When an Oriya girl decides to keep working after marriage: Merits and de- merits

The people of Odisha come from different types of culture and social background and most of them are gods fearing as well as highly disciplined. One thing about people of Odisha that distinguishes them from others is that they are quite orthodox and believe firmly in their traditions and culture. Oriya matrimony, therefore, plays a crucial role in the society and are performed with great fervor and interest.

Since marriage is a union of two people who come together to spend their whole life, girls in marriage supposed to take the traditional route and become a housewife. But of late, girls in Odisha have become quite advanced and they consider themselves no less than men when it comes to securing a job and earning money. Since, there is always a debate about whether Oriya girls should work or not after marriage, given below are pros and cons in respect to girls working after marriage-


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  • When girls decide to work after marriage in Oriya matrimony, it helps them earn their bread and butter by self and they feel pretty independent. In addition to this, working after marriage help girls feel more empowered and they are able to support their husbands for meeting domestic expenditures. This certainly helps lead a contented and satisfactory life.
  • Since when Oriya girl decides to work after marriage, they do not need to rely on their husbands for small needs and can afford their personal expenditures. This proves quite motivating and girls stay quite satisfied with themselves which certainly helps them become a better life partner.
  • Working women get better exposure and this helps them get a better understanding of the outside world and they feel quite competitive which helps them progress better in life. Also, these women become a better mother as they remain prepared for motherhood mentally and enjoy being a mother while giving their kids best wonderful care and education.
  • Working women will always stay positive when at the time of adversity in marriage and they are less likely to face domestic violence. They are able to solve differences with their husbands quite amicably and make sure that everything goes smoothly within the marriage.

Demerits associated with girls working after marriage

  • One of the biggest demerits of girls working even after their marriage is that they fail to cope up with dual responsibilities of both home and office and find it difficult to juggle their priorities. This takes a toll on their relationship and problems in marriage start to take place.
  • Another quite known drawback is that when girls decide to work after marriage, they sort of start giving importance to their professional life and start ignoring their personal objectives such a giving birth to a baby on time.
  • Since working women stay out of the home, they cannot devote time to the look after of their kids and it children suffers a lot due to this aspect. They spend most of their time in the nursery and at times pick bad habits which surely are not a positive sign.

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When you decide to become an oriya housewife-merits and de merits

The big day is usually of two types, one when you are born and the other when you get married. There are many experiences in life which a person experiences only after getting married. Good food can be considered as one of the bonus is all most all the cases where a person gets married. The ladies know how to cook and in some cases, they win hearts by what they cook.

Kamma Wedding
Kamma Wedding (PC: kammavarmarriages.com)

The women are hard to understand but, there are a few facts which will leave you amazed when it comes to describing them as a house wife, the picture is very clear below about how an Oriya women would be as a house wife, read below-

1 get Unlimited Good Food

The best part about dating and marrying women from Odia is that you have an unlimited supply of good food. From someone who belongs to the northern side of the country, where spicy food is appreciated and non-veg is pretty common, an Odia girl can add much more spice to your taste buds! The Oriya food is considered to be one of the finest cooked, decorated and prepared food in India. It has, however, gained popularity abroad too.

2 nothing Fishy

The women are absolutely warm and easy going when it comes to describing them. They are the love you will ever need in your life, dusky in appearance, don’t let yourself be convinced that they cannot carry western outfits. Probably beating the myth, they are far beautiful in real life. You would appreciate her beauty all your life. Coming back to the point, fresh fishes from the coast is something you would love to eat. People from Odia are die-hard fans of fish. They indeed, cook it in the best way possible.

3 Friendly and down to earth

The women not only are friendly in nature but, remain down to earth all the time. The typical Odia women would have a family of four including her and a brother. The brother too, remains of the same nature hence, adding ease to the marriage. The people are down to earth and sophisticated. Finding in-laws who are co-operative and loving is a gem box you will receive for the rest of your life.

Everything has a flip side so, let’s begin with the demerits of marrying Oriya women

1 she cannot adjust to new food

The cultural difference or call it a home shift, women cannot accept food from a different variety unless and until it’s not the only option left. This causes a lot of trouble in relationships however, two people can always talk about what to cook. Right?

2 calling her dusky would land you in trouble

Never compliment her sides which she knows aren’t true, brace yourself in order to face the most disastrous mood swing when it comes to her color. They know, how to embrace themselves in their natural color. Comparing her would also land you in a lot of trouble.

3 No lies, please

She will have an intuition if in case she figures out something is fishy, try remaining loyal else you might land yourself in a lot of trouble. Looking out for such women to marry? Check out Oriya matrimony sites and they would surely be of help.

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Must haves for the wardrobe of a newlywed Oriya groom

India has a rich culture and you can easily get an idea about this from the weddings that this country celebrates. There is unity in diversity and you can see that Oriya weddings are equally rich and awesome. So, keeping these things in mind it is vital that you just know how the wedding customs are to be taken up. Being an Oriya groom you will get basic idea about how you need to look on the main day. You can just ask your elders and find out what you have to wear at which ceremony. White, gold and red are the main colors that form an important part of these dressing of the bride and the groom. You should find out what your cousins wore on the wedding day and at the pre-wedding ceremonies in Oriya Matrimony. After you know, you can start with the shopping.


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Getting the best clothing for the Oriya wedding

Oriya groom would be quite busy and so there would hardly be any time for shopping. But thankfully, these days you can find such amazing options on the web that you won’t have to go anywhere else. Times have changed and so even people would want the best options from the online avenues only. So, just take into account these things and start shopping as soon as the engagement is finalized.

The traditional groom would wear a dhoti and he would look awesome in this. He can wear a kurta above that and so; just start the search on the local stores that are expert in ethnic wear. You can even seek some inspiration from the online sources and then check out what will look good. Depending upon these things you can take charge of things that would be included. The groom should also check out for foot wear and the accessories that would look good at the wedding.

The bride and the groom should look forward to establish compatibility and perhaps this will surely give the photographer a perfect chance to make the clicks as perfect as possible. These are some of the basic things every groom should know about.

Wearing the clothes for pre-wedding and post wedding ceremonies

It is important that the Oriya groom should find out what kind of clothes will look good at other ceremonies as in mehndi, sangeet and some other things like puja. The shopping should be done in that fashion. Often, people look out for budget deals. These deals are available in the year end. So, if you have been engaged by that time then don’t wait for the wedding to come. Just shop for the best wardrobe and adorn your closet with the new collection. In fact, you can find them within your budget too. Being a groom you should find out what ceremonies would be held and what kind of clothing you need to wear. Oriya Matrimony is quite amazing and the groom will also get a lot of attention.

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Hairstyle Ideas for an Oriya Bride with Long Hair

Long hairstyles for any occasion always create an unforgettable impression. Regardless of the beauty and look of your outfit or how you’ve done your makeup, your hairstyle can make or break your entire look. People tend to look at and remember the maiden with long, beautiful locks. Longer hair is not so common these but is still coveted and sported by the ladies. Weddings are those occasions when all young women would try to look their best. Almost every bride keeps wondering about what to do with her beautiful long locks.

You leave the hair open or braid it, make a bun or may be embellished that with flowers, you have an array of options at your bay. In Oriya Matrimony, the best thing about long hairstyles is that they are an amalgam of North and South India’s best ones. Since Orissa falls quite in the middle demographically, there’s an option and scale to do a number of hairstyles for the long hair, which is quintessentially not from this state. Young brides are open to experimenting with their long locks and the results are, well, magical!

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  • The retro proof style: Very much a North Indian pattern, you could definitely try it out for your wedding function. A closer look at it will tell you that it isn’t a regular one. You circle up thin strands of hair to create that retro look. The curls are swept to one side, which is very popular these days. However, the main attraction of this style is the attractive hair-band used. It takes the whole hairstyle to another level. You can also wear this look sans the band.
  • Braid with one twist: The messy braid look is the newest sensation in Oriya Matrimony. The hair is curled by entailing small sections, which are half tied with beautiful flower object or accessory. Then, mostly the lower half of your hair is tied within a very loose and flexible braid. The entire concept looks absolutely awesome. You can go for a side parting with little fringes for the front.
  • The classic braid: This is the simple and elegant Indian look which most Oriya brides do. It’s one of those timeless and basic hairstyles for long hair that looks stunning and very neat. Almost all Sikh brides and South Indian brides also go for this look. The braid is thoroughly accessorized with appealing gold look clips. The full look is extremely elegant and core Indian. Its Indian essence comes from the fact that it’s long, original and very earthy type of style. You can also make a braid after creating high bun on it.
  • Sectioned bunny: On a first look, you have small hair section circled up over the simple bun. The hair’s front portion is also sectioned very well. It gives little or no volume to the main crown area sans opting for any regular proof. Many stylists recommend it for Orissa brides.

Apart from this, evergreen curls and the straight and sleek hairstyle also go very well with long locks. The idea is to bring out the beauty of your hair and keep the mirth of your culture intact.

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Traits That Can Make a Perfect Oriya Couple

While the reasons behind falling in love remain mostly a mystery, the definite reasons for staying in love are comparatively less elusive. You need to know that there might be no such thing as a perfect or ideal couple or partner, but an ideal one can be found in a couple who have developed themselves in particular ways that transcend beyond mere attraction, looks, success, and charm. Although people seek a specific set of things and qualities that are uniquely relevant to them, there are some psychological characteristics a couple strives for to make their relationship stronger and go for lasting success.

In Oriya Matrimony, the society is mostly conservative. Even if there are couples, the equation remains very close and vintage. The husband-wife bond hasn’t yet become that new age dynamo where there rigorous complications and inconsistent attachments. Nowadays, problems arise due to the social stake, ego, competition and lack of communication. However, Oriya couples in majority show a much better understanding and the reasons are obvious.

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  • The act of maturing: Ideal couples are willing to reflect on their past. With time, they possess a fine maturity that emerges from being emotionally emancipated and liberated from their descent or family of origin. These couples develop a strong sense of autonomy and independence, having the psychological shuffle and shift from girl to woman and boy to man. Having broken their ties to old patterns and identities, the couple is available for one another and the new family they’ve built. They understand each other in a new light and new space, giving each other a space to live and not just exist.
  • Making compromise: This is the most important part. When two persons share the same place and same zone for a long time, bitterness or confusion is bound to come. The love-lit circle you’re soaked in once will disappear or fade away in time and the best couples develop a beautiful, unbreakable friendship. It’s this bond that stays forever. And wherever there is friendship, there’s selflessness. You compromise on many things without a second thought. That might be office, kids, grocery, banking, daily chores or the kitchen. It’s okay to accept fault even when you know that you have nothing wrong. A little sorry or okay makes the bond stronger and makes the other person feel wanted and empowered.
  • Being non-defensive and open: The ideal couples are undefended and open. They are willing to remain vulnerable, resulting in being receptive and approachable to feedback sans being overly sensitive or resistant to any topic. This openness also enables you to be forthright in showing your desires, dreams, thoughts and feelings. It also includes a huge interest in sexual and personal development. This is a universal truth that couples, who are physically more intimate, quarrel less. Happy couples hug more, kiss more and show no signs of tiring.
  • Being honest and living with integrity: In Oriya Matrimony, like all other cultures, an ideal couple realizes the importance of loyalty and honesty in a relationship. You develop this honesty.

The best couples strive to live an esteemed life to thwart any discrepancies coming in their actions and words. This goes for all types and levels of communication, non-verbal and verbal.

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Typical Traits Of A Oriya Groom’s Family

Weddings season is here and it’s all fun to know the family of groom and bride both equally. There are so many people, families and friends are involved in the wedding. It all looks so splendid and extravagant. People who are looking for Oriya brides or Indian grooms they can search on various Oriya matrimony sites for the better life partner. Oriya weddings are not so splendid but they are very interesting followed by many rituals and customs. Both sides’ people can be differentiated easily with the behavior and acts of individuals present in the wedding. The Oriya society considers the groom side to be rich and superior to bride’s side.


The groom is treated with all respect. He is actually honored. Groom family welcome the bride like a queen. The groom’s family welcome the bride with all responsibilities and promises made during the wedding has to be fulfilled through the life. There are many things that groom’s family takes care of when they perform various rituals of the matrimony. There is one such ritual called vilayadal where you will find many fun games played by the side of groom.

This vilayadal is nothing but one of the most famous Oriya wedding rituals where the groom’s sister present various meaningful gifts to the bride. The groom and bride then sit down and have fun while playing wedding games. Relatives cheer them and have fun too. The groom and bride will continuously roll a coconut between and while a relative or a friend counts 1 to 3 the groom or the bride should reach and clutch the coconut. Generally, groom is permitted to use only one hand whereas bride can make use of both her hands.

Oriya Weddings
Oriya Weddings (PC: videobabylon.ca)

Various customs of Oriya groom’s family:

There are many more games that are played from the groom’s family side to relieve up the anxiety between the groom and the bride. There are many Oriya matrimony sites available online from where you can search a Oriya groom and bride for you. There are many Indian grooms you will find online. Oriya wedding consists of different pre wedding rituals. These customs and rituals embody various practices like PaalikaliThalippu that includes decorating 7 clay pots with grains, sandalwood paste as well as kumkum powder that are then filled by curd and 9 sort of grains or navadhaanyam.

One of the biggest traits of groom’s family is that they bless the bride with a destiny of death prior their husband, the occurrence of this is considered as lucky. There are various traits of Oriya groom’s family that you will be able to know when you are married to Oriya groom. There are several matrimonial sites available online such as Brahmin matrimony and other. You will find different profiles of Indian grooms Oriya matrimony sites online. These grooms are from high society Indian cultural background. You can find the one that is best suitable to you and your family needs. Always prefer the profile that is best suitable to your family background.

3 Locales for a Destination Oriya Wedding

Wedding day would be the most precious and auspicious day of everyone’s life. So, all the people would expect that their wedding will be very special than the others wedding. So, they will think some new decoration ideas to include in their wedding. Among the many different things, the foremost thing is that, they will decide the best wedding venue. Wedding venue is very important for having a rare and luxury wedding – right? And these days, the would-be wedded couple will search for the fantastic wedding venues in most websites including Oriya Matrimony sites.

It is nothing wrong in exploring a dashing wedding place if someone wants to have a memorable wedding. But, what sounds funny is that, people explore wedding destinations in Oriya Matrimony. I think, you are also feeling okay with my words. But, this shows the curiosity or eagerness of people to get superb wedding destination to host their wedding. Nowadays, destination wedding is turning out to be a fashion among people. They would like to arrange everything unique and out of the ordinary for their wedding.

In order to help people getting marvelous wedding destinations, I have explained three wedding destinations below. I hope that would be useful for you.

Oriya Wedding Aryasamaj Mandir
Oriya Wedding Aryasamaj Mandir (PC: aryasamajmarriage.org.in)

Aryasamaj Mandir – Do not get wonder because of I am explaining about the temple instead of any palace like places. Why not temples for conducting wedding? Is that anything wrong in that? Are you feeling that, this is not a destination? No other place would be better than hosting a wedding in temple. In which, the Aryasamaj Mandir is a famous and spacious temple located at Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa. This temple is exactly located at Saheed nagar just near to Maharishi College. If you select this temple for your wedding, I would say that, you will be excited to have your wedding at unique place.

BDA Nicco Park – This is another fabulous place located at Bhubaneswar to host a wedding. This wedding destination is located very close to the Bhubaneswar railway junction. Also, from railway station, you can get spontaneous transportation facilities to reach this destination within some minutes. Apart from the railway station, you can easily reach this wedding destination from any place of Bhubaneswar within some minutes, since you can get limitless transport facilities for reaching this hotel. You could address four distinct sizes of wedding halls in this hotel. And you could decorate the wedding hall as of your choice.

Swosti Plaza – You could find more hotels and wedding destinations under this Swosti Plaza. So, you could get the wedding hall with respect to your needs and demands. You will come to know that, wedding would be very special by hiring these wedding destination halls. You will get the wedding that you have not dreamt of these days. You could address nine wedding halls with various decorations and sizes. Among that, you could hire something that matching your budget and style. Also, each wedding hall would vary in cost according to the size and decoration of the hall.

How to be a Perfect Bride – Lessons from Oriya Bride, Priya Choudhury

Marriage is the time when a woman wishes to look and feel her best. A perfect bride shines through with elegance and charm. She needs to be well groomed, look poised and be well prepared to take on the most important journey of her life.

Priya Choudhury is a popular Oriya actress who chose to marry at a very young age and quit working in films. Her marriage to a Hyderabad based software engineer was one of the much talked about Oriya Matrimony of the year.

Here are a few key takeaways for every Oriya bride from the star studded wedding of Priya Choudhury.

Choosing the right colour

Colours play a key role in every wedding. Choosing the right colours to suit your complexion and skin type helps intensify your good looks. Priya has a very fair complexion and a flawless skin. Her choice of dresses starting from the deep red silk sari that she wore for the Kanyadan to the bright green and pink lehenga for the reception, the colours were a perfect choice. Brides with a dusky complexion can opt for lighter shades and pastel hues.

Dress to suit your body type


No matter if you decide to have a traditional wedding or take the more contemporary route, the choice of the bridal attire must be well suited to your body type. A perfect bride takes extra efforts in choosing the fabric, designing the pattern and draping of the pallu. While fabrics like velvet add more oomph to petite brides, georgette saris with large brocade prints are a perfect choice for brides with some extra pounds.

Bridal styling

Priya’s styling of hair and her make up where unblemished during all rituals. Whether it was the traditionally braided bun with the “tika” above her eyebrows or the curled locks with bright hues of blush, Priya gleamed like a gem. To-be-brides can experiment around a few looks and settle for the one that looks the most natural. The bridal look gets that final touch of finesse with the choice of jewellery. While heavy chunky jewellery adds to the dramatic look of a wedding, brides need to be cautious about not going over the board.

Complement your spouse

Your wedding day is about looking your best! Agreed! But how well do you complement the man standing next to you? Talk to your fiancé and plan your attire for the evening together.  While this is important to get the cohesive look right on the marriage platform, the process is also a lot of fun.

Keep the smile on!

Priya is said to have the best smile in the business. But keeping the smile on does not just work for Priya Choudhury but for every bride who wishes to look her perfect self on the big day!

Attention to details, a little extra effort to get a high score on perfection and being yourself is the secret mantra to emerge as a perfect bride.