Some Offbeat Jewellery and Accessories For Tamil Brides

When it comes to wedding, jewellery and accessories play an important role in every wedding, be it any religion, caste or culture. South Indian weddings are the most famous of all to deal with jewellery. Tamil brides embellish them in an attractive and tempting manner. They get the attentions of everyone by looking at the amount of gold the bride has to pull off and people often look for the new variety and design the bride is wearing. Jewels are something very mandatory and needed as far as women are concerned. No matter, either is it a normal woman or the bride, all of them are eager to wear the best accessories they have in store.

There is always some special connection between women and jewels. To  get some great jewelry ideas, that keeps their tradition alive as well as giving it a offbeat touch to the  jewelry ideas of Tamil brides by visiting Tamil Matrimony sites. Since matrimony sites usually have some pictures of Tamil bride so one can get some clear idea about, what kind of jewels a Tamil bride wear and how much jewels she has to wear.


A Tamil bride wears a tikka, they are very important. The bride can get a customized tikka for herself, as to make it a little offbeat she can go for something that is not only gold. Gold stands as an important element in the lives of Tamilians, it is a traditional thing to wear all gold. The Tikka gives an adorable look to the bride. It should complement the entire appearance of the bride. Tikka is only thing which could adorn the head of the bride. You can also decorate your braid with gold ornaments and fresh flowers.


When it comes to earings, the bride can jump on to any kind of earrings made of gold. The Tamil bride should wear the big and traditional Jhumkis usually but to give a new look you can have a different design and style of jhumki’s made out of gold. With many designs and colors, the bride should find something appropriate for herself that matches the complexion and style. Jhumkis simply add more beauty to the face of the women without any doubts.

Wedding Jhumkis
Wedding Jhumkis (PC:


A typical tamil bride needs to wear at least three to four different kinds of neck pieces of different sizes. To keep the tradition going on, one can wear a long necklace of gold rest the choker and all can be of different material to compliment the outfit and the complexion. Make sure whatever you get designed, every ornament should complement each other and not be a mismatch.


While it comes to wearing bangles, wear as many bangles as you can. Wear bangles that match your saree and its color with some gold bangles to compliment it and as a part of the tradition the tradition.

Tamil matrimony gives great ideas of shops and jewelers that can give you an idea about where one can find variety and proper traditional jewellery for the bride, by looking at various pictures of the brides.