How Money Making Frauds Are Ruining the Science of Real Kundali Matching

In the quest and dire-driven efforts to do Kundali Matching, you’ll find plenty of sites mushrooming all over the internet today. The abundance and viability of these sites reflect the trust and unflinching confidence people still place on kundalis. However, the procedure of matching varies here. There’s no priest coming to your at an auspicious date to do it, neither you’re visiting one to get things done.

Technology has become the buzzword not just for life, but for customs and religious practices too. The websites ask you to enter your name and birth details of two persons and there you have it, Voila! It’s that easy or is it really?

  • Not concrete results: Many sites are exploiting this faith and devotion of people on kundalis. They provide nothing but an automated and mechanical solution to horoscope problems with the automatic system. Such sites work on a particular software program and database that takes in the questions and throws out already prepared answers. They don’t vary as per the nuances. There’s no streamlining whatsoever. Only reliable and proper sites have dedicated and expert astrologers coming to answer individual queries. These money-making crooks don’t even offer a live chat system because they don’t have experts to help you. Even if they do, the lines are pre-programmed and are automated.
  • Negation from fundamentals: When the topic is about Kundali Matching, you need to understand a valid point. Two cases can be similar, very similar rather, but never the same. Two people are different and their perspectives will be different. Even if their birth dates and everything show similar or same numbers, the ramifications and impact will be different. The biggest problem with these sites is that they don’t have streamlined system to cater to different queries or other problems. All they do is have a pre-programmed commentary and setup design and answer list for all types and lists of questions.
  • Trying to pitch businesses: The thing about fraudulent sites is that they always try to sell and promote their own products. They try to sell loose gemstones, Rudraksha seeds, gemstones and other jewelry. They try to tell that you have problems in your horoscope and need them as soon as possible to discover a new lease of life. This is how commercial astrology becomes misleading and damaging. Sites with ethical, serious, accomplished and experienced practitioners always caution you against these fraudulent sites.
  • No proper sections: A conspicuous thing about the sites is the information provided about and by them. They don’t have proper information about their shipping and returns, coupon partners, proper privacy policy, terms and conditions, affiliate terms and custom payment options. There is no properly mechanized, functional and customer support system to take in requests or questions any time of the day.
  • Providing wrong results: This is the last and worst thing you can expect from the fraud sites. Since they have automated setup, the results are mostly wrong and misleading.

You need to be very careful about these sites and must check into a trusted and reliable one only.

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Kundali Matching The Ancient Way Of Checking Compatibility

Matching the horoscope is an essential part of Hindu weddings even when the girl and the boy are tuned with each other and aware of the mutual feelings. This tradition is ancient and followed by most of the parents until today to ward off the evils from the relationship which is to begin after the wedding ceremony. In fact, both the horoscopes of the bride and the groom are matched during this procedure. The rashi and nakshatra which signifies the planetary position of the bride and groom are taken together by experts and the process of matching continues for some time until the parents learn the implications of the wedding. With Kundali Matching checking the compatibility of the bride and groom and the future of the relationship becomes easy.

  • Getting on with horoscopes: Initially, the birth charts of the couple are taken together and the process of matching begins. The clue is to consult an expert astrologer who has knowledge of preparing the birth charts according to the date of birth. According to the perceptions of the astrologer during the ancient times maximum qualities of the brief and groom must match to make a wedding successful.
  • Requirements in points: The matching or estimating the compatibility is carried out on the basis of points. Although thirty six points must match together, a match of about eighteen points is enough. However, anything below this is considered stressful for the wedding.
  • Good and bad: With the help of Kundali Matching, it is possible to find out in advance whether the wedding can actually be solemnized. A lot of mismatch in the process of matching can create distress in the relationship right from the beginning. Whether to carry out the ceremony or not does not remain in question when the kundalis of the bride and groom are matched with each other.
  • Ancient and contemporary: It is true that matching the horoscope wad more important for the bride and groom than the pious occasion during the ancient times, the approach has changed a lot during the recent times after the advent of the internet. Today people can create horoscopes using the software which is available in different websites and the only thing for which you need to rely on the astrologer is to learn the consequences of the matching.
  • Things to match: A lot of aspects can be matched using the birth charts of the bride and groom such as sexual and psychological compatibility, the harmony of the planets which simplifies the conjugal harmony, compatibility of the genes and marital bliss.
  • Making wedding successful: Determining the success and failure of a wedding is extremely important and the only way in which to do it is through the birth charts.

To eliminate the conflicts from a marital relationship, matching the kundalis is an important part of Indian weddings. It also helps in finding out the best time for couples to unite and parents can choose an auspicious date to celebrate the formal ceremony. However, it is not just about matching the kundali but consulting the right astrologer for this purpose which matters the most.

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5 Essential Things to Note in a Kundali Before Getting Married

The ancient art of matching the horoscopes has been an integral part of Hindu marriages all across the world.  In fact, kundali matching is considered to be the first and foremost step taken towards fixing a match between two individuals, before giving them a final nod to get married. While off late it has become a debatable topic, the practice of matching horoscopes has withstood the test of times and has continued to be an integral part of Hindu marriages. As per tradition, the horoscopes of the individuals, which are made at the time of their birth as per the star and planetary positions, are matched before the couple tie the knot. This is done through the Vedic Ashtkoot method, where the horoscope is divided into 8 categories, namely Varna, Vaishya, Tara, Yoni, Graha maîtri, Gana, Nadi and sadsatkoot.  While some of these criteria track the origin of the individual and his family, others focus more on the bodily health and type. Based on certain calculations, it is determined whether the couple would be physically and mentally compatible or not. As most of the people do not have much knowledge in regard to astrology, they are dependent on astrologers for matching horoscopes. However, we have here 5 essentials that one must note in a Kundali, before getting married:

perfect tamil wedding
  1. Gunas: The horoscope matching is based on ashtkoot, in which certain points are awarded to each of the 8 categories. The total of the same comes out to be 36 points or Out of these, at least 18 points should match for the couple to get married. The higher the number of points matching, the more compatible the couple is.
  2. Nadi dosha: While matching horoscopes, a lot of importance is given to nadi dosh. As per Hindu astrology, there are three types of nadis that humans are divided into. Each nadi represents a blood type. If in case the boy and girl have the same nadi, then the match between the two should be avoided, as it may lead to birth defects and severe mental and physical problems in the off-springs.
  3. Manglik dosh: While some consider it a hoax, there are a relevant number of people who believe that Mangal (mars), being a domineering planet can have an adverse effect on weaker planets. Hence, a person with a strong Mangal or a Manglik should try and get married to a Manglik only. The marriage between a Manglik and a non- Manglik should be avoided, as it may lead to martital discord or even the death of the Non-manglik partner.
  4. Varna : Make sure to know about the varna of the person before going ahead with the marriage. Though it may seem trivial to know about the lineage to which the person belongs in today’s age, it still hold importance just to make sure that you are not even distinctly related to each other, which might bring about a problem at the time of conception.
  5. Graha maîtri : Graha maîtri is an important criterion of horoscope matching as it calculates the compatibility of a couple. It should hence be not avoided.

Even a commoner should keep the given points in mind while getting the kundalis matched. All the best!

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Why Kundali Matching Will Never be Accepted as Proven Science

Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on earth. This is one belief that we have always stuck by and are hence, are always seeking a person who is perfect for us. For the same, we follow different paths and beliefs, in hope that we will find our soul mate in due course of time. While many opt of finding love on their own means and terms, there are some who choose to stick to their traditions, and opt for an arranged marriage. In a typical Hindu arranged marriage, there is one practice that is considered most important before marriage, and that is of Kundali matching. As per this practice, the horoscopes of both individuals involved are matched either on online sites, or by astrologers. Only when they give a nod is the marriage proceeded with.  It is believed that by studying the planetary and star positions of the respective kundalis, one can predict the compatibility and future of a couple together. However, this can turn out to be quite a debatable topic, owing to the fact that there are many who do not consider kundali matching a proven science. They question the practice all together and refute it from the core. There are many elements that support this claim, which are as follows:

  • No solid proof in regard to positioning of stars: The whole concept of horoscope matching is based on the positioning of stars and planets at the time of the birth of the individual. However, there is no solid proof that the astrologers can provide, which confirms whether the claims made by them are true or false. Hence, the very basis of making horoscopes is based on a weak foundation.
  • Lack of good horoscope makers and readers: There may have been a time when the ancient sages and pandits who practiced astrology were experts in their fields. In the present times however, the same thing cannot be said. There are many quacks spread all across the globe, who claim to have astrological knowledge, but cannot make or read horoscopes accurately.
  • It is not fool-proof: There are many instances of couples leading a miserable married life, despite the fact that they are perfect matches as per their horoscopes. This fact itself is proof enough that no astrological reading is fool-proof and is hence, not scientific.
  • Leads to superstition: No science will ever give birth to superstition. This does not hold true in case of horoscope matching, where the so called experts will lead you into doing things that they claim will ward off the evil effects and lead to a perfect marriage. Such practices are nothing but mere superstitions, which lead to the regression of the society.

In the present times, it comes across as a sad reality that rather than looking into the working and character of the person, his or her horoscope is given more importance when it comes to marriage. It is hence high time, that such practices are done away with, to lead the society into a better and progressive future.

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Why a Manglik Should Only Get Married to a Manglik

Hindu weddings are literally a personification of age old traditions and cultures. It these varied rituals that have existed since time immortal that make these weddings unique. One such practice that has been followed since the beginning is that of Kundali matching. In most Hindu marriages, the horoscopes of the perspective bride and groom are matched and analyzed, in order to predict whether the proposed match is suitable or not. One of the main things which is analyzed while scrutinizing kundalis is the positioning of the planet Mars. Mars, better known as Mangal, is one of the most domineering and strong planet amongst all that exist. The red colour emitted by Mangal on one hand is considered the symbol of love and passion, but on the other, represents anger and dominance. Hence, the people with a strong positioning of mars in their 1st, 2nd,4th,7th, 8th or 12th house of the horoscope are considered Manglik. Due to the fiery nature of their dominant planet, these people are considered head strong and stubborn, which can lead to a marital discord if they get married to a person with different planetary positions.

However, the whole scenario becomes totally opposite, if a Manglik get married to another Manglik individual. As per belief, a union between two mangliks is considered to be auspicious and most ideal. Following are the reasons supporting why a manglik can only get married to a manglik:

  • Neutralizes the ill effects of mangal: It is believed that when two mangliks, both with strong alignments of mars, get married, then the ill effects of mangal get neutralized. Rather than trying to dominate each other, the partners end up being more understanding towards each other, hence leading a happy married life.
  • Leads to compatibility: As per astrologers, Mars is one planet which is a little quarrelsome in nature. It does not get along well with weaker planets. However, if your spouse too is a manglik, then your Mangal is bound to be at peace. This will lead to more compatibility between the couple.
  • Makes your choice easier: When you are a Manglik going in for an arranged marriage, then you are bound to meet only manglik people. Hence, your chances to come across your ideal partner are more, which in the end, makes your choice a lot easier.
  • Gives you mental peace: Whether one agrees to it or not, but astrological analysis of your horoscope does have an effect on your mind. This holds especially true when you are declared a Manglik. While you will for it or not, you do tend to feel guilty if your non-manglik spouse falls ill after marriage. On the other hand, you have no such mental stress or guilt if you are married to a Manglik. Somewhere, you are assured that you both oath to lead a happy life together. Hence, a manglik marring a manglik leads to a lot of mental peace and marital harmony in a couple.

For those who deeply believe in kundali matching and the theory of mangal dosh, it is better to get married to a manglik , than be under constant fear of the unknown all throughout your life. All the best!

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Mangal Dosh: A Hoax or a Reality

One of the most important things considered while matching horoscopes of two individuals is Mangal Dosh. One of the major reason behind kundali matching is to determine whether the boy or the girl have a strong positioning of the planet Mars in their horoscopes. Mars is believed to be one of the strongest, fierce and most domineering planets amongst all the Navgrahas. As per mythology, it is a planet of a quarrelling nature, which often tends to fight with those who are closest to it.

As per Vedic astrology, if Mars or Mangal is positioned in the 1st, 2nd,4th,7th,8th or 12th house of the boy or girl, then he or she is declared a Manglik. While the planet has the strongest effect when it is placed of the 7th or 8th house of a boy, it is considered strongest when it is in the 8th house of a girl. Such people are believed to lead a miserable married life filled with unhappiness and fights, which can lead to separation or divorce later. If the degree of Mangal is very strong, it can even lead to the death of the non-manglik spouse.

While most of the Hindu families strongly support the Mangal dosh view, there are some who refute it completely as mere superstition. As per them, this whole hullabaloo around mangal dosh is a complete hoax, created by astrologers to make a fool out of people and mint money in return. They consider it a mere superstition and support their view with the following points:

  • Why is mangal dosh limited to Hindu marriages?: The first question that rises is that why is mangal dosh only limited to Hindu marriages? All around the world, people of different religions get married and lead a happy life. They do not even match horoscopes, leave alone get bothered about Mangal dosh. Hence, it is a baseless hoax which should not be considered.
  • Despite rectifying the dosh, why do divorces take place? : One can often come across couples who, despite rectifying the dosh, end up getting separated or divorced. If the remedies are so fool proof, then why do such things occur?
  • Why does a person die even if his/her spouse is non-manglik?: Many a times we often come across unfortunate instances, where people die despite their spouses being non-manglik. So how can we trust the authenticity of horoscope matching?
  • Lack of knowledge: Most of us, the common people, do not understand the method and way in which the horoscopes are prepared and read. Then how can we be sure that the predictions made by the astrologers in regard to mangal dosh are correct or not?

With all said and done, one must keep in mind the fact that believing or not believing in Mangal dosh is a very subjective choice, which should not be forced upon anyone. A person has a right to make his or her choices as per his or her liking, as that is all that actually matters.

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Can Mangal Dosh be Rectified

One of the most popular practices that has been followed in Indian Hindu weddings is that of Kundali Matching. In most marriages, matching of the kundali (Horoscopes) is considered to be of primal importance. The main reason why this is done is to determine and predict the kind of a married life that a couple is bound to lead post the wedding. While doing so, many aspects of the horoscopes are analyzed by experts, based on which they give their approval or disapproval for marriage. One of the main things analyzed while matching the horoscopes is the position of the planet Mars or Mangal graha in the horoscope of both the bride and groom. If Mangal, which is one of the most fierce and strong planet, is positioned in the 1st, 2nd,4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of the girl or boy, then that person is declared a Manglik. While these people are very attractive, strong headed, professionally successful, domineering and fierce, they are considered unlucky in marriages. As Mangal is a domineering planet, it is believed that it can lead to marital discord, unharmonious surroundings and quarrels, which can lead to the separation and divorce of the couple. Furthermore, some believe that if the Mangal is way too strong, it can even prove to be fatal for the spouse of such a person.

While this can be termed as a mere superstition, there are a few who believe very strongly in mangal dosh. So should one totally give up on a good match just because a person is supposedly Manglik? The answer is no. Experts believe that there are a few remedies, that can nullify the effects of Mangal dosh. These are as follows:

  • Marriage to a pot or Kumbh vivaah: This is considered to be one of the most popular methods to wade off mangal. As per the ritual, a Manglik is married of to an earthen pot symbolically and then that pot is broken. It is believed that this symbolic breaking of marriage nullifies the effect of Mangal. This person can then go ahead get married to a non-manglik.
  • Marriage to a tree or Vat vivaah: this method is similar to Kumbh vivaah, where a manglik is symbolically married to a banyan tree. Some even consider a Banana tree for the ritual. As soon as the ritual is over, the person can get married to a non-manglik.
  • Fasting: As per some astrologers, if a Manglik keeps a holy fast every Tuesday, this will please the planet Mars. Hence, it will help in calming the planet and leading a happy married life. Chanting the Navgraha mantra on this day also helps.
  • Marriage union between two Mangliks: A marriage between two Manglik individuals is considered to be the most ideal. It is believed that when two Mangliks unite in holy matrimony, then the ill effects of Mangal get nullified and both end up leading a very happy married life together.

Despite all the remedies, one should always keep in mind the fact that a person should not be judged on the basis of his stars and planetary positions of his horoscope. What matters the most is the nature of the individual and his outlook towards life. So broaden your mind and choose well. All the best!

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