Why Should You Opt For Matrimonial Site for Search

Marriage is a life changing event in any person’s life. Along with all the pomp and show of the main celebration, there are many responsibilities that come tagged along with marriage. Hence, it becomes very important to take your time and choose a life partner for yourself, weighing all the pros and cons while doing the same. This becomes all the more important in a country like India, where marriage is not only considered to be a union of two souls, but a sacred rite in itself. With practices like arranged marriages still holding more importance in the society, it becomes all the more tough to know you partner before marriage. While the tradition of finding partners through common family friends and relatives has been an important part of the match making game, it is no guarantee to a happy and successful marriage. Nothing but a direct interaction with your prospective partner and his or her family can ensure you of a bright future. This has now been made easy, thanks to the coming up of various matrimonial sites. These sites have been designed in a way which caters to all categories and criterion that one might be considering while looking for a perfect match. Let us now have a look at why is it better to find matches through marriage sites rather than anywhere else:

  • Easy accessibility: most of the matrimony sites have a user friendly interface and can be easily accessed via desktops, laptops or smart phones. All you need to find yourself a perfect partner is a good internet connection and you are ready to roll.
  • Detailed profiles: you need to make a detailed and attractive profile on the sites in order to find suitable matches. Likewise, your counterparts too make profiles in which they write about all their requirements as well as expectations in great detail. This helps you shortlist on people whom you think are best suitable for you.
  • They are religion and caste specific: though it sounds very regressive, but we still come across many people who are very particular in getting married to people belonging to their religion and caste. We often find many sites which are religion and caste specific, which help people find partners as per their need.
  • Direct interaction between families: one good thing that makes matrimonial sites special is that it leads to direct interaction between the families and the prospective couple. This helps them understand what they expect out of the alliance, without any misunderstandings or confusions which might get created due to the interference of middle-men.

There is no doubt that technology has its own set of boons and banes. If used correctly, it can lead to happy and fruitful results. This especially holds true in case of matrimonial sites, as the life of two individuals will solely depend on the decision made. So use this boon wisely in order to have a happy and peaceful life with the person who is perfect for you.

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How are Matrimonial Sites Changing Wedding Plans

We are living in an era of rapid growth. With the development of information and technology, accessibility to new ideas and innovations has become as easy as a pie. No aspect of our lives has remained untouched, which even includes important events of our lives, such as marriage. When we specifically talk in terms of the wedding business and planning, there is simply no doubt that we are witnessing a huge transition and boom in the market, all thanks to matrimonial sites.  Though such sites are no longer a new concept to India, still the recent boom in technological gadgets like smart phones has made them all the more popular amongst the ones about to get married.

Such sites are flooded with new and innovative ideas, which have dramatically changed to way wedding planning took place in India. No longer does one rely upon attending weddings of other people in order to get ideas to make their own wedding a class apart. From planning to execution, there are many ideas that are available to you at your fingertips at a click of a button. From deciding for a venue to planning a honeymoon, matrimonial sites are filled with suggestions which help you plan your perfect dream wedding. Matrimonial sites have played a big role in changing wedding plans in the following ways:

lighting ideas
  • Venue selection: matrimonial sites give you ample ideas and suggestions that you should consider while selecting a venue for your wedding. These sites have many listed venues with their full areas and details mentioned. you can easily access and weigh the options and make your choice.
  • Theme based event: until a few years ago, theme based weddings were almost unheard of, but with the exposure given by matrimonial sites, such weddings became the “it” thing. Getting married in a theme based wedding not only makes your wedding a memorable one, but also provides for a good photo-op.
  • Decoration ideas: many matrimonial sites have unique decoration ideas, which when applied, make your venue look nothing less than a dreamland.
  • Destination weddings: destination wedding is a concept which is slowly, but sturdily becoming popular amongst Indian couples. Many couples have started opting for destination weddings, where they end up getting married in an exotic location, surrounded by their near and dear ones. The credit of making destination weddings popular in India goes to matrimonial sites, which introduced this unique concept to the country.
  • Menu and gifting ideas: the one thing which all guests at the wedding will always remember are the food that was served and the gifts that they got in return. You can find many unique food and gifting ideas on matrimonial sites, which make are amazingly unique and pocket friendly at the same time.

Matrimonial sites have revolutionized the Indian wedding planning scene is a big way. With the comfort and ease attached to the accessibility of such sites, there is no doubt that you can plan your dream wedding as per your budget, while sitting in the cosy comfort your home.

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Honeymoon Destinations Within India that are Pocket-Friendly

The most thrilling part of a wedding, after Matrimonial Sites surfing, definitely is planning the honeymoon. Couples put in hours of thinking, research and careful planning to make it a trip of their lifetime and a memorable beginning to their life together. Now that you’re getting married there are a whole lot of expenses to be taken care of- setting up the house, furniture, a bigger vehicle etc. So where does the honeymoon budget fit in on this long spending list? Most couples put off their honeymoon plans for later to avoid compromising on a less than average destination and save expense. But what if you could plan a honeymoon that’s easy in your pocket and the destination is straight out of your dreams. And no, you don’t need to go abroad. It’s all possible in India. Here are a few suggestions to plan that perfect first trip together.

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Whatever anyone may say, it is paradise on earth. You can get cheap air tickets to Srinagar for as low as Rs 2500 if you book in advance. Include the beautiful Pahalgam and Gulmarg and throw in a houseboat stay on Dal Lake in Srinagar. Lo and behold! You have your perfect romantic honeymoon package ready.


A destination for all seasons, Goa is undoubtedly a honeymooners’ paradise. Whether you want a quiet, romantic trip or a bustling, adventurous one it’s the place to be in. Also, what makes it affordable is the wide range of accommodation available right from budget to luxury. Stay in a small village homestay with breakfast included experiencing the Goan way of life.


A romantic place where time seems to stand still. Cycle your way through the French quarter or take long walks along the promenade, either way, it’s absolute bliss. A couple of days here will leave you refreshed and ready for your new life together.


Think tea gardens, winding mountain roads, walks through the mist, and warm drizzle at least once a day. Darjeeling is the quintessential hill station with all of its old world charm intact for you to bask in. Throw in the neighboring Kalimpong and Gangtok in your itinerary and you have a nice little honeymoon package ready.


Remember back in the 70s and 80s how all film couples would go to Ooty for their honeymoon and then you would catch a glimpse of mist rolling over mountains on screen, pure heaven. Believe it or not, Ooty hasn’t changed one bit. It’s perfect for a romantic trip and the good news is that it’s really affordable.


No, it’s not a done and dusted sort of place. Nainital is a beautiful hill town that is nestled in the Kumaon Himalayas by the beautiful Naini Lake. Strolls on the Mall Road, boating on Naini Lake and loads of shopping are going to make this the trip of a lifetime. The weather is to die for and the food is good almost everywhere.

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How to Plan a Picture Perfect Honeymoon

You have no idea what wedding is going to be all about when you are happily surfing Matrimonial Sites. Going through arduous pre-bridal sessions, endless fittings, boring (maybe not), strenuous ceremonies and managing to smile through it all. But what makes all of it bearable is that one prize at the end of it – a dream honeymoon with your beloved. Going to a place where you hope to sleep off all your exhaustion and give a beautiful start to a relationship of a lifetime. With so much riding on this trip, you need to put in some time into planning it. Here are a few tips on how to plan the honeymoon of your dreams.

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How long will it be

This is the first question you both have to ask yourselves and each other. The length of the holiday could depend on how much time you have before going back to work, how far your destination is, your mode of transport and the money of course.

Work out a budget

The budget that you work out can only be a rough estimate of your expenses. For instance, just adding up your flight and hotel expenses is not going to give an idea about your total expenses. There has to be room for local transportation costs, eating at an expensive place once or twice and any extra activities like water sports, sky diving, paragliding etc that you want to go in for.

Choosing the destination

This is a tricky one. It is extremely important that you both present your idea of a dream honeymoon and then choose a destination that works for both of you. If one of you wants an adventurous vacation and the other a relaxed one, choose a place that has a little bit of both. But do remember you will be really tired and exhausted by the time the wedding ceremonies are over. So choose a place from where you can return rejuvenated. Try not to plan with preconceived ideas such as thinking only of places where your friends have gone for their honeymoon. It is a trap many most people fall for and end up regretting later. Go to a place that interests you and is according to your taste.

Book in advance

Chances are your wedding will coincide with good weather which in turn will coincide with the perfect time to vacation. So get those flights and hotels booked at least six months in advance. You don’t want your plans spoiled just because of a few days’ delay. Also, booking in advance will help you plan about other things such as what adventure or leisure activities you want to indulge in.

Pack light

We know it’s your honeymoon and you want to flaunt your best look. But there is no point in carrying suitcases upon suitcases of clothes and footwear. Pack layers and a little bit of everything. You don’t need to pack matching shoes with your all your dresses, just decide on the essentials and clothes that you will definitely look good in.


Give yourselves a few days after the wedding and then leave. Leaving immediately can turn out to be very frustrating and exhausting once you get to your honeymoon destination. You don’t want to spend the next two days sleeping it off while adventure awaits you.

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