Jewelery essentials for a working Brahmin woman after marriage

Working women these days are given so much awareness to the jewelry essentials that they have started incorporating those jewelry essentials designs in Indian wedding too. They seem to prefer western jewelry essentials for the wedding ruling out the traditional wear.

Brahmin matrimony jewelry has become one of the most important things to have. It is very important when it comes to special occasions like weddings and other auspicious occasions. Wedding rings, engagement rings are all very important and so it is very important to rely on the most reliable store for buying Jewellery and diamond or gold products. It is not just about the store having the products, but it actually is that such reliable stores provide certified Jewellery which are best in class and quality and which is very important.


brahmin bride with jwelery


There is a trend of online stores that’s standing ahead among all other stores. With the variety of products and services online stores have and services catering to different product requirements and requirements of the customers, these stores are one of the most trusted and reliable places of shopping. Being a customer, that what you are looking for. You can find all types and kinds of products and some services which are very unique and very useful. It is very important to rely on best of Jewellery essentials for a working Brahmin woman after marriage.

Jewelry store and manufacturing

There are all kinds of Jewellery they have in online store. No matter what the requirement is, the Jewellery store has it all to fulfill your requirements with lots and lots of products in the Jewellery bank. Be it gold, platinum or diamond, one can rely on us for everything. Diamonds are something that they specialize in.

The Brahmin matrimony diamond products they have are of highest quality and are internationally certified as well. So, the loose diamonds they provide are all certified diamonds. They even provide wedding and engagement rings for special occasions. Online services are not just limited to having all the Jewellery and providing those to online customers. They also specialize in manufacturing Jewellery for someone who comes to us asking for that. You can even get your old Jewellery which is not being used and give that to us to remake the Jewellery. Yes, they also manufacture Jewellery along with providing high-quality Jewellery to online customers. The manufactured Jewellery also has the same quality and class.

While the quality and class are some parameters that should be considered, there is something else which matters and comes to the minds of customers is the price. Keeping that in view, they provide best quality products, no matter what that may be at reasonable rates and rates which are lower than all other stores though they do not provide high-quality products like they do. Wedding rings like diamond rings For Brahmins and other Jewellery are available and can be easily availed in no time. Being in this domain for years now has made us aware of the requirements of online customers and they know exactly what they are looking for.

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When you become Brahmin housewife- Merits and demerits.

When you decide to become a Brahmin housewife, there are many merits and obviously a set of demerits as well.

Brahmin is that caste that comes and stands at the highest of the ranking of all the Hindu castes and also, there are many things that are associated with Brahmins, Hinduism, and marriages. Marriages in Brahmin households are considered to be the most vital thing that happens in one’s life. The families choose the bride very carefully. It is believed by the families that the responsibilities of the generations and the ancestral roles, too, rest with the choice of bride.


Indian Wedding Jweller


The standards of the Brahmin matrimony bride are too high, coming with a set of merits and little of demerits as well. Well, everything has positive and negative, right? Here’s the list of the positive points that comes with the tag of ‘Brahmin housewife’-

  1. Brahmin housewife enjoys the best of dignity and respect in the house and family. The pure Brahmin households prefer their housewives to be groomed and perfectly dressed all the time, giving them utmost importance.
  2. The dishes- The Brahmin households are very much famous for the variety of vegetarian dishes they make. Even though the choice of dishes varies and evens the obsession too. But in general, the families give the bridegroom enough space to experiment a lot in the kitchen.
  3. In a typically strict Brahmin matrimony household, the housewives, and later mothers have the entire role to play in their child’s development, choice of education/dressing/upbringing and almost everything. Unlike many of other castes, mothers in Brahmin community have a different level of dignity. This is seen as the merit of being a Brahmin housewife.
  4. Brahmin housewives are spiritually and socially alert and active. They tend to have a lot of knowledge about their own selves, spiritually and physically. They tend to lead a strict, yet a pleasant life.

But, there are also demerits of being a Brahmin housewife-

  1. There are certain beliefs that few Brahmin women do not find suitable with the changing times. Many of the strict Brahmin households do not allow their housewives to work. They tend to believe that women are supposed to take care of spiritual, social and the rituals of the households, and not to go out and work.
  2. In the majority of the households, men are seen a little superior to women. Hence, the households prefer women who are a little less educated than the man counterpart. This might be the drawback, as the inferior- superior game is sometimes present in the household. Not all the households, but the majority of them do hold this.
  3. The Brahmin culture comes with a lot of rituals, fasts, and programs. The fasts happen almost every week in the majority of the households. Being the Brahmin wife, it is inevitable for the woman and hence she has to abide by all the strict rules of this culture, whether or not she likes it and whether or not they suit with the changing times.

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When a Brahmin girl decides to keep working after marriage-

Brahmin women have been considered to be highly intellectual and hard working, nevertheless, not just the caste that matters, but their thinking level is believed to be rather high. Other than the high-end intellectual level, Brahmin women are believed to be punctual and give their 100 percent when in work. In the current generation, working and owning a job is quite common, irrespective of what caste they belong to. But being a Brahmin girl, there are a different set of merits and demerits.


Brahmin Bride


The merits of working even after marriage are many that are given below-

  1. Owing to the intellectual level- Being from the open, and being a married Brahmin woman, the way and the level of the working of the brain of women are high, they believe. And also, Brahmin women, after Brahmin matrimony becomes responsible towards work and their responsibilities.
  2. The Brahmin matrimony society- No matter how digitized the world is, and how much the technology has developed, In India caste still matters. Being from the Brahmin background and a housewife only earns you a lot of respect in the workplace. There’s a lot of dignity associated with it.
  3. In some households, the support from the husband would be intense in the case of working outside.

There are certain demerits as well, these are listed below-

  1. The Brahmin culture doesn’t allow the women of the family to go out and work. It has been the common practice and the common belief that has been continuing since ages and years altogether. Women are supposed to look after the spiritual and ritual roles.
  2. For Brahmin wives, there’s an immense amount of responsibility that rests with them to bring up their children, to keep up the rituals of the Brahmins and to pull up the spiritual level of the family as well. So obviously, for the women belonging to this caste, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage work-family- beliefs balance.
  3. The society always has a say in the functioning of the woman’s life, in India. Women don’t really get the freedom to work after getting married because the society believes that women are supposed to take care of the family, their children and their marital life. Also, the kids don’t get the entire privilege of the parenting when the Brahmin, too, works. Kids inculcate a lot from their mothers in the Brahmin household. More than the men, women are supposed to have a deeper understanding of spiritual level. Hence, children of Brahmin families rely a lot on their mothers and learn a lot from them.
  4. Brahmin culture and background is immensely positive that gives out positive and spiritual vibes all around. Also, Brahmin women are more into the rituals and they tend to miss out on that when they happen to work too. It is increasingly difficult for them. Hence, in the later years of their lives, they don’t have much to pass on to the younger generations. Even this turns out to be a bit of disadvantage.

Working after marriage or not, is solely the decision of the duo- husband and wife and the families. In the changing times, society doesn’t always play a role. But it’s all dependent on the place and the kind of job that is involved.

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Hairstyle Ideas for a Brahmin Bride with Short Hair

Wedding is a very special and memorial day for the bride and bridegroom. It makes them enter into a new phase of their life. As wedding day starts coming closer, the bride and the bridegroom gets involved in lots of preparations regarding their wedding dresses, accessories, make up, hairstyle, etc. If you are a Brahmin bride belong to Brahmin Matrimony, you must be wondering which hairstyle you should put on to look gorgeous on your wedding day. But you should remember that it is not just a wedding day but so many more functions also for which you have to prepare yourself.


Short hair brahmin bride


In the movies and fashion shows, you must have seen actresses and models wearing stylish outfits and keeping gorgeous hairstyles. You must be craving to put on such a hairstyle in your wedding functions. But being a Brahmin bride you have to wear traditional wedding outfit on your wedding day so you should try hairstyles that will make you look stylish as well as traditional. If you have short hair, you should try hairstyle ideas that are given below-

  • Elaborate curls– Brahmin brides with short hair mostly like to have this hairstyle. It is the simplest style for bridal hairdo. You just have to make your hair curly and blow dry them. After this just slightly comb your hair. Give a partition for hair in the middle of your head to wear maang teeka which is usually worn by Brahmin brides. Styling your hair in this way would not take much time of yours and you can give time to other preparations as well.
  • Right side hairdo– This is an amazing hairstyle for Brides with short hair. You should opt for this hairstyle as it is really very simple to make. You just have to comb your hair and set all your hair right side of your head. You can do this with the help of hair pins and comb. Then put on a flower on right side of your head over your hair. Set up the flower using hair pins so that it will not fall down. Brides at Brahmin Matrimony just love to keep this hairstyle.
  • Puff on top– This is a very beautiful and easy hairstyle for brides with short hair. You just have to make a fine and fluffy puff on your head top using few hair pins. Avoid using vibrant colored hair pins as they will be more visible and then it will look bad. You can make this hairstyle more gorgeous by adding a crown or tiara over your puff.

Now you know how to style up your short hair for your bridal look. You can easily put on any of the hairstyles that are mentioned above. But don’t forget to keep hair clips and hair pins with you while making these hairstyles as you will need them in all these hairstyles. These hairstyles will make you look stunning and beautiful in all your wedding functions. Everyone will appreciate you for your unique hairstyle.

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Hairstyle Ideas for a Brahmin Bride with Long Hair

Among Brahmins, the brides are decorated in a traditional way. They have to wear a kanjeevaram saree on their wedding day. Kanjeevaram saree provides a gorgeous look to Brahmin brides. To add some more charm to your physical appearance, you should put on a stunning hair style. At your wedding, there will be so many people who will see you as you are the bride and hence you will be the center of attraction on your wedding day. You have to choose your hairstyle wisely as it will affect your whole physical appearance on your wedding day.

Brides at Brahmin Matrimony usually find it hard to put on a good hairstyle without the help of hairstylist. It is because they mostly choose very tough hairstyles. Fortunately, nowadays stylists have introduced lots of trendy and beautiful hairstyles for Brahmin brides with long hair. Some of these trendy hairstyles are given below


on rose patels


  • Long decorated plait– Usually brides at Brahmin Matrimony prefer long decorated plait as their wedding hairstyle. This is the most common Brahmin bridal hairstyle. A long decorated plait gives Brahmin brides a traditional yet gorgeous look. This hairstyle is quite simple. You just have to make your hair plaited and then decorated them with beautifully patterned beads, flowers or anything that can make it more gorgeous. Brahmins call this hairstyle “Poola Jada” which means plait made up of flowers.
  • Decorated fluffy bun – Brahmin brides find this hairstyle most comfortable to put on. You should also try this one. You just have to comb your hair properly and then make a bun with all your hair. Keep your bun fluffy and decorate it with flowers or beads. You can also decorate it with gold plated hair clips as they will go well with your Kanjeevaram saree.
  • Fusion style– If you want to look traditional and stylish both on your wedding day, you should try out fusion hairstyle. On one side of your head, you just have to make a low chignon or a braided bun. Wear a traditional and beautiful head gear. Team it up with the statement earrings to have a gorgeous look. This hairstyle is suitable with traditional style lehenga or saree.

Silky long hairs are the most precious thing for a girl. You can put on any type of hairstyle whether it is trendy or traditional. If you are going to wear a traditional style kanjeevaram saree on your wedding, then you can opt for hairstyles like decorated fluffy bun or long decorated plaited hair. On the other hand, if your wedding dress is a lehenga then you can try out fusion style for a hairdo. You have to look stunning in all your wedding functions and ceremonies. You will have to wear different dresses on each ceremony. You should try a different bridal hairstyle for each wedding function so that you will look unique in every function and you can amaze everyone. Be ready for your wedding in a style that suits you and makes you look more stunning.

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Ideas to Decorate a Stage for a Brahmin Wedding

Marriage is without a shadow of a doubt the most essential thing in human life. In Hindu religion, it is treated as one of the most divine relations. But there has been a subtle shift in the way today’s youth is going towards the marriage. Most of the youngsters these days opt for the matrimony websites to search for their ideal partner. There are many a Brahmin matrimony websites that are there to help you find a suitable partner from your own caste and community. But it is equally important for you to make your marriage ceremony special and one of the most important prospects is the stage decoration.


brahmin wedding stage


There are many smart and innovative stage decoration ideas that you can opt for to make your marriage ceremony special. There are various smart ideas that you can get to implement to make the stage for a Brahmin wedding look classier. To help you further on this aspect, here are some of the best in class stage decoration ideas for a Brahmin wedding:

Floral decoration:

If you love to keep it simple and graceful, then this one might be the best possible option that you have in your hand. With a variety of flowers that are easily available across India, you can make the stage look classy and make everyone applaud it.

The best choice is to get the red roses that are supported by white lily and the marigold but in case there is a scarcity of red roses any other red colored flower will also get the job done. Flowers are also treated as pure and divine by the Brahmins and thus going for this type of decoration will definitely make the setting perfect. But this type of decoration will work only in the daytime weddings as you will get to add the lighting decoration when you are looking to get married at night.

Floral decoration combined with classy lighting:
this is another very good option that will work great for your stage and make your wedding photographs way better. You must make sure that you are not adding too much of extravagant lighting on the stage as it will ruin the graceful look of the flowers.

White light will be the best option which is partnered by some beautiful red roses to make the settings perfect for your wedding. You can also make use of handmade flowers in case no natural flowers are available at your location. You can also make use of some vintage style bulbs to add a special touch to the stage and make it look lovable.

Golden and white drapes:

This is yet another simple but elegant style of decoration which will make it a perfect setting for your wedding ceremony. The best thing with this style of decoration is that it will not cost heavy on your pockets.

But before thinking about the stage decoration, you need to find an ideal partner for yourself and Brahmin matrimony websites will do the job for you in such cases.

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Tips For The Groom To Shop For A Brahmin Wedding

Indian weddings are a special affair that is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur. Each region has its own unique traditions and customs that are followed during the ceremony. However, for a wedding to be a complete one, many items are required that play a significant role during the ceremony. Of the diverse caste types in India, Brahmin is revered to be the most important ones. Although every Indian wedding has certain special notions, yet there are some minor differences. The Brahmin wedding has many rituals that need to be followed.


Following are the tips that a groom needs to follow for a complete shopping expedition of his Brahmin wedding:

  • The right attire: In a Brahmin Wedding a lot depends on the right attire. The groom needs to wear a cream colored dhoti with a cream colored Uttar Ilya. Once he reaches the bride’s venue he will be required to change the dress he came wearing and wear the dhoti, ganja and Uttar Ilya provide from the bride’s side. Many modern guys nowadays opt for colored dhotis and uttariya. Ideally, the groom should wear cream colored ones. you will get the attire from the shops that sell wedding apparels. Tell them that you are opting for Brahmin matrimony and they will provide you with the right set of clothes.
  • Headgear: In the Brahmin wedding, the groom needs to wear a headgear known as the “topor”. Made out of thermocal, this headgear comes I different styles and designs. While purchasing this headwear, wear it once to make sure that it fits your head properly.
  • Betel nut and betel leaf: In any wedding, the betel nut and betel leaf play a significant role. These items are considered to be auspicious. For your Brahmin matrimony to be complete you need these two items. You can buy it fresh from any vendor that deals in them on the wedding day itself. Ideally, these items have to be fresh as they will be used for an auspicious reason.
  • “Dashwakarma” items: You need to purchase some “dashwakarma” items like brass utensils comprising of plate, glass, bowl, spherical water pot. You also need to buy “sindoor” and mustard oil too.
  • Spare coins: Collect several coins because during the wedding spare coins are required for the different rituals involved.

Once you consider all the factors mentioned above, you will be better prepared to buy the things that are required for Brahmin wedding. Before you go for the shopping, make a list of the all the things that you need to buy. This way you will not lose out on anything that is required during the wedding. The day, your wedding date gets fixed, start making the list. Don’t keep it as a last minute buying decision. There are high chances that you will forget to buy one thing or the other. In order to avoid any last minute rush and confusion, it is ideal that you do all the necessary buying with ample time in your hand. Go ahead and start making the list today.

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The Best Wedding Planning For Brahmin Matrimony

There are so many things that you have to keep in mind while arranging a marriage that things might just slip out of your mind at the last minute. Ideally, the planning must begin in advance which will help you avoid the last minute rush. Whether it is the traditional aspects that are to be preserved or the inclusion of modern elements, Brahmin matrimony is a thing to remember. Try to figure out people that can help you arrange the wedding in the way you want no matter if it is someone from the family or outside it.  You have to prepare a list of the needs and wants that you have in mind and take a look at the funds to make plans without going haywire.

  • Knowing the budget: One of the most important things to have in mind is the budget for the wedding. Whether you have sufficient funds or less than what you must have for the wedding, it is necessary to play the cards right. For instance, you can spend more money on the areas you think is important and curb the cost in the areas that are among the least priorities in the wedding.
  • Avoid the rush: A lot of people leave the wedding plans for last minute and end up in a sheer mess. When it comes to effective plans in traditional Brahmin weddings, you have to make a plan and track the changes in it often which functions like a blueprint and remember to keep it in writing so that the original plan and the changes that you have made in it do not slip off your mind.
  • Choosing the venue: This is undoubtedly one of the most important tasks for planning a wedding. To begin with, you have to decide whether you want to have a lavish affair or keep it simple. Whatever it may be, you have to make the bookings as early as possible to negotiate the charges and get a place that suits your requirements. You will need a lot of space for the rituals of the wedding in Brahmin matrimony as the people of this community believe in conventional approaches.
  • Choosing the caterer: Food is the most inevitable thing in a wedding and people and it is here that you can include all the surprising elements. Vegetarian food is a must in a Brahmin wedding and you have to try to create variations in different dishes that you plan to serve. For making the food truly delectable, choosing the right caterer can help.
  • Discussing the plans: While you must not miss the opportunity to spend time with your fiancé, make sure that you do not leave out any aspect of the planning. However, the families of the bride and groom must meet frequently to accomplish the plans in the real sense.
  • Organizing the plans: While sorting the wedding plans, it is necessary to keep everything in an organized manner. Planning signifies that you need to handle every part of the planning in a professional manner.

Planning is one of the most intriguing aspects of a wedding and helps you make the best decisions. However, it is necessary to implement the plan to make the wedding truly successful.

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