A Picaresque Destination Kerala Wedding in the Hills of Munnar

All typical Kerala matrimonial alliances are a class apart in their own right. Be it a typical Nair wedding or a beautiful Christian church wedding, all have Kerala weddings have a picturesque quality in them, that make them look like a scene right out of a fairy tale. The Malayali would-be couples are as such lucky to have been born in God’s own country. From sandy and rocky beaches to lush green hill stations, Kerala has it all. There are however times when enthusiastic would be coupled are interested in making their weddings an affair to remember, for times to come. For the same, they wish to have a destination wedding, where they enter their nuptial bliss, in a place of their choice, surrounded by their loved ones. The people of Kerala, the luckiest that way, as they don’t have to go far while searching for a beautiful place to get married at. One of the most popular destinations amongst Keralite couples for a destination wedding comes in form of the beautiful Hill station of Munnar. So if you are one such couple, we have here certain tips that you should keep in mind to have your dream wedding in the misty hills of Munnar:


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  • Make a budget: for starters, make sure to allocate special finances totally dedicated to the wedding and its various functions. Then, make sure how much you want to spend to the venue, menu and decorations of the event. Make sure to staick to this budget, so that you don’t repent anything later.
  • Make a guest list: as you are going in for a destination wedding it would not be possible for you to invite a lot of people. Hence, make a guest list, keeping in mind your near and dear ones only. Also, ask your guests about their availability well in advance.
  • Choose a venue: Munnar is a very popular tourist destination, which witnesses tourist traffic all year round. Hence, book your venue well I advance in order to avoid any confusion later. Amongst the many options available, the rose garden hotels, Evarikulum National park hotels, Tata tea museum hotels etc . are best recommended for destination weddings.
  • How to reach Munnar: as a localite, you have the advantage of reaching Munnar easily via road or train. Situated 280 K.M’s from the capital Thiruvananthapuram,  Munnar is well connected by road and rail to all the cities of Kerala. You can make it a road trip to remember with all your family and friends.
  • Hire a wedding planner: though you are a locality, still it becomes very cumbersome to make all arrangements in regard to the wedding when you go in for a destination wedding. Hence, it is advisable to hire a wedding planner, who is apt and qualified to do the running around for you. With a wedding planner by your side, you have ample time to enjoy your wedding.

Follow these tips to have the most memorable wedding in the lush green hills of Munnar. All the best!

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Giving a Modern Twist to Some pre wedding Rituals of a Telugu Wedding

India is a vast country of different regions and definite geographic boundaries. Each one has its own beautiful culture, which are knit to one another with one common thread-the Vedic marriage rituals. Despite the regional differences, different names, different phonetics and tremendous diversity of language and food habits, weddings are the only platform where entire India looks to be the same. The Telegu people hail from the region of Telanga and Andhra Pradesh mainly because these are the places where the people speak it as their mother tongue. They have the same order of pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals in their Telugu Matrimony.

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Like every other Hindu marriage fold, the people celebrate the rituals in accordance with the importance and significance in the marriage. Although they are all considered sacred and the people are devoted to their customs, you can still fuse some ideas to make them look even more joyous.

  • Starting with Pendilkoothuru: It refers to the application of turmeric on the bride’s body before she takes her cleansing bath. It’s a great platform to induce some fun. The bride can wear goggles while the elders smear turmeric on her body. Make a wall or select a wall, cupboard in the house where the family members can put a palm stamp on the structure after applying the paste on her body. It will serve as a wonderful cognizance of the days. You can capture the beautiful moments on lenses as the girl’s relatives apply the paste, click photos then go to the side of the verandah to put their palms open wide and press it on the wall. The yellow stamp would tell that someone was there. You can spice up the show with a little competition. The bride has to guess the persons from looking at the palm stamps. You can keep some prizes for that well.
  • Kashi Yatra: Well, being one of the most interesting and intriguing rituals of Telugu Matrimony, Kashi Yatra doesn’t need any special introduction nor does it need improvisation. As the groom pretends to shun all material desires and calling, heading towards the pilgrimage town of Kashi, the bride’s brother steps into the scene. He convinces the groom and makes him change his mind, enabling him to accept the conjugal life. The bride’s brother gives his sister’s hand in marriage with the person and then the hero of the scene, the groom walks back towards the center stage amidst raptures and claps.
  • Making it more interesting: To make things more appealing, you can make the acting more quality. Keep proper stick and shoes for the groom to take with him. Also, when he returns to the mandap and marries the girl, she can tell something that invites instant applause. It is a picture moment and you cannot help but click a hundred photos, capturing a hundred emotions from different people present in the venue.

In the mangala snaanam, where the would-be couple takes a holy bath, you can do a photo-session in wet clothes, provided the weather permits that. Also, involve the other family members in the shoot.

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Menu ideas for a typical Telugu Wedding

Indian wedding is famed for the colorful and lavish events. While the North-Indian weddings are replete with pomp and show, the South-Indian wedding celebrations are slightly from that genre. It’s very joyful but grandiose in general. However, the people spend enormously on gold and similar assets. Food happens to be an integral aspect of any celebration and Telugu Matrimony witnesses some of the best foods out there. While most the Hindu weddings have vegetarian meals, some people also include non-vegetarian meals at reception bashes.


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Telegu, the famous Dravidian language spoken mostly in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have some the best cuisines and cultural insignia that make their weddings so spectacular and worth remembering.

  • Starting with appetizers: Appetizers are that important food which you serve before the main course menu Telegu wedding cuisines entails a host of traditional appetizers alongside snacks from various other cuisines. There are separate counters or corners for appetizers. You can find both non-vegetarian and vegetarian foods in the list of appetizers. The food menu is complete without stuff like jahan pakodi, veg cutlet, hot kaza, lasala vada, lollypop, Artikaya bajji, mixed vada and mirchi bajji. You can also have kym balls, Andhra special Gari, Tamalapaku bajji and Vamu aaku bajji.
  • The main course meal: It generally entails roti (Indian bread), rice along with 4-5 types of tasty vegetarian dishes. There are two to three types of non-vegetarian dishes accompanying the first lot. Lentils or pappu (dal) are very common dish in Telugu Matrimony. Since it’s a coastal region, sea foods also rule the roost in the food menu of some families.
  • The vegetarian course: It includes food like makka roti, sajja roti, upudu pindi, sarva pindi, pesara pappu, kandi pappu, rassam, pachi pulusu, pappucharu, vepudu, Pappu koora, ooragaya and so on.
  • Non-vegetarian meals: Families that are open to non-vegetarian food prepare Kodi pulao, Talakaya Kura, endu Chapala Vankaya and the famous Hyderabadi mutton biriyani. The latter is a class apart and needs no introduction. You also have meals like Gongura Mamsam, Royyala Kura and Kodi Gudla Pulusu on the list. Mostly, Muslims and Christians present this wonderful non-vegetarian.
  • Come home to the desserts: Desserts and savories happen to be an integral part of the wedding culture of this region. Like any other wedding food, they are a must in the menu. You have a host of traditional sweets in the local cuisine. They are perennially and automatically in the menu. However, many people also prefer to have desserts from different other cuisines of the country. Talk about customization, this is your forte. You can seve Malai-kulfi with chakodi. How about it for a real fusion?
  • Know the names: Some of the best desserts and sweets to serve are Boondi laddu, Sunnundallu, Malai khaja, Gavvalu, Kobbari Lavuju, Chakkera pongali, Rava Laddu, Poornalu, Boondi, Vennappalu, Payasam, Pongali, Polellu or Bhakshalu and Tapeswaram Kaja. There are other extremely popular sweets like Palathalikalu, Undalu, Laskori, jeedilu, Pappuchekka and Ravva Kesari.

You can pick any three or four from the list and serve them according to your preference.

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Giving a Modern Twist to Some pre wedding rituals of a Marathi Wedding

In the first place, you need to remember that Marathi weddings don’t have that extreme pomp and show. The relay of festivities and rituals define and marks its charm. On most occasions, the weddings take place in the morning. You don’t require much planning to make it a grand success. To do justice to Marathi matrimony, all you need is a sacred surrounding, proper ambiance and the plethora of rituals. These things would make it more appealing and special.

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To give a modern blend to the chain of attractive pre-wedding rituals, you need to know the rituals first.

  • The Skahar puda: Both the families exchange or shakkar or sugar in this ceremony. It makes the informal or short engagement of the girl and boy. What you can do is, make sharbaat from the sugar and feed it both the families. You can also go for a sharbaat making competition in the family. Conclude the event by some singing.
  • Wang nischaya with Kelvan: The former is the formal engagement ritual. Both the families worship each other’s Kuldevta separately. You have the close relatives and pals calling over the groom and bride along with their respective members of the family for a meal. You also give each other gifts. Now, pick 2-3 common gifts that you can present to one another. You can go for gifts like cosmetics, apparel, daily wear stuff, ornaments, watches, pearls and other utilities. The girl and boy can ask one another about their wants. They can actually match-fix or rig the event. Only you both will know about the gifts. Ask your respective family members to guess what’s inside. That will be quite interesting.
  • Haldi Chadawat ceremony: No Indian wedding is complete without the quintessential Haldi. However, in Marathi matrimony, they perform the haldi ceremony the day before the wedding. You immerse mango leaves in the turmeric paste and then apply that on the whole body of the beaming body. You start with the feet and then slowly move upwards. The groom’s house too has a similar ritual. You can create haldi applying completion at your house. Get some spare haldi paste from the plate and ask the members to volunteer. They can make designs and beautiful little rangolis with these pastes. The winner gets to click photos of the bride, get something from the bridal trousseau and gets the prize of applying the bride’s makeup too.
  • Chura : While you can’t do much about simant puja, the chura ritual is definitely accommodation. It’s the ceremony where you will see the bride’s pals get those colorful bangles. Usually, the bride has green bangles and there’s lot of dance, music and fun. You need to remember that the bride can open or remove the concerned chura of her ‘shagoon’ after one month of her marriage. You can give the best chura to the one who performs the best dance or song in the competition.

Get all the girls and let them flash their chura gifts in front of the camera. Let there be little prizes for all.

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Menu Ideas for a Typical Marathi Wedding

The food menu for any occasion or party is very crucial as it lights up a smile on the face of guests. In an occasion as grand and pious as Marathi matrimony, the food has to be the main pathway to the heart of your attendees. A successful marriage ceremony must have great food and you need to pick your menu carefully. So, that brings us to the food in your wedding reception bash. You need to be very conscious about the menu. It’s time to discuss some of the best wedding food ideas of Maharashtra.

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You need to remember that a Marathi wedding ceremony not only entails vegetarian food, but many people also prefer non-vegetarian meals. However, the more popular ones are from the vegetarian platter. If you want non-vegetarian meals, you can go for the Konkani blend of the non-vegetarian menu. The Konkani cuisine has a strong influence on the non-vegetarian food in this state.

  • Appetizers or starters: You start the course with Batata vada pav, which is one of the most popular Marathi cuisines. Vada comprises some spices and potato deep fried in oil. You serve it with bread or pav. Next, you have Bhaji. Marathis prefer it very much. Onion, potato and green chilly is deep fried and coated with chickpeas flour or besan. It just works great. Then you have Dabeli, which is popular in both Maharashtra and Gujarat. Another lip-smacking street food, it’s made of mashed potatoes, plenty of spices, bread, farsan or sev, mint or green pudina, raw chopped onion, sweet dates, chutney and jaggery chutney. The last starter will soup. The best options are mushroom, mix vegetable, and tomato soup.
  • The main course: The main food in Marathi matrimony starts with the quintessential puri sabzi. It’s very popular across different locations of the country. The flour comprises flat fried stuff. You serve it with tasty potato sabji. It is very yummy. Then you have spicy vegetables. It includes Bhindi (ladies finger), aloo (potatoes), Phool gobi (cauliflower), mushroom, baby corn, palaak or spinach are some of the most favorite vegetables. Guests may also prefer kadhi pakoda, vegetable kofta, Hyderabadi veggies, navratan korma and the likes. Then you have Daal. It’s a must item in every Marathi wedding food list. Daal tadka or dal fry is really delicious. Many people also prefer moon daal accompanies by spices, dal bati, Gujarati kadhi or sambar too.
  • The other part of the main course: You have paneer items up next. Paneer is cottage cheese, which is a must-have in vegetarian food platter. You have a plethora of paneer dishes like paneer masala, kadhai paneer, paneer butter masala, sweet paneer curry, shahi paneer, paneer bhurjee and so on. You can pick at least two items.
  • Rice and roti: Rice is imperative for Marathi wedding food menu. The options are aplenty too. You have masala rice, pulao, onion fried rice, jeera rice, peas rice, biriyani etc.

Roti is also another must-have for the menu. There are multiple varieties as well. Up next you have kokum sharbat and soda water as beverages, followed by awesome desserts.

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Pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner

The wedding market is one of the biggest growing businesses in the world today. Gone are the days when people use to compromise on finances when it came to weddings. The present day generation is ready to do all that it takes to make their wedding day the most memorable day of their lives. For the same, there is a latest trend that is taking over the matrimonial market, which is the idea of hiring a wedding planner. Wedding planners are mainly people who have the expertise of arranging the whole event and all the celebrations and functions that place in the wedding. They know the people who need to be contacted in order to make the whole event memorable and smooth.

nri wedding 2
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However, while hiring a wedding planner is actually a good idea, it has its own drawbacks as well. Let us now see the pros and cons of hiring a professional wedding planner:


  • You become relaxed: when you hire a professional wedding planner to take care of the whole event, you become mentally and physically relaxed. With him or her at the job, you just need to sit back and enjoy the whole festive atmosphere around you, surrounded by your loved ones.
  • You get more time: with no wedding hustle bustle to take care of, you can easily end up with a lot of time at your hand. This time you can spend catching up on your beauty sleep, getting pampered or with your family and friends.
  • More cost effective planning: a wedding planner is a professional who knows his or her job well. They can help make your event much more memorable in a cost effective way. They have resources and novel ideas, which help in better event management, even if you opt to do it yourself.
  • They handle people you don’t want to: being a wedding planner, it is their job to know people who do the planning work at the grass root level. These people may include caterers, decorators, tent people, band walas, mehendi artists, etc. while a wedding cannot be imagined without these people, you might end up facing problems while bargaining and settling finances with them. However, your wedding planner on the other hand does this as a day to day job, and can get you a good deal in no time.


  • You lose control: some wedding planners turn out to be tough cookies and want to get things done their own way. They pay no heed to your opinions and ideas, hence making you lose control of you own wedding.
  • A costly affair: hiring a wedding planner brings you the additional expense of paying him or her as well. Hence, you not only end up spending money of the wedding arrangements, but paying the wedding planner over the top as well.
  • No personal touch: a wedding planned by a professional planner will surely lack your personal touch, which you may repent later.

While hiring a wedding planner will surely ease you up, it will have it’s cons as well. So think well before deciding. All the best!

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5 Reasons to Avoid Finding a Life Partner on Facebook

The present age is the age of technology where everything can be found at the click of a button. Friends and relationships too are no exception. Long gone are the days when one needed to muster confidence in order to speak to someone and express themselves. The same can be done by making them a friend on ever popular websites like Facebook. Facebook as a site needs no introduction. Based in California, U.S.A., this site was launched by Mark Zukerberg in February 2004. Since then, it has grown to be the most popular social networking site worldwide. It is by far, the most raging phenomenon to have engulfed people of all age groups with its charm all across the world. It is an ideal platform to make new friends and get in contact with old ones.

Off late, a new trend has started going across the net, and that is people trying to find love and their soul mates on Facebook. This, however, is wrong in it’s very foundation only. While it cannot be denied that there are many success stories of finding true love on FB, there is also a possibility that you might end up in a trap. One often comes across stories of F love, where people had to pay for it dearly. While friendship is an acceptable norm, shadi is one thing that should never be pursued on facebook. Here we have 5 reasons as to why one should avoid finding a partner on facebook:

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  1. It is not a match-making site: before trying to find a match on FB, one needs to get this very clearly that facebook is a social networking site, not a matrimonial or dating one. Hence, it is designed in a way to meet and make friends, not life partners. Hence, using facebook as a match-making site is not a very good idea.
  2. It is not people specific: Unlike other match making sites, Facebook does not have a target customer base. All kinds of people from different parts of the world make profiles of facebook. It is not necessary that the relationship that you develop with a person on the other end is long lasting or a serious one, and can definitely leave you heart-broken later.
  3. Chances of getting dumped are high: As we all know that facebook does not work as a matrimonial or dating site. Hence, even if you think you have found your soul mate on the same, you can never be assured of a lifelong commitment. Chances are high that your beau is just considering you a casual fling and might end up dumping you later.
  4. Has no specific privacy settings: Unlike matrimonial sites, where you can keep you profile picture password protected, the profile pictures on Facebook are public by default. Hence, it can never match up to the privacy settings of match making sites.
  5. You can run into frauds: since making a profile o facebook is easy and needs less scrutiny, there maybe chances of frauds making fake accounts on it. Such people may exploit you emotionally as well as financially and dupe you later.

While there is nothing wrong in making new friends and interacting with new people, one needs to be very careful when it comes to making relations. May you find your loved one soon !

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Things One Should Never Tell His or Her Life Partner

Marriage is a lifelong commitment. Once married, you can never look back and repent the things you did in the past. No if’s and no but’s work once a married relationship starts turning sour. Many a times, we keep thinking that what wrong did we do to deserve all this? Well, the answer may not be that farfetched. It actually lies in where it all began, i.e., your courtship. Courtship is that magical and lovely time, when you bond with your would-be life partner after getting engaged. With the blessings of your parents by your side, you feel a stage of euphoria, where all seems red and rosy. Every time that you meet your would-be life partner, you feel on top of the world. There is an emotional connect between you, that can just  not be described in as many words. However, there are chances that one might get carried away with emotions and end up saying things, which may jeopardise your shadi and a happy married life that you both dream to lead. So to avoid any such situation, we have here a list of things that you should never tell your would-be life partner:

  • Details of your past relationships: there is nothing wrong in telling your life partner about your past relationships, but only if they are comfortable with it. There is no point is discussing the past and divulging details of the same to your would-be, with whom you have decided to settle down and have a future. Moreover, never ever commit the mistake of comparing your present partner with your ex flame, as this will surely become a bone of contention between you two in the future.
  • Comparing families, especially parents: Everyone has a different set-up and different way of running a house. Do not ever make the mistake of comparing your family with that of your would be. Moreover, don’t discuss private family issues , just to keep the conversation going. Though the reaction for the same might not come up just then, it will very well impact your fiancé mentally and sow the seeds of unrest in his or her mind.
  • Talking finances all the time: though you both are meant to lead a life together, this certainly does not give you the licence to pressurise your fiancé financially. Never pressurise your fiancé into telling his or her financial details, if they are not telling you willingly. Moreover, don’t make your better half spend way too much on you so that he or she comes in a tight spot later.
  • Demean them in any way: if your fiancé gets you something or does something special for you, be gracious and appreciate their effort. Even if you are not too overwhelmed by their effort or dislike what they give you, be gracious enough to accept. There is no point in demeaning them for their effort as it will surely lead to sourness once you take the leap.

With these points in mind, you are sure to have a smooth future ahead. Make sure to remember that not all things are to be told if you want to have a happy life ahead. All the best!

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Things One Should Always Tell His or Her Life Partner

Nothing can match the feeling of being in love. A warm fuzzy assurance that surrounds you and ensures you that there is someone, who will always standby them no matter what. This feeling of being in love gets doubled the moment you get formally engaged to be married to your soul-mate. Every day and every night is spent dreaming of the happy married life and the future you are likely to lead with your fiancé. The late night conversations and the early morning sweet-nothings make your courtship period the best and the most memorable time before shadi. However, there are certain things, which may add more spice to your already sizzling relationship. So here we have a list of things that you should always tell your would-be life partner, which may set the very basis of your married life ahead:

  • What they mean to you: make sure to tell your would-be life partner his or her importance in your life. Make sure to make them feel special by telling them how important a part they are of your life and how, your life would be boring if they were not a part of it. This sweet gesture will assure your partner from the beginning and will help form a strong base of your relationship.
  • Your expectation from the relationship: a good courtship period is a golden opportunity that you have at hand to know your would-be partner better and vice versa. Make sure to discuss with them the kind of expectations that you hold from your relationship. Make them know how the both of you, together, will take on life and things that come along with it, hand in hand.
  • Your career plans: While love may seem to be a solution to all your problems at this stage, the fact of the matter still remains that you need financial stability to lead a dream life with your partner. Since you would-be is going to spend the rest of his or her life with you, make sure to discuss your career plans with him or her. It will help you both to plan out your future in a better way.
  • Your family set-up: In India, one does not only marry an individual, but adopt his or her family as well. Hence, it is very important to tell your fiancé about your family set-up and the importance of your family to you before you get married. This will in turn prepare your partner to adapt and adjust easily to your family, which will be very beneficial in the long run.

Make sure to tell and discuss these given suggestions with your would-be life partner before taking the plunge. Though they might seem minor as of now, they will surely play a major role in shaping up your married life and future together. So make sure to talk your heart out to your partner before you plan to get married and spend the life together. All the best!

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Dating Sites Are No Threat To Matrimonial Portals: The Essential Difference Between The Two

All humans have a basic tendency to look out for love. People all over the world are looking around to find an ideal partner for themselves. However, the need for all may be slightly different from each other. While there are some who are looking for long term relationships like marriage, on the other hand, there are others who are just looking out for spend quality time with a person who matches their interests and create memories for life.

When we look into the relationship statistics on the whole, we often come across these two different kinds of people. Deeming one to be morally correct and the other to be incorrect would totally be a wrong practice.  Hence, keeping the needs of both in mind, people have recently come up with two different kind of sites and portals, namely dating sites and matrimonial sites.  However, since these kinds of sites are relatively new in India, there are a lot of myths associated with the same. One of the biggest myth in this regard is that dating sites are a threat to matrimonial ones and that, they can end up ruining the sanctity of marriage. This is as far from the truth as possible. The truth is that both kinds of sites are totally different from each other, each meant for a different sect of people. Let us try and analyze the main differences between both:

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Dating sites and their purpose:

When we talk about dating sites in particular, they are mainly aimed at dating for casual purpose only. The main reasons behind creating such sites are as follows:

  • Dating sites are only meant for people who want to meet and date new people.
  • People registered on these sites are not looking for long term relationships.
  • During the initial phase, the relationship shared by the individuals involved is often non-committed. However, if the two individuals involved click with each other, it might just lead to a committed relationship.
  • No family involvement is there in these sites
  • Such sites are designed only for casual meet and eat purpose.
  • The profiles are not thoroughly scrutinized before being uploaded on sites.

Matrimonial sites and their purpose:

Matrimonial sites are considered to be one of the most popular sites amongst Indians. As arranged marriages are still more popular in comparison to their love counterparts in India, these sites act like hot cakes for families seeking a good match for their loved one. There are as many as 1500 matrimonial sites in India alone. The purpose for creating such sites is as follows:

  • These sites are mainly made for people wanting to get married.
  • Here, matches are found for long term relationships, unlike casual dating.
  • The people here are looking for a partner, who seems ideal for them and adjust well into their family set up.
  • There is lot of family involvement in the same. In fact, many a times the profiles are made by the families rather than the person in question.

As the whole purpose behind dating and matrimonial sites is different, hence neither should be considered a threat to the other. So go ahead and look for a partner, as per your liking.

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