Diary of a Chennai Bride

When it is Chennai Matrimony, three words define it. These are traditions, rituals and emotions. The culture is Telugu and its weddings are known for their grandeur, fun and colors. The Typical Telugu wedding spans for a few days and brims with yards of culture and fun. Be it any marriage ceremony, the enthusiasm and participation of the family matters a lot and you can easily see that in a Telugu wedding. When you write or speak about the diary of a Chennai bride, you start off with the pre-wedding rituals, go to the wedding ones and then follow them into the post-wedding ones.


They make a complete story that’s so fascinating to see or hear of. There is a complete set of customs and rituals that are primarily focused on the bride.

  • Beginning with Muhurtham: The first pre-wedding set starts here. Surrounded by elders of both families and a priest, an auspicious date is picked after they measure all religious and astrological indices. Next in line, you have the haldi ceremony, more famously called Pendikoothuru. They smear the bride and groom with yellow turmeric paste or haldi. Then they both take a good oil bath aimed at purification. Both of them are presented with a new sari and brand new dhoti after this ritual.
  • Gauri puja: The typical Chennai Matrimony takes place after sunset. After making their way to the temple or mandap, the would-be missus is needed to perform a quick prayer. It’s called the Gauri puja.
  • As the bride walks through: After the pre-wedding fanfare and shivers and after all the rituals and craze have been shed, the maternal uncle of the bride escorts her to hall. She is escorted in a pallaku or a basket or she can also walk in with fantastically designed clothes and canopies. The stage is set for proceedings and is decked with upholstered flowers. They prettily twined.
  • Ritual of kanyadan: This is a very important part of the bridal story. The girl’s parents officially give their daughter to her husband. In Kanyadaan, the parents wash the feet of the groom and offer their daughter’s hands. The overwhelmed and obliging groom vows to love and respect in wife in return. This is the time when the bride makes a steady and final transformation. She was wearing a regular silk sari all this time. Now, she is carted off to the decked up dressing room where she dons her beautiful bridal sari. Majority of Chennai brides wear the red and white combination, which stands for strength and purity embedded into the sanctimony of holy matrimony.
  • Makeup of the bride: How can any bridal story be complete without mentioning the makeup? After the cleansing and corrector, they apply foundation depending on the skin tone. Mostly, they use dots of foundation powder all over the face, blending well with a corrector. Using a moist and clean makeup pad with minimal patting motion will give it a smooth base.

The next is Compaq and eye shadow. Of course, the floral part is absolutely necessary. The beads tied to the bun or locks define a bride in this beautiful culture.

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Get the Right Groom Look for the Chennai Wedding

Gone are the days when prospective grooms would be perturbed by limited styling options for their varied wedding ceremonies. As things turn out today, a groom has plenty of options as well to choose from. There’s no denying the fact the bridal story or the bride’s makeup, attire, jewelry, look, accessories, trousseau and preparations rule the roost in the weddings. But, as the advert goes, why should boys have all the fun? Let’s make a tweak there. Why should girls have all the fun? Yes, we understand that the wedding is mainly her show and it is the girl who is getting wedded to the guy and entering a new family.


But that doesn’t mean that our grooms will stay behind, especially when it comes to their look and clothes. In Chennai Matrimony, traditional wear ceases to lose their charm.

  • The traditional kurta salwar: Moving on from the regular vest and dhoti look, or the moderate kurta pajama look, it’s time to adorn the quintessential kurta shalwar. It gives you an elegant look apart from making you comfortable. Owing to its various patterns and designs, you can wear this beautifully styled dress from both informal and formal events. You can also choose cotton or embroidered kurta shalwar for the haldi or sangeet ceremony. The best thing is that you can simply pair it up with straight fit trousers or casual jeans in post-wedding rituals. It enhances your personality and makes you the showstopper of the day.
  • The royal kurta churidar: A big departure from the simple Chennai Matrimony dress, kurta chudidar is different from the kurta shalwar for the work and embroidery on it. With Swarovski crystal work on the kurta, it showcases intricate Zardosi embroidery as well. It is the work of stone and sequins, rendering a heavy look to it. Owing the look is easy as well. If you’ve picked up an apparel of less work, you can always add broche type of embellishment to create an individual touch. You can carry a contrast-shaded stole around the shoulder. Pair it up with jutties or royal mojaries. It will definitely make you look no less than prince charming.
  • The fashionable dhoti and kurta: Alright, it’s time to experiment in the domain. The dhoti is the quintessential apparel for the Chennai dude and Indian men have had their love affair with this cloth for ages now. But, to keep it in sync with today’s modern times, the five yards long, silky unstitched cloth piece has witnessed some huge fashion transformations. Now, you can find dhotis are several colors and cuts. Owing the dhoti look is very easy. You can match and mix your favorite kurta or choose a pore-matched set of dhoti-kurta. Carry a matching stole to complete this fascinating look. If you want to wear something unique on your D-day, just grab this apparel without any second thoughts.

Many Chennai grooms are also going for the elegant sherwani these days. They choose to wear it at the reception. The color of choice is anything light and elegant.

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The Right Choice of Modern Wedding Cards In Chennai

It is needless to mention that wedding constitutes one of the most auspicious incidents in one’s life. The moments are cast by a spell o rejoice and affection that lingers beyond the boundaries if time. The day of wedding is a matter of few hours, but the mental bonds ad touches of emotion live on throughout the ages, time after time. Chennai Matrimony brings you the best suggestions and solutions related to invitation cards for wedding. You must have realized that wedding comes once in a lifetime and to retain the glory if the few hours, you need to make proper arrangements for your guests. A matching invitation card not only brings out the most wanted feelings for the entire ceremony, but also reflects your choice for wedding accessories and tastes. You would never like your guests to be invited with sub standard and erring wedding cards. Here is a brief write up regarding how you may prepare the wedding cards.

How to choose among various choices:

All you need to do is to browse through the extensive collection of wedding cards offered by Chennai Matrimony and ensure that you make the right blend of tradition, technology and creativity in order to bring out the perfect mood for wedding. You would always love to give your guests a blast of surprise when they attend the wedding ceremony.  You can have tour cards designed with utmost personal touch. After all, wedding is a matter of personal emotions. So you need to touch the emotions of bond and blessings while you order for the card. You can have the cards printed by the professionals with accurate and perfect images of your choice.

How to order:

Ordering for wedding cards online requires your personal touch to the preferences. After browsing through the online portals, you have to decide which one suits you the best. Having done so, you will get the relevant information regarding pricing and delivery from the portal itself. Submit your preferred content for print with a touch of emotion and correct the proof. Your part of duty is over. Now you need to wait for the shipping and collect your cards.

Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation


Chennai Matrimony offers a wide range of variety, flexibility and customization with regard to wedding cards. You may be a Hindu, Christian, Muslim or atheist, whatever the case may be. But the wedding cards need to match your personality. You can pick from a wide choice of cards which may be traditional handmade invitation cards, metallic finish cards, ethnic scroll invitations, and padded cards with designer patterns, glossy and elegant invitations.


While editing the proof of the script, you need to be extremely cautious with the write up. Messing up with the invitation cards is the last thing you would wish for. You need to be particularly cautious about a few types of mistakes commonly made in wedding cards. These include adding every minute detail would crowd the wedding card, which would eventually lead to miss the most important parts of the wedding, spelling mistakes and wrong choice of images.

All these tips are sure to help you in planning for the right card.