Giving a Modern Twist to Some pre wedding rituals of a Marathi Wedding

In the first place, you need to remember that Marathi weddings don’t have that extreme pomp and show. The relay of festivities and rituals define and marks its charm. On most occasions, the weddings take place in the morning. You don’t require much planning to make it a grand success. To do justice to Marathi matrimony, all you need is a sacred surrounding, proper ambiance and the plethora of rituals. These things would make it more appealing and special.


To give a modern blend to the chain of attractive pre-wedding rituals, you need to know the rituals first.

  • The Skahar puda: Both the families exchange or shakkar or sugar in this ceremony. It makes the informal or short engagement of the girl and boy. What you can do is, make sharbaat from the sugar and feed it both the families. You can also go for a sharbaat making competition in the family. Conclude the event by some singing.
  • Wang nischaya with Kelvan: The former is the formal engagement ritual. Both the families worship each other’s Kuldevta separately. You have the close relatives and pals calling over the groom and bride along with their respective members of the family for a meal. You also give each other gifts. Now, pick 2-3 common gifts that you can present to one another. You can go for gifts like cosmetics, apparel, daily wear stuff, ornaments, watches, pearls and other utilities. The girl and boy can ask one another about their wants. They can actually match-fix or rig the event. Only you both will know about the gifts. Ask your respective family members to guess what’s inside. That will be quite interesting.
  • Haldi Chadawat ceremony: No Indian wedding is complete without the quintessential Haldi. However, in Marathi matrimony, they perform the haldi ceremony the day before the wedding. You immerse mango leaves in the turmeric paste and then apply that on the whole body of the beaming body. You start with the feet and then slowly move upwards. The groom’s house too has a similar ritual. You can create haldi applying completion at your house. Get some spare haldi paste from the plate and ask the members to volunteer. They can make designs and beautiful little rangolis with these pastes. The winner gets to click photos of the bride, get something from the bridal trousseau and gets the prize of applying the bride’s makeup too.
  • Chura : While you can’t do much about simant puja, the chura ritual is definitely accommodation. It’s the ceremony where you will see the bride’s pals get those colorful bangles. Usually, the bride has green bangles and there’s lot of dance, music and fun. You need to remember that the bride can open or remove the concerned chura of her ‘shagoon’ after one month of her marriage. You can give the best chura to the one who performs the best dance or song in the competition.

Get all the girls and let them flash their chura gifts in front of the camera. Let there be little prizes for all.

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Menu Ideas for a Typical Marathi Wedding

The food menu for any occasion or party is very crucial as it lights up a smile on the face of guests. In an occasion as grand and pious as Marathi matrimony, the food has to be the main pathway to the heart of your attendees. A successful marriage ceremony must have great food and you need to pick your menu carefully. So, that brings us to the food in your wedding reception bash. You need to be very conscious about the menu. It’s time to discuss some of the best wedding food ideas of Maharashtra.


You need to remember that a Marathi wedding ceremony not only entails vegetarian food, but many people also prefer non-vegetarian meals. However, the more popular ones are from the vegetarian platter. If you want non-vegetarian meals, you can go for the Konkani blend of the non-vegetarian menu. The Konkani cuisine has a strong influence on the non-vegetarian food in this state.

  • Appetizers or starters: You start the course with Batata vada pav, which is one of the most popular Marathi cuisines. Vada comprises some spices and potato deep fried in oil. You serve it with bread or pav. Next, you have Bhaji. Marathis prefer it very much. Onion, potato and green chilly is deep fried and coated with chickpeas flour or besan. It just works great. Then you have Dabeli, which is popular in both Maharashtra and Gujarat. Another lip-smacking street food, it’s made of mashed potatoes, plenty of spices, bread, farsan or sev, mint or green pudina, raw chopped onion, sweet dates, chutney and jaggery chutney. The last starter will soup. The best options are mushroom, mix vegetable, and tomato soup.
  • The main course: The main food in Marathi matrimony starts with the quintessential puri sabzi. It’s very popular across different locations of the country. The flour comprises flat fried stuff. You serve it with tasty potato sabji. It is very yummy. Then you have spicy vegetables. It includes Bhindi (ladies finger), aloo (potatoes), Phool gobi (cauliflower), mushroom, baby corn, palaak or spinach are some of the most favorite vegetables. Guests may also prefer kadhi pakoda, vegetable kofta, Hyderabadi veggies, navratan korma and the likes. Then you have Daal. It’s a must item in every Marathi wedding food list. Daal tadka or dal fry is really delicious. Many people also prefer moon daal accompanies by spices, dal bati, Gujarati kadhi or sambar too.
  • The other part of the main course: You have paneer items up next. Paneer is cottage cheese, which is a must-have in vegetarian food platter. You have a plethora of paneer dishes like paneer masala, kadhai paneer, paneer butter masala, sweet paneer curry, shahi paneer, paneer bhurjee and so on. You can pick at least two items.
  • Rice and roti: Rice is imperative for Marathi wedding food menu. The options are aplenty too. You have masala rice, pulao, onion fried rice, jeera rice, peas rice, biriyani etc.

Roti is also another must-have for the menu. There are multiple varieties as well. Up next you have kokum sharbat and soda water as beverages, followed by awesome desserts.

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Must haves for the wardrobe of a newlywed Marathi groom

In a wedding, bride and groom are the center of attraction. The guests cannot take their eyes off from them. When we talk about Indian weddings then there is no doubt that Marathi Matrimony is the simplest and the least affluent in the whole country. Marathi couple wears traditional and simple attires. The Maharashtrian groom wears options range from a dhoti and a kurta to a kurta pyjama or an elegant sherwani. The dresses are simple and the styles are consciously meticulous.


Marathi Couple


Marathi people are soft-natured. They have close family bonds that translate into beautiful and simple-styled wedding ceremonies. They are known for their traditions and are very rigid with the customs. Marathi Matrimony has some unique attires, customs and traditions which are not seen in any other culture. The weddings are very simple which are attended by their family and friends. These are not as thriftless as many other traditional Indian weddings are, yet they have an interestingly endogenous proclamation that needs to be experienced to be fully understood.

After marriage, they have to go to their relatives and for that they should have fascinating dresses, accessories etc. When they are going to their kins and friends, the bride and the groom should look appealing as they are the newlywed couple, everyone’s eyes will be on them.

Although the bride draws more attention but it does not mean that the groom can take his looks lightly. The newlywed groom should have an absolute wardrobe in which he has all the dresses and accessories which he can wear on the auspicious occasions.

Let us see what he should have in his wardrobe-


A Maharashtrian groom usually wears a dhoti kurta, which is the traditional outfit for Hindu ceremonies. It comprises a long shirt or kurta and loose-fitting, pleated pants called dhoti. This outfit can be made of material ranging from cotton to silk, but Maharashtrians opt a plain, cotton-blend that is embroidered with gold or silver designs. Apart from that, suits and casual wears must be there in the wardrobe.

He can also wear some modern or western outfits. He can have some ethnic and trendy blazers in his wardrobe. With blazers, he can wear trousers or jeans which will make him look smart and enchanting.


The newlywed groom can also embellish gold jewelry like ring, chain, bracelet that is passed down from his forefathers or gifted from any relatives.


If the newlywed Marathi groom is going to a wedding or any ceremony and wears any traditional dress then he can wear a piece of decorated cloth across his shoulder. It is commonly red or gold to stand out against his white outfit. This is one of the most important accessories that a newlywed groom should have.

He should have ties and cufflinks of different shades and styles which he can wear according to his blazer and shirt. Apart from this, he should have sporty and chain watches to wear with casual and formals.

This is well said that a good fragrance add a positive mark in your personality. So, deodorants and perfumes of his favorite fragrance are also required in his wardrobe.


A good collection of footwear is also required because different dresses need different footwear to complete the look. Traditional Jutis, Shoes, Boots and slippers must be there in his wardrobe.

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Traditional Yet Contemporary Dressing for a Marathi Groom

Marathi people are well known for their deep entrenched customs and rich culture. They are much closer to their family and relatives that interpret one of the most beautiful and traditional yet contemporary wedding ceremonies. Marathi people respect their culture and traditions and they are rigid to their customs. Their simplicity is also reflected in their wedding and attire. Dressing of the groom is equally important in the Marathi wedding just like it is important for the bride.

The maximum Marathi matrimony consists of Hindu ceremonies, as this state owns large Hindu Populace. Although traditional Christian and Muslim wedding in Maharashtra has left the great influence on wedding yet Marathi matrimony has crafted a fusion of the best of wedding customs and traditions that India with different religion offers. Let’s Share some traditional yet contemporary dressing for a Marathi Groom.

wedding dresses marathi

Be Traditional Marathi Groom

You can be a traditional Marathi groom and look stunning as ever. Marathi groom’s traditional attire is dhoti kurta, Kurta Pyjamas or even you can wear sherwani with a dhoti. These dresses are awesome and make groom more handsome. The basic colors you can choose are pastel colors, golden dhoti with off white or creamy kurta. The wedding dhoti is basically of silk with golden lines on it that look simply amazing.

Add Little Jewelry to your sherwani:

Wear sherwani on your wedding day as it is the most popular trend that grooms are following these days. Marathi matrimony is incomplete without gold jewelry. The groom also adorns gold jewelry, which is passed down from elders and considered as blessings of elders and relatives. Groom need to tie the pearl lace around the head. Gold ring and chain with watch increase the look of a groom.

Accessories your kurta pajama:

You can go for Kurta and pajama for your Marathi matrimony as it looks very traditional and classy. You can accessorize the kurta pajama with some contemporary jewelry to give a modern look to your attire. Marathi grooms need to wear decorated cloth across their right shoulder and it can be of any color matching their attire. This is tied with the Pallu of the bride’s saree. These accessories work as an add-on and increase the contemporary look of the Marathi Groom.

Wear dhoti and kurta: most of the Marathi grooms like to wear dhoti kurta and wears a turban that is known as petha, whereas others might like to wear just a simple topi or cap. Maharashtrian groom’s dresses, like other grooms all through the world, are elegant and simple yet important to the community. Marathi grooms usually wear a traditional dhoti kurta in cotton silk. They wear it with a decorated piece of gold and red cloth across their right shoulder.

The best stylish formal wear suit: Maharashtrian grooms look simply amazing in a stylish formal wear suit in grey and black color. You can hire a stylist for your wedding and wear an elegant suit that matches with your bride’s dress on your Marathi matrimony.

Fresh Wedding Flowers a Must in Marathi Wedding

A Marathi  Matrimony is filled with loads of occasion, fun, and frolic. There are so many occasions in a Marathi Matrimony, each one different from another. Each one unique and special in its own way. If you want to introduce a touch of vibrancy and freshness to the whole wedding atmosphere then introduce fresh flowers. Fresh flowers have a way with themselves. They are vibrant, full of energy and immediately enhances the overall look of the occasion and makes it look elegant and beautiful.


Ways to incorporate Fresh wedding flowers A must in Marathi Matrimony:

Flower Jewelry: Take a cue from Bollywood personalities. When Ahana Deol got married for her sangeet she wore loads of fresh flower jewelry to deck her up. Now, do not get us wrong she did not compromise on the way she looked by an inch also. She looks young, vibrant, full of energy and most importantly exquisitely pretty. The youngsters slowly understand that they can look different, innovative and vibrant with the help of fresh flower jewelry. Right from bracelet, anklet, bajubandh, maang tika , necklace to rings you can do a lot with fresh flowers. Moreover, let us tell you, as a Marathi  the bride wearing fresh flower jewelry you are bound to make quite a few heads turn.

Concentrate on One object: Instead of using fresh flowers to decorate the Marathi Matrimony venue, use them to decorate one part of it or a single object alone. Like, use fresh flowers to decorate the mandap abundantly. This way anyone who enters the wedding venue immediately looks at the mandap where the  actual ceremonies are taking place. Too much of fresh flowers is not only an expensive proposition but also if not done aesthetically, it will ruin the way the look of the venue. Hence, it is prudent to concentrate on only one main object or part of the venue that you will be able to decorate with flowers. So, you can choose either the mandap, stage or the entrance as the focal points to decorate with flowers.

Use them Sparingly: Too much of anything is not good and ends up soiling the whole look of the venue. The idea to perfect the wedding venue look is to use the flowers sparingly. Use them sparingly so that your look is enhanced and not Spoiled. Also, please ensure that you use the same color scheme in the fresh flowers all throughout the venue. So, if you are choosing pink then you stick to the pink scheme of colors throughout the venue and so on.

Lastly, it is important that when you are  using Fresh wedding flowers A must in Marathi Matrimony, you are choosing the choicest of flowers of the best quality. One’s that is both beautiful and extremely pretty to look at. Use them in such a way that it enhances the way it looks all around. Use fresh flowers and introduce positivity and freshness to the occasion.

Adding A Contemporary Look To Your Traditional Marathi Wedding

An Indian wedding is full of bright colors, traditions and customs. Planning for the wedding can be quite a task and requires a lot of pre planning. Prepping up for the big day can be equally exciting as well as challenging. A traditional Marathi matrimony wedding is soaked in rich cultures and traditions. The rituals of the wedding can be vast. The most defining and highlighted factor of a wedding comes the look of the bride and groom as well as the attendees. Well, following the customs and traditions in dressing up is good but going overboard in traditional attire is never a good choice. Modern day bride and grooms are now preferring to add a touch of modernity to the look of the traditional Marathi wedding.

Marathi Wedding
Marathi Wedding (PC:

Adding and mixing of traditions with modernity is certainly a great idea and that is what most desis of today are opting for.  While talking about the looks of the wedding, the looks of that of a bride are the most important one. A bride is the most important part of the wedding, she is the center of attention and thus there is no way that the looks or clothing of a bride can be compromised. The bridal attire of a Maharashtrian bride is normally very colorful and vibrant. When it comes to the attire of a Maharashtrian bride which is extremely soothing and serene and the draping style of the Saree is also very unique where the saree is pulled between the two legs. There are many options by which the traditional look of the Maharashtrian bride can carry a bit of contemporary charm. The bride can experiment with an array of colors and styles for the wedding day. The typical Maharashtrian saree of the wedding comes with a beautiful gold embroidered border, and colors like red and green are a popular traditional choice. If you are looking to add some contemporary touch to the bridal attire, go for colors like beige and red. Beige is a trending color and when combined with red, it looks royal on a bride. Also colors like Pink and Gold as worn by celebrity Shraddha Kapoor in the movie EkVillian, where she dresses as a maharashtrian bride looks ideal for fair skinned brides. Dusky complexioned brides can go for colors like turmeric yellow combined with purple.

Before prepping up to appear on the big day of Marathi matrimony, brides should do the trial thing where they can actually see what color suits them the best and then they can go ahead with the final choice. Also make sure the color of the bridal attire complements well with the groom’s outfit. The groom can experiment with new colors and pair up a trendy new vibrant shirt with the Dhoti or the groom should go for a long embroidered kurta and pair up kolhapuris hoes that is an ideal choice for most Maharashtrian grooms. Making such changes to the regular and traditional way of dressing adds a bit of contemporary touch to the weddings.

Fun Rituals to Spice up A Maharashtrian Wedding

Maharashtrian weddings can be immensely fun. Being rich in culture Maharashtrian people tend to have a lot of special traditions in their weddings. While some have gotten a bit old with time no one can deny that they are still experiences which bring much joy and pleasure to to the families and well as the bridegroom and bride themselves.

Few fun rituals during Maharashtrian weddings:

The engagement ceremony of any Maharashtrian weddings is known as the Sakharpuda. This ceremony is held a few days before the wedding and the groom’s parents give the Marathi brides a saree to show that she has been included in their family. She is also given a packet of sakharpuda which is sugar. This is done to symbolize that lots of sweetness has been added to their lives through the engagement. Homes are cleaned properly days before the wedding and decorated. Marigolds and mango leave \are used to decorate the homes in an auspicious manner to signify the coming of the wedding.

Haldi is another fun traditional ritual. This celebration happens separately as the bride and the bridegroom experiences the ritual in their respective homes. Women of each family get together and apply a mixture of turmeric, sandalwood and crème to the body of the lovers. These are applied due to their antiseptic substance and also since haldi is considered to be a purifier in the marathian culture. The bride and the bridegroom is not allowed to go out of the house during that day but the family enjoys with them while playing various games and chatting. Marathi brides love this tradition as it incorporates a fun day with her family giving her blessings regarding her new life.

Maharashtrian Wedding
Maharashtrian Wedding (

Chauda is a ceremony which revolves around the bride and her women friends. The women all enjoy wearing green bangles. A bangle seller is called at their home and each of the women selects the bangles which they want from him. This is done amidst laughter and songs. It is also customary to joke about the married life of the bride and to wish her the best.

The bride is given the the green bangles through a ceremony where the mother helps her wear the bangles. She wears the bangles among her other jewelries which include gold, pearl etc. These green bangles are considered to auspicious since green is the colour to new life. These green glass bangles are worn by the Marathi brides all throughout her first month of marriage and even after that whenever any religious or family event takes place.

This is the last step of the wedding and is a fun tradition in itself. A white cloth is held between the couple and the bride is brought to the dias while the eight blessings are recited. After that the cloth is removed and the bride and groom look at each other as husband and wife for the first time. This is a time honoured tradition in the maharashtrian weddings.