Giving a Modern Twist to Some pre wedding rituals of a Marathi Wedding

In the first place, you need to remember that Marathi weddings don’t have that extreme pomp and show. The relay of festivities and rituals define and marks its charm. On most occasions, the weddings take place in the morning. You don’t require much planning to make it a grand success. To do justice to Marathi matrimony, all you need is a sacred surrounding, proper ambiance and the plethora of rituals. These things would make it more appealing and special.


To give a modern blend to the chain of attractive pre-wedding rituals, you need to know the rituals first.

  • The Skahar puda: Both the families exchange or shakkar or sugar in this ceremony. It makes the informal or short engagement of the girl and boy. What you can do is, make sharbaat from the sugar and feed it both the families. You can also go for a sharbaat making competition in the family. Conclude the event by some singing.
  • Wang nischaya with Kelvan: The former is the formal engagement ritual. Both the families worship each other’s Kuldevta separately. You have the close relatives and pals calling over the groom and bride along with their respective members of the family for a meal. You also give each other gifts. Now, pick 2-3 common gifts that you can present to one another. You can go for gifts like cosmetics, apparel, daily wear stuff, ornaments, watches, pearls and other utilities. The girl and boy can ask one another about their wants. They can actually match-fix or rig the event. Only you both will know about the gifts. Ask your respective family members to guess what’s inside. That will be quite interesting.
  • Haldi Chadawat ceremony: No Indian wedding is complete without the quintessential Haldi. However, in Marathi matrimony, they perform the haldi ceremony the day before the wedding. You immerse mango leaves in the turmeric paste and then apply that on the whole body of the beaming body. You start with the feet and then slowly move upwards. The groom’s house too has a similar ritual. You can create haldi applying completion at your house. Get some spare haldi paste from the plate and ask the members to volunteer. They can make designs and beautiful little rangolis with these pastes. The winner gets to click photos of the bride, get something from the bridal trousseau and gets the prize of applying the bride’s makeup too.
  • Chura : While you can’t do much about simant puja, the chura ritual is definitely accommodation. It’s the ceremony where you will see the bride’s pals get those colorful bangles. Usually, the bride has green bangles and there’s lot of dance, music and fun. You need to remember that the bride can open or remove the concerned chura of her ‘shagoon’ after one month of her marriage. You can give the best chura to the one who performs the best dance or song in the competition.

Get all the girls and let them flash their chura gifts in front of the camera. Let there be little prizes for all.

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Menu Ideas for a Typical Marathi Wedding

The food menu for any occasion or party is very crucial as it lights up a smile on the face of guests. In an occasion as grand and pious as Marathi matrimony, the food has to be the main pathway to the heart of your attendees. A successful marriage ceremony must have great food and you need to pick your menu carefully. So, that brings us to the food in your wedding reception bash. You need to be very conscious about the menu. It’s time to discuss some of the best wedding food ideas of Maharashtra.


You need to remember that a Marathi wedding ceremony not only entails vegetarian food, but many people also prefer non-vegetarian meals. However, the more popular ones are from the vegetarian platter. If you want non-vegetarian meals, you can go for the Konkani blend of the non-vegetarian menu. The Konkani cuisine has a strong influence on the non-vegetarian food in this state.

  • Appetizers or starters: You start the course with Batata vada pav, which is one of the most popular Marathi cuisines. Vada comprises some spices and potato deep fried in oil. You serve it with bread or pav. Next, you have Bhaji. Marathis prefer it very much. Onion, potato and green chilly is deep fried and coated with chickpeas flour or besan. It just works great. Then you have Dabeli, which is popular in both Maharashtra and Gujarat. Another lip-smacking street food, it’s made of mashed potatoes, plenty of spices, bread, farsan or sev, mint or green pudina, raw chopped onion, sweet dates, chutney and jaggery chutney. The last starter will soup. The best options are mushroom, mix vegetable, and tomato soup.
  • The main course: The main food in Marathi matrimony starts with the quintessential puri sabzi. It’s very popular across different locations of the country. The flour comprises flat fried stuff. You serve it with tasty potato sabji. It is very yummy. Then you have spicy vegetables. It includes Bhindi (ladies finger), aloo (potatoes), Phool gobi (cauliflower), mushroom, baby corn, palaak or spinach are some of the most favorite vegetables. Guests may also prefer kadhi pakoda, vegetable kofta, Hyderabadi veggies, navratan korma and the likes. Then you have Daal. It’s a must item in every Marathi wedding food list. Daal tadka or dal fry is really delicious. Many people also prefer moon daal accompanies by spices, dal bati, Gujarati kadhi or sambar too.
  • The other part of the main course: You have paneer items up next. Paneer is cottage cheese, which is a must-have in vegetarian food platter. You have a plethora of paneer dishes like paneer masala, kadhai paneer, paneer butter masala, sweet paneer curry, shahi paneer, paneer bhurjee and so on. You can pick at least two items.
  • Rice and roti: Rice is imperative for Marathi wedding food menu. The options are aplenty too. You have masala rice, pulao, onion fried rice, jeera rice, peas rice, biriyani etc.

Roti is also another must-have for the menu. There are multiple varieties as well. Up next you have kokum sharbat and soda water as beverages, followed by awesome desserts.

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Sakharpuda an Important Tradition in Marathi Matrimony

The world of Marathi Matrimony is so full of beautiful wedding customs. There is a steady list of ceremonies entailing the special and celebrated martial customs. It starts with the most talked pre-wedding custom called sakhar Puda. In this ritual, a packet of sakkar or sugar is exchanged by the families of bride and groom. They do this for celebrating the engagement of the guy and girl. If you look at it closely or from a distance even, you will find that this apparently little tradition holds a lot of significance in Maharashtrian weddings.

It is like the precursor to a chain of events or traditions that mark the pre-wedding customs in a sequence. In Marathi wedding ceremonies, just like any other Hindu custom, each ritual and tradition entails a special meaning.

  • The literal meaning: Sakharpuda from Rupaya Naral is also called ‘Waangnishcay. It literally implies verbal agreement. Sakhar stands for sugar whereas puda stands for box or packet. In this custom, the prospective bridegroom’s elders or parents give a pouch of sugar to the girl. In the same coin, the parents of the bride give a coin and coconut to the prospective bridegroom. It is ominous and carries a message.
  • The significance ingrained: The exchange and gifting of those articles signify a solemn promise made by both parents to give their wards in marriage to the other. It’s another avowal of the fact that they have agreed to give their children into that marriage. On this special occasion, you will find some people arranging party in traditional Maharashtrian style. It includes urma puri and shira-bhat and so on. You need to know that it’s one of the most important ceremonies prior to the engagement.
  • Proceeding with the custom: Sakharpuda is an acclaimed pre-wedding ceremony. It involves the exchange of a sugar packet between the families of the bride and groom. The groom’s parents gift a sari to the bride in this ceremony. In essence, it also symbolizes that the groom’s parents have accepted the girl in their family. The hands of the bride are beautifully accessorized with alluring green bangles. Often times, you can find couple exchanging rings as well. Usually, the families wait for some time to print and then send their respective wedding invites just after the Sankharpuda. Although it’s not an imperative, still many families do it.
  • The inner meaning: Each Hindu ritual entails a meaning and significance. You need to explore rituals like this from its roots. It actually sows the respect and love between the two families. On most occasions, the wedding cards are printed right after this ceremony. It is considered to be a good sign or occasion.
  • Building trust: Earlier, two families hardly knew one another. The bride and groom used to be from far-off places. This Marathi Matrimony ceremony used to serve as the meeting point where the two families can greet one another and pledge a great life ahead for their children.

Many times, they exchange other pleasantries as well. In this way, it has been coming on as a celebrated tradition with much fanfare.

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New Trends in Clothing For Marathi Grooms

The people of Maharashtra are known for their deep-rooted customs and rich culture. They have a soft-nature, a glorious history and close family bond that transcend to simple-styled and beautiful wedding ceremonies. Though Marathas are acclaimed for their rich traditions and are quite strict with customs, their weddings are pretty simple with well-wishers and close friends. They aren’t as extravagant or loud as other traditional Indian marriages, yet they entail a fascinatingly intrinsic appeal that you need to experience closely to understand properly.

If you take a look at Marathi Matrimony you will know that Maharashtra grooms are definitely the coolest.

marathi men dress.jpg
  • The white and orange combo: It’s an interesting observation that although majority of Marathi ceremonies are Hindu traditions owing to the huge Hindu populace, you also have traditional Christian and Muslim Marathi weddings with private functions and ceremonies that truly symbolize the subtle Marathi theme in each thing. Showcasing influences from the Goanese Christian traditions, konkan Coast and from the local Parsis and Anglos, who have made the city of Mumbai their home for many centuries. The weddings here are in fact a wonderful confluence of the most beautiful wedding customs and traditions that the country and its zillion cultures, religions and regional backgrounds have to offer.
  • The traditional Marathi groom: The Marathi couple’s wedding attires are straightforward and traditional. The groom generally wears different ideas ranging from a dhoti and kurta to a more modern kurta pyjama or a suit or designer sherwani. The infusion of modern styles is also something remarkable. The dresses are austerely simple and are laced with consciously subtle styles. Colour choices can vary from rich shades or deep pastel colours. Most times, the groom generally opts for a light and subtle matching colour or a hue of gold, cream off-white or white or the dhoti and kurta.
  • Designer groom wear in north Indian style: There you have silk dhotis, which are traditionally cream or white in colour. They have golden zari border in different symmetrical designs. In Marathi Matrimony, they are considered to be a speciality for festivities and functions. Many Marathi grooms wear these ideas that range from today’s most modern men’s wear. They include tuxedos or blazers, or stylish and simple and stylish custom-made kurtas. There are prolific designers who make your apparel casually and quintessentially ethnic.
  • The royal cream groom wear: You can find customized options too. If you are running short of time or don’t want to invest in getting personalized apparel, then you can opt for many traditional clothing shores that give classic groom wear. You can find them in every nook and cranny of the state. You can just walk into the showroom and pick the coveted dress of your liking. There are white, spotless and elegant colours that render a royal touch to your style.

If you pair these white or orange kurta pyajamas with a turban, your attire is complete. It is both stylish, modern and will be rooted to traditions. Don’t forget to accessorize it with the best watch and pair of shoes, preferably mojaris.

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Must haves for the wardrobe of a newlywed Marathi groom

In a wedding, bride and groom are the center of attraction. The guests cannot take their eyes off from them. When we talk about Indian weddings then there is no doubt that Marathi Matrimony is the simplest and the least affluent in the whole country. Marathi couple wears traditional and simple attires. The Maharashtrian groom wears options range from a dhoti and a kurta to a kurta pyjama or an elegant sherwani. The dresses are simple and the styles are consciously meticulous.


Marathi Couple


Marathi people are soft-natured. They have close family bonds that translate into beautiful and simple-styled wedding ceremonies. They are known for their traditions and are very rigid with the customs. Marathi Matrimony has some unique attires, customs and traditions which are not seen in any other culture. The weddings are very simple which are attended by their family and friends. These are not as thriftless as many other traditional Indian weddings are, yet they have an interestingly endogenous proclamation that needs to be experienced to be fully understood.

After marriage, they have to go to their relatives and for that they should have fascinating dresses, accessories etc. When they are going to their kins and friends, the bride and the groom should look appealing as they are the newlywed couple, everyone’s eyes will be on them.

Although the bride draws more attention but it does not mean that the groom can take his looks lightly. The newlywed groom should have an absolute wardrobe in which he has all the dresses and accessories which he can wear on the auspicious occasions.

Let us see what he should have in his wardrobe-


A Maharashtrian groom usually wears a dhoti kurta, which is the traditional outfit for Hindu ceremonies. It comprises a long shirt or kurta and loose-fitting, pleated pants called dhoti. This outfit can be made of material ranging from cotton to silk, but Maharashtrians opt a plain, cotton-blend that is embroidered with gold or silver designs. Apart from that, suits and casual wears must be there in the wardrobe.

He can also wear some modern or western outfits. He can have some ethnic and trendy blazers in his wardrobe. With blazers, he can wear trousers or jeans which will make him look smart and enchanting.


The newlywed groom can also embellish gold jewelry like ring, chain, bracelet that is passed down from his forefathers or gifted from any relatives.


If the newlywed Marathi groom is going to a wedding or any ceremony and wears any traditional dress then he can wear a piece of decorated cloth across his shoulder. It is commonly red or gold to stand out against his white outfit. This is one of the most important accessories that a newlywed groom should have.

He should have ties and cufflinks of different shades and styles which he can wear according to his blazer and shirt. Apart from this, he should have sporty and chain watches to wear with casual and formals.

This is well said that a good fragrance add a positive mark in your personality. So, deodorants and perfumes of his favorite fragrance are also required in his wardrobe.


A good collection of footwear is also required because different dresses need different footwear to complete the look. Traditional Jutis, Shoes, Boots and slippers must be there in his wardrobe.

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Ideas to Decorate a Stage for a Marathi Wedding

A Marathi wedding is usually a simple affair with no flair and glamor. All the rites and rituals are short and sweet with no emphasis laid on décor. However, off late Marathi matrimony has started becoming more and more elaborate and people like to invest a lot of time, money and effort on décor, theme, lighting and entertainment.


The wedding stage is an important and integral part of a Marathi wedding. It gets maximum attention as the bride and the groom exchange their wedding vows here. Also, all the pictures and ceremonies are done on the stage. Thus, the stage should be done up in a way that it will be remembered and cherished for a long time. We give you some easy to do and fun ideas on how to decorate the stage for a Marathi wedding.

Blend of flowers and light– No wedding stage is complete without the quintessential wedding light string and fresh marigold flowers. The blend of these two could make for a great looking backstage for any wedding. You could get the entire backdrop covered with soft-coloured curtains and then add strings of yellow lights to it. With it put some marigold flower strings as well. Or you could have exotic flower bunches on the stage. This will give it a festive look and feel.

Drape them well– You can make you use of soft satin cloth and drape them in exquisite styles with touches of white, yellow or blue light. This dreamy combination will make the stage look romantic. You could also have strings of shiny crystals to make it look more classy and chic.

Satin backdrop– There is saying- less is more and it fits in perfectly when we have satin drapes as backdrops. You could use any color satin curtain across the center stage to make it look classy and elegant. You could have two colored drapes that would complement each other. These satin drapes would add the perfect panache to the wedding.

Go retro– You could go with the traditional white and gold combination. It looks festive and rich and also gives a good wedding feel to it. To match the drapes you could have a combination of white and yellow lilies. Add some soft yellow lights to make the stage look warm and beautiful. The sofa for the bride and the groom to sit on could also be in white and gold combination.

Add props- Many stage décors have pillars and arches on it that add character to the stage. You could have artificial pillars and arches in royal colors like deep blue or maroon to have a classic and regal center stage backdrop. You could also get interesting props like window panes, paisleys of some different color to break the monotony and make the stage look stunning. Add some yellow glow for a heightened effect.

The wedding day is a once in a lifetime event and should be cherished forever so with these beautiful stage decoration ideas, you will surely have a picture perfect wedding.

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Traits that can Make a Perfect Marathi Couple

To find the right match to lead your life with is one of the most important things in life. It is essential that you find a partner who is similar in thinking, upbringing, values and traits and has common likes and dislikes. These choices become easier when you marry within the same community because the basics of the language, food, and traditions are the same. We tell you a few traits that make a perfect Marathi couple.


Compatibility– In any relation compatibility is of utmost importance be it a husband-wife or a brother-sister. If you and your partner are compatible with each other there is a smooth flow of things. Life becomes less complicated and it is easier to deal with other issues. In Marathi matrimony, the couple would usually have similar upbringing which is a huge help in containing the compatibility quotient of the relationship.

Similar likes and dislikes- If a couple has similar interests such as movies, plays, outdoor activities it becomes that much easier to sail through the journey of marriage. It makes life more interesting and fun. For instance, if a Marathi couple can bond over Marathi movies and plays or read Marathi books they will have so much more to talk about and learn from one another.

Honesty and commitment towards the marriage– These are two important characteristics that define any marriage. You should be honest with each other about any matter- be it about the behavior of each other, things you felt bad about or any problems in the work or home front. You should also be committed to making the marriage work and be dedicated towards your partner. In today’s age of infidelity, it is easy for a marriage to crumble hence, it is all the more important that you nurture this bond well and hold it close to your heart. Marriage is a commitment for life and it is essential you take good care of it always.

Similar eating habits- In India and the world over people bond over one common thing- food. It is an integral part of every being. Some eat to live but most live to eat. So as a couple you could definitely hit if off over food. If you and your partner like the typically Maharashtrian delicacies such as vada pav, sabudana khichdi, puran apps and modak, then life becomes so much easier. You would choose to go to the same kind of eateries and also order similar food.

Be respectful and sensitive– Ideal partners always value each other’s opinions, are respectful towards the other person and sensitive to his or her needs. Ensure that you as a couple inculcate these qualities to have the perfect understanding between each other.

The reasons we fall in love are hardly known but the reasons we stay in love are less elusive. It is a misnomer that there are perfect couples but you can hone a relationship and find the best in each other for a happy and long marriage. These traits if understood and nurtured well will definitely hold you well in the long run.

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Tips to Marathi Groom for Best Wedding Preparations

Marriages are a big occasion and both the bride and the groom want this special day of their lives to go on without any problems. Usually, the bride takes on most of the wedding planning and organizing- from getting all her wedding essentials ready to planning for the various events, gifts for the guests, caterers and the like. It is important that the groom also takes interest in the wedding preparations and helps out in some capacity. We give you some tips on how to groom a Marathi groom for the wedding.

PC: What’

Plan your honeymoon– Book your honeymoon much in advance. Discuss with your fiancée about the plausible places and number of days and things to do and book off the hotels, flight tickets and other things much before the wedding chaos begins.

Help with wedding preparations– Weddings can be a daunting task for those organizing it so you should offer to help in places where you can. Maybe you can decide on the venue, help with choosing a caterer, go with your fiancée for finalizing the gifts and cards and give your guest list for the wedding.

Book a pre-groom and bride grooming package– Like a pre-bridal package, salons now have a special package for grooms. They include facials, pedicures, manicures and some massages. This not only makes the groom looking worth a million bucks but also relaxes and rejuvenates him before the wedding. So ensure that you book a good salon for this and In fact both the bride and the groom can do this together to make it more fun.

Eat and exercise right- It is important to follow a good diet in life but especially before getting married. It will make your skin glow; you will feel good and active. Also, you must exercise well during the months working up to the wedding. Both the bride and the groom can enroll for some good workout sessions together to make it a more enjoyable thing.

Dress your best– Grooms also like to look their best at the weddings. The trend these days is to match the bride’s outfit- be it in the form of color, style or texture. So it’s important to go with your bride-to-be for the shopping and get the wedding outfit ready much in advance.

Sweep her off with a gift– You must think of a special gift for your bride to be given after the wedding. Surprise her with something that she had been looking for or get her something that you both would like to have in the house. Add a small love note along with it to make her feel special. Always remember- “a happy wife means a happy life”.

Registry for gifts– Most of the near and dear ones would like to give the bride and the groom personalized gifts. So you can help out your bride-to-be by making a list of essentials that you would want in the house after the wedding. This will make it easy for the guests to choose what they would like to gift you else you will get what you would not want or have inessentials.

Help in any form during the marriage preparations is good so it will be excellent if you can contribute in your Marathi matrimony preparations in a big or a small way.

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Simple wedding vs Lavish Weddings in Marathi Matrimony

Today, Indian weddings are a major event with a lot of emphasis on décor, theme, wedding trousseau and other paraphernalia. In fact, every pre-wedding ceremony is turned out into a mini wedding ceremony in itself and it is quite a task to arrange for the wedding. However, of all the weddings; Marathi matrimony is usually the simplest. But it finally, depends on the family to spend truckloads on it or keep it to the minimum. The main aim of any wedding is for the bride and the groom to have a good life ahead.


How to keep it simple?

The most important task while planning for any wedding is to decide the budget. Once the total money that can be spent on the wedding is certain then the allocation of the funds becomes easy. In a Marathi wedding, the main functions are Sakhar Puda (engagement), Kelvan (prayer of the kuldevta) and Halad Chadavane (Haldi ceremony) and finally the Simant puja ceremony. All these ceremonies are a simple affair and there is no need to spend too much on it.

You can have the wedding in a marriage hall where all the wedding arrangements are already there. This will bring down the costs as well as reduce the effort of looking for all the things needed for a wedding. These halls also have rooms or dormitories for people to stay.

The food in Marathi weddings is vegetarian, which automatically cuts on costs. You can further slash the money by giving the catering order to the venue vendor. They will definitely give a discount.

The décor can involve a lot of expenditure so you need to decide how much money are you ready to spend on it. Keep it simple yet beautiful. Use the seasonal flowers to reduce costs. Get all the family members to help in with the décor so there is no need for any outside decorator. Lastly, do not go overboard with the décor. Keep it minimalistic. Remember understated also looks good.

The big, fat Marathi wedding

Be it any wedding, it has now become almost mandatory to make it look like a scene from a Bollywood movie. Every bride wants to wear a Sabyasachi or a Rohit Bal outfit and have the wedding in an exotic locale.

You can also go the whole hog for your Marathi wedding and have a wedding planner plan out the wedding for you. Choose a lovely destination and doll up the venue to make it look like a big, fat, Indian wedding.

Décor and lighting can make any venue look beautiful. So spend time choosing the right theme and the color scheme for the venue. You could have different themes for all the pre-wedding and the main wedding ceremonies.

Marathi weddings do not have the concept of a mehndi or cocktails but going with the trend, you could add these fun events to your wedding. They will make the wedding more colorful and entertaining.

You could add a personal touch to the wedding by giving personalized gifts to the guests. Make a memorabilia of the wedding ceremonies and give it to all the guests at the end of the wedding. It will be a memorable gift and will make all your near and dear ones feel special.

All these things would cost a lot of money but if you have it then why not use it to make your wedding a memorable one.

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