What to Look Out for a Groom in your Second Marriage

If we lived in a perfect work where love and happiness were the two most cherished and wanted things, there would be only ‘happily ever afters’ with man and wife married for life. There would be no room for any kind of misunderstanding, arguments, and fallouts. But we live in a world far from perfect where a partner dies much before the other, leaving the spouse grieving for the rest of their lives. Many marriages fall apart due to reasons are known as well as unknown. Hence, it is important that we do not get disheartened by it and look for a partner but definitely be careful in the selection second time around. We help you find the near perfect groom for your second marriage.


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Compatibility– After having gone through one marriage and setting your life with your partner it is difficult to find the same level of comfort and ease with another person but life moves on and you need to go along with the tide. So the next time around you should look out for compatibility with your partner. Check if he has the same temperament as you if he likes to do similar things, if you can have a conversation with him without having the feeling of being judged and if you are comfortable in his company.

Likes and dislikes– It is important to have a partner who is also your companion for which you need to have similar likes and dislikes. Or at least be open to trying out each other’s hobbies and interests. If you are an outdoor person and want him also to enjoy it as much introduce it to him much before you say ‘I do’. See his interests and likes and dislikes. If you feel he is totally different from you then it is straightaway a no-go. Similarly, try to understand his likes and dislikes and imbibe them into your life.

Family background– It is important to have complete family support especially when you are tying the knot for the second time as they are and will always be your support system. If you can find a groom from a similar background it would be the best as it would ease out some things like language, food habits, traditions, and rituals. Also, it is important to have someone from your strata of the society so that your level of thinking matches on some level.

Financial background– Finances play a huge role in a second marriage because it is a conscious decision that you are making and it is not one of those love at first sight instances. So ensure that your groom to be has a sound financial background to be able to support you and if you have any children. The type of work he does also hold a lot of meaning because it makes life simpler and easier.

It takes the time to build relationships but slowly and steadily they work out. With these few yet important tips on finding a groom, you would surely have no problems in getting the perfect mate, the second time around. Many matrimony sites have a special section for second marriages. You should have a look at them.

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What to Look for a Bride in your Second Marriage

Getting married and looking for the perfect match is in itself a herculean task which gives the best of individual’s nightmares. Yet millions take the plunge daily around the globe and most sail smooth. None can pinpoint the raison d’etre for a wedlock working out right, and vice -verse. It can be safely said that the institution of marriage is a wonderful one to live but difficult to understand. The difficulty could increase a notch when one needs to go through the process of selection and rejection another time. Though experience could help you, yet with a “failure” behind you, one could feel apprehensive. We give you some pointers that would help you find the perfect bride for the second time.


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Unbiased views-The most important aspect to remind oneself as one goes looking for a bride is to remain unbiased and see the individual separated from the previous experience, which would probably have been a bitter one. It is important to keep the experience as a positive tool for having understood one’s own self and needs from the prospective spouse.

What to look for? – The aspects that one would want to see in the prospective bride would include adaptability as a benchmark for moving forward. With most second marriages set to be at a more mature age, this facet would define how the couple would be able to settle down and move forward in life. In addition, common likes, hobbies or aspects would be largely helpful in finding common ground and a kickoff point towards a future relation.

Commitment-  As one goes in for a second marriage it very important for a sense of commitment to be evident from the prospective bride, as it is a value which will ensure that the will to hold a marriage through the ups and downs is there. It is also important to understand the reasons for the breakdown of her first relation as this gives an insight into the complete person.

Background details– A background check to confirm her credentials and to safeguard from imposters who use love to fleece people would be largely recommended. This check must include a check on family background, schooling, and colleagues from work and friend.

One important aspect of safeguarding from is to not get married during the rebound phase and mistaken infatuation for love or commitment. Asking yourself the question if you have overcome the emotional turmoil of the first wedding should safeguard you from the fall.

Advice from close ones– Friends and family would also be key witnesses in this issue and must be taken advice off, as required. Matrimony sites also have good tips on this issue. You must have a look at them.

A long courtship and engagement – to – marriage period would ensure a deeper understanding of the person. Especially in the second run, one could be biased by the previous experiences and thus, having a long period of togetherness one would be well placed in life.

As is well known, there are no real checklists and answers to getting married and finding the perfect match. One must go with the gut feeling and ensure that you are committed and happy from within. Only this can guarantee a safe and happy marriage, especially the second time around.

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How To Select The Best Partner For Blissful Life

In the words of Jan H Stringer, The most perfect relationship is the one that supports you in fulfilling your destiny—the one that empowers you to be everything you are meant to be in this world and beyond.To a frustrated and lonesome single person, life can often seem like a rosewood bed of two amorous, love-struck couples. At first glance, studies seem to back it up, hinting that married persons are on average contented more than single and much happier than the divorced ones.

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But, for a closer view and subsequent analysis, if you split these married people into two definite groups thriving on marriage quality, you’ll find those in self-assessed failed marriages are absolutely miserable. They are much less happy than people who’re unmarried. Then, those in self-assessed successful or good marriages are a lot happier than the threadbare literature reports. The reality is an absolute hodge-podge and you have dedicated Matrimony Sites showing you the way, helping two people to share the same platform, meet and know each other, and take it further if they want.

  • Finding someone you can easily connect with: Selecting the right partner for life is essential in leading a happy married life. There are numerous factors that you need to consider while choosing your life partner. The primary aspect is to entail things that are vital to you. It’s very crucial to choose someone who you can strike a conversation with quite easily. This way, you will enjoy doing things before talking about them together sans getting bored.
  • Potential partner with common interests: Selecting a person who shares similar interest works in your favor. You need to remember that every interest doesn’t need to be the same, but it can be identical and some will be the same. Relationship experts and clinical psychologists say that when you decide to spend your life with somebody, you must consider things that both would love to do or see together. For instance, if you’re a music lover, you’d ideally like to be with one who loves it as well. It’d make your life interesting.
  • Considering the intellect of your partner: For those who are laid back and the partners are over-achievers, it could snowball into a threat or disruption to your marriage. You need to be eye to eye pertaining to your collective perception, thinking, and processing of things.
  • Standards are okay: You need to take your and your family’s sentiments and standards into account while choosing your life partner. Though it’ absolutely alright to have someone who probably doesn’t belong to your layer of society, but make sure that person isn’t fully off the mark.
  • Mutual respect: It’s a foregone conclusion that you can’t spend your life with a person who has respect for your goals/dreams, your personality or you. So go for someone who will appreciate and acknowledge you for the coming chapters of your life. That’s what all Matrimony Sites try to imbibe.

You also need to figure out whether he or she is trustworthy or has the potential to be trusted. You need to spend time together as well.

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Planning For Card Distribution Before the Wedding

There are lots of things that define and determine the core and outline of a wedding. Different ideas, factors, estimates, options and reasons culminate into a gala event. This is an event you have been for a long time and it blankets a lot of wishes, desires and wants. Everyone wants to make their wedding a grand affair. Matrimony Sites, after matchmaking on or by matrimonial, starting right from the cards, guest list, venue, food, lights, hospitality aspects, drinks and entertainment and so on, you’re planning starts much before time.  The first focus is on cards.

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Before planning for distributing your cards, you need to economize on them. The cost of invitation cards can be anything between Rs. 45 to Rs. 3,500 per card. You have dedicated Matrimony that shows you how.

  • Advance orders: You need to order them at least six to seven months in advance as traditional invitation cards cost much less. The leading printer of cards tells that Thermography is virtually half the rate of engraving. Both the patterns provide raised print yet engraving impacts and impacts a more formal appeal to the invitation. Unlike thermography, this form of raised print is firmly pressed through the rear end.
  • Purchasing them in bulk: For larger wedding events and parties, you must purchase your invitation cards at bulk retail/party stores. You can also get them from wedding warehouses to acquire the best buy for the money paid.
  • Cutting on unnecessary stuff: You need to avoid getting a separate card for the function day or reception in case both the ceremonies are held at one venue. That’d help you in reducing a lot of expense as well.
  • Making your own take: If you are a creative person and would like to take a plunge in this work, you can always choose to make your select invitations. You need to factor in aspects of postage. That includes stamps for the envelopes for response cards. This should fall well within the budget. You can email for this purpose and send scanned copies of your card. You can do this especially for those who abroad or in other states.
  • Definite planning: Planning is your guest list is always an imperative in the first place. You need to come out with an approximate head count before ordering for the cards. A few more or less wouldn’t matter, but make sure the waste is not much. Also, there are some guests who you know won’t come or will not be able to make it. However, due to professional or personal obligation, or some courtesy or formality, you have to send them the invitation. Sending them a scanned copy via email is the best method here.
  • Rope on the internet: With social media coming of age, you can always circulate your wedding card, the scanned cope of course in the personal accounts of your connected with. You just need to cope and paste it some groups or individually. The majority of Sites speak of this viability.

In your workplace, you can make bulk invitations through one card. Hand it over to one prominent person in the group who can be in charge of the same or one represents them in any way. That serves the same purpose.

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How Engineers Make the Best Husbands

Dear girls! Remember that nerdy boy from your school, who was shy and scared of approaching girls? The one who was deemed as a teacher’s pet but suddenly became most popular as the exams approached? Well, this boy is now a handsome young man, a qualified engineer, with a great job and to put it all in one, a perfect life partner that all girls desire!

The past few decades in India have seen a sudden boom in the engineering sector. Parents want their sons to peruse engineering as a career for a safe, beneficial and secure future. Keeping the same thing in mind, it is no surprise that parents looking for suitable grooms for their daughters prefer making the match with boys who are engineers. Various matrimonial sites are abuzz with parents looking for such matches. Let us look at some points which prove that Engineers make the best husbands:

engineers wedding
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  • Rationality: Engineers prove to be incredibly rational husbands. In a case of any kind of problem, they’ll listen to you, analyze and explain the situation and provide with the best possible solution without being bias in any front.
  • Confidence: engineers are incredibly confident human beings. They have been out in the world since a very young age, which helps in boosting their confidence levels. Hence, their decisions in terms of handling the home affairs are quite effective ones.
  • Financially secure: Engineers generally end up working with good government and private companies, which fetches them good money. Hence, when you are married to an engineer, you are sure to have a secure financial future.
  • They are Mr. Fix-it: From drilling a small hole in the wall to fixing a major plumbing problem at home, from fixing your baby’s toy to fixing the car, your hubby dear can do it all! Being an engineer, he has a knack of solving and fixing all kinds of hiccups that might incur in your lovely adobe.
  • Meticulous planners:  Engineers are meticulous planners, who will plan everything keeping in mind the minutest of details. So from building a new house to planning a family vacation, hubby darling will take care of everything. All you need to do is sit back and relax.
  • Great fathers: engineers are great fathers. Being out in the world for so long, they give their children the freedom to make their own choices and select their own paths. Moreover, they are the typical adventurous dads who will go to lengths to make sure that the kids are having a good time. They also prove to be great teachers who never hesitate in helping the kids with their homework.

Engineers undoubtedly make the best husbands ever. Being the perfectionists that they are, there is no doubt that they will go to any lengths to ensure a happy, secure and safe future for their life partners and families! So go ahead and look for your Mr. Perfect right now!

How Doctors Make the Best Wives

Values and traditions of Indian society have changed radically over the sands of time. Gone are the days when people preferred having wives restricted to the household chores and basic up keeping of the family. The perspective grooms of modern India want well educated, well groomed working girls who can maintain the balance between home and work with amazing ease.  And the girls fitting this bill most suitably are undoubtedly the ones who are doctors.  There is no doubt that doctor’s make amazing wives. From working in the hospitals to managing their relations, doctor wives are able to do all that with a sensible and mature mind. This explains in itself the huge number of parents on various matrimonial sites seeking doctor brides for their sons. Let us have an insight into the advantages of having a doctor as a wife:

doctor wedding
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  • High maturity levels: The doctor wives are generally very mature in the way they think. They have been independent women. Since the time they finished school, they have been living in an open medical college atmosphere, followed by their tenure as interns and residents in various hospitals across the country. Hence, they have been out in the world since a very early age, which helps in grooming their sensibility and maturity. Based on their experiences, they can help in taking mature and sensible decisions when it comes to the home front.
  • Broadminded: Doctor Wives are generally very broadminded. Hence, they give their life partners the required space in the relationship, which nurtures their healthy future together. So, if you want to enjoy a guy’s night out with your friends, your doctor spouse is sure to understand.
  • Financially independent: Girl doctors remain financially independent even after getting married. This not only provides an additional monetary benefit, it also assures a stable financial future for the couple on the whole. Moreover, their nature of job helps them in establishing their own private practice, in case there be a need.
  • No job hassles: doctors are required all over the world. So even if you plan to move to a new town or a new country, you can be rest assured that your lady luck will surely land up with a good job. Moreover, the icing on the top comes in the option of having her own private practice if no other working option seems to chalk out.
  • First- aid at hand: no matter which field your wife specializes in, she oath to know all the basic procedures and medications to follow in case of medical emergencies at home. So till the time you reach the hospital, you are assured to be in safe hands.
  • Loving mothers: doctors make great mothers. From playing with them to teaching them, they do it with full dedication. Moreover, they assure proper hygiene around the house for a healthy and safe environment for the children to grow in.

So there you have it! There is no doubt that doctors make the best wives ever. So go along and find a queen in white right now! Hope you meet your soul mate soon!


It is a known fact, that weddings across India are a Big, Fat and Gala affair. Be it of any culture, religion or ethnicity, it is supposed to be a time of celebration, where you want all your near and dear ones to be with you, to be a part of your happiness. And the main attraction of Indian weddings is un- undoubtedly, the baarat. A baraat is a procession that comes along with the groom to attend the wedding ceremony, with a full throttle band, dancing to the beat and enjoying and being a part of the celebrations. However, no matter how much fun this all may sound, there are times when baraatis cross the limits, hence adding sourness to the whole function. Though, not many matrimony sites cover the do’s and don’ts of wedding guests, here we have a few tips guiding the baraatis as in how to act while attending a wedding function:



  • Be on time: one of the biggest faux pas of many Indian weddings is that the wedding procession of the groom does not arrive in time. Well, this thing should be kept in mind that the bride’s side of the family are waiting for them eagerly for the function to start. Moreover, especially in terms of Hindu weddings, all rituals are to take place at a particular given time or mahurat. Hence, it is important for the groom’s side to reach the venue on time.
  • Be courteous: Remember that the bride’s and groom’s family has made a lot of effort to make the wedding function memorable for you. Appreciate that effort and be courteous towards the hosts.
  • Await your turn to give gifts or while taking food: Patience is the key for every baarati to enjoy the event. Await your turn if there are a lot of people before you to give their blessings and gifts to the newlyweds. Also, it is advised to stand systematically in a like or be seated on your tables while food is being served, to avoid unnecessary ruckus.
  • Go as per the invitation: respect the invitation that has been given to you and goes as per that only. If the invite says “Mr. And Mrs. So and so (with family)” only then take your children along. Never assume that children are invited no matter what.


  • Never seek undue attention: The hosts have a lot of people to attend to during the function. Hence, do not create unwanted situations to seek undue attention.
  • Do not criticize the staying arrangement and food: The hosts themselves want that everything should be perfect to the T. they try to make sure that you have a comfortable stay and your gestational needs are well taken care of. So don’t make undue or unfair remarks for the same until the situation really calls for it.
  • Drink responsibly: don’t arrive for the function in a drunkard state and create a un- called for a brawl. Remember, this way you will end up spoiling someone’s special day.

Remember the given tips as rules and we assure you, you’ll never go wrong. So go ahead and enjoy the wedding season as responsible guests.