Indian Weddings and Online Kundali Matching

India prides itself for being a nation where tradition and modernisation go hand in hand. Indians all over the world are getting recognised for their contribution towards various scientific advancements, but at the same time, we are the ones who still pray to the first lord and crack open a coconut before launching a satellite into space. In case of a typical Indian boy or girl,  life is marked by many traditions from the time of birth till the time they leave for their heavenly abode. One such tradition which is considered most important in case of marriages is that of matching the horoscopes or kundalis. This tradition has been a part of Indian Hindu marriages since time immortal. however, owing to the lifestyle and demands of the present times, matching kundalis by consulting astrologists can be quite a tedious task. Running pillar to post in order to find a good horoscope reader is quite a time consuming task.


But thankfully, technology has come to our rescue in this aspect as well. The past few years have seen the mushrooming of many portals and websites, through which horoscope matching can be done in a jiffy. The easy usability and accessibility of the same has made online kundali matching very popular amongst Indian families. In a way, this technology comes across as a perfect blend of tradition and technology. More so, it would not be an exaggeration to say that in the way, online kundali matching is redefining the way weddings are taking place in India. Following are the reasons to support this claim:

  • Your fate is in your hands: in case of online horoscope matching, we ourselves do the horoscope matching. All we need to do is fill in the correct required details of yourself and your prospective partner. The computer software will do the rest for you. Thus, you keep you fate in your own hands, rather than depending on a third person to do the same for you.
  • Saves time: in case of online kundali matching, horoscopes can be matched in a jiffy, at the mere click of a button. You don’t have to spend time running around and wasting your time looking for a good astrologer. You can match horoscopes in a jiffy and get results within a few minutes. This helps you save a lot of time, which you can spend doing other good things in life.
  • Decision making faster: one of the main reason behind matching kundalis is to decide whether or not a proposed couple match is suitable or not . If you match horoscopes online, the site immediately shows the amount of gunas of the girl and boy and whether or not they are suitable for each other. This helps us reach a decision faster in regard to continuing a relationship or not.

Whether or not a couple is meant to be lies in the hands of destiny. However, we can play our part in the process by matching kundalis online. May the stars be with you!

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The Big Fat Benefits of Online Kundali Matching

There was once a beautiful princess and a charming prince. They were the ones loved and pampered by their parents. Though both were happy with their lives and the palaces in which they lived, but alas! They still felt lonely and incomplete. Then one fine day, when they went to the royal college of education, they met. Maybe it was destiny that brought them together. Slowly, they became the best of friends, and the loneliness in both their lives suddenly disappeared. They decided to get married and spend the rest of their lives together in bliss. What they dint know was there was another villain that would block their path, which was no one else, but their horoscopes. The king and queen of both the kingdoms declared that the only way that the prince and princess can get married is if their horoscopes match and their match is given a nod by the royal astrologist.

Is it not the same story that most of the Indian couples face all across the globe? Though you might feel that you have found your soul-mate, but your families don’t give approval for the same until and unless you or horoscope matches that of your beloved. However, getting the same done can be quite a tedious and time tacking process. So are we all to suffer the same fate as the prince and the princess? Well, thankfully, at present times, the answer is a big no.  thanks to the advancement in technology, matching horoscopes has become as easy as a pie, owing to the mushrooming of many online kundali matching sites. This form of kundali matching brings along with it some big fat benefits. Few of them are listed below:

  • Saves time: gone are the days when people use to run around astrologers, seeking endless appointments, just to get their horoscopes matched. With easy access to horoscopes and birth charts, these soft wares provide the user with an opportunity to access their charts themselves, which helps them save a lot of time.
  • Economical: when you visit a known astrologer to get your horoscopes matched, they are likely to charge you hefty amounts to do the same. In case of matching horoscopes online, this is not the case, as a computer is not likely to ask you for the same. You might have to pay a meagre amount to get the software, after which, horoscope matching can be done by you in a jiffy.
  • Snubs superstition: If you get your horoscopes matched by an astrologer, chances are high that he might lead you into believing some superstitious stuff and again charge you hefty amounts to rectify the same. In case of online horoscope matching, the software will just tell you whether or not your horoscopes match. It will not tell you any superstitious practice that you need to follow in case your kundalis don’t match.

With online kundali matching by your side, you can be rest assured that all is well. May the stars be with you!

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