Best Places to Shop for Ezhava Weddings

Shopping for an Ezhava wedding is an adventurous and fun filled part of entire event. After deciding on the wedding date the custom to shop for a bride and groom begins. Since shopping involves all the pre and post marriage functions, all the dresses have to be chosen accordingly. For pre wedding function for the bridal saree in vibrant colors of pink and blue can be chosen since white and gold is used for wedding. Whereas the groom can go for kurta and dhoti. Hence all the functions involve different pattern of shopping.

The very first step in any shopping for wedding involves deciding on the budget. Depending on the budget, the clothes are selected. Hence a list has to be prepared by the bride’s family as well as the groom’s family for gifts and clothes to be exchanged. Nowadays people travel to places to buy the best material as wedding is once in a lifetime event.

Bride’s Saree and Jewelry

Bridal Saree and Jewelry
Bridal saree and jewelry (image credit:

The basic shopping from bride’s side involves shopping for bride and family members. This is time to buy new clothes and look at its best. Since in Ezhava Matrimony, a bride is dressed up in Kanjeevaram saree, getting it from the best place is a great concern. Kanjeevaram sarees are available in various colors but pink, red and white being traditional can be taken from Tamil Nadu where it is originated and made. The cost varies from 2000 to 50000 depending on the budget. Shops like The Chennai silk, Babu sah, Nachammai silks, Thirukummaran silk, Sri Athera silk saree and many more. Nowadays, people need not spend much on travelling, one can order online through website such as mirraw, crafts villa, Southindia fashion and many more. They provide good quality attire in comparative cost. Another important concern is jewelry. Apart from clothes, jewelry is taken with utmost care since it involves lots of investment. Hence popular jewelry stores include Kalyan jewelers, TBZ, Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai, K. P. jewelry and many more.

Groom Attire

Any Ezhava Matrimony requires the groom to have a simple attire of dhoti or lungi with zari border and cream color. these can be bought from places in Bengaluru where it is best manufactured and distributed in Bengaluru like cocoon apparels Amman hosiers, Radha Krishna silk house, Kaanchico-Srinidhi silk and many more. They have wide varieties and artistic colors. Jewelry of groom can also be bought from trusted jewelers or popular jewelers like Kalyan jeweler or TBZ. Online websites including flip cart, India mart Amazon gives you a wide range to choose from. There are also designer stores available if one wishes to get it customized.

Shopping For Relatives and Friends

Shopping for relatives and friends can be done from place of residence of bride and groom involving clothes, jewelry, home appliances, electronic item and many more or the same can be done online. Depending on the budget, the gifts should be planned and accordingly the place to shop for the gifts should be decided so that the gifts are acceptable by all.