Bridal Style Tips From The New Bride, Urmila Matondkar

Jewelry has been used as a piece of adornment for many years in India. Perhaps, it is the oldest form of adornment used by women. In olden days, gold and silver jewelry was worn by not just women but also men. Bridal jewelry has to be very exquisite and the making of traditional jewelry designs for brides to be adorned on their wedding ceremonies. is an online matrimonial portal where one can search for potential brides/grooms online.

Urmila Matondkar is a Bollywood actress who has appeared in various movies during the 90’s in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam etc. Urmila Matondkar tied the knot with her long-term beau who is a Kashmiri businessman and model named Mohsin Akhtar Mir. We are going to discuss some excerpts on her stunning bridal look that was quite elegant and traditional.The actress wore a gorgeous red embroidered lehenga which was designed by Manish Malhotra. She paired up the red lehenga with traditional green bangles that is a custom of Maharashtrian brides. The beautiful red legenha complemented well with the heavy jewelry that she had worn.

Brides to be can take inspiration from the new bride UrmilaMatandokar. Traditional wedding jewelry always complements well with the red colored wedding attires. The heavy jewelry worn by Urmila includes a beautiful head piece also called as a MathaPathi and a lovely nose ring. It is made out of pure gold and is pearls studded. Also she wore a chunky piece of gold ring in her fingers, in both her hands.

Bridal Style Tips
Bridal Style Tips From UrmilaMatondkar

After her big day, she wore a beautiful white and gold gown for her reception. Blushing brides can wear red for their main day of wedding as red is the most traditional bridal color worn by brides of all faiths in India. The bridal red lehenga worn by Urmila Matondkar has been paired up nicely with a peach dupatta.

The way her dupatta has been nicely pinned up looks neat and classy. The style of pinning up the dupatta is elegant and looks quite clean. She has beautiful intricately designed mehndi in both her hands. The Mehndi design is also very traditional in nature, and is a representation of Indian Mehndi design.

Out of all the gorgeous set of jewelry, the most popular ones are the Indian bridal jewelry which is perfectly crafted for a bride to go well with the traditional Indian bridal attire. The colors used and the precious gems used are extra ordinary and complement the bridal appearance of the brides. The bridal appearance of a bride is incomplete without pairing up of complete beautiful jewelry.

As the saying goes, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It actually holds true for Urmila Matondkar’s bridal look during all of her wedding ceremonies. She looked every bit like a princess that she is, with her stunning attire to her grace, she nailed the bridal look effortlessly and with an added charm. She certainly knows how to incorporate the right make up with the right pair of accessories on a special occasion like that of a wedding.


Style cues from the Naina Bachchan Wedding

Bollywood sure does know how to celebrate weddings in style- be it the Saif Ali – Kareena wedding or Soha Ali Khan-Kunal Khemu wedding. The latest to join the bandwagon is Naina Bachchan and Kunal Kapoor, who had a private wedding at a breathtaking locale of Seychelles Islands and threw a grand reception in Delhi. We tell you all about the styles and trends seen at this big fat Indian wedding.

Designed by Rohit Bal, this wedding was surely a treat for the eyes. With the bride and the groom dressed to kill in their gorgeous Indian attires. Wedding couturier, Rohit Bal Luxury Weddings and Events joined hands with Pakistan-based, J & S Event Planners for this grand event.

Romantic Setup

The theme of the evening was wedding under the stars in a beautifully landscaped garden in Delhi. Bal went for an understated elegant look for the evening reception at the Delhi’s Amaanta Lawns quite different from the blingy and over the top look seen at most of the high profile weddings. The idea was to create a romantic appeal to suit the occasion. Hence, decadent shades like maroon, baroque were chosen with gold crockery. The entrance was adorned with candles to give a fairy tale feel to the wedding. The entrance looked magnificent with red rose petals, candles and long flowing white curtains. The dining area had ornate candle stands to give the perfect lighting needed for a romantic evening under the starts. The show stopper however, was the flaming kali motif that put the bar on fire.

Naina Bachchan Wedding
Naina Bachchan Wedding (PC:

To give it an Indian feel, a plethora of Indian flowers were used along with organic fabrics and materials, giving an aura of timeless romance and quiet elegance.

Wedding Attire

Both Kunal and Naina wanted something elegant yet stylish unlike the popular trend of bling and showy. Rohit Bal gave them the perfect ensemble. Kunal looked uber-stylish in a black bandhgala sherwani that was teamed up with a white churridar while the beautiful bride looked ravishing in a heavily-embellished maroon lehenga. She wore beautiful kundan jewelry to go along with the lehenga.

The Royal Bollywood Family

The Bacchan family was also dressed to perfection for the big day. The proud parents of the bride stuck to the subtle shades of white while the elder brother Amitabh Bachchan wore a classic black bandhgala with Jaya in contrast in a golden saree. The younger Bachchans Abhishek and Aishwarya looked stunning with Abhishek in a black suit and Aishwarya in a gorgeous red Anarkali.

This chic yet earthy semblance for the grand Bachchan shadi was a hit with one and all. Rohit Bal kept to his understated, graceful theme with a beautiful display of colours and lights spreading love and romance in the air.

Nigaar Khan Hitched

Nigaar Khan with husband Khayyam
Nigaar Khan with husband Khayyam

Gauahar Khan’s sister, television actress and Big Boss contestant, Nigaar Khan, recently got hitched with her long-time beau Khayyam Sheikh. Khayyam is a Pakistani national but is based in Dubai as a businessman, running his own business as well as working at a reputed position in a multi-national corporation. Nigaar and Khayyam have been in a long-term relationship since the past few years and finally decided to get married this year, immediately after the festive season of Eid.

Nigaar’s younger sister, actress, dancer and anchor – Gauahar Khan, shared the images from the lavish pre-wedding ceremonies held at Dubai and yes, every picture speak a thousand words about the grand Muslim matrimony affair held.

And just like any Indian wedding, this lovely wedding was preceded by a mehendi and a sangeet ceremony. These functions were held on the 22nd of July, 2015 and actress Gauhar Khan was in a constant sharing spree of the latest photo-updates of her sister’s wedding.

The nikaah, the wedding as it is known in Muslim matrimony traditions, was quiet an intimate affair; with the bride putting on traditional lehengas that was quite chic yet had that classic Indian ethnic touch of bling.

Nigaar Khan's bridal jewelry
Nigaar Khan’s bridal jewelry

For her mehendi ceremony, Nigaar had out on a beautiful yet subtle lehengas and went around with a nude make-up. For the accessories part, she adorned herself up with pretty floral jewellery tied like a tiara, necklace and bracelets. She had let her hair down loose and looked very much the beautiful Indian bride decking up towards her Nikaah whereas sister Gauhar complemented her older sibling by decking up in a beautiful mint lehenga designed by Astha Narang; very much looking the perfect Indian bridesmaid to her sister.

Bride's sister Gauahar Khan
Bride’s sister Gauahar Khan

Post wedding, Nigaar is supposed to move out of India and settle in Dubai with her husband. She glowed and basked all glories of the quintessential Indian bride on all her wedding ceremonies while sister Gauhar Khan shared the pictures on Instagram and Twitter as well.

Though the nikaah was a quiet and intimate family affair, with relatives, close friends and colleagues from the industry, attending the nikaah all over from India; it reported that Nigaar would be holding a grand reception party in Mumbai, in August, for all her friends in India.

Nigaar’s outfits were remained within the feminine colours of pink, peach, maroon and red and she looked gorgeous in every of her outfit.

Nigaar and Gauahar on Nigaar's mehendi
Nigaar and Gauahar on Nigaar’s mehendi

For her wedding day, Nigaar decked up amazingly in her dark red and golden beige outfit with intricate gold zari work- that looked so much Indian, yet was in its own way- quite subtle and trendy. With her stunning smoky dark eyes done in the Egyptian brush way, Nigaar looked all perfect for her D-day. Nigaar had put on tradition Indian nikaah accessories and at the same time, stuck to a minimal jewellery sporting that went in synchronisation with her gorgeous, sparkling nikaah dress. Her hair done up in a loose, 80s bun, adorned by dark red floral jewellery added to the wow factor simply! A pretty pearl and gold nose ring complemented by the hair tiara made her look complete and perfect for the wedding day.

Nigaar was basking in her wedding glory and happiness and excited about her plans for her new phase of life at Abu Dhabi with her husband Khayyam. And we wish her all happiness and joy! Happy Marriage Nigaar!

Symbolism and Significance of various Reddy Wedding Rituals

One of the most colorful and joyful affairs in the Reddy community are their extraordinary weddings. They are truly a sight to see for their grandeur and festivity is on a whole new level. Reddy weddings are huge celebrations that cherish the joining of two souls by bringing together family and friends. Authentic Reddy nuptials are still maintained by a lot of families who hold their traditions in high regard.

Since there are a lot of interesting rites that are a part of the nuptials, it would be wise to learn about what they symbolize enhancing the joy to be derived from them.

Honoring the Groom-to-be with a Vara Puja

Telugu Matrimonial

The girl’s father is involved with this ceremony in Telugu Matrimonial as it is one where he blesses and honors the groom-to-be. There is an elaborate pooja in which the father of the bride holds a flask of milk that he used to bathe the legs of the groom. They are then wiped with a silk cloth signifying the end of the ceremony.

The Main Wedding: Vivaaham

Once both families and guests have arrived at the venue of the nuptials, the ceremony then commences. Escorted by women carrying the changala vatta and ashtamangaliya, the bridegroom enters the venue. Nadaswarams are heard ringing with holy music as the sounds of a thayli commence, as the groom then awaits the family members of the bride. He has to stand on a piece of wood and be honored by his wife-to-be’s brother for he will bathe his feet and the female relatives will perform an aarti.

The Auspicious Time or Muhurtam

Once the muhurtam approaches, the bride faces the east and has her husband-to-be in front of her. He then puts a thali around her neck (it is the Telugu alternative to a mangalsutra) solidifying their marriage. Both Reddy families rejoice when the boy ties the golden ornament hanging from a yellow string around the bride’s neck.

The Age Old Kanyadaan

This ceremony includes the bride and her mother’s sister for the Reddy nuptials are incomplete without a kanyadaan. The bride dressed in her bridal finery is brought onto the stage by her aunt. With a powerful stress on holiness, most of the customs are carried out in the presence and under the guidance of a pandit or purohit. Akshata is a colourful custom for the bride and groom throw flower jaimalas around the other’s neck. Her parents then hand her over to the groom who is deemed to be as good as Lord Vishnu.

The Final Saptapadi

After the kanyadaan is the final phase of the nuptials that is the Saptapadi or saat pheras around the agni, as the purohit chants prayers from the Vedas. This is where the knot is finally tied with the bride’s pallu and the groom’s dhoti, signifying them being joined in marriage forever.

Attending guests spray the happy couple with rose petals, turmeric and grains of rice as Akshata. These are blessings signifying the end of the ceremonies and celebrating a successful union.

What makes a Shia Muslim Wedding so Special?

Most people from the non –Islamic community fail to observe the difference in dogmas between the Sunni and the Shia Muslims. While Muslims from both sects celebrate wedding ceremonies on an elaborate scale there are quite a few notable differences between the two.

The Shia Muslims form the minority group and share their most basic beliefs about religion and God with the Sunni Muslims. However there comes in some conspicuous differences as far as the solemnization of the marriage is concerned.

Here are a few beliefs and rituals of a Shia Muslim matrimonial that make it a truly unique one.


Muslim matrimonial

Shia Muslims, contrary to the Sunni Muslims believe in the temporary arrangement of marriage called “nikah al Mutah”. The bride and the groom enter into a nuptial agreement that is valid for a predetermined period of time. The couple is required to abide by this agreement and stay together after that time only by their own will. This is a major difference between the Shia and Sunni communities of Islam.


The celebrations start with the elders reciting Islamic songs as blessings for the bride and the groom. Music and dance are an important part during the Shia Muslim matrimonial.


Almost a week before the wedding, the bride is not allowed to step out of the house. Shia Muslims believe that this is the time for the bride to focus on her life and get her familial values right. The bride also starts on a beauty regime for the big day during this week.


Muslim matrimonial

The Mehendi ceremony is an evening filled with loads of fun and frolic. The bride and the groom with their respective families gather in the bride’s house and sing and dance away to glory. The hands and legs of the bride are beautifully decorated with “Mehendi” art and there are also some small fun-filled competitions between the two sides.

The Nikah

The nikah is the main ceremony where the bride and the groom sign the marriage contract. Unlike the Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims do not believe in presenting people as witnesses for signing of the contract. Shia Muslims believe that the institution of marriage is scared does not require the intervention of human.


Walima or the marriage feast plays a key role in Muslim marriages. While the Nikah may be a private affair with the gathering of only family and close friends, the Muslims believe that Walima is an external expression of appreciation and contentment and a grand means of publicising the marriage. Walima is offered before the consummation of the newly married couple.


Both Sunni and Shia Muslims are ardent believers of the Quran and incorporate the teachings of the holy book into their lives implicitly. As the couple leave the marriage hall, they are made to carry the Quran on their heads. This ritual implies the need to imbibe the goodness of the Islamic preaching into the new phase of their lives.

Shia Muslim weddings are light-hearted, grandiose and a lot of fun. The matrimony of the Shia Muslim couple happens amidst great music, good food and impeccable culture

How to be a Perfect Bride – Lessons from Oriya Bride, Priya Choudhury

Marriage is the time when a woman wishes to look and feel her best. A perfect bride shines through with elegance and charm. She needs to be well groomed, look poised and be well prepared to take on the most important journey of her life.

Priya Choudhury is a popular Oriya actress who chose to marry at a very young age and quit working in films. Her marriage to a Hyderabad based software engineer was one of the much talked about Oriya Matrimony of the year.

Here are a few key takeaways for every Oriya bride from the star studded wedding of Priya Choudhury.

Choosing the right colour

Colours play a key role in every wedding. Choosing the right colours to suit your complexion and skin type helps intensify your good looks. Priya has a very fair complexion and a flawless skin. Her choice of dresses starting from the deep red silk sari that she wore for the Kanyadan to the bright green and pink lehenga for the reception, the colours were a perfect choice. Brides with a dusky complexion can opt for lighter shades and pastel hues.

Dress to suit your body type

No matter if you decide to have a traditional wedding or take the more contemporary route, the choice of the bridal attire must be well suited to your body type. A perfect bride takes extra efforts in choosing the fabric, designing the pattern and draping of the pallu. While fabrics like velvet add more oomph to petite brides, georgette saris with large brocade prints are a perfect choice for brides with some extra pounds.

Bridal styling

Priya’s styling of hair and her make up where unblemished during all rituals. Whether it was the traditionally braided bun with the “tika” above her eyebrows or the curled locks with bright hues of blush, Priya gleamed like a gem. To-be-brides can experiment around a few looks and settle for the one that looks the most natural. The bridal look gets that final touch of finesse with the choice of jewellery. While heavy chunky jewellery adds to the dramatic look of a wedding, brides need to be cautious about not going over the board.

Complement your spouse

Your wedding day is about looking your best! Agreed! But how well do you complement the man standing next to you? Talk to your fiancé and plan your attire for the evening together.  While this is important to get the cohesive look right on the marriage platform, the process is also a lot of fun.

Keep the smile on!

Priya is said to have the best smile in the business. But keeping the smile on does not just work for Priya Choudhury but for every bride who wishes to look her perfect self on the big day!

Attention to details, a little extra effort to get a high score on perfection and being yourself is the secret mantra to emerge as a perfect bride.

6 Telugu Groom Etiquette Lessons we learnt from Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun’s wedding to Sneha Reddy on March 6th was a truly glamourous and fun-filled event. It saw some of the major South Indian stars like Chiranjeevi attend the function and highlighted Telugu weddings in a traditional yet modern way. Telugu weddings are full of fun, rituals and family togetherness which makes them a much awaited time for all families. Just like Allu Arjun Telugu grooms must follow certain etiquettes to ensure a smooth and wonderful wedding function.

Telugu Matrimony

  1. Pay attention to the Invitation Cards

Wedding invites are the first step towards your wedding as it formally announces the function and cordially invites all friends, family and work-colleagues to your wedding ceremony. Allu Arjun had designed an elegant cream and gold invite that was made especially in Delhi. Since Telugu Matrimony are culturally rich and traditionally vibrant, the invitation cards can follow suit and make a great impression to your guests before your big day. The grooms can add a touch of sweetness to the invite by adding chocolates in the invite, just like Allu Arjun.

  1. Make your Engagement memorable

The Nischithardham/Muhurtham is the formal engagement where both sides of the families meet and fix the date of the wedding. For Allu Arjun’s engagement, a wonderful family affair marks the celebration with some vibrant colours and lovely decorations. The groom must ensure that the families get together and enjoy the event.

  1. Dress as per the occasion

Telugu grooms have a number of options to dress for the various functions in their wedding. Some of the options include Kurta-Pyjama, Jodhpuri Suit and Western Suits. You can accessorize with safa – a turban with jewels, a lovely sehra and some elegant mojaris. White and gold are some of the most widely chosen colours for the groom’s wedding dress since they amplify the attire and create a fresh look. You will find Allu Arjun wearing a beautiful white Kurta-Pyjama with gold work in his wedding ceremony.

  1. Wear your smile

If you look at Allu Arjun and Sneha’s wedding photos, you will see a lot of big wide smiles on the groom’s face. Nothing you wear is as important as your smile. Telugu grooms must remember to always smile during the functions. This will make your guests feel welcome and it will also ensure some amazing photographs!

  1. Take blessings

On your big day, it is always nice to take blessings of elders. Actor Allu Arjun is the nephew of Chiranjeevi and he is seen touching the feet of many elders during his wedding pictures.

  1. Enjoy your wedding

Telugu groomsWith the tremendous planning and tiring lists to accomplish in a Telugu wedding, it is only natural for grooms to get tired and feel exhausted during the big day. However, you must remember that this is one of the biggest day of your lives and therefore, enjoy it to the fullest just like Allu Arjun has done in his wedding ceremonies.

Andhra Pradesh is known for the culture and heritage of Telugu weddings and the celebrity ceremony of Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy was no exception. All grooms can take some lively inspiration from this actor and make their wedding unforgettable as well!