How to Make Your Wedding Cake Look Desi

Even the most traditional marriages that make use of the cross-cultural influences are now getting customized cakes made to order to give the celebrations that special flavor and touch. Depending on the extravaganza of the event, you can opt for several tiers sometimes going up to as many as eight tiers or allow it to remain a single-tiered affair. But what makes the difference is the special Desi touch that spices up the look and also awes the guests.

The special touches

There are innumerable innovative ways that you can give your wedding cake the desi look that will distinguish the Indian brides from their foreign counterparts.

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  • Keeping with the prevalent international trends, there is growing the popularity of the Mehendi designed wedding cakes. These cakes have the conventional round shapes, and the color is usually that of deep red mehndi with the elaborate mehndi designs spreading across the tiers. You can place the bride and the bridegroom dolls dressed in their traditional wedding attire in the special mood in front of the cake.
  • The Peacock that is the National bird of the country is esteemed for its regal beauty. Having two such lovely peacocks seated atop the cake with their long feathers sprawling the cake tiers is another way of highlighting the Desi look to your wedding cake. You can opt for a color that will make it stand out in the background of the venue and have your initials inscribed on the cake. In fact, experts opine that the scope of decoration with the peacock theme is wide, and you can also have single feathers with a painted appearance across a tiered white cake for a gorgeous effect.
  • Another animal that is synonymous with the Indian Royalty is the magnanimous elephant. It will indeed be a Regal way of capping your celebrations when you have a cake shaped like an elephant all adorned with the traditional fineries that the erstwhile Maharajas used to have on their elephants while riding them. Instead of the Maharaja alone, you can have the couple seated together on the decorated elephant with the large umbrella shading them. The very look will be reminiscent of the bygone splendor of the country. You can also modify the elephant theme with the embellished animal standing atop a series of cushions that have covers with rich Indian embellishment of the Golden Zardosi set across rich colors with as many cushions as the tires.
  • The Taj Mahal has always evoked the imagination of millions around the world with its splendid architecture and imagery of the love of the Emperor for his Queen. There are several ways that you can use the image of this monument to give your unique wedding cake the Desi touch. Here too, there are several options in which you can use the monument with the pictures of the Indian brides and their grooms. You can have the monument alone for a more restrained affair or set up the entire garden along with the seat in front with the bride and the groom sitting on it with the Taj Mahal in the background.

The romantic options for the Desi looking wedding cakes are innumerable with the filling options of being vegetarian too.