding to take place without studying the ten poruthams. The horoscope of the couple is matched and analyzed to determine whether the marriage would last or not. Here are the 10 things you need to know about porutham:

What all things are identified by matching Jhatakam porutham?

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The relationship strength and astrology compatibility of the couple are assessed with the help of matching poruthams. Poruthams are also known as Kootas. These kootas represent unique characteristics and they are taken into consideration altogether for finding out the compatibility and relationship strength. The poruthams or kootas can be classified into 10 categories and they include Stree Deergham, Mahendra, Vasya, Vedha, Rajju, Rasiyathipaty, Rasi, Yoni, Ganam and Dinam.  When an astrologer analyzes the compatibility, he assesses the effect of every porutham one by one.

Stree Deergha Porutham

Stree Deergha Porutham makes sure better health, prosperity and long lifespan for a woman. If the astrologer finds a strong Stree Deergha Porutham, it clearly suggests that the relationship is going to last and there will not be any complicated health issues. The couple will have an understanding in between them.

Mahendra Porutham

Mahendra Porutham represents longevity, progeny and wealth as well. A powerful Mahendra Porutham indicates better prosperity and the chances of having healthy children are pretty high.  It also conveys that the wife can expect a protective husband.

Vasya Porutham

Vasya Porutham refers to zodiac sign compatibility between the partners. When Vasya Porutham is strong, there will be mutual respect, affection and attraction.

Vedha Porutham

Vedha porutham is about the incompatibilities exist between the birth stars of the couple. It means that the stars are not in harmony with each other.

Rajju Porutham

Rajju Porutham refers to the man’s long life. When this porutham is high, the couple can expect happy and long relationship.

Rasiyathipaty Porutham

Rasiyathipaty Porutham is about the compatibility of the birth stars of the Lords of the couple. When the stars are compatible, relation will be successful.

Rasi Porutham

Rasi Porutham talks about the compatibilities of birth stars. Rasi is determined by the position of the moon during the birth time and it has a strong influence on the individual’s character and physical characteristics. Rasi Porutham is critically important while analyzing the marriage compatibility and this porutham has the ability to compensate for the absence of other Poruthams.

Yoni Porutham

Yoni Porutham is the one that decides the sexual compatibility between the partners. It also conveys the physical compatibility of the partners and the astrologer also finds out the incompatibilities by matching the yoni porutham.

Ganam Porutham

Ganam Porutham refers to the temperaments of the man and woman and it also decides the compatibility of their sex life.

Dinam Porutham

Dinam porutham reveals the prosperity and health of the partners. Strong Dinam Porutham suggests that the partners have the freedom from poverty and they do not have to worry about any major diseases.

While analyzing the Jhatakam Porutham, the astrologers examines all these 10 poruthams to decide the compatibility between a man and woman before marriage.

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Jhatakam Porutham – A Historical Perspective

The history of matching Jhatakam Porutham goes back to ancient times. Astrological compatibility evaluates relationships by comparing the natal horoscopes. They refer to maps or charts of the angles of the planets and stars and their positions in the zodiac during the time of an individual’s birth. The angles convey the negative and positive relations between the planets and based upon these details, the relationships between the two people are predicted. That is what exactly happens with the process of matching jhatakams.


A brief overview of compatibility assessment

The system of assessing compatibility based on jhatakams of a man and woman can be described as really unique. The basic idea of matching jhatakams stems from the constellations occupied by the Moon during the birth time of the man and woman. It is believed that every person inherit qualities of the birth constellation. Different nature can be associated with various constellations and the difference can be seen in various aspects such as Guna, casts, primordial elements, directions ruled and so on. All these aspects reflect on each individual based on the star position.

What does Indian Astrology say?

The concept of Indian astrology is quite different from the concept of western astrology. Traditional Hindu system of astrology is known as Jyotisha or Jyotishyam and in recent times, it is called Vedic astrology. The basis of Vedic astrology is the concept of Bandhu of the Vedas known as scriptures. It refers to the connection between the macrocosm and microcosm.  Indian astrology practice depends fundamentally on the sidereal zodiac and it contains many nuanced sub-systems of prediction and interpretation with elements like the Naksatra. Astrologers are the people who analyze all these aspects to predict the future course of events in the life of an individual.

Astrology – An integral component of Hindu culture

Astrology and jhatakam Porutham is a significant aspect in the lives of many Hindus. In Hindu culture, newborn babies are named according to the Jyotisha charts made immediately after the birth of the babies.  Astrological concepts such as horoscope matching are used while making decisions about marriage and the jhatakam is also taken into consideration while starting a new business or moving into a new home and so on. Astrology has managed to find a place among the sciences in modern India and some of the universities in India offer advanced courses in astrology.

The interest towards astrology has increased considerably in India these days. More and more people have been depending on horoscope matching during the time of wedding to form better idea about the compatibility between the prospect bride and groom. The modern world offers a lot of uncertainties and people are striving hard to keep pace with the demands of this modern world. For most Indians, marriage is one of the most vital events in their lives and they associate an element of sanctity with wedding. Identifying the most suitable partner in life has become highly demanding and most people rely on jhatakam porutham to learn about the compatibility between the life partners.

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How Jhatakam Porutham Helps You in Planning a Happy Married Life

Marriage is one of the most important turning points in the lives of most people. It is a beautiful relationship that connects two souls together for a lifetime and even beyond life. It is a fresh beginning of a different phase of life and both man and woman get ready for this eternal commitment. You can come across various rituals being performed prior to a Hindu marriage. Most families match the jhatakam before allowing their children to get married. It is a way of checking their stars compatibility. Why Jhatakam Porutham is important? How horoscope matching helps you in planning a happy married life?


Matching Jhatakam checks the compatibility of the two souls

One prime reason why horoscope is matched prior to wedding is to learn how compatible the couple is. According to astrology, there are several poruthams that need to be matched to find out the compatibility of two people. It decides the future prosperity of their life. There are several gunas that have different points and every point indicates a different aspect of life. It also determines how two people’s individual stars and destinies influence each other and by matching the horoscope, the conjugal harmony can be specified.

Gives clear cut idea about the doshas the people carry

Astrology indicates that some people have some doshas based on the positioning of the stars and the birth timing has also play an important role in determining them. Some of the most popular doshas include Shani Dosha and Mangal Dosha. These types of doshas can cause problems after marriage and the horoscope matching allows people to identify the doshas. When the doshas are found out, specific poojas must be performed to lessen their effects. It allows the bridegroom and bride to lead a happy married life without worrying about unwanted problems.

Provides information about financial stability and career prospects

When two people get ready for wedding, their planet movements not only influence their own life but also make an impact on the life of the other individual. The astrologer finds out the real impact of the planet movements by matching jhatakams and it allows him to predict the financial stability and career prospects. This information helps the partners plan accordingly and lead a successful married life.

Offers details about the happiness and health of the child

One prominent concern that is assessed into through jhatakam porutham is the health and happiness of the child. The astrologer analyzes the chances of childbirth with horoscope match and he also predicts the issues arising the delivery and child birth. Since the family becomes complete only after the birth of a child, most parents are quite eager to learn about the health and happiness of the baby their daughter gives birth after marriage.

After having matched the jhatakams, the astrologer recommends poojas and other rituals to eliminate the doshas. According to astrology, when two people tie the marriage knot after correcting the doshas, they can lead a happily married life and that is how horoscope matching allows people to lead an enjoyable wedding life.

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