Porutham – The 10 Things to Know

While planning a wedding alliance, the Hindu custom analyzes the ten poruthams. It does not allow the wedding to take place without studying the ten poruthams. The horoscope of the couple is matched and analyzed to determine whether the marriage would last or not. Here are the 10 things you need to know about porutham:

What all things are identified by matching Jhatakam porutham?

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The relationship strength and astrology compatibility of the couple are assessed with the help of matching poruthams. Poruthams are also known as Kootas. These kootas represent unique characteristics and they are taken into consideration altogether for finding out the compatibility and relationship strength. The poruthams or kootas can be classified into 10 categories and they include Stree Deergham, Mahendra, Vasya, Vedha, Rajju, Rasiyathipaty, Rasi, Yoni, Ganam and Dinam.  When an astrologer analyzes the compatibility, he assesses the effect of every porutham one by one.

Stree Deergha Porutham

Stree Deergha Porutham makes sure better health, prosperity and long lifespan for a woman. If the astrologer finds a strong Stree Deergha Porutham, it clearly suggests that the relationship is going to last and there will not be any complicated health issues. The couple will have an understanding in between them.

Mahendra Porutham

Mahendra Porutham represents longevity, progeny and wealth as well. A powerful Mahendra Porutham indicates better prosperity and the chances of having healthy children are pretty high.  It also conveys that the wife can expect a protective husband.

Vasya Porutham

Vasya Porutham refers to zodiac sign compatibility between the partners. When Vasya Porutham is strong, there will be mutual respect, affection and attraction.

Vedha Porutham

Vedha porutham is about the incompatibilities exist between the birth stars of the couple. It means that the stars are not in harmony with each other.

Rajju Porutham

Rajju Porutham refers to the man’s long life. When this porutham is high, the couple can expect happy and long relationship.

Rasiyathipaty Porutham

Rasiyathipaty Porutham is about the compatibility of the birth stars of the Lords of the couple. When the stars are compatible, relation will be successful.

Rasi Porutham

Rasi Porutham talks about the compatibilities of birth stars. Rasi is determined by the position of the moon during the birth time and it has a strong influence on the individual’s character and physical characteristics. Rasi Porutham is critically important while analyzing the marriage compatibility and this porutham has the ability to compensate for the absence of other Poruthams.

Yoni Porutham

Yoni Porutham is the one that decides the sexual compatibility between the partners. It also conveys the physical compatibility of the partners and the astrologer also finds out the incompatibilities by matching the yoni porutham.

Ganam Porutham

Ganam Porutham refers to the temperaments of the man and woman and it also decides the compatibility of their sex life.

Dinam Porutham

Dinam porutham reveals the prosperity and health of the partners. Strong Dinam Porutham suggests that the partners have the freedom from poverty and they do not have to worry about any major diseases.

While analyzing the Jhatakam Porutham, the astrologers examines all these 10 poruthams to decide the compatibility between a man and woman before marriage.

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Jhatakam Porutham – A Historical Perspective

The history of matching Jhatakam Porutham goes back to ancient times. Astrological compatibility evaluates relationships by comparing the natal horoscopes. They refer to maps or charts of the angles of the planets and stars and their positions in the zodiac during the time of an individual’s birth. The angles convey the negative and positive relations between the planets and based upon these details, the relationships between the two people are predicted. That is what exactly happens with the process of matching jhatakams.

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A brief overview of compatibility assessment

The system of assessing compatibility based on jhatakams of a man and woman can be described as really unique. The basic idea of matching jhatakams stems from the constellations occupied by the Moon during the birth time of the man and woman. It is believed that every person inherit qualities of the birth constellation. Different nature can be associated with various constellations and the difference can be seen in various aspects such as Guna, casts, primordial elements, directions ruled and so on. All these aspects reflect on each individual based on the star position.

What does Indian Astrology say?

The concept of Indian astrology is quite different from the concept of western astrology. Traditional Hindu system of astrology is known as Jyotisha or Jyotishyam and in recent times, it is called Vedic astrology. The basis of Vedic astrology is the concept of Bandhu of the Vedas known as scriptures. It refers to the connection between the macrocosm and microcosm.  Indian astrology practice depends fundamentally on the sidereal zodiac and it contains many nuanced sub-systems of prediction and interpretation with elements like the Naksatra. Astrologers are the people who analyze all these aspects to predict the future course of events in the life of an individual.

Astrology – An integral component of Hindu culture

Astrology and jhatakam Porutham is a significant aspect in the lives of many Hindus. In Hindu culture, newborn babies are named according to the Jyotisha charts made immediately after the birth of the babies.  Astrological concepts such as horoscope matching are used while making decisions about marriage and the jhatakam is also taken into consideration while starting a new business or moving into a new home and so on. Astrology has managed to find a place among the sciences in modern India and some of the universities in India offer advanced courses in astrology.

The interest towards astrology has increased considerably in India these days. More and more people have been depending on horoscope matching during the time of wedding to form better idea about the compatibility between the prospect bride and groom. The modern world offers a lot of uncertainties and people are striving hard to keep pace with the demands of this modern world. For most Indians, marriage is one of the most vital events in their lives and they associate an element of sanctity with wedding. Identifying the most suitable partner in life has become highly demanding and most people rely on jhatakam porutham to learn about the compatibility between the life partners.

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How Jhatakam Porutham Helps You in Planning a Happy Married Life

Marriage is one of the most important turning points in the lives of most people. It is a beautiful relationship that connects two souls together for a lifetime and even beyond life. It is a fresh beginning of a different phase of life and both man and woman get ready for this eternal commitment. You can come across various rituals being performed prior to a Hindu marriage. Most families match the jhatakam before allowing their children to get married. It is a way of checking their stars compatibility. Why Jhatakam Porutham is important? How horoscope matching helps you in planning a happy married life?

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Matching Jhatakam checks the compatibility of the two souls

One prime reason why horoscope is matched prior to wedding is to learn how compatible the couple is. According to astrology, there are several poruthams that need to be matched to find out the compatibility of two people. It decides the future prosperity of their life. There are several gunas that have different points and every point indicates a different aspect of life. It also determines how two people’s individual stars and destinies influence each other and by matching the horoscope, the conjugal harmony can be specified.

Gives clear cut idea about the doshas the people carry

Astrology indicates that some people have some doshas based on the positioning of the stars and the birth timing has also play an important role in determining them. Some of the most popular doshas include Shani Dosha and Mangal Dosha. These types of doshas can cause problems after marriage and the horoscope matching allows people to identify the doshas. When the doshas are found out, specific poojas must be performed to lessen their effects. It allows the bridegroom and bride to lead a happy married life without worrying about unwanted problems.

Provides information about financial stability and career prospects

When two people get ready for wedding, their planet movements not only influence their own life but also make an impact on the life of the other individual. The astrologer finds out the real impact of the planet movements by matching jhatakams and it allows him to predict the financial stability and career prospects. This information helps the partners plan accordingly and lead a successful married life.

Offers details about the happiness and health of the child

One prominent concern that is assessed into through jhatakam porutham is the health and happiness of the child. The astrologer analyzes the chances of childbirth with horoscope match and he also predicts the issues arising the delivery and child birth. Since the family becomes complete only after the birth of a child, most parents are quite eager to learn about the health and happiness of the baby their daughter gives birth after marriage.

After having matched the jhatakams, the astrologer recommends poojas and other rituals to eliminate the doshas. According to astrology, when two people tie the marriage knot after correcting the doshas, they can lead a happily married life and that is how horoscope matching allows people to lead an enjoyable wedding life.

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Can Jhatakam Porutham really predict doshas

A traditional Tamil family mostly consider weddings to be a holy event and believe that weddings are made in heaven. They lay a lot of focus on related the astrology of the potential success of the wedding. Generally, it is the mother and father who visit an astrologer to see if the astrology of the several suits based on their birth chart or graph. Here we will be discussing can Jhatakam Porutham really predict doshas.

The real answer is yes, it some extent, Jhatakam Porutham can really predict doshas and provide you suggestive measures to correct them.

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Gun or kundali Milan

In Hindi, this is particularly known to as “gun or kundali Milan”. 36 is the highest possible number of ‘gunas’ that can be printed and nothing less than number 18 is approved. The idea of astrology related especially occurs in arranged wedding decided by parents of both the parties. Since the wedding knot is between two complete unknown people, the mother and father do not want to proceed further until the ‘kundali or guns’ of that two person are perfect to go ahead. These days, people relate to various wedding sites not only to find an ideal wedding partner who is a potential individual but also with a completely printed astrology based on Jhatakam Porutham.

Before you read on further you need know to the 8 primary ‘gunas’

  • Vashya- attraction
  • Nadi- Probability of childbirth
  • Gan- Psychological capability
  • Tara- Longevity
  • Yoni- Features, and nature
  • GrahaMantri- compatibility, and Friendship
  • Varna- Matching of Varna
  • Bhakoot- Effect one another health

Now, that you have the essence, reasoning about the idea of Jhatakam Porutham astrology for wedding let’s discover it a little more.

Why is it essential for the wedding horoscopes to match?

The answer is to ensure that wedding compatibility. As it is generally said, “Life is not always a relaxed bed of roses”- there can be trouble in the heaven whenever. Yes, no one can change the destiny but one can absolutely take safety measures. This is the main purpose behind the related of astrology. When an astrologer checks the ‘kundali’ of any person, he does not only make real forecasts about the long run but also make a prediction of choice, characteristics, social skills, and behavior, of an individual.

No one wants a connection to meet a sad ending and thus everything for making wedding last for long. Hence, astrology match making is considered to be the best way to ensure that mental and physical compatibility of the soon-to-be one couple.

Who is a wedding astrologer?

Wedding astrologers are accepted by science as real and true without any fake interpretation in it. They help you to solve your personal problems, emotions and anger by counseling you with their Jhatakam Porutham calculations. This is making most of the people to believe in it and take the services of Porutham readings which change their life in every way. For this, there are many websites that will help you to know their network and skills which have helped many people in every way.

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Why don’t new age couples agree to Jhatakam Porutham anymore

Astrology related and wedding matchmaking is an excellent conventional Vedic prediction to find the things related to the suitable wedding couples. It is a proven way related factor and is extremely common in the standard southern parts of the country. Here we will discuss why new ages couples agree don’t to Jhatakam Porutham anymore.

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New age couples doubt about the abilities of astrology on Jhatakam Porutham

Yes, it is true that new age couples doubt about the abilities of astrology on Jhatakam Porutham. The concept of Jhatakam Porutham is especially depending on’ashtakoot Milan’ which is described or called as nakshatras (Lunar Constellations), or simply ‘guna milap’ (Matching of numbers). Clearly to say it focuses on what exactly will be the life of a couple after the wedding. Thus, more will be related gunas, and then the more will be the chance you have of an effective wedding life. Moreover, this horoscope is not only limited to wedding, but also for business, becoming a member of a new project etc.

Their skills and abilities for new age couples

Actually, an astrologer or his web site you on the right way in life and changes your point of view of certain things which you think as more problematic in life. You are facilitated to solve issues in all parts of life to make it peaceful and enjoyable. There are several ways to start up with horoscope match making or ‘kundali matching’. Each partner has their own unique horoscope related forecasts for an effective wedding. It may include tarot card reading, numerology, intuitive numbers, zodiac interface, manual astrology or a mixture of many.

Matchmaking via Jhatakam Porutham between a man and his lady is done generally through examining different factors of about their kunai starting from their birth time to their present age. Different things like their horoscope star signs, birth time and date, and their daily horoscopes.

Advantages of astrology based on Porutham that new age couples must consider

Where ever you go, you find a website of online matchmaking based on Tamil traditional wedding, it will help you in solving your personal and professional problems. They are honest and really express what they feel on your behalf as the rest depends on the divinity to solve your problem in every way. He (an astrologer or his website) can channel your feelings and emotions and helps you to finalize certain things in life which are quite confusing and problematic. Most of the people think an astrologer or his website as fortune tellers who are not accurate, but they are very perfect in expressing the fact which is related to you. It is not performed by an astrologer or a fortune teller as they are a complete fraud and fake in expressing the truth.

Compatibility checking will definitely improve the level of understanding and love before coming into a knot of the wedding. Relying on the positive information is very essential in this case, as this improves the psychological behavior before getting into a legally wedded relationship.

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Why are new age Tamil couples still opting for Jhatakam Porutham

Love is eternal and marriage is a reality of life. Numerous people are in trouble and looking for Tamil wedding matchmaking online and marriage problem solution. Finding the right love guru astrologer can resolve their problems. Love is divine and love is also eternal. But love also brings up many problems for lovers irrespective of their age, gender, ethnicity, and social and economic backgrounds. Most of them look forward to Tamil wedding matchmaking online in order to bring back their love life to track.

Zodiac sign matching is an excellent and proven method of examining the life of a couple regarding really important decisions in life like a wedding. The Jhatakam Porutham is done on the basis of Tamil, gun milap or to say in simpler terms via astrology related calculation.

Since Zodiac is all about how the planet’s and star movements impact the life of a person. There are much suitable as well as unwanted features are available on these online websites of Jhatakam Porutham. Many expert astrology types of research are proved that there are certain aspects which are more likely to happen in the life of a couple.

When we talk about Jhatakam Porutham in particular, it is important to note that these Porutham are not of much perfect until the wedding is carried out officially. So, just if your friends or other family mates are thinking of it, the jhatakam Porutham may not work at all.

Marriage Problem Solution is equally in Demand

Tamil wedding matchmaking online is in demand due to growing cases of divorce and marriage problem.

  • Love may be eternal but it can also be transitory.
  • Normally it is marriage through which love is solemnized.
  • However, after the lapse of time problems starts cropping up in married lives.
  • That is the time when people look forward to Tamil wedding matchmaking online to set right their conjugal lives.

Tamil wedding matchmaking online could be The Solution

People that are suffering from such problems often search for an online or offline astrologer in India that can give them a true solution in addressing them.

  • That is exactly the point where Tamil wedding matchmaking online can step in and guide the prospective client out of trouble.
  • Approaching any astrologer may not resolve the issues since to give accurate predictions and solution for the emotional problems an astrologer who is experienced and apt at psychic aspects in the field is necessary.
  • It needs to be appreciated that love does not mean only the traditional love between a man and woman but could be for family, kids, pets, friends, and even passion. Tamil wedding matchmaking online can refer to any of them.
  • Marriage, on the other hand, is a bond that unites two souls together and brings two families closer and is mostly specific to the couple.

Whether it is love, marriage, relationship; they are always a combination of passion and commitment on part of the partners; and problem resolving will be easier resorting to someone like Jhatakam Porutham, one of the leading love and marriage guru astrologers in India.

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