How to Add The Fun Element To a Maratha Wedding

Maratha weddings are interesting and they will really make you feel awesome. So, all you must do is try and enjoy the wedding. Times have changed and today wedding is considered as a happy affair rather than a serious one. Even people in Maharashtra want the wedding to be awesome. Even the elders prefer the same. In fact, all you must do is make the wedding perfect and this will really make you feel awesome. With changing times, we all should alter the mindsets and so when it comes to getting the relevant options then you need to know how you can take charge of things. In Maratha Marriage there are a few things and that will really make you feel awesome.


How to add the element of fun?

Marriage would mean traditions. But if you wish to make things perfect then you should walk along with time. Like, in these weddings you just can’t reduce the importance of sakarpuda. But what matters the most is how you are going to get the relevant options. There are many options that can keep you on the right track. So, just manage things in such a way that you can take into account many more things.

In the times when every youngster would want a different touch to the wedding the same can be done with maratha wedding. There are so many rituals where the fun element should be added and this would mean that a lot of options are to be checked out.

In maratha weddings the bride and the groom would wear amazing clothes and that would mean that they can actually rock the day. Apart from that you should see that the games can be added to sangeet party and even the reception can be a themed one. Likewise, the friends and relatives should be told to take part in most of the functions and this will add the charm in the wedding. Every wedding has some or the other novel things and that’s the basic reason why you need to make some potent changes.

How to make way for things that are useful for the bride and the groom? 

When the bride and the groom have to be open to various things then there are some of the options can really create importance? Like, when the groom ties mangalsutra in the neck of the bride then this moment can be caught in a different way. Like all the required arrangements can be made in the first place and that will really help. There can be flowers and petals showered on the bride and the groom and these things can create memories forever. So, keeping this in mind the Maratha Marriage can be created like a perfect and ideal example. Just enjoy the day in such a way that you know how everything has to be taken care of and that will really give you the required solutions.

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Peculiarities and Specialties of a Maratha Wedding

Marriages are said to be made in heaven. But the right pairing and the search should start on the earth only. In Maratha it is considered that wedding is an amazing ritual and the bond that remains would be forever. So, keeping this in mind there are many conventional rituals that still prevail and there is nothing wrong in that. In fact, every ritual has its own meaning and this will be something important. In fact, Maratha Marriage would begin with the search for the best partner and then that will really work in your favor.


The special things that you will get to see in Maratha weddings

There are so many special things that you will come across when it comes to celebrating Maharashtra weddings. But then a few to mention can be the day when horoscope can be matched and at the same time there would be things like taking out mahurat. Once these things are done the other preparations would start.

Sakarpuda is one of the most special ceremonies among marathi people and this has exchange of gifts. The bride would receive a lot of gifts from the groom’s family and then the groom would get from the bride’s side. Apart from that you will have to know that how you need to get ahead with the other preparations. There are many other important celebrations as in mehandi, haldi and so on. So, just have fun and understand that how everything has to be taken care of. With changing times you need to alter your thoughts and that can help you with creating a perfect celebration.

Just stay sure of the perfect avenues that may make the wedding perfect

If you feel that you want to make this wedding a perfect one then that should understand the basic tactics and that will really help and keeping such things in mind the wedding should come up in the right ways. Wedding is something that can really create finesse and bliss in life and so for that you need to be quite specific. The peculiarities can really be important and for that there will be need to know what things can be perfect.

Every wedding would have some or the other specialties and certain things about Maratha Marriage are really great. The food that they serve and the kind of décor that they hold is really superb! So, keeping all these things in mind there would be a few things that would come up.

Wedding would have lot of things and so keeping these things in mind you will have to check out the right things. Marriages would make you feel great and thus there are certain things that can create a perfect notion in life. You should know how things are to be catered to and that should help you with the right media. Online options can give you a lot of options and that should help you in creating bliss in life.

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Tips to Make a Simple Maratha Wedding Look Grand

If you think that you want to enjoy the wedding in every way then you should really work towards making the wedding a perfect way to express your love to the better half. In Maratha Marriage both bride and the groom have an important place and when they tie the knot there would be a trust factor that would be built. Life would have a lot of things and you have to face them all. There has to be many new options that would come up when you have to celebrate the wedding.


How to make the day grand in your own way?

There are many innovative ideas that you can think of in order to make the function amazing. The first thing that you can do is add some charms to the wedding by way of making it a theme wedding. You can just find out the trends that prevail these days. You should also add amazing things to the décor and then see how it would be magical. Life would provide you a chance to get married once and so just try to make it perfect and create magical moments.

You should plan the marriage as soon as the engagement is done. This will include shopping, venue, food and so many things. If you think that there are quite simple weddings in your community then you can make Maratha Marriage lavish and a few simple steps can help you do that. You can find out online that what kind of things can make your wedding perfect in every way. You should make the wedding cards perfect and there should be everything mentioned clearly. The cards should be elegant and the right message should reach to the guests.

You can make the wedding really special and what makes the difference is that how you make people feel. You can give some amazing gifts to the people who attend the wedding and they would be overwhelmed with this. All these things can really make you feel great and that’s how you can create some magical moments. Some things that are important should be finalized first. Even though you want to follow all the traditions it would be vital that you check out. You should always make way for things that would make your wedding a memorable one. When you want to get the photography done then you will have to let the best photographer get in and these things will also create some moments that you can never forget.

Love and trust can make the marriage work

Maratha weddings are quite conventional. But you can always add the novel touch to the same. So just stay sure that you know what all things can give you a perfect feel. There are things that would help you in creating a perfect and impressive function. So, just based on that every step can be taken!

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Can You Truly Judge a Person Through Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites have gained popularity in the recent past with youngsters on at least one dating site. It has truly caught the fancy of all those looking for a life partner or just someone new to be with. However, there is still a question mark on the authenticity of these sites and if it really helps understand a person. Lets find out more about the world of online dating.

The virtual world is slowly taking over our lives. We depend on the internet for almost everything and now even to find love. The loyalists of online dating and matrimonial sites will always favor these sites as they have brought to them a world of choices without having to move out of the comfort of their homes or offices. Now, no longer do you need to depend on friends, families and marriage bureaus to find a life partner. The key of your life lies in your hands and you are in total control of it.

europe couple

You can find a life partner on your terms and choices. An online dating site allows you to add preferences and filters that help find an appropriate match. Even if you do not like the person who has been shortlisted with the filters in place, you are not obligated to meet and interact with them. There are no hard feelings as there is no common person involved in this. It is a matter of give and take with both parties fully aware of the results.

Having found the person you like given your preferences and choices, it is easier to get to know him/her as you can take your time and pace. There is no elderly person or family involved pushing you towards marriage.

However, given all the pros and benefits of online dating, does it really help you get to know the person completely? Isn’t there always a glimmer of a doubt as preferences and profiles can be fudged? So can you truly judge a person through an online dating site? Isn’t it a better option to know about a person through a known person (family/friend)? How can you decide?

These are very tricky situations and one needs a good sense of judgment to be able to gauge the person and his identity through the sites. Even if there is an iota of a doubt it is best to clarify it at the earliest and not give the person the benefit of doubt. With the amount of fraud going on these days, it is imperative to know the person thoroughly before committing to a lifetime of a bond.

Ultimately, it is a gamble- whether you meet your life partner through the conventional way or the virtual way. You need to listen to your gut and also do a little bit of background checks on the quiet. You should remember that the main aim of online dating is to take the relationship offline and make a life together based on faith and truth.

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What You Should Wear On Your First Date

Dating, the whole experience is about meeting and knowing people. It helps a person to develop a better and deeper understanding of the opposite sex and to get a first hand feeling of emotions and thoughts. Dating is a process and is accentuated through personality and personal touch. It is about forging a bond with the other person and leaving a lasting impression, which could possibly translate into something more.

The first step to making your date successful is to make a good impression. Impressions are created by ones actions, mannerisms and, of course, the turn out. Dressing needs to be just right to give the correct message about yourself and your intentions to the other person. Lets find out the dos and don’ts of dressing up.

back_to_their_root_pic2 weddingsutra

Comfort.   In trying to impress remember that you will need to eat, breathe and walk. So, ensure your clothes are comfortable and breathable. You should be able to do what you normally do and aren’t caught in any uncomfortable conditions. 

Sexy but not Overtly So!  Be sure to oomph it up, but don’t overdo it. Of course you want to get that extra glance, but in a good way. 

Wear your Favorites.  Wear your favourites in case you are in a doubt. It will make you feel comfortable in your skin and keep you focused and confident. Confidence is what will see you through a first date and a dress will only accentuate that for you. 

Let your Dress be a Reflection of You.  Make sure you don’t end up in a cowboy party hat or a skinny jeans, which just isn’t you. Your dress will speak a lot for you, even before you do, and so be careful to let it be your persona.

Options ­ Men

It is best for men to fit into a nice dress shirt with a pair of trousers for a dinner date, or a pair of golf trousers and a collared tea for the evening date. Men shouldn’t make it too casual or too formal either, the round tee or the tie being a general no go, especially if the other partner isn’t too well known.

Options – Women

Women should go for a nice shift dress or jeans with a blazer and heels for a dinner date. Again, be in the range between formal and casual, in keeping with the type of date and the location. If you know your partner through social media or otherwise then you could go with something daring like a flowery dress or a pair of jeans with a casual top.

So as you step out for your first dates, slip on those shoes or heels and be sure to make an impression – the kind you would want to! Refer to some good online dating site to get more dope on this.

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20 Unsaid Things About Online Dating

Online dating is a common thing in today’s day and age with numerous online dating site coming up every other month. Almost every youngster who is interested in meeting new people or finding love, is on one or the other website. For those who have just joint the bandwagon, here are 20 rules of online dating that must be adhered to make it easier to find love.

Young woman lies on bed with notebook in dark room
  1. Forget Modesty- Modesty is a thing of the past. If you got it- flaunt it- is the new mantra.
  2. Don’t Brag- Though modesty is passe but don’t brag too much about your achievements. There is a fine line between modesty and bragging. Try to maintain it so that you sound attractive yet not boastful.
  3. Specify your interests- When you meet your date be clear about your interests. This will help the other person decide or at-least gauge if you are similar.
  4. Be honest about your profile- All the thighs mentioned in the profile should be true because sooner or later you will be caught and that would be embarrassing.
  5. Let the past be in the past- Never speak about your ex or any breakups of the past with your potential partner. These conversations could be kept for later when you know each other better.
  6. Updated Picture- Always put up your current picture so that the potential partner knows how you look in the present.
  7. Put Casual picture- Always put up a candid picture that showcases your true self. No point putting an overtly flattering photo as it will backfire sooner or later.
  8. Don’t play hard to get- If you like a profile go for it straight and don’t play hard to get otherwise you might just loose the person before finding them.
  9. Be proactive- In today’s day of choices, it is important to be proactive, if someone has liked your profile then respond immediately else you might find your potential partner already booked.
  10. Meet soon- If you like a person and have made initial contact, it is best to meet the person at the earliest.
  11. Don’t lose hope- Sometimes it takes time to find the perfect person- be patient. Don t lose hope. There will be light at the end of the tunnel.
  12. Go Dutch- Always split the bill when on the first few dates. Chivalry means being thoughtful and not that you have to foot the bill always.
  13. Sex on the first date- Check the waters before suggesting it. It could backfire. Its best to wait it out for a few dates before taking the plunge.
  14. Keep in touch- If you have liked your date in the first meeting itself, be proactive and keep in touch with the person instead of waiting for three days before calling or messaging.
  15. Ditch your wish list- You may not always get Mr/ Miss Perfect so be happy if the basic priorities are matching and leave the rest.
  16. Check family background- Family values are important even in today’s day and age. So do a background check before getting serious.
  17. Beware of fraud- Many fraudulent activities take place on these sites so be careful and cautious.
  18. Be honest- It best to speak the truth in the beginning so that there are no pretenses for later.
  19. Meet at a public place to make the girl feel comfortable.
  20. If you feel strongly about something come out with it in the beginning.

Follow these rules of engagement and you will surely find your mate.

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Pros of Online Matchmaking in India

The biggest thing that online Matchmaking has done to the country is that it has brought about a tectonic shift in the way people viewed dating. If you enter a known dating website in India, you’ll find a cute snapshot of couple on the homepage. It’s nothing but the threadbare and standard shot of a man to woman embrace, nose to nose stuck and too damn cute. Don’t think these sites are propounding marriage and that’s the biggest facet redefining dating in India today. You can watch lots of introductory videos that repeatedly ridicule conventional matrimonial sites. The sole purpose is to carve a steadfast road to seek some concrete companionship and explore love and romance in a new light.

Indians are still maturing in this evolving dating world.  You meet cool, attractive and happening people around the world and that’s it. The recent surge and clutter of dating sites in India is capitalizing on a concurrent phenomenon. It targets the young, urban and open-minded Indian who thinks life is not getting married when you are 27-28.

  • Rise of a new era: The Matchmaking sites display teens, college and university students and also the little older, working lot. Studies suggest they are worldlier and prone to experimentation. These people are enamored by the attractive idea that it’s free and fair to date around, until it doesn’t hurt anybody’s life, feelings or career. There’s possibly no aim of settling down. It’s mainly for the youth who like to work on compatibility elements like weight, height, caste, astrology forecast, and religion and complexion. Today’s youth find such things requirements archaic and futile. They prefer to meet over a cup of coffee and gel with one another over shared fluid interests like films and books rather than snoring on qualities via a pre-programmed collection of attributes and questions that are mostly family-operated or physical.
  • Redefining compatibility: Today, people are eager to negate all clichéd ideas of matching social backgrounds or aiming for an economical suitability. It’s more about finding compatibility. Here, the emphasis is to find like-minded people over plays and dinners connect with them through picnics and group events. Prejudices and sky-high expectations go for a toss out of the window.
  • New set of ideas: As these websites state, taking Indians to this online dating stream requires a full-blown reproduction of cultural notions and re-education or re-conditioning of values in a variety of ways. People are seeking to thwart obligations to marry the person you go around with and settle for something that’s good for you. Family comes second
  • Devoid of obligations or pressures: The matchmaking sites and agencies make things clear right from the beginning. They ask you to refrain from matters like past relationships, politics and religion. Breaking the shackles of culture is always a challenge, but you can make a nice blend by preserving the good features.

There’s a great focus to know each other and share interests. If you meet a woman in a site, you don’t need to worry about her height, weight and such petulant stuff. It is easy to express yourself now.

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How to Check The Authenticity of a Profile While Matchmaking Online

The world of internet is like an unexpected gizmo bag. You never what comes out and when. Online dating and Matchmaking is fairly in a nascent or rather a developing stage in India. While we address the topic of checking a profile’s authenticity while doing your online dating, it’s important to presage a pivotal backdrop. In India, the concept of dating is gaining clarity for the last few years. People are doing it more and more in the open instead of hiding in a closet, brandishing it as taboo.

However, there are still an overwhelming number of people who think dating means marriage. It’s more of companionship and romance. Young people are flocking to Matchmaking sites and portals because they don’t want to get hitched in a system. But, the perils are there. Just because it’s still an evolving shell, many people try to lure innocent, unsuspecting clients with fake profiles and false promises, ruining their career or affecting them in some manner. It’s easy to ensure the authenticity of a profile.

  • The amount and type of pictures: Think of Facebook. It’s one of those social media domains where people pour their heart out. So how do you deal with impersonators? How do see the fake from real? Well, fake profiles will have same pictures in more than one. That’s the first thing to remember. One girl cannot have two or three profiles with the same set of pictures and with different names. These are fake profiles. Also, the number of pictures if fake profiles are less. On most occasions, the texture of the picture is blurred or comparatively unclear. Don’t be surprised to see hyperlink or website on some pictures. It means that they have been downloaded.
  • Checking the activity: Fake profiles don’t engage in much of proper activity. All they do is lure people and trap them. Go the timeline and check for shared posts. If the gap is huge, it means the profile is obscure.
  • Genuine profiles don’t hesitate to upload new pictures frequently: Fake profiles mostly have a dearth of snaps. You won’t see the picture bar or section moving or being operated much. On the other hand, if you ask someone to post a certain picture in a certain place or mood, that person would be able to do it. So, it’s impossible for fake profiles to keep random requests.
  • Immediate conversations for benefits or money: This is an eye-opener. Profiles that ask you to do something within sometime of the conversation means it is there for some other reason. The agenda is to dupe you. Often, they ask money, recharge and to subscribe or tender something. You need to keep this characteristic in mind as fake profiles also create a lot of animosity between people.
  • The chat room: Another place to know the authenticity is to check the chat room. Fake profiles are mostly absent from congregations.

While you need time and experience to see and discern these things within a short time, it is but important to protect your account.

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5 Essential Things to Note in a Kundali Before Getting Married

The ancient art of matching the horoscopes has been an integral part of Hindu marriages all across the world.  In fact, kundali matching is considered to be the first and foremost step taken towards fixing a match between two individuals, before giving them a final nod to get married. While off late it has become a debatable topic, the practice of matching horoscopes has withstood the test of times and has continued to be an integral part of Hindu marriages. As per tradition, the horoscopes of the individuals, which are made at the time of their birth as per the star and planetary positions, are matched before the couple tie the knot. This is done through the Vedic Ashtkoot method, where the horoscope is divided into 8 categories, namely Varna, Vaishya, Tara, Yoni, Graha maîtri, Gana, Nadi and sadsatkoot.  While some of these criteria track the origin of the individual and his family, others focus more on the bodily health and type. Based on certain calculations, it is determined whether the couple would be physically and mentally compatible or not. As most of the people do not have much knowledge in regard to astrology, they are dependent on astrologers for matching horoscopes. However, we have here 5 essentials that one must note in a Kundali, before getting married:

perfect tamil wedding
  1. Gunas: The horoscope matching is based on ashtkoot, in which certain points are awarded to each of the 8 categories. The total of the same comes out to be 36 points or Out of these, at least 18 points should match for the couple to get married. The higher the number of points matching, the more compatible the couple is.
  2. Nadi dosha: While matching horoscopes, a lot of importance is given to nadi dosh. As per Hindu astrology, there are three types of nadis that humans are divided into. Each nadi represents a blood type. If in case the boy and girl have the same nadi, then the match between the two should be avoided, as it may lead to birth defects and severe mental and physical problems in the off-springs.
  3. Manglik dosh: While some consider it a hoax, there are a relevant number of people who believe that Mangal (mars), being a domineering planet can have an adverse effect on weaker planets. Hence, a person with a strong Mangal or a Manglik should try and get married to a Manglik only. The marriage between a Manglik and a non- Manglik should be avoided, as it may lead to martital discord or even the death of the Non-manglik partner.
  4. Varna : Make sure to know about the varna of the person before going ahead with the marriage. Though it may seem trivial to know about the lineage to which the person belongs in today’s age, it still hold importance just to make sure that you are not even distinctly related to each other, which might bring about a problem at the time of conception.
  5. Graha maîtri : Graha maîtri is an important criterion of horoscope matching as it calculates the compatibility of a couple. It should hence be not avoided.

Even a commoner should keep the given points in mind while getting the kundalis matched. All the best!

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Why Kundali Matching Will Never be Accepted as Proven Science

Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on earth. This is one belief that we have always stuck by and are hence, are always seeking a person who is perfect for us. For the same, we follow different paths and beliefs, in hope that we will find our soul mate in due course of time. While many opt of finding love on their own means and terms, there are some who choose to stick to their traditions, and opt for an arranged marriage. In a typical Hindu arranged marriage, there is one practice that is considered most important before marriage, and that is of Kundali matching. As per this practice, the horoscopes of both individuals involved are matched either on online sites, or by astrologers. Only when they give a nod is the marriage proceeded with.  It is believed that by studying the planetary and star positions of the respective kundalis, one can predict the compatibility and future of a couple together. However, this can turn out to be quite a debatable topic, owing to the fact that there are many who do not consider kundali matching a proven science. They question the practice all together and refute it from the core. There are many elements that support this claim, which are as follows:

  • No solid proof in regard to positioning of stars: The whole concept of horoscope matching is based on the positioning of stars and planets at the time of the birth of the individual. However, there is no solid proof that the astrologers can provide, which confirms whether the claims made by them are true or false. Hence, the very basis of making horoscopes is based on a weak foundation.
  • Lack of good horoscope makers and readers: There may have been a time when the ancient sages and pandits who practiced astrology were experts in their fields. In the present times however, the same thing cannot be said. There are many quacks spread all across the globe, who claim to have astrological knowledge, but cannot make or read horoscopes accurately.
  • It is not fool-proof: There are many instances of couples leading a miserable married life, despite the fact that they are perfect matches as per their horoscopes. This fact itself is proof enough that no astrological reading is fool-proof and is hence, not scientific.
  • Leads to superstition: No science will ever give birth to superstition. This does not hold true in case of horoscope matching, where the so called experts will lead you into doing things that they claim will ward off the evil effects and lead to a perfect marriage. Such practices are nothing but mere superstitions, which lead to the regression of the society.

In the present times, it comes across as a sad reality that rather than looking into the working and character of the person, his or her horoscope is given more importance when it comes to marriage. It is hence high time, that such practices are done away with, to lead the society into a better and progressive future.

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