Destinations Suitable for Maratha Weddings

Maratha weddings are brief but there would simply be no compromise in ritual. You will see that the people who participate in these weddings would really love to do so. Maratha people too are quite open-hearted and generous. That’s the reason why many of them opt for destination weddings these days. In Maratha Matrimonial you will see that the weddings do happen in an authentic way. But, if you have been looking for some different style of wedding or a destination wedding then here are some of the best ideas.

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Destinations suitable for Maratha weddings

In India, we have so many beautiful locations. So, making a selection of a good locale for the purpose of wedding would not be quite tough. Just try these ideas and see:

  • Beach destination: If you wish to try something different then beach destination wedding would be a good choice. In India, you will find many beautiful places where there are beaches. Cochin, Goa etc are some of the examples.
  • Kerala backwaters: This can also be a very good destination. Since Marathas may not be aware of the places in Kerala, it would also be a good family outing. This is something that both the guests and the hosts would love.
  • Palace weddings: In India, we have a rich heritage of palaces. Rajasthan is a popular place where you can find many palaces. Apart from that many other places in India have palaces. You can select any good location and finalize that as the wedding venue.
  • Hill station near Maharashtra: If you wish to stay nearby and not travel much then in Maharashtra there are so many hill stations. Select the one that suits your needs and budget and have a great wedding.

Thus, there are so many places for a destination wedding. If you choose the one that would suit your needs as well as the budget then it would be a great Maratha Matrimonial. You must never stretch your budget too much. This is because there are many other wedding preparations that would be on the cards. So, always be within your capacity. It is true that wedding happens once in a lifetime, but you just can’t go out of your budget.

Thanks to the new generation and the compatibility they have created with the elders that destination weddings have become very much possible. There was a time when these weddings would take place at the bride’s home only. But now, there is much advancement in this field too. If you are still planning the destination wedding then you can even search for various online options that may be available to you. Find them and see. Maratha weddings are brief but there would simply be no compromise in ritual. You will see that the people who participate in these weddings would really love to do so. Maratha people too are quite open-hearted and generous. These days the destination weddings have become quite common. It is a myth that they are always expensive. You can find things within your budget and when you do that you would rarely face any issue.


How Marketeers Make the Best Wives

With changing times, perceptions are changing as well. Gone are the days when guys looked for girls who would be the perfect homemakers, taking care of their homes and families, while the man of the house went out to earn a living. Times have changed. Now people consider working women as a perfect match when it comes to tying the knot in holy matrimony. The number of increase in people looking for working daughter in laws on various matrimonial sites stands as a testimony for the given statement. But in the case of brides, this field too has certain favorites, with people looking  for bankers or teachers as perspective bahus.


There are still certain fields which are considered not very appropriate by some thinking that with such CVs, their daughter in laws of wives won’t be able to give much time on the home frontier. One of such fields that are considered not so suitable for girls is, unfortunately, marketing. However, what people don’t know is that it is this field itself which helps a girl become a perfect life partner. Let us break all myths in relation to all women marketers, and prove how they make the best wives ever:

  • Job security: though marketing is primarily related to the private sector, still there is a lot of job security, especially for female employees. They are given more benefits in terms of PF, insurance etc. as a part of their package. With the IT industry and business booming, good marketers are always in demand. So even if there is a case in which she wants to hop jobs, she has got plenty of options before her, which she can choose from for a better future for herself and her family.
  • Flexible Job timings: Marketeers have a leisure of going to work late in the morning if the work pressure in office is light. Hence, they can go to their office at a time suitable to them, after completing the home front commitments.
  • Work from home: The marketers have an option of working from home. So in a case of any kind of engagement and emergency, a marketer wife can work from home and take care of the situation as well.
  • Monetary benefits: The companies for which marketers work tend to pay you well, owing to the kind of work and the position you hold in the company. Hence, most marketers are paid quite well, which ensures a comfortable lifestyle for the better half as well. Not only that, a marketer wife is capable of running the house finances independently as well if the need arises. Hence, she is not only a support to the house finances, she is rather the foundation behind it.
  • Future endeavors: If there is ever a need in case of which the marketer women has to leave her job to fulfill other family commitments, she always has enough experience to start her own business endeavor in future. Owing to the nature of her job, she has the right contacts whom she can rely upon to start her own venture.

So there you have it. There is no doubt that marketers make the best wives ever. Here’s wishing  you all the luck in finding your perfect mate!

How Marketeers Make the Best Husbands

There was a time in India, not very long ago when people wanted only doctors or engineers as husbands for their daughters. Other professions were looked down upon, thinking that they did not provide stability and growth. However, with changing times, the perspectives also changed.  As more and more people started applying for other professional courses like MBA, people started realizing the value of career options like marketing. The testimony for the same lies in the fact that even after doing medical and engineering courses, the younger generation enhanced their professional qualification by doing professional courses, to provide more stability to their respective careers. Such change in trends can now be witnessed on various matrimonial sites as well, where a huge increase can be seen in terms of parents looking for Marketeer grooms for their little angels, keeping in mind their future. Let us look into how marketers make the best husbands ever:

Soha and Kunal's Wedding
Soha and Kunal’s Wedding | PC:
  • Job stability: A Marketeer has job stability. Though he works in the private sector, he gains a lot of experience in the initial years of work itself. With the IT industry and business booming, good marketers are always in demand. So even if there is a case in which he wants to hop jobs, he has got plenty of options in front of him which he can choose from for a better future for himself and his family.
  • Growth: There is a lot of scope of growth in the marketing field. A marketer tends to meet a lot of clients owing to the nature of his job. This gives him access to a lot of experience on the basis of which leads to his professional as well as personal growth.
  • Flexible work timings: Marketeers have a leisure of going to work late in the morning if the work pressure in office is light. Hence, your hubby dear won’t always be in a hurry to reach office in the morning, which eases your routine as well.
  • Monetary benefits: The companies for which marketers work tend to pay you well, owing to the kind of work and the position you hold in the company. Hence, most marketers are paid quite well, which ensures a comfortable lifestyle for the better half as well.
  • Work from home: Marketeers have the option from working from home as well if they cannot go to office due to some reasons. So if hubby dear is not feeling well but still has office work to do, he can do it sitting at home while you pamper him back to health.
  • Future endeavors: If in case your spouse wants to have his individual business set up in future, his experience in marketing helps him a lot. He knows which people to contact and which sources to tap to make his venture a success.
  • Good judge of human nature: a marketer tends to meet a lot of people in his area of the job. This makes him a good judge of people and a keen observer of human nature. Hence, he applies this skill at the home front too, keeping all the relations in balance.

There is hence no doubt that marketers make the best husbands. So go on and find your prince charming now!

Planning a Destination Wedding in Nepal

So you are ready to tie the knot with your soul mate and now want to find the perfect wedding destination that will be remembered for generations to come! Fret not, as we will tell you about an unheard of but yet a beautiful matrimony hub to make your special day, a memorable one- Nepal.

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Nepal is fast emerging as a popular wedding destination that is closer home and also not as expensive as Europe. Here are some of the popular places to say ‘I do’.

Scenic wedding locale at Pokhara– Make your wedding a memorable one at Pokhara, a mirror to the Himalayas. This lakeside beauty is a hidden treasure in the land of the Himalayas. You can exchange rings at the lakeside resort overlooking the snow-capped mountains that are just 20 kilometers away. There are many adventure sports activities as well to keep the guests entertained during the days leading up to the wedding.

Tie the knot at the scenic village setup of Ghalegaun- If you like rustic and pristine locales then head to Ghalegaun, a small village endowed with an unparallel scenic grandeur. Located about 205 km North West of Kathmandu, it is the only place in Nepal from where you can see the nine different districts of Nepal. It commands a majestic view of the Himalayas, a great place to spend your special day.

Say your vows in style at the Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu- This five start venue is a hot favourite amongst most wedding planners. Set amidst the lofty Himalaya peaks it offers the most scenic view of the country. It also has the luxury of a lavish venue where all the arrangements are taken care of and you just arrive as a guest for your own wedding.

Luxury at its best at Hotel Five Monkeys, Baneshwor– This five start property is one of the favourites amongst the who’s who in Nepal for weddings. It has all that is needed and more to plan a wedding- be it a swanky wedding hall, finger licking food or stunning décor and ambience. This place has it all, making it a perfect wedding hub.

Jambudeep Banquets, Battisputtali– You can have a lavish wedding at the Jambudeep Banquets, Battisputtali with the choice of having an outdoor venue or a more formal feel in an indoor hall. The hotel is known for its décor and food arrangements, making it a popular place to have the wedding.

If you are a mountain lover then you will simply fall in love with Nepal and what better way to celebrate your love than at the abode of the Himalayas. So get set for a serene and scenic wedding.

Unique gift ideas for your wedding guests

It’s all in the details of the wedding that makes it a perfect one! Wedding favors include many things from the venue, guests’ arrangements, dresses, and gifts. You can gift various items to the guests that will inspire them and make them feel very happy. A wedding involves many preparations that include gift items for guests. Always consider your finances before buying gifts for your loved ones and guests in the wedding. No matter whatever your budget is, you need to search for the most affordable and perfect wedding favors.

Make a list of guests while purchasing gifts:

When you make a budget for the wedding gifts then make sure how many people you are inviting and make a list accordingly. It’s always preferable to buy things in bulk as you will get wholesale price for the gifts you are buying. You can even search various online gifting websites that will provide you huge discounts and wholesale prices for the gift for your shadi. You can plan gifts in a basket as it looks simply amazing. The decoration possesses great importance in a wedding may it be of venue decoration or gifts decoration. You can pack various gifts like chocolates, candies, candle stands, bed sheets, and clothes to your relatives and friends.

Wedding gifts for guests ideas
Wedding gifts for guests ideas PC:

Choose beautiful wrapping paper:

One can choose various wrapping paper, beautiful organza bags, or gift boxes to wrap the gifts and make them look even more attractive. Presentation of gifts is very important and what gift you are giving is important too. Gifts can be placed on the table where they have their meal and they will be more elated by receiving these gifts. You can choose presents according to your wedding theme like beach wedding you can gift umbrellas, decorative stones showpieces and gifts like that looks adorable. Make sure you keep in mind the wedding color and theme while choosing the gifts for your guests. The main key of selecting unique and perfect wedding gifts is to select a little trinket that complements your fashion and style along with fond memento of your wedding day.

Get the names of bride and groom engraved on the wedding gifts:

You can get the groom and bride names engraved on the gifts. Handmade and luxury chocolates are definitely a treat for everyone. You can present these in single chocolate boxes wrapped with a floral sheet and ribbon that goes well with wedding color and theme. Scratch cards are presented to guests in synchronized envelopes that add excitement and fun to the reception, especially when the guests tend to win many prizes. You can get many ideas on gifts on various sites for your shadi. The mini wedding cake is also a perfect gift idea for your wedding. You can also think of gifting bath soaps, handmade soaps and unique scents soaps that look beautiful and your guests of your wedding day. Make sure the gifts look best when wrapped properly and leave an impact on the guests mind.

Unique Entry Ideas to Your Wedding

A wedding isn’t only a ceremony of your love and commitment, but it’s a chance to show-off your partner and your style as a couple. Most of the weddings these days are moving out from the traditional style into a contemporary approach. In wedding entry of the groom and bride possess great importance and the probabilities are becoming countless. Your wedding is an exclusive reflection of various blended personal styles. You can go for different fun ideas to spice up your shadi ceremony.

04-sydney-wedding-ceremony-636x636 magazines.fouorseasons

Mixed cultures: when you are getting married in a different culture then you can go for a combined approach of both the cultures and plan your wedding entry accordingly. You can choose a different and unique aspect of heritage into your wedding. This is definitely a wonderful method of letting your family and friends know that they’re valued and important. Here are few ideas that can be culturally inspired.

Incorporate traditional dress: you can make your entry to the wedding venue by wearing traditional dress while traditional music is being played and look stunning. You can even take part in various traditional rituals and customs. Traditional dresses look pretty unique when you wear them on your wedding day and it is remembered for long in the mind of guests. This type of wedding entry will leave a mark on your guests’ heart and mind. Different weddings are remembered for long and become the talk of the town. Crazy and adventurous people usually try out unique things for their wedding entry and tie the wedding knot in different style. This is indeed an exciting way to add flair, mystique and spark to your shadi.

You can try out some crazy and creative setting to make an entry for the reception. There are various ideas like you can come in a 6 horse tong, limousine and if it is a beach wedding then you can try out some adventurous sports like scooter water riding or paragliding. You can make a grand entry like a king who comes with his queen coming along with bridesmaids and other guests. These sorts of entry in a wedding leave a great impression on your guests and makes the wedding looks more like a royal prince wedding in a palace.

Refreshments: you should surprise your guests with beverages during wedding ceremony as a refreshment drink. When you are planning an outdoor spring or summer wedding then your guest will love to have cold drinks and cool bottles of water and crisp glasses of chilled lemonade. When you make your entry with staff handling this stuff in the venue by your side then it will create a spark among the guests in the venue and they will be all thrilled.

Photo collage: you can make your entry with a photo collage of your family and couple. Instead of decorating flowers on your wedding, you can go for a different picture collage of your family and bridegroom. You can make frames with different pictures of engagement around gift table and on walls with colorful ribbons.

When you are an NRI set to Marry a Resident Indian Girl

So, your parents have arranged a match for you – and your heart experiences a cocktail of emotions as you decide to marry a demure and beautiful Indian girl! I bet if you an NRI guy, you are quite keen on tying the knot with a girl who belongs to your motherland, your dear old India.

You might have gone on dates with a hot American girl, spent some really wild nights with your Australian neighbor – and yet when it comes to marriage, you are determined to opt for an Indian girl. For, you believe that an Indian girl is well-equipped with all the ‘right attributes’ that go into making a marriage successful!

back_to_their_root_pic2 weddingsutra

If you an NRI set to marry a resident Indian girl, you would love to read what we wish to tell you:

  • Your Partner is More Accommodating:A majority of Indian ladies are capable of adjusting to the lifestyle of NRIs. Thus, they generally lead happy lives. Moreover, Indian girls are taught to compromise to a great extent, after they get hitched. This, of course, implies that an NRI guy would lead a really comfortable life where his wife is very accommodating.
  • Indian Girls Dream of Higher Status:Secondly, girls brought up in India always dream of fairytale lives wherein their prince charming would take them to a seven-star restaurant in a Mercedes! Every India girl yearns to marry somebody who can take her to spectacular locales and gift her best dresses. Girls just want to have fun and therefore, wish to marry someone who is well-established. Obviously, NRI guys can easily impress such girls.
  • Maintaining an Indian lifestyle:Even if you are an NRI, you would not deny that you are an Indian at heart.So you would definitely go for the pretty Indian girl. She would help you adhere to your roots as you can easily maintain your Indian lifestyle after you marry her. However, if you marry as a westerner, you have little choice but to toe her line when it comes to following cultures, customs, and traditions.
  • Take Care of your Parents:Indian girls are reputed for their knowledge of values and moral virtues. The ideal Indian bride takes care of the parents and family of her husband, while being faithful to her husband and looking after him. As an NRI, you would want your wife to be hospitable to your parents once they visit you.
  • You have Somebody to Cook for you:With an Indian girl as your wife, you can bid farewell to those agonizing days of eating out! Most Indian girls are taught how to cook before they step into their matrimonial lives. So you would be able to taste your favorite dishes and avoid the responsibility of cooking your dinner all by yourself after you return from work. So it is a win-win situation for you if you are an NRI and seek to marry a good-natured, sweet Indian girl, dear friends. Good luck to you!

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Buddhist Wedding

Buddhist weddings are quite inspiring and so you will really love the way they celebrate the weddings. The main thing would be the oath that they take like, they would never lie, they would trust one another and they would never step back in life. When you think of Buddhist matrimony you will know that there are so many amazing rituals and preparations to be made. But what matters the most is, you should avoid the five mistakes.

Buddhist Wedding (

 Mistakes to avoid in Buddhist wedding

  1. When you are looking for inviting the guests you must always have a list of the close relatives. It’s good to keep an intimate wedding. This is because when you keep up with too many guests then you should be efficient enough to make all the relevant arrangements for the same.
  2. It is true that in these weddings there would be many rituals. So, all you must do is find out what would actually work for you. You should get all the ideas about how to mark the space for things. This will really help.
  3. In Buddhists, you will see that the wedding has to be full of divinity and scared feelings. Thus, when the pure things are chanted, there should be purity in heart as well. You must get free from all sorts of negative feelings.
  4. Often, you may want to add the touch of snobs and then you would end up spending a lot. But you must have a budget in your mind and it would be better to not go above that. You must cut your coat according to your cloth. This is something important.
  5. You must try to listen to elders and follow their guidance. This will surely work for you.

You may end up attaching the irrelevant themes to the wedding just for the sake of the same. It is vital that you have to make way for the various options in life. In the times when everyone wants the wedding to be perfect, you can even try out for a destination wedding in Buddhist matrimony. This will surely help you.

In every wedding, things are different and there may be different customs and rituals. You must look out for the same and that will surely help you in getting on with the right path. Marriage is meant to make tow souls one and then even the families will mingle together. This is what things are supposed to go ahead with. You can always check out online and get in touch with things that are perfectly matching with the theme. Buddhists weddings are generally simple and you will find lots of thoughtful ideas and think therein. In the times when we all lead a life full of hustle and bustle it is important that at leats, we give a good amount of importance to the wedding and such other related options. Make sure you know how to celebrate them in a nice way.

Destinations Suitable For Khatri Weddings

Weddings are the most important days of a person’s life. There takes a lot of efforts to put up a grand wedding. A wedding is the contribution of several people’s efforts. There are many things that one has to remember before putting up a wedding. There are invitations to give out. Food to take care of, there is decorators involved and much more. Now coming to decoration etc., A wedding can be taken place only when a perfect venue is set. Before choosing a suitable venue there are several things to be kept in mind such as the place should be extravagant, it should have a romantic touch about it. The pictures only have one chance to be perfect and this chance cannot be lost. Hence, the following are the wedding destinations suitable for Khatrimatrimonials


A Khatri wedding usually has a very desi touch to it. The atmosphere always has something that has the essence of the Khatri caste. One of the best destinations to choose for a Khatri wedding is Punjab. Punjab is a beautiful place with big fields everywhere. These fields have a long stretches greenery to admire and the tents can be placed right in the middle of the field at elevated grounds. Khatri weddings are amazing when it comes to food. Having pure vegetarian or a pure nonvegetarian cuisine is one of their specialities and the taste of their delicacies are amazing. Imagine having these desi dishes in the middle of the beautiful field as the mandap.

An exotic destination or a wedding spot is Jaipur. Jaipur is also known as the pink city. In the pink city of Jaipur, the forts and the beautiful mandirs are the main attractions for a Khatri wedding. The ambience of the mandir is so beautiful that it looks like a constellation of stars in the night that glistens. The candid pictures in the royal city of Jaipur can never be less exotic. Candid pictures of the glistening lights and candid pictures against the waters near the temple give a traditional and classy touch to the pictures taken at weddings.

Kerala backwaters can also be a very good choice for a wedding of the Khatri community. The backwaters of Kerala surrounded by the palm trees look like a green paradise when captured. These backwaters are moreover famous simply for the location of the palm trees in comparison to the backwaters. The mandap for the wedding is made like a float on the backwaters of Kerala that give a very beautiful ambience to the wedding.

You only live once and certainly get married only once! Hence, the mentioned above are the destinations suitable for Khatrimatrimonials.

Cultural Importance of Wedding Rituals Observed At Mudiraj Weddings

The Mudiraj caste is a caste belonging to Andhra Pradesh and they are considered as the other backward class by the government. These classes are famous for their wedding rituals since their rituals are beautiful and they have are performed beautifully. There are several pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies of the mudiraj caste and they all have different meanings. Below mentioned are the cultural importance of the wedding rituals observed at mudiraj matrimonial.

  • There are pre-wedding rituals of the mudiraj wedding that a have different cultural importance. Before the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are given a bath with milk. Milk symbolizes pureness and is considered to be liquid from the sacred goddess “The cow” and hence the cultural importance of this ritual performed is that it symbolizes a new life given to the bride and the groom and they are starting a pure honest relationship between each other.
  • The nischitartham that is the engagement ceremony performed between the bride and the groom where they put on a finger ring on each other’s hand that symbolizes that their wedding date is officially fixed.
  • There is a ceremony before the wedding in which the bride is given a beautiful saree that is worn for the entire ceremony by the bride. The bride wears the jewellery as well that is given by her in- laws.
  • Kanyadan is the ceremony in which the father gives his daughter’s hand to the groom that is a declaration by the father that from now onwards the bride is his responsibility and the groom’s leg is washed by the parents of the bride in order to show respect to the son in law.
  • Kashi yatra is a ceremony that has the cultural importance of the groom officially taking more responsibilities. This is a playful ceremony in which the groom has an option between going to a journey to Kashi or marrying the bride. The groom playfully gets ready to go on a journey to Kashi instead of marrying the bride and the bride’s brother has to request him to stay back and marry his sister. After a period of teasing the groom agrees to marry the young man’s sister. The need of this ceremony is to strengthen the bond between the bride, groom, and their families.
  • Jeelakarra bellamu is the ceremony or ritual that takes place on the wedding day and is considered to be the main event of the wedding day. Jeelakarra refers to cumin and bellamu refers to jiggery and the ritual includes the ceremony of placing a paste of cumin and jiggery on the hands of the bride and the groom respectively. Then this paste is placed on their heads by each other and the significance of this ceremony is to show that the bride and the groom will stay together every sweet and bitter part of their lives.

Each ritual has a cultural importance behind them and is performed wholeheartedly by the two souls.