How do you know it’s the right time for “i do?”

“Marriages are made in heaven but require efforts on earth” – a common refrain. A marriage is a commitment for a lifetime where adequate efforts from both sides need to be made. What makes a marriage work isn’t and can’t be known or penned as it is a relation between two individuals with too many variables to put a finger on. There are varying views on the right time to agree to wedlock, with timeframes ranging from “love at first sight” to arguments in favor of individuals taking “maximum time”. All “experts” would definitely agree to the one fact, that the couple must most definitely be comfortable with the idea of wedlock. He should have ticked off some aspects in their “mind based checkbox” prior to taking the plunge. Of course, the issues of commitment and adjustment will just about start thereafter.


There are, however, certain aspects which must be looked into before taking the next step. Important of these is asking oneself the pertinent question of whether you are ready to accept the other person as it is. One must, of course, refrain from entering a wedlock or saying “I do” to another with only the fear of remaining lonely, pushing oneself towards tying the knot. Another important aspect is to ensure that one is one’s true self when with the other person. Seeing that marriage also means the same thing to both persons is another important issue to be understood.

Some aspects which could be looked into given today’s modern world include seeing if incomes match and if lifestyles of both families mesh.

Other integral things one should look at are family background and upbringing. It is pertinent that both the families are similar in their thinking and social status in order to have a seamless transition into getting into the other person’s family.

One should also look at the friend’s circle of your future partner and your compatibility with them. This will further assist in understanding the like-mindedness of the proposed spouse. Try to spend a lot of time with your partner in his surrounding with his friends to know more about him/her. Try to meet in different settings like dinners, movies, picnics, plays and understand each other’s interest. This also plays a huge role in deciding whether to take the plunge with that person.

The most important issue to understand is that the matrimonial is for you yourself as an individual and all other aspects including family, parents, work, finances come later. Given these, the most important issue is to understand whether one is ready to get married if the timing is right and whether the other person would be able to stand by your during your tough times. These will come from within the heart of the individual and a finger cannot be laid on these very abstract issues.

Take your time in making this life altering the decision of your time.

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How to Manage Multiple Profiles on Matrimonial Sites

Social media has become a mainstay of matchmaking in the present age where people are transcending boundaries and borders to meet others from more diverse backgrounds. Social media gives “love” a chance by getting people to widen their circle, meet a more diverse set of people, choose the people they want to meet as per their liking and to reject, without having to meet, people they consider unworthy. Thus, the use of matrimonial sites has proliferated widely with huge numbers turning to these for seeking their significant other. The first step of course to the complete use of these sites is of setting up user profiles. This is also not so much of an issue, as is the use of multiple matrimonial sites with different profiles. We tell you how to use matrimonial sites and to effectively manage profiles on these.


Common Profile- The first step would be to create a common profile. Most sites require a background write up, and it would help if this along with profile fields as well as the proposed spouse profile is filled out with common inputs in all the sites.

Utilizing a Diary or Notepad- It would assist if a separate space is utilized to maintain the details of the likes or accepts received. Though most sites have adequate measures, inbuilt, which allow one to keep a track, however, with multiple sites a separate location would be helpful.

Different Contact Details- While maintaining separate profiles on websites it helps to give a different set of contact details including mobile numbers and email ids to help identify the callers/associates from different sites.

Time Management-    Believe it or not, but managing separate profiles can be quite nerve wracking, especially when one needs to make notes, contact numbers and plan meetings. The whole process could be made quite easier by checking a site only once in a day and that too at separate times in the day.

 Division of work- It is also not a bad idea to maintain different sites by different people. This can only be done if more than one family member is available and also comfortable with the use of the websites. This helps too as different sites have very different interfaces and making them out correctly can be quite nerve wrecking.

Matrimonial sites though being very useful means of match- finding can be quite demanding in terms of time and effort. This is especially true when one needs to manage multiple profiles and manage a large group of prospective people. The tips given in this article can assist in easing the process and help to find the perfect match for you.

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The Big Fat Indian Wedding v/s The Chai-Paani Simple Wedding

One of the many things India is famous for is its weddings. Indian weddings are unique because rich or poor, a marriage ceremony is always a lavish affair. Spending on their children’s wedding is the main reason most people earn and save in India. It is that ultimate event towards which all effort is concentrated. It doesn’t matter that mandatory Matrimonial expenses have left many people’s financial future in the doldrums. So are such grand weddings really required?


A simple beginning

A low-cost wedding ceremony is not only easy on the pocket but also on one’s conscience. There is no unnecessary give or take of expensive gifts which is already very difficult with demonetization.

Money’s worth

Ask yourself what are you going to spend on. Giving a thousand people a good time while you wring your hands in case you fell short. Or giving expensive gifts to the bridegroom’s relatives who are certainly not going to play any role in keeping your daughter happy. Can’t your son start a small business with all the money you are spending on his wedding? There are still others who finance their wedding by taking bank loans. What a beginning to the most important step in your life! Now you can spend the first 5 years of your marriage paying hefty EMIs and sparring with your spouse over money.

No class distinction

If everyone were to celebrate weddings in a simple manner, there would be nothing to distinguish rich from the poor. People wouldn’t seek to marry above their so-called status and those below them on the social ladder won’t be looked down upon. Think about it, how much a person spends on a wedding has today become the parameter to judge whether he/she is doing well in life. Don’t we all want to put an end to such vain trends?

Put the money to good use

If you are still insistent about spending money, why not do it for a charitable cause. A number of couples have celebrated their weddings by feeding the poor, or treating slum children or getting the blessings of the elderly. Wouldn’t this make your wedding day truly memorable?

Spend it on yourself

Many couples these days spend less on their wedding ceremony so that they can use the money to spend some quality time together. There has been a surge in working couples taking off to exotic locations post-wedding which allows them more time to understand each other. Traveling together is today considered far better than mindless spending on wedding halls, 100 types of food stalls and silver cutlery.

Invest in the relationship

In the end what matter is the quality of your relationship and that has got nothing to do with how much money either side spent on the wedding. If it does, then it’s not worth it. Your relationship needs love, respect, and patience not wads of money.

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Funny things you might hear if you are an unmarried boy attending your best friend’s wedding

Finally, the day has come. It’s your best friend’s wedding and you’re all set to rock the party. Not to mention the relief you feel when you look at your friend that you are still single and free. While you’re getting ready to wish your friend the very best for the matrimonial bliss that awaits him, you might be in for a few unwanted comments yourself. Being an eligible bachelor has its perks but it also attracts attention. It’s certainly up to you if you can take it sportingly but there may be times when it gets really insufferable. Here are a few one-liners that will make you duck for cover.


“Get ready, you are next”

Just when you were celebrating your freedom all over again, someone is bound to drop this bomb. Never take it lightly for whoever says it is most probably plotting to hook you up with someone. Just find yourself a quiet corner and get out of sight.

“How old are you, you’ve really grown up”

This is again a tricky one straight from the matchmaker. The rule is, just subtract five years from your age if you really have to answer this question. That way you’ll manage to keep the aunties away for another five years. Well, almost, if you manage to not attend a wedding for the next five years.

“When are you getting married, I know you have a secret girlfriend”

Really, are you serious? Where exactly did you spot me with my secret girlfriend? While you’re still figuring out who your mystery girlfriend is, someone has already introduced you to their niece or cousin or daughter. Make excuses and slip out while there’s still time or you’ll be left entertaining prospective girlfriends all evening.

“You should settle down”

This is as corny at it can get. While you’re busy downing a drink or two, dancing a few crazy steps or busy fighting off the bride’s friends, out of nowhere this one lands right in front of you. “It’s time you got more responsible, do you want me to look for a girl?” you’re about to thank them for their concern when you hear the warning bells ringing, just in time. Run for your life!

“How much do you earn”

Isn’t asking about anyone’s salary downright rude? Well, not at weddings and certainly not for matchmaking aunties. So don’t even think about reminding them of manners, instead make up a funny answer that will get you out of this awkward situation. The problem is, this kind of a question does not deserve a straight answer and you are probably not that well trained in dodging aunties. So muster all the wit and humor you possess and laugh it off. There is no other way out of this one.

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