How the Bride Should Adjust with Aged in-laws

To have a happily-ever-after it is very important that you get along well with your in-laws. It goes for both partners but in our Indian society where the joint family system is still a prevalent trend, it is the woman who needs to make most of the changes. Most marriages in India have problems due to tensions between the daughter in law and the in-laws. The nagging, meddling mother in law and the no-nonsense father in law are often the cause of problems in the married life of a couple. We share with you some tips to help you ease your journey in the household.


Relax– The first thing to consider is that you should not panic. After marriage everything and everyone is new to you and you want to impress everyone and be your best but in doing so don’t panic. Just remember you are a part of the family and will forever so take your time to know and understand them. Be cordial to all but do not overdo it.

Equality– Always treat both your mother and mother –in-law equally. For instance, if you give your mother a gift for her birthday, give your mother in law as well. The same goes for the father and father in law. Always have a positive attitude towards the in-laws.

Be sensitive– Just remember that the your in-laws have spent a considerable part of their life raising their son so it is but natural to have pangs of jealousy or possessiveness. Don’t get worked up about it. Try to understand their point of view and give them some time to know you.

Respect– Always give due respect and regard to your in-laws as they are older than you in age and relation. They have seen the world and might know more than you think they do. Try to understand their point of view and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Take Advice– Your in-laws might want to give you advice on many things. Do not take it amiss. Be positive and understand their reasoning for it. Don’t be critical.

Never compare– One golden rule to a happy marriage is to never compare between your parents and in-laws as it will lead to a lot of negativity. Understand that each set of parents is different and have their own way of living.

Communication– Communication is the key to a successful relationship so if you have any problems with your in-laws ensure that you discuss it with them. Never keep things bottled up inside you as it will only lead to resentment and anger.

Most importantly treat the new family and the new home as your own. This will help you adapt better. Just try to incorporate these simple things in your life and you will surely be happy. You can get a lot of information on this issue on matrimonial sites for divorcees.