Pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner

The wedding market is one of the biggest growing businesses in the world today. Gone are the days when people use to compromise on finances when it came to weddings. The present day generation is ready to do all that it takes to make their wedding day the most memorable day of their lives. For the same, there is a latest trend that is taking over the matrimonial market, which is the idea of hiring a wedding planner. Wedding planners are mainly people who have the expertise of arranging the whole event and all the celebrations and functions that place in the wedding. They know the people who need to be contacted in order to make the whole event memorable and smooth.

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However, while hiring a wedding planner is actually a good idea, it has its own drawbacks as well. Let us now see the pros and cons of hiring a professional wedding planner:


  • You become relaxed: when you hire a professional wedding planner to take care of the whole event, you become mentally and physically relaxed. With him or her at the job, you just need to sit back and enjoy the whole festive atmosphere around you, surrounded by your loved ones.
  • You get more time: with no wedding hustle bustle to take care of, you can easily end up with a lot of time at your hand. This time you can spend catching up on your beauty sleep, getting pampered or with your family and friends.
  • More cost effective planning: a wedding planner is a professional who knows his or her job well. They can help make your event much more memorable in a cost effective way. They have resources and novel ideas, which help in better event management, even if you opt to do it yourself.
  • They handle people you don’t want to: being a wedding planner, it is their job to know people who do the planning work at the grass root level. These people may include caterers, decorators, tent people, band walas, mehendi artists, etc. while a wedding cannot be imagined without these people, you might end up facing problems while bargaining and settling finances with them. However, your wedding planner on the other hand does this as a day to day job, and can get you a good deal in no time.


  • You lose control: some wedding planners turn out to be tough cookies and want to get things done their own way. They pay no heed to your opinions and ideas, hence making you lose control of you own wedding.
  • A costly affair: hiring a wedding planner brings you the additional expense of paying him or her as well. Hence, you not only end up spending money of the wedding arrangements, but paying the wedding planner over the top as well.
  • No personal touch: a wedding planned by a professional planner will surely lack your personal touch, which you may repent later.

While hiring a wedding planner will surely ease you up, it will have it’s cons as well. So think well before deciding. All the best!

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Dating Sites Are No Threat To Matrimonial Portals: The Essential Difference Between The Two

All humans have a basic tendency to look out for love. People all over the world are looking around to find an ideal partner for themselves. However, the need for all may be slightly different from each other. While there are some who are looking for long term relationships like marriage, on the other hand, there are others who are just looking out for spend quality time with a person who matches their interests and create memories for life.

When we look into the relationship statistics on the whole, we often come across these two different kinds of people. Deeming one to be morally correct and the other to be incorrect would totally be a wrong practice.  Hence, keeping the needs of both in mind, people have recently come up with two different kind of sites and portals, namely dating sites and matrimonial sites.  However, since these kinds of sites are relatively new in India, there are a lot of myths associated with the same. One of the biggest myth in this regard is that dating sites are a threat to matrimonial ones and that, they can end up ruining the sanctity of marriage. This is as far from the truth as possible. The truth is that both kinds of sites are totally different from each other, each meant for a different sect of people. Let us try and analyze the main differences between both:

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Dating sites and their purpose:

When we talk about dating sites in particular, they are mainly aimed at dating for casual purpose only. The main reasons behind creating such sites are as follows:

  • Dating sites are only meant for people who want to meet and date new people.
  • People registered on these sites are not looking for long term relationships.
  • During the initial phase, the relationship shared by the individuals involved is often non-committed. However, if the two individuals involved click with each other, it might just lead to a committed relationship.
  • No family involvement is there in these sites
  • Such sites are designed only for casual meet and eat purpose.
  • The profiles are not thoroughly scrutinized before being uploaded on sites.

Matrimonial sites and their purpose:

Matrimonial sites are considered to be one of the most popular sites amongst Indians. As arranged marriages are still more popular in comparison to their love counterparts in India, these sites act like hot cakes for families seeking a good match for their loved one. There are as many as 1500 matrimonial sites in India alone. The purpose for creating such sites is as follows:

  • These sites are mainly made for people wanting to get married.
  • Here, matches are found for long term relationships, unlike casual dating.
  • The people here are looking for a partner, who seems ideal for them and adjust well into their family set up.
  • There is lot of family involvement in the same. In fact, many a times the profiles are made by the families rather than the person in question.

As the whole purpose behind dating and matrimonial sites is different, hence neither should be considered a threat to the other. So go ahead and look for a partner, as per your liking.

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Respect The Sanctity of Matrimonial Alliances: Stop Seeking Dates on Matrimonial Portals

Marriage is one thing which is considered to be the most holy, pious and sacred union of all in India. Since the beginning of time, a lot of sanctity has been associated with marriage. For us Indians, marriage is just not a certificate given by the society allowing two people to stay together, but it is actually a holy union of two souls, for ages to come. This is precisely the reason why arranged marriages are still preferred over their love counterparts, when it come to marriages in India. The technological boost in recent years has proven to be nothing less than a boon for people seeking a good match for marriage. The coming up of numerous matrimonial portals and sites has made match making an easy task, where you can search for your ideal partner while sitting inside the comfort of your home. However, over the recent times, people have started using these sites as a date finding arena.


Sadly, there are not many people in India, who know the exact difference between a matrimonial portal and a dating site. Not realising the seriousness associated with it, many people tend to make profiles on matrimonial sites with the aim of finding a partner, whom they can casually date for some time, and dump later. This practice, which is wrong in it’s very existence, tends to break the sanctity which comes associated with delicate relations like marriage and commitment.

Above all, there have been times, where this trend has even taken dangerous and fatal turns. In the recent past, there have been many cases, where people met others through matrimonial sites, found them to be an ideal match, but later, fell victim to fraudsters. Such fraud and fake people, use innocent and unsuspecting victims physically, emotionally as well as financially for their own benefits, and later stand them up. Nothing can compare the unimaginable emotional and mental trauma that the victims who fall prey to such predators experience. Sadly though, there have been times where unsuspecting victims who fall prey to groomers end up losing their lives in the process.

Taking the recent cases into account, the Government of India has decided that it is high time that certain stringent actions need to be taken, in order to keep the raising dating trend on matrimonial sites in check. The Government is now ready to pass a bill, which will set certain rules and regulations for matrimonial sites, which will make using them as dating portals a crime. In a recent tweet, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, honourable minister, communication and information technology was quoted as saying, “ Great step towards making India Matrimonial sites safer. Approved the advisory guidelines for matrimonial sites on privacy and sanctity of users.” He also mentioned that the government has also set standards to check cheating on matrimonial sites.

With all said, one needs to keep his or her own selfish benefits and lust in check before using match making sites as a dating one, to keep the sanctity of marriage intact. So think twice before doing the same.

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Things to Remember to Make a Matrimonial Search Beautiful

Every person dreams of finding a dream partner, a person, whom you love, cherish and grow old with. For the same, he opts for different ways. While some are lucky enough to find the love of their lives all by themselves, others prefer going in for an arranged match. One tends to experience a lot of things while looking for love. While some incidents in your matrimonial can be memorable and funny, others might just lead to some lessons learnt, the unpleasant way. Hence, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind, to make sure that your matrimonial search remains beautiful. Let us try and analyze the same:

  • Have self –confidence: Firstly, it is very important to be confident about your own self. Take pride in who you are. You might come across people who would dislike something about you. Don’t pay heed to such people and love yourself. The person who is meant for you will accept you for who you are.
  • Keep your choices open: every person has an ideal image of their dream mate in mind. However, during a matrimonial search, it is better to keep your choices open. The chances are strong that you might end up finding a partner, who is even better than the person you dreamt of, in the long run.
  • Don’t be prejudiced: Many a times, we intentionally or un-intentionally become prejudiced against certain kind of people. However, while looking for a life partner, it is better to get rid of all such thoughts. Never judge a person before meeting him of getting to know him or her better.
  • Avoid being stubborn: there are times, when people are hell bent on finding a partner which fits their description to the T. While having an opinion is a good thing, being stubborn is not. So make sure to consider good proposals that come along, keeping your personal preference at bay. Who knows, one of such proposals can turn out to be your ideal partner.
  • Look forward to meeting people: rather than being nervous, look forward to meeting new people. You are sure to come across many interesting characters while looking for your Mr. Perfect. Take all that comes in your stride and take it as a learning of human psychology.
  • Make memories: seeking marriage alliance is a time when you can make the best of memories. Enjoy the special times that you have your beloved. These memories will last you a lifetime. So make sure to make the best of it.
  • Try to know your spouse better: it is better to know about the likes, and dislikes of your would be partner. Utilize your courtship period to the fullest. This will surely help shape up a beautiful future for both of you.

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Things to Remember in Matrimonial Search

Marriage is the most life altering event of a person’s life. While you end up getting married to a person, it is not all about fun and frolic. There are a lot of responsibilities and adjustments that come attached along with a matrimonial alliance. Moreover, it is not just your own life, but the life of your family members as well which undergoes a drastic change when they welcome a new member to their fold. Hence, marriage is definitely is not a bed of roses. Therefore, it becomes imperative that we take full caution and care when we look for a life partner. So if you are now open to the idea of getting married and are looking for a special someone, these are a few points that you should always keep in mind:

  • Don’t give looks a priority: while looks form an important form of attraction, they certainly are not a complete package. Rather than judging the book by it’s cover, it is better to get to know the person as a human being.
  • Do a thorough background check: as the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. Keeping this in mind, make sure to do a thorough background check of the person who approaches you, especially in case arranged marriages. We often come across cases where people fall prey to fraudsters through honey traps, and end up getting cheated and duped in the end.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions: if you have any questions or doubts in regard to the person in question, then do not hesitate to voice your thoughts. It is better to ask questions and clarify your doubts before rather than getting married and repenting about it later.
  • Talk or chat discreetly: while you may feel attracted to a person’s profile, it is always better not to divulge too many details initially when you start chatting with them. As there are always chances that your match might work out, it is still better to play safe. The chances are quite high that if things don’t work out, then the person might use the given information against you as a vengeance.
  • Take initiative: break away from tradition and try to take initiative if you like someone. There is no reason to shy away from taking the first step if you have a linking for a particular profile. Try breaking the ice by sending a personal message showing your interest in a particular profile.
  • Do a professional check: make sure to do an online check in regard to the qualification and job description that a person has mentioned in his online profile. This can be done by checking his or her name on sites like face book and LinkedIn. If the profile matches it’s claims, only then go ahead with the proposed relationship.
  • Keep your emotions in check: don’t get emotionally involved when you initially get a proposal. By doing so, you make yourself vulnerable to an emotional and mental trauma, just in case things don’t work out.

With the following points in mind, you are sure to end up with your ideal partner in no time. All the best!

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Ideas to Make Matrimonial Search Interesting

Getting married is one of the most major events of an individual’s life. While on one hand it gives us settlement in life, on the other, it helps us find our soul-mate, with whom we can feel loved and pampered, all throughout our lives. Different people opt for different ways to find our special someone. While there are some, who are lucky enough in love, there are still many more, who have to struggle a little to achieve it. In a country like India, where arranged marriage is still very prevalent, we often come across various ways through which people engage in a matrimonial search. From giving ads in matrimonial classifieds to getting enrolled in marriage bureaus, there are numerous ways in which a person aims to get a partner for himself. One of the newest ways of matrimonial search comes in the form of matrimonial sites. More often than not, most people searching for a true life partner are now opting for various matrimonial sites, owing to its comfort and easy access.  Many marriage seekers make profiles on online matrimonial sites, in hopes of finding a perfect life partner for themselves. However, what one must realise is that just giving ads or merely making profiles is not good enough when it comes to finding a match. One must make the whole journey an interesting and memorable one. This can be done in the following ways:

Young woman lies on bed with notebook in dark room
  • Market yourself: it is important to market your profile and make yourself sound as the most important person in the world when it comes to matrimonial search. This can be done by making your profile or ad a little flashy, which catches the interest of a person in a jiffy.
  • Use good language: the use of grammatically correct language can do wonders to make your matrimonial search look interesting. The correct use of vocabulary and language makes one come across as a decent and dignified person, who comes from a good background. Hence, the use of correct and polished language is very important to make matrimonial search interesting.
  • A good portfolio: get a good photo portfolio of yourself done, which has to be attached along with your profile and particulars. Your looks and conduct are the first thing that may grab a person’s attention.
  • An attractive profile picture: visuals have a deeper impact and ability to attract a person’s mind rather than anything else. Hence, it is very important to use a good picture along with your profile, to attract attention of people. Use an attractive picture, which captures your features clearly.
  • Look forward to meeting people: don’t succumb under the pressure that matrimonial searches bring along with them. Rather, look forward to meeting new and interesting people, whom you will remember all your life. Who knows, one of them might turn out to be the person whom you are looking for.

Matrimonial search can turn out to be great fun, if you take it in the stride. So enjoy every phase of it and make memories for life.

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Dealing With Online Matrimonial in a Traditional Family

In your quest to get that ideal partner search result from a Matrimonial site, you’ll see that a website plays a vibrant role in helping people find their perfect and desired partner. These sites provide an efficient and smooth driveway for registered members to find and chat with the person they are interested in. the process of registration is reliable and simple. In India, marriage is a huge affair and is mostly lavish. The search for bride for the groom or groom for the bride is a heavy and arduous task for parents of all families. Cutting across cultural and religious lines, it becomes pretty intense as marriage is a big thing in a traditional society that’s India.

It’s a question of happiness and life and one little mistake can make things problematic and uncertain. If you’re from a traditional family and are going for online Matrimonial, fret not. The sites are all for users and have varied plans.

  • Start with easy registration: Show your parents how easy it is to register yourself online. The process is a cakewalk really and anyone can search their partner just by filling up the required informational and logical details pertaining to the registering person.
  • Thwarting middlemen: There’s no need to seek the help of traditional marriage brokers, who take advantage of the situation and drain you financially. There’s no need to depend upon your relatives or plans for the search. A traditional family will find its interest placed on the peak as these sites record and filter search based on family values, customs and cultural sensitivities.
  • A reliable search: Searching for a prospective partner through these sites has become very reliable and flexible. Previously, there wasn’t proper or sufficient knowledge where the marriage broker was giving and taking the profiles of the respective bride and groom. The search mechanism is secure as the sites keep complete privacy. Privacy of both parties is put into account by the concerned service provider.
  • Thriving on online chores: Here, we are talking about updates. The best thing about searching your partner through a marriage site is that you can get regular and routine updates. These include accepting an invitation, alerts and then you can express your interest in them. In fact, the sites let you know that the profile remains incomplete. They also add that you can get a better chance to look for your dream mate.
  • Step in parents: Nowadays, parents are seeking help from these sites to find a suitable girl or boy for their child. It’s interesting to know that its parents and elders who have made these matrimonial sites more viable today. Despite being traditional in their disposition, they have taken recourse to the sites because they don’t need to take any stress and put themselves in consistent travels and meetings.

The reason why you don’t have to worry about matrimonial sites in traditional household system is because the very search and navigation is based on cultural, regional and religious sensitivities. The likes, customs and rules of a culture or community is taken care of.

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Search Tips for Online Matrimonial

As things stand now, online Matrimonial sites have become a magnificent and innovative way to find your ideal desired partner in a smooth and very interesting manner. Here, you encounter the internet-driven world and see through a plethora of profiles to get your desired match. The cardinal truth in this domain is that while doing your online search of a parent, it becomes essential to keep some crucial keynotes and points into account. You need to do so because the risk and dangers of online fraud are rampant these days.

You can however, keep yourself away from all these negative sores and parts by keeping your profile locked into a trusted and reputable matrimonial site. Let’s talk about some tips to find your ideal partner on such site in a secure, reliable and easy way.

  • Don’t judge early: If you happen to meet one apparently idealized and emblazoned prospect on some online matrimonial site with lots of things inside, don’t be too excited. Her/his profile picture might appear to be sufficiently attractive and decent or may be the person has finished the profile saying he is a super beneficial financier with some glorious rewards. If it’s a girl, then the profile might read lots of brains with beauty. Here, you need to watch your step.
  • Take time before you decide: The incongruity and uncertainty of the online gamut is that generally, two different persons invest the concerned push for making a decent profile. It comprises a great deal of consideration and care. You need to remember that those having a genuine plan are different and those who’re lying have another setup. The problem is, you won’t know whether this person you’re keen t meet is veritable or something else and the obscurity remains till the point where you can contribute additional exertion and time.
  • Research a profile: It’s very important to assess and analyze whether a profile is fake or real. Once you like someone’s profile, never take next stride or decision in a jiffy. In the event that a profile entails the full name, it’s best to find that out on the web at that point. Cross-checking at that point is the best thing to do. Generally speaking, the name won’t be simply sufficient specifically in the event of it not matching with the Matrimonial Scan for that name along with their workplace or instructive organization or work industry.
  • More on research: As you scan for details, you can look through all the initial 4-5 pages of list items in Google search results. You need to do thus so as not miss out on any news report or vital piece of information covered somewhere about her/his past. You need to understand that dating locales too now entail a required enlistment integrating your LinkedIn or Facebook ID. Likewise, it gives the quantity and value of companionship to a member. The profile, even it appears to be honest and fair, you need to do your part.

The thing is that you cannot hurry or delay in things here. The best timely action and delivery wins.

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How do you know it’s the right time for “i do?”

“Marriages are made in heaven but require efforts on earth” – a common refrain. A marriage is a commitment for a lifetime where adequate efforts from both sides need to be made. What makes a marriage work isn’t and can’t be known or penned as it is a relation between two individuals with too many variables to put a finger on. There are varying views on the right time to agree to wedlock, with timeframes ranging from “love at first sight” to arguments in favor of individuals taking “maximum time”. All “experts” would definitely agree to the one fact, that the couple must most definitely be comfortable with the idea of wedlock. He should have ticked off some aspects in their “mind based checkbox” prior to taking the plunge. Of course, the issues of commitment and adjustment will just about start thereafter.


There are, however, certain aspects which must be looked into before taking the next step. Important of these is asking oneself the pertinent question of whether you are ready to accept the other person as it is. One must, of course, refrain from entering a wedlock or saying “I do” to another with only the fear of remaining lonely, pushing oneself towards tying the knot. Another important aspect is to ensure that one is one’s true self when with the other person. Seeing that marriage also means the same thing to both persons is another important issue to be understood.

Some aspects which could be looked into given today’s modern world include seeing if incomes match and if lifestyles of both families mesh.

Other integral things one should look at are family background and upbringing. It is pertinent that both the families are similar in their thinking and social status in order to have a seamless transition into getting into the other person’s family.

One should also look at the friend’s circle of your future partner and your compatibility with them. This will further assist in understanding the like-mindedness of the proposed spouse. Try to spend a lot of time with your partner in his surrounding with his friends to know more about him/her. Try to meet in different settings like dinners, movies, picnics, plays and understand each other’s interest. This also plays a huge role in deciding whether to take the plunge with that person.

The most important issue to understand is that the matrimonial is for you yourself as an individual and all other aspects including family, parents, work, finances come later. Given these, the most important issue is to understand whether one is ready to get married if the timing is right and whether the other person would be able to stand by your during your tough times. These will come from within the heart of the individual and a finger cannot be laid on these very abstract issues.

Take your time in making this life altering the decision of your time.

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How to Manage Multiple Profiles on Matrimonial Sites

Social media has become a mainstay of matchmaking in the present age where people are transcending boundaries and borders to meet others from more diverse backgrounds. Social media gives “love” a chance by getting people to widen their circle, meet a more diverse set of people, choose the people they want to meet as per their liking and to reject, without having to meet, people they consider unworthy. Thus, the use of matrimonial sites has proliferated widely with huge numbers turning to these for seeking their significant other. The first step of course to the complete use of these sites is of setting up user profiles. This is also not so much of an issue, as is the use of multiple matrimonial sites with different profiles. We tell you how to use matrimonial sites and to effectively manage profiles on these.


Common Profile- The first step would be to create a common profile. Most sites require a background write up, and it would help if this along with profile fields as well as the proposed spouse profile is filled out with common inputs in all the sites.

Utilizing a Diary or Notepad- It would assist if a separate space is utilized to maintain the details of the likes or accepts received. Though most sites have adequate measures, inbuilt, which allow one to keep a track, however, with multiple sites a separate location would be helpful.

Different Contact Details- While maintaining separate profiles on websites it helps to give a different set of contact details including mobile numbers and email ids to help identify the callers/associates from different sites.

Time Management-    Believe it or not, but managing separate profiles can be quite nerve wracking, especially when one needs to make notes, contact numbers and plan meetings. The whole process could be made quite easier by checking a site only once in a day and that too at separate times in the day.

 Division of work- It is also not a bad idea to maintain different sites by different people. This can only be done if more than one family member is available and also comfortable with the use of the websites. This helps too as different sites have very different interfaces and making them out correctly can be quite nerve wrecking.

Matrimonial sites though being very useful means of match- finding can be quite demanding in terms of time and effort. This is especially true when one needs to manage multiple profiles and manage a large group of prospective people. The tips given in this article can assist in easing the process and help to find the perfect match for you.

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