Horoscope Matching and the Experiences it Creates

Any typical Indian wedding is marked by a number of traditions, rituals and practices, which makes it stand apart in every right. One such tradition or practice, which has been an integral part of our culture since time immortal is that of matching horoscopes or kundalis. Horoscope matching is an art of reading the star positioning present at the time of an individual’s birth, and matching it with that of his prospective bride. Based on the analysis made, the experts are able to predict whether the proposed match is a suitable one or not. While believing or not in this practice can be a debatable topic, there is no doubt that most people in India still get their horoscopes matched, before taking the big leap. So what is it that makes horoscope matching so popular, even in this age of science and technology? Well, the answer to the same would be curiosity to know the unknown and the experiences that come associated with this practice. Let us now try and analyse the kind of experiences that come tagged along with horoscope matching:

  • Learning a new science: while many tend to disagree with this fact, but astrology is indeed a science of reading the positioning of various stars and planets. It had been devised by our age old taught sages, who took years to develop this form of science. If made properly, the horoscopes indeed have the capability of predicting one’s future. So when one goes ahead to get his or her kundali match, he or she learns various aspects about this science, which helps in enhancing their knowledge.
  • Becoming worldly wise: Most people are naïve before they reach the marriageable age. As horoscope matching comes across as the initial stage before giving a nod for the match, it becomes a learning experience for the couple in question. An individual comes across many people in form of experts and proposed matches while going ahead with kundali matching. While some people are genuine, others might not be so. This practical experience makes an individual a good judge of character, which in turn, makes him or her worldly wise.
  • Understanding human psychology: There is no better way to learn and understand human psychology, than the marriage arena. People tend to reveal their true selves and the kind of expectations that they hold from a relationship, during the kundali matching sessions. This helps individuals experience the human reactions and psychology like never before.
  • Finding a soul-mate: though horoscope matching is generally associated with arranged marriages, there is no doubt that more often than not, one ends up finding the perfect match for themselves during while matching horoscopes. Nothing can be better.
  • Mental peace and satisfaction: There is no doubting the fact that matching horoscopes can lead to mental peace and satisfaction. The very knowledge that you have found a person who is compatible with you as per your stars is enough to put you at peace and lay the foundation of a happy and strong marriage.

Horoscope matching has often led to a lot of success stories, where couples are leading a blissful life in holy matrimony. So go ahead, and find your match today!

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What Makes Horoscope Matching Important for Two Indian Families

The thing that makes any Indian wedding unique is the fact that we still believe in following cultures and traditions, that come associated with it. A typical Indian is not just the coming together of two souls, but the coming together of their families as well. In a typical Indian set-up, most couples tend to stay with the groom’s family, even after marriage. Hence, it becomes very important that there is peace, harmony and friendship between the families of the prospective couple. Disharmony amongst the two may lead to feuds and misunderstandings in the future. One thing that helps bring both the families on the same platform is the practice of horoscope matching. This practice has been an integral part of Indian weddings since time immortal. Not only does it provide the couple with the much needed sense of security, it also helps bring their families closer. Following are therefore the reasons, which make matching horoscopes important for the two families:

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  • Gives sense of security: the main reason behind matching horoscopes is to know whether or not the couple have a compatible and peaceful future together with each other. If the horoscopes of the people in question match, it gives a sense of security to families of both individuals involved, that their beloved child is headed towards a bright future with the person best suited for him or her.
  • Gives peace of mind: once the kundalis match, the families on both sides are at ease. Their faith leads them to believe that their children will spend a happy life with each other.
  • Brings like-minded people together: the horoscope matching session acts as an ice breaking session between the two families. It is generally the first platform that they get to meet and talk to each other. In such a meeting, both the families are able to understand each other’s family in a better way and the kind of expectations they have from the prospective relationship. In this way, horoscope matching helps bring like-minded people together.
  • Helps in decision making process easier: As mentioned before, a horoscope matching session helps bring like-minded people together. In the same way, it also acts as platform, on which the likeliness or un-likeliness of the two families getting along well with each other clearer. It hence helps the decision making process for continuing the match further or not much easier.
  • Helps imbibe traditions: The practice of matching kundalis before marriage has been an integral part of our culture since time immortal. It in a practice which is an integral part of our tradition and culture. When both families agree on following this practice before the prospective match is finalized, they in a way, imbibe our age old practices and culture, hence enhancing a healthy practice in their families for times to come.

Horoscope matching, especially in case of arranged marriages, is a sure shot platform for the couple as well as their families, to get to know each other well. Hence, make sure to follow this practice, in order to ensure a better future.

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How is Horoscope Matching Special

Marriage in India is a class apart. The mere grandeur of a typical Indian wedding can leave the spectators in sheer awe. Keep all the glitz and bling apart, the thing that makes Indian weddings unique is the way things are executed, while keeping all the traditions and rituals in mind. One such ritual or practice that has been an integral part of Hindu weddings all across the globe is that of horoscope matching. The practice of matching the birth charts of the couple before the wedding. In most cases, the marriage only solemnizes if the couple are considered to be a perfect match for each other, as per their kundalis. While there are some who rubbish this practice as a mere superstition, there are many who consider it a must before any traditional Hindu wedding. So what is it that makes matching so special that it has stood the test of time? Let us try and analyse:

  • It is an age-old science: while many might think otherwise, astrology as a science has existed since ancient times. If we go through history, we find that this science found its roots in the ancient civilisations like Egypt, from where it travelled to the Indian subcontinent and became popular. As many times, the predictions made through this art have been fruitful, hence, many have firm belief in the same.
  • It is tradition: what makes India unique from rest of the world is that no matter how modern or technically sound we become, we still make sure to stay rooted to our traditions and culture. Horoscope matching is one such tradition, that people consider to be an integral part of match making, and hence should be followed.
  • Has a high success rate: while many may choose to ignore horoscope matching as a mere superstition, they can never argue when it comes to the high success rate, the couples who have had their horoscopes matched before marriage lead a better married life in comparison to their counter parts. Often, we come across couples who did not know each other well before marriage but had matching horoscopes, are leading a much happier married life in comparison to their counterparts.
  • Provides mental peace: if the horoscopes of the couple’s match, then the family of both the bride and the groom are at peace that their children will lead a happy life together. This mental peace and sense of security itself acts as a strong base on which a relationship can be built.
  • Helps predict compatibility: horoscopes, if matched properly, can actually predict the compatibility between couples. So it is better to get your compatibility quotient checked with your perspective partner, rather than repenting later.

Getting your horoscopes matched or not is totally a personal choice, which cannot and should not be forced upon anyone. However, keeping the benefits in mind, one should consider getting the same done. Who knows, you might end up spending your life with the person whom you have always dreamt of? As they say, it all lies in the stars!

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Should Horoscope Matching Overrule Choice

Most of the ancient Indian traditions and customs have left the world amazed at how our society could have been so advanced so early. The whole concept of India’s traditions and age old customs has been based upon logic and the intricate and intriguing study of elements that since recently have remained a mystery for other societies. One such tradition is Astrology. Astrology is an ancient art, which is based on the study of planetary alignments and motions at various points in time and space. These movements are said to be influencing us both negatively as well as positively depending upon what planet is influencing us at what time.


Now from this information and practice emerged the intricate practice of horoscope matching. Horoscope matching is done when the horoscope of two people is studied and common and adverse points against one another are brought out. Often done in terms of prospective bride and grooms in order to know whether the couple are compatible and will be able to lead a successful and happy married life. But the salient aspects of this widely acceptable art forms are the ones that are now slowly taking over this practice and thus leaving it under a shadow of doubt always. The availability of learned and intelligent horoscope readers, the availability of correct data and the overall margins of accuracy have now often left the followers with lingering doubts and cast aspersions over its very authenticity.

With the comparison between traditions and modernity and logic and belief happening often the debate over horoscope matching acting as a substitute for choice has also raged on for a long time. With believers in horoscope matching giving arguments that horoscope matching is not against choice but it allows one to cover the follies that a young heart might commit at a certain age the more liberal minds tend to argue that there is no substitute for the signals that the heart and mind give and time spent with one individual tends to remove all doubts against a certain partner.

A very powerful and a logical argument that is often given is that horoscope matching was essentially developed as a tool for cutting short time and distance as the marriages that took place earlier were often arranged marriages and the possibility of the prospective bride or groom spending time with each one of the suitors was not possible therefore horoscope matching used to act as a screen for the choices that were available so that the list could be shortened. But in modern times now that both boys and girls have time to spend time with each other and find out who is best suited for them and also in a more open society that exists now can even have live in relationships so the screening effect that horoscopes used to do is no longer required.

With the debate over whether horoscope should be given precedence over choice not likely to die down soon, it is clear that till the time the old don’t make way for the new the new cannot prosper so it is required that the old traditions have to adjust and make way for the new norms else the society as a whole will suffer.

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Why You Cant Dismiss Horoscope Matching Altogether

There has been an avalanche of opinions, narratives and counter-narratives for and against the significance of Horoscope Matching. If we take the modern era into consideration, the debate becomes more heated. Majority of people still believe in it, regard it as fully relevant to life and auspicious, while the others, howsoever antagonistic and critical, still do it as formality, or surprisingly enough, to gratify themselves to some extent. It means that somewhere down the line the faith-system runs deep and you just can’t dismiss kundali matching even if you speak against. It’s been coming down since ages and is actually an integrating factor and aspect of the Hindu religious fold.

Just know this fact that there are cases kundali matched 22 gunas and still the couple got divorced in eight months. You also have cases where horoscopes matched a whopping 30 gunas but the marriage broke in four months. The most surprising part is that even when the kundali didn’t even match 10-6 or 18, the marriages were still good and strong. So, in such a spectrum of uncertainty, there are reasons why people cling on to it.

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  • Presaging the background: On a realistic note, we know that kundali matching will not affirm matrimonial peace if the couple don’t make effort to have it. No numbers can create bliss if the there is no trust or bond. Kundali matching is actually a source of great satisfaction to elders, who are from a different generation. Having two gunas or qualities is crucial for all humans. The horoscopes give a good insight into your traits, which might not been aware of till now.
  • When wavelength matches: For many people, Horoscope Matching is a good practice as it helps to match your mental wavelength with your partner. Not that it’s presupposed in the numbers, but that the chalking gets an insight into it. If someone is aggressive and the other one is timid or cool, complementing becomes a natural thing. Besides, it’s pretty good to gauge early, match and eliminate some sour points in marital life, if any. If your kundalis foretell a happy married life, you can always make it better.
  • When conviction matters: Well, that’s perhaps the biggest driving factor when it comes to kundali matching. If you see majority of cases nowadays, kundali matching is more of a ritual and formality done to convey a message to guardians or parents that their children do care about their feelings, regard the values and customs taught to them. In this way, you take the first step to a happy wedding. It doesn’t mean that the young ones don’t believe in this system. They do it too, but not to the abysmal extent where a guy can call of the coveted wedding despite being in a relationship with the girl for years, just by citing some obscure dosas.

In this context, it’s clearly to show parents that we take their beliefs and concerns into account. Also, if they detect some dosas or other flaws in the kundali, you can go for removal of those dosas in select places and temples.

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Misconceptions Regarding Horoscope Matching One Needs to Avoid

When we speak of Horoscope Matching, it’s mostly like a cookie-carter thing narrating or foretelling things with a ‘probability’. This makes the system interesting and equally vulnerable to debates and couther-opinions. Indian marriages and the society heavily depend on matching janam kundalis or horoscopes. Across various sections of the society, it’s like an indispensible test for the couple, who needs to pass through it to convince their families about the compatibility, bond and secure future. Many youngsters do know that there are anomalies in this system as it works on a probability parameter and takes things on a universal platform.

The need is to read through the misconceptions and half-baked theories that surround kundali matching. Then only, you’ll be able to come out of the grasp that society has on your life through this system. Being an age-old belief and practice, it’s one of those few customs of the Hindu fold that’s not been conditioned with age and time. The results are visible.

  • Numeric, calculations and a paper piece can never be a sure tool to decide a couple’s destiny: Marriages in India or for Hindus in any part of the globe abide regulations and rules of horoscopes. People hold them sanctimonious and take all glitches inside very seriously. Marriage is an institution and this practice is like a system check to take care of that institution. Till this point, it is alright. But, how can some calculations decide what will be the future of a couple? You will find some relationships that have stumbled or broken apart even after matching horoscopes. You will also see innumerable marriages that have gone through gravy train without any kundali matching. So, a piece of paper cannot decide the fate of two people who love each other.
  • The issue of mangliks: This is one of the trickiest parts of Horoscope Matching. According to astrology and Hindu shastras, if you’re governed by Mars or Mangal planet, then you’re said to be affected largely by a defect in Mars or to be precise, a Mangal dosha. These are certain pre-conditions that a kundali matching lay bare that makes it tougher to find a partner. The misconception is that you can cure manglik dosha through remedies. If two people truly and really love one another, no point blaming the manglik point and canceling the marriage. You need to move on and seek a cure for it.
  • Fraudulent persists and fake kundalis: Yes, welcome to the reality. Kundalis can be faked and there are scores of fake babas and priests out there making brisk business out of it. It’s much like a racquet run through internet and normal market where fraudsters and imposters masquerading as pundits dupe you. These are vultures who know that punditjis essay a big role in Horoscope Matching. They know how priests can persuade elders to break or postpone a marriage citing a kundali mismatch.

So, don’t think all kundalis are true and accurate. Doing a cross-check is the best thing. If some kundali states that you have to buy gemstones or go to certain places, don’t gulp it. Just do a cross-check.

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To Do or Not To Do : The horoscope Matching Dilemma

India is a nation which prides itself for staying rooted to its traditions, even in present times. No matter how modern or progressed we become as a society, we still believe in following our traditions and culture, which makes us unique from the rest of the world.  From birth to our marriage, all events of life are celebrated with full vigor, adhering to your cultural practices, which have existed since time immortal. One such practice which is considered an important part of Hindu marriages is that of Horoscope matching. Since the very beginning, it is considered auspicious for the bride and groom to get their horoscopes matched. It is believed that by doing so, the future of the marriage can be predicted. While it has its own benefits, it has, however even led to certain superstitions, which cause regression of the society. Hence, be it a love marriage or an arranged one, the biggest dilemma faced by couples is whether or not should they get their kundalis matched. The society in a way has split wide open when it comes to debating kundali Milan. While one set strongly supports it, the other strongly opposes it. Hence, the would-be couples are left confused and wondering if or if not should they get their horoscopes matched. Here we have some pros and cons of horoscope matching, which might help ease down the confusion a little:

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Pros :

  • It is a part of our culture: Horoscope matching has been an important part of the Indian culture and tradition since time immortal. It should hence be followed.
  • Mental peace: By matching kundalis before marriage, a person’s mind is at peace with the fact that the partner he or she has chosen will keep them happy throughout their life.
  • Sense of security: Whether or not you believe in astrology, still matching horoscopes gives you a sense of security that all will go well after marriage.
  • Predicts compatibility: If analyzed properly, it is believed that horoscope matching has the ability to predict whether a couple is compatible or not. Hence, it should be done before marriage.


  • Leads to superstition: The biggest con of this practice is that it propagates superstition in the society. How can one judge whether a person is good or not, just on the basis of some calculations made at the time of his or her birth? Hence, it should be avoided.
  • Un-qualified astrologers: These days, most of the common people don’t have the knowledge in regard to horoscope matching. They hence approach astrologers, who might be frauds. With lots of phony pandits and horoscope readers moving around, just looking for business opportunities, it is hard to decipher if the horoscopes have been matched rightly or not.
  • Lose out on ideal matches: you might be liking a person and consider him or her ideal as a partner, but still can’t marry because your horoscopes say otherwise. Hence, many a times you give in to superstition and lose out on a person, who could have been perfect for you.

Whether or not to get horoscopes matched is completely a personal choice. One should have the freedom to do so at his or her own will. So think wisely, as your whole future depends on it.

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Horoscope Matching For Love Marriages

India is a country where traditional practices are taken very seriously.  This hold especially true case of one of the most important aspect of a person’s life, i.e. marriage. Till date, arranged marriages are considered better than love marriages in India. However, with changing times the dynamics of marriages in India are changing as well. Society is becoming more open to love marriages. As this trend is gaining acceptance in India, more and more people are now opting for love marriage. They avail this opportunity to find the ideal partner for themselves who understands and accepts them for who they are. However, despite finding acceptance, there are a few hiccups which come in the way of true love in form of age old traditions. One such tradition is horoscope matching. While people have become open to dating and love marriages, families of many couples still insist on getting their horoscopes matched before marriage. Only if all the given parameters of kundali matching are met are the love birds allowed to go ahead and spend their life together. With this said, there are still some who believe that horoscopes should not be matched, especially in case of love marriages. Thus, the society tends to become split wide open when we start debating whether or not horoscopes should be matched in love marriages. Let us now take a look at the viewpoints of both the sects:


One’s who favor horoscope matching in love marriages:

  • Social acceptability: Couples in love with matching horoscopes find that they are whole heartedly accepted by the society. They are considered the ideal match, who are born to be together.
  • Mental peace: Whether or not you believe in astrology, your mind is certainly at peace if your horoscope matches with your beloved. This helps build a strong base for a happy marriage.
  • Sense of security to family: If you marry your beloved after having your horoscopes matched, it gives a sense of security to your family members that you both will be happy and enjoy marital bliss.

One’s against horoscope matching in love marriages:

  • Acts as a biggest hindrance in love: If you insist on getting your horoscopes matched to your beloved, it might prove to be a big blow to your love life. You may just come across as a person, who believes more in keeping others happy rather than the love of your life.
  • Is not fool proof: there is no guarantee that you will lead a happy life even if your horoscopes match. So it is better to work on understanding each other that running after kundali predictions.
  • Leads to superstition: There might as well be a chance that you go ahead with marriage despite your horoscopes not matching. However, if something unfortunate happens later, you might end up thinking that getting married was a mistake. Such trends lead to superstitions and should hence be completely avoided.
  • You may lose out on your one true love: If you decide to call off the wedding just because your kundalis don’t match, you might end up losing the one person who truly loves you and is perfect for you.

Horoscope matching in love marriages is totally subjective and should not be forced upon. So think wisely before taking a call.  

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Is Horoscope Matching a Sure Shot Way of Finding a Life Partner

Whether or not Horoscope matching is a definite way to find a suitable life partner beseeches an extensive study and analysis of the belied system and ritual. First, you need what it stands for and why people do it. Then only you’ll be able to know its effect or viability in marriage or a married life. However, times are changing and this age-old system, handed down to us since time immemorial is facing some resistance from certain sections of the society. In many cases, the kundalis have matched, showed awesome results, some which scored more than 30 even, yet the marriage failed.

Nobody has been able to decipher the mechanism behind the success or failure of the system, but yes it’s the belief system that matters here. Let’s take a look.

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  • The viability points: Kundali matching is important and relevant, not because it’s faultless or absolute; it has its own set of limitations as well. The reason behind its viability is that it’s not baseless or a hypothesis. It does matter in the long run. It’s a blend of science and art, developed by ancient sages, which continues to be reliable and accurate even today. Believe it or not, many of the predictions made by some of the astrologers have come amazingly true for a lot of people.
  • The things checked: While comparing the horoscope of a prospective bridegroom and bride, there are certain points up for consideration. The first is Varna or ego development. The number is 1. Next is Vashya, representing mutual attraction with the number 2. Then is Tara, which denotes well-being and health. It has number 3. Yoni is 4 and stands for biological compatibility and attraction. At number 5, there’s graha mantra, which denotes spiritual level and intellectual parameters. It’s very necessary for a marriage. Gan stands for temperament and entails number 6. Next is Bhakut at 7, which stands for family welfare. Lastly, you have Nadi for health and appearance with numeric point of 8. Make a sum total of the points and you have the figure of 36. This is the basis of the calculation.
  • Following the leads: Once you’ve found out the gunas and doshas, it’s time to check them or enhance the positive points to overpower the negative ones. If you see it from a prism, you will find much sense in it. The various parameters or factors of a happy and long conjugal life are weighed and valued as per importance. The last three points are naturally more pivotal.
  • The next directive: If two horoscopes, when compared, fetch 18 points or less than half, then it’s generally not regarded as good enough for that marriage. If you are serious about the relationship already and are committed to it, there are various rituals and havaans to eliminate the negative points and energies from the kundli.

So, Horoscope matching gives a platform to parents and children to come together and share their standpoints in the marriage.  Calling this a reality check will be far-fetched and wrong. It’s more of a formality and mutual arrangement.

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Importance of Horoscope Matching in Today’s Age

There has been conflicting opinions on the importance and necessity of Horoscope matching in today’s world. Majority of people believe in it, hold it auspicious and fully relevant to life, while the other lot, though antagonistic in this regard, still do it as a formality. So, somewhere down the line kundali milan is deep in everybody’s minds. There are many views for or against it. It’s best to analyze all. To be honest, it’s best not to burden yourself with what some call as abstract thing. You may ask why people follow religion.  Actually, it’s an integrating element and factor. In the same way, a horoscope or kundali is a process of ratifying a marriage, a method of intelligent detection and elimination that has been passed down since ages. It doesn’t have much scientific proof or relevance to validate its credibility, but astrology is science too. So, you have an argument right there.

There have been cases where kundli matched 22 gunas and yet they divorced in six months. There are cases where kundli matches 30 gunas and the marriage broke in two months. There are also cases where the kundli didn’t even match 10-15 or 18, still the marriage went strong and good. There are reasons.

Telugu Matrimony
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  • Knowing the backdrop: On a pragmatic note, we all know that kundali matching will not ensure matrimonial bliss if the couple is not serious about it. If there is no trust or bond, no amount starts can do anything. So, why is it at all important before marriage? Well, it’s a source of satisfaction to parents, who are from another generation. We belong to a different generation and have a different value set. Having two qualities or gunas is important for every human. The horoscopes give an insight into your own characteristics, which you might not have been aware of.
  • A conviction for the mind: In most cases today, Horoscope matching is a formality and ritual done to show parents that the children do care about the customs and values. Of course they believe in too, but not to the extent that a guy can call off the marriage despite loving the girl for years. Here, kundli matching doesn’t matter. It’s to show the parents that their concerns and beliefs are taken into account as well. They will be happy and satisfied. They will bless the couple.
  • Matching the wavelength: For many people, it’s a good practice as it helps to match one’s mental wavelength with anther. If a person is aggressive and the other is cool, they will complement one another naturally. Besides, it’s always good to detect, match and remove the ill points in marital life. If the horoscope predicts a good married life, you can make it better. If people treat it as a means of getting better or check, then all good.

To sum it up, it’s all about the trust and understanding between two people. If that bond is strong and smooth, life will surely be good. No kundli can dictate what to do or what not to.

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