Bridal Style Tips From The New Bride, Urmila Matondkar

Jewelry has been used as a piece of adornment for many years in India. Perhaps, it is the oldest form of adornment used by women. In olden days, gold and silver jewelry was worn by not just women but also men. Bridal jewelry has to be very exquisite and the making of traditional jewelry designs for brides to be adorned on their wedding ceremonies. is an online matrimonial portal where one can search for potential brides/grooms online.

Urmila Matondkar is a Bollywood actress who has appeared in various movies during the 90’s in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam etc. Urmila Matondkar tied the knot with her long-term beau who is a Kashmiri businessman and model named Mohsin Akhtar Mir. We are going to discuss some excerpts on her stunning bridal look that was quite elegant and traditional.The actress wore a gorgeous red embroidered lehenga which was designed by Manish Malhotra. She paired up the red lehenga with traditional green bangles that is a custom of Maharashtrian brides. The beautiful red legenha complemented well with the heavy jewelry that she had worn.

Brides to be can take inspiration from the new bride UrmilaMatandokar. Traditional wedding jewelry always complements well with the red colored wedding attires. The heavy jewelry worn by Urmila includes a beautiful head piece also called as a MathaPathi and a lovely nose ring. It is made out of pure gold and is pearls studded. Also she wore a chunky piece of gold ring in her fingers, in both her hands.

Bridal Style Tips
Bridal Style Tips From UrmilaMatondkar

After her big day, she wore a beautiful white and gold gown for her reception. Blushing brides can wear red for their main day of wedding as red is the most traditional bridal color worn by brides of all faiths in India. The bridal red lehenga worn by Urmila Matondkar has been paired up nicely with a peach dupatta.

The way her dupatta has been nicely pinned up looks neat and classy. The style of pinning up the dupatta is elegant and looks quite clean. She has beautiful intricately designed mehndi in both her hands. The Mehndi design is also very traditional in nature, and is a representation of Indian Mehndi design.

Out of all the gorgeous set of jewelry, the most popular ones are the Indian bridal jewelry which is perfectly crafted for a bride to go well with the traditional Indian bridal attire. The colors used and the precious gems used are extra ordinary and complement the bridal appearance of the brides. The bridal appearance of a bride is incomplete without pairing up of complete beautiful jewelry.

As the saying goes, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It actually holds true for Urmila Matondkar’s bridal look during all of her wedding ceremonies. She looked every bit like a princess that she is, with her stunning attire to her grace, she nailed the bridal look effortlessly and with an added charm. She certainly knows how to incorporate the right make up with the right pair of accessories on a special occasion like that of a wedding.


Styling Tips For Grooms From The Asin Rahul Wedding!

Oh my god! Love marriages look simply like a fairytale and one of this has happened few days back. It is Asin and Rahul Sharma’s wedding. They both looked so cute and happy together. Their wedding took place in 2 ways, one is Christian wedding and another is according to Hindu rituals. They both are well known in their respective industries. Rahul is a micromax CEO and Asin is a well known bollywood actress.

Their shadi turned out to be one of the most amazing fairytale that every girl dreams about. Rahul Sharma is one handsome guy and looked quite stunning on his wedding day. His style is well known among people and he loves to dress up. He lives a lavish lifestyle and gifted her wife a whooping 6 crore engagement ring. The ring he got designed by one of his friend that has 20 carat solitaire imported directly from Belgium.

This ring has Rahul and Asin (AR) monogram on it. Rahul has even got a private message engraved for Asin on the ring. This style of impressing a girl friend or fiancée is definitely very different. Men who are ready to get married should follow some footsteps from this handsome hunk. Would be groom can take some styling tips and ideas from the handsome Rahul Sharma. He surely knows how to woo a woman’s heart. This super expensive ring is in media mews from quite some time now. He looks superb in his daily life as well. Style is not only when you get dressed up in expensive clothes but style shows from your attitude as well.

Asin Rahul Wedding
Asin Rahul Wedding (PC:

How well you treat your girl and how you do all little things to make her happy. All these are the things that a groom to be should learn from Rahul Sharma. He is a very stylish man in all terms. It is always advisable for the groom should watch the style of suits Rahul wore at his wedding and reception and get inspired by him. He looked just amazing on his wedding day.

Shadi is the most sacred thing, so man and woman both should take care of what they are wearing and how they are going to do things. All planning is necessary. You can search on internet the latest pictures of the duo and get a suit designed in the same way. Marriage is a crazy affair so be crazy and enjoy each moment of your occasions.

Girls can get lehenga inspired by Asin and men can search various outfits online and take inspiration from what Rahul Sharma wore on his big day! Styling is very important for a groom as all eyes are on bride and groom in the wedding. They should look just perfect and their attires should be just wow! So be amazing be crazy and rock the party with your style and look.Always choose to be different and fantastic!

Some Ideas from the Suresh Raina and Priyanka Chaudhary Wedding

We all know that, Suresh Raina is a star batsman of Indian cricket team and Priyanka Chaudhary is his lady love. They both got married some months before. It is always interesting to know the wedding arrangements of important social personality as we all might know that they have included some stunning wedding arrangements. Even though if you refer Hindi Matrimony for getting wedding ideas, but you could only get some common ideas rather the ideas which might suit you.

If you really need such wedding ideas to execute for your wedding, you could refer internets or get some ideas from Suresh Raina and Priyanka Chaudhary wedding. In some of the Hindi Matrimony sites, you could able to get the information about the wedding tips what you are looking for. If not you get, no issues, I will explain you what Suresh Raina and Priyanka Chaudhary did for their wedding. Just read the article further to know about that,

Raina and Priyanka  Wedding

  • Simple Wedding Card – The reputed personality Suresh Raina has decided to be simple and elegant with his marriage card rather thought of getting a stunning one. His marriage card was a half white color printed with golden color fonts. And his wedding card explained the details like bride and groom’s name, wedding venue, timing and something very important rather stuffing more things in it. If the needed be, you could as well follow the simple card tip for your wedding as well. Since, nobody is going to keep your wedding card until their life time. So, it is not mandatory to go for grand wedding card by spending more money.
  • Wedding Outfits – Suresh Raina opted for a grandly designed golden color sherwani and the bride Priyanka Chaudhary opted for a lavishly crafted red color lehenga choli. In short, they both have opted for luxurious wedding outfits. I could not find anything wrong in that, the outfits are the only way to seize the attention of the people gathered for the wedding. So, it would be a wise choice to choose grand enough outfits as per your budget. Suresh Raina and Priyanka did the same as they have seized the focuses of everyone with their stunning appearance.
  • Wedding Menu – The wedding items of the Suresh Raina and Priyanka Chaudhary wedding are Kbabas, briyani, mutton briyani, galawatkababas and mutton korma. The wedding menus of the famous cricketer’s wedding were so delicious and juicy. Suresh Raina invited a crew of excellent cookers from TundayKbabas to make his wedding a luscious one. You might also try including the above said wedding menus in your wedding, if you have no problem in tasting non vegetarian.
  • Wedding Venue – Suresh Raina has opted Leela Palace, Delhi as his wedding destination just for the reason that, he has so many friends in that city. As like that, you could decide your wedding destination where you have more friends and relatives. By this, you can get help from them for getting done your wedding tasks rather doing it single handedly.

How to be a Perfect Bride – Lessons from Oriya Bride, Priya Choudhury

Marriage is the time when a woman wishes to look and feel her best. A perfect bride shines through with elegance and charm. She needs to be well groomed, look poised and be well prepared to take on the most important journey of her life.

Priya Choudhury is a popular Oriya actress who chose to marry at a very young age and quit working in films. Her marriage to a Hyderabad based software engineer was one of the much talked about Oriya Matrimony of the year.

Here are a few key takeaways for every Oriya bride from the star studded wedding of Priya Choudhury.

Choosing the right colour

Colours play a key role in every wedding. Choosing the right colours to suit your complexion and skin type helps intensify your good looks. Priya has a very fair complexion and a flawless skin. Her choice of dresses starting from the deep red silk sari that she wore for the Kanyadan to the bright green and pink lehenga for the reception, the colours were a perfect choice. Brides with a dusky complexion can opt for lighter shades and pastel hues.

Dress to suit your body type

No matter if you decide to have a traditional wedding or take the more contemporary route, the choice of the bridal attire must be well suited to your body type. A perfect bride takes extra efforts in choosing the fabric, designing the pattern and draping of the pallu. While fabrics like velvet add more oomph to petite brides, georgette saris with large brocade prints are a perfect choice for brides with some extra pounds.

Bridal styling

Priya’s styling of hair and her make up where unblemished during all rituals. Whether it was the traditionally braided bun with the “tika” above her eyebrows or the curled locks with bright hues of blush, Priya gleamed like a gem. To-be-brides can experiment around a few looks and settle for the one that looks the most natural. The bridal look gets that final touch of finesse with the choice of jewellery. While heavy chunky jewellery adds to the dramatic look of a wedding, brides need to be cautious about not going over the board.

Complement your spouse

Your wedding day is about looking your best! Agreed! But how well do you complement the man standing next to you? Talk to your fiancé and plan your attire for the evening together.  While this is important to get the cohesive look right on the marriage platform, the process is also a lot of fun.

Keep the smile on!

Priya is said to have the best smile in the business. But keeping the smile on does not just work for Priya Choudhury but for every bride who wishes to look her perfect self on the big day!

Attention to details, a little extra effort to get a high score on perfection and being yourself is the secret mantra to emerge as a perfect bride.

6 Telugu Groom Etiquette Lessons we learnt from Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun’s wedding to Sneha Reddy on March 6th was a truly glamourous and fun-filled event. It saw some of the major South Indian stars like Chiranjeevi attend the function and highlighted Telugu weddings in a traditional yet modern way. Telugu weddings are full of fun, rituals and family togetherness which makes them a much awaited time for all families. Just like Allu Arjun Telugu grooms must follow certain etiquettes to ensure a smooth and wonderful wedding function.

Telugu Matrimony

  1. Pay attention to the Invitation Cards

Wedding invites are the first step towards your wedding as it formally announces the function and cordially invites all friends, family and work-colleagues to your wedding ceremony. Allu Arjun had designed an elegant cream and gold invite that was made especially in Delhi. Since Telugu Matrimony are culturally rich and traditionally vibrant, the invitation cards can follow suit and make a great impression to your guests before your big day. The grooms can add a touch of sweetness to the invite by adding chocolates in the invite, just like Allu Arjun.

  1. Make your Engagement memorable

The Nischithardham/Muhurtham is the formal engagement where both sides of the families meet and fix the date of the wedding. For Allu Arjun’s engagement, a wonderful family affair marks the celebration with some vibrant colours and lovely decorations. The groom must ensure that the families get together and enjoy the event.

  1. Dress as per the occasion

Telugu grooms have a number of options to dress for the various functions in their wedding. Some of the options include Kurta-Pyjama, Jodhpuri Suit and Western Suits. You can accessorize with safa – a turban with jewels, a lovely sehra and some elegant mojaris. White and gold are some of the most widely chosen colours for the groom’s wedding dress since they amplify the attire and create a fresh look. You will find Allu Arjun wearing a beautiful white Kurta-Pyjama with gold work in his wedding ceremony.

  1. Wear your smile

If you look at Allu Arjun and Sneha’s wedding photos, you will see a lot of big wide smiles on the groom’s face. Nothing you wear is as important as your smile. Telugu grooms must remember to always smile during the functions. This will make your guests feel welcome and it will also ensure some amazing photographs!

  1. Take blessings

On your big day, it is always nice to take blessings of elders. Actor Allu Arjun is the nephew of Chiranjeevi and he is seen touching the feet of many elders during his wedding pictures.

  1. Enjoy your wedding

Telugu groomsWith the tremendous planning and tiring lists to accomplish in a Telugu wedding, it is only natural for grooms to get tired and feel exhausted during the big day. However, you must remember that this is one of the biggest day of your lives and therefore, enjoy it to the fullest just like Allu Arjun has done in his wedding ceremonies.

Andhra Pradesh is known for the culture and heritage of Telugu weddings and the celebrity ceremony of Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy was no exception. All grooms can take some lively inspiration from this actor and make their wedding unforgettable as well!