Pointers for Taking Your Wife Out on a Date

Nothing is more beautiful than the institution of marriage. It is a sacred union of two souls, who are destined to love and live with each other all throughout their life. No matter what challenges life has teamed up for them, they should remember that together, they will get through all the up and downs of life. There is no doubt that life is not a bed of roses, and neither is marriage. You need to work on it in order to keep the spark and magic alive. No doubt, that love is the very basis of marriage, but one needs to make sure that under the pressures of marital duties, love and romance does not wean away. Hence, it is important for couples to rekindle their romance from time to time. One of the best ways to do so is to take your beloved wife on a date! Yes, that’s right! Marriage dating is one of the best ways to keep your wife happy and to rekindle the romance in you married life. It not only helps you get some personal time, but also strengthens you bond as a couple. However, you need to make sure that all goes perfect to the T when you take your wife on a date. So here we have a few tips for you, to have a date to remember with your beloved:

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  • Plan as per her likes: Plan a date as per her likes. If she is fond of watching movies, then take her out for a movie; else plan a candle light dinner. Such a gesture will surely sweep her off her feet.
  • Take her to a memorable place: If possible, take her out to the place when you first met or where you had your first official date. This will surely rekindle all the beautiful memories. This way, you can relive your courtship period.
  • Take a gift: Though this would not be the first time that you are out on a date with this beautiful woman, still it would not hurt to carry a small gift for her. It will make her feel all the more special and she would love you for eternity for it.
  • Leave the children home: Make sure not to tag along your children, even if your wife insists. Arrange for a responsible baby sitter to leave your kids for an evening at their grandparents’ place. This will assure their safety and make you tension free on your couple date.
  • Tell her you love her: Never be hesitant in saying “I love you” time and again to your wife while on a date with her. Appreciate her efforts that she puts in while taking care of you and the kids. Tell her how beautiful she looks and how special she is to you. This will not only make her feel nice, but also strengthen your commitment towards each other as a couple!

With these tips at hand, you are sure to have a memorable date with your wife! All the best!

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How to Keep Your Marriage Special After Having Children

Marriage is one of the most important and sacred part of an individual’s life. While it looks like a bed of roses, with never ending romance during its initial phase, it brings along with it its own set of duties and responsibilities. These duties tend to become all the more once the couple is blessed with children. Now, not only both the husband and wife have to look after the well being of their elders and themselves, but their children as well. To make things tougher, our children are solely dependent on us and even look unto us as shining examples on how they would like to lead their lives in future. Hence, it becomes out primal responsibility to take care of them and make sure that they lead a successful life. However, while doing so, couples tend to ignore each other while giving full attention to their children. Due to this, their love and affection for each other tends to take a back seat. With time, this tends to take a toll on their personal life and somewhere along the way, love takes a back seat. What we need to realize is that only if we lead a happy and blissful marital life in front of our children, will they learn to replicate the same after growing up. They need to be exposed to the fact that marriage is indeed one of the most sacred aspects of a person’s life, where they live happily with the one they love. So here we have a few tips for you, to keep your marriage special and happy after having children:

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  • Share your responsibilities: After having children, the parents, especially the mother is burdened with a lot of additional responsibilities. Hence, it is a good idea to share your responsibilities when it comes to children. For example: While one parent can take the responsibility of getting the children ready for school, the other can help out by preparing their food. This way, not only do you share the burden, but also get some free time that you can spend with each other.
  • Have a date night: Arrange for a baby sitter and plan a special evening with your spouse. Marriage dating is one of the best ways for the married couple to de-stress and enjoy themselves. Not only will this give you your own special time, it will surely re-ignite the passion of the initial wedding period.
  • Give the wife a day off: After having kids, the lady of the house tends to get over burdened and pressurized as she tries to balance out and execute all her responsibilities. Hence, the husband should try and give her a day off, where she can do things that she loves while the hubby baby sits the children for a day. This will not only make her feel special, but also give the man of the house the time to interact with his kids and know them better. You wife will love you for it!

As a wise man once said, “Remember that children, marriages and flower gardens, reflect the kind of care they get.” Keep this in mind and make sure to have a special and happy married life, which your children can look upto in future.

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