Why Horoscopes Should Not be Matched in Present Day Marriages

Since the evolution of mankind all societies and races all across the globe have tried to come up with a certain set of rules for all to follow. As the societies advanced and flourished many of these rules became customs and traditions. It was now upto each individual whether to follow these customs or live life in a unique way. All throughout history only those religions, sects and races have been able to survive who have been able to continuously evolve and not get stuck in its past traditions.

Indians as a race and Hinduism as a religion have survived this test of time and have always continued to evolve with time and have a rich and varied bag of customs and traditions that binds it all together. It has also been able to discard any such custom that might hold back its progress. These customs and traditions especially come to the fore in time of marriages which do follow a long practiced series of customs and rituals. Some of them have scientific reasons behind them but some of them continue to become the baggage of next generation even though they seem to have lost their relevance and acceptability. One of these traditions is the practice of patrika matching.

Horoscope matching is done so as to match the stars and their future alignment for both the bride and the groom and try and decipher whether the prospective couple will have a happy and successful marriage and also to test if they are compatible or not. Initially introduced as a means to check whether the compatibility between the couple was good the practice has now lost its relevance owing to many factors, some of which are enumerated below.

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  • Lack of skilled horoscope readers – horoscope reading though not an exact science is a highly complex practice and needs long years of practice and study to master. With lots of phony pandits and horoscope readers moving around it is hard to decipher if the horoscopes have been matched rightly or not. Also the authenticity of the pandit who has made the horoscope at the time of birth can also not be examined.
  • Couples get courtship time – initially the horoscope matching practice was there as the couples did not get enough time to spend with each other and this was a substitute to find out if the couple were compatible or not but now with the prospective bride and groom getting a chance to interact a lot more before finally tying the knot, the compatibility issue can be sorted out more easily.
  • Changing times and mindsets – the generation today have a different mindset and are aware that for a marriage to work all it requires is love , care and affection towards each other and not some planets to align and are hence ready to make the commitment with the person rather than his or her horoscope.

All these factors do show that the ancient art of horoscope matching finds no place in the modern times and is best laid to rest. It is high time we start moving ahead with times and introduce practices, which lead to the progression of the society.

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The Science of Horoscope Matching

India is a country which prides itself when it comes to following traditions and culture. Since time immortal, we have been living while following certain set of rules, which have remained unchanged over the ages. From birth to death, every aspect of a person life is touched by these traditions, in one way or the other. It is what makes us unique. One such custom that Indian Hindus have been following since the beginning of time is that of matching horoscopes or patrikas at the time of marriage. This is an age old tradition, which most families follow even today. Patrika matching has even been mentioned in our most ancient text, the Vedas.  In most Hindu marriage across India, matching of the horoscopes of the boy and the girl is considered to be of primal importance.

What is the basis of Patrika matching?

In most Hindu families, the birth chart or Janampatrika of a person is made based on the planetary positions and placement of the stars at the time of his or her birth. It is believed that planet and star positions, if read and analyzed correctly, have the power to predict the future of all aspects of a person’s life, including his marriage.

While matching the horoscopes of two individuals, a total of 36 pointers (Gunas) are considered to predict the compatibility between a couple. Out of these 36, at least 18 gunas should match for the couple to get married. If it is less than 18, then the match is not considered ideal. The higher the number of gunas matching, the more are the chances of the couple to lead a happy life.

How are horoscopes matched?

As per Indian Astrology, the horoscopes are matched as per the Ashtkoot (8 category) method. The various gunas of the person are divided under these 8 categories, and then matched. These categories, namely Nadi, Rashi, Gana, Graha Maitri, Yoni, Dina and Vaishya, represent various characteristics of a person like dominance, physical strength, sexual prowess, temperament, compatibility, harmony, adjustment and others. Based on these characteristics, the compatibility and understanding between a couple is predicted.

Why should horoscopes be matched?

While many may believe that matching of horoscopes in modern world is no longer required, it is still better to do so. The reasons for the same are as follows:

  • It is tradition: We live in a country where following traditions is a matter of pride. It is what makes us different and unique from the rest of the world. Since patrika matching is one such tradition, it should be followed.
  • Helps predict compatibility: Horoscopes, it analyzed properly, have the power to predict the compatibility of the couple. Hence, proper patrika matching can help you find your ideal life partner.
  • Gives peace of mind: Horoscope matching to an extent, gives us an assurance that all will go well after marriage. Hence, it has a psychological effect on us and gives us the desired peace of mind.

Whether horoscope matching is a science or not can be considered as a topic of debate. However, following it is a subjective choice and should not be forced on non-believers. May the stars be with you!

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Is Matching Kundalis Losing its Importance in Modern Day Marriages

Society has come a long way since its inception. At the time of its genesis, there were a certain rules and practices created by the wise men to insure that the society runs smoothly. However, one must remember that some rituals which were practiced earlier, were suitable only for a certain period. With times, certain practices need to change for the betterment and progression of the society on the whole. One such practice is that desperately needs to change is that of kundali Milan or Patrika matching. Patrika matching is a ritual in which the janampatrika or horoscope of the perspective bride and groom are matched and analyzed before the wedding. Based on the positioning of stars and planets in these horoscopes, the predictions about the married life of the couple are made. While some families still have blind belief in this practice, there are others who have started thinking otherwise. As per them, it is the person in question that matters more than his or her horoscope. They believe that the practice of matching horoscopes should be done away with when it comes to modern day marriages. Life for a present day couple is as such very tough. Along with the pressures that they face at the professional front, there is as such very little time that they can give towards their personal life. Adding the horoscope angle when it comes to marrying the love of their life might just spell catastrophe in their personal paradise. The reasons that they give against matching patrikas are as follows:

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  • Leads to social regression: Patrika matching is not a proven science and following it blindly leads to the regression of the society. It is a medium which when followed, can actually take us back to medieval thinking and lead to superstition.
  • We can lose out on good matches: It is the person in question who matters more rather than his horoscope. Hence, while choosing a life partner, one should look out for the kind of person he or she really is. If we keep sticking to the horoscopes rather than judging a person on ground, we may lose out on good matches.
  • Can lead to superstition: Certain predictions made by astrologers while matching kundalis can lead to superstitions and boycott of a person by the society. Such practices do no one any good and should hence, be avoided.
  • Can lead to doubt: There are cases when you meet and like a person and want to get married to him or her. However, when the patrika predicts otherwise, it creates a doubt in your mind and you tend to let go of a person who could have been ideal for you. In another case, even if you plan to go ahead with the alliance, that doubt remains in your mind and tends to resurface in case if anything goes wrong after marriage.

Keeping all things is clear perspective; we can conclude that kundali matching can be done away with when it comes to modern marriages. We need to understand the fact that at the hectic pace at which life is going on, it is necessary for us to take out life in our own hands and make it work, rather than finding the fault in our stars.

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Our rituals and traditions are like a guiding path for us. People who make them the only role in life suffer the most in the end. Patrika matching is one such tradition which is followed in Indian marriages. People depend a lot on patrika before selecting an appropriate bride/ groom for the boy/ girl. In most of the parts of India, people are still following this tradition and even if the boy and girl are not suitable for each other, marriages are fixed as per the patrika.


Patrika matching 1
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Patrika can be wrong too

Just like every girl, I was also looking forward to a great life ahead after marriage. When my family discovered that the boy’s patrika is a good match for me, they too were very happy and excited about the whole idea. I was busy in my preparations for the big day to come and it all went well until the first month of marriage. But problems began to cramp out in the end of 1st month wherein my husband started to yell at me without any reason and my in-laws no longer supported me for anything. All I was facing was criticism from all of them.

I tried to give it another chance thinking that I might be unable to adjust in this new environment and started to please them by cooking their favorite meals, etc. But nothing worked out. I told my parents about all this and they asked me to try more from my side and I did as they said until one day my patience level broke down when my husband raised his hand to slap me for not ironing his shirt. That was the day when I decided to step out of my marriage and left the house.

Our knowledge- our decision

We have given our decision-making authority to the patrika readers despite having the knowledge and capability of choosing a right life partner. The law of India says that after 18, one can take their own decision to get married and the standard age to get married is 21. This law is being enforced because at this age, a person is capable enough to take his/ her own decision. Where family members are involved, they are even more aged, more experienced and more knowledgeable to take the right decision then, why is that patrika matching is of so much importance?

Several types of research and studies have proved that marriages fail even after matching patrika and succeed even when patrikas don’t match. In the coming years, people are going to outcast this system and will listen to their gut feeling. The coming generation will believe in true stories and live examples of a married couple and not on patrikas. Patrika is just a part of our horoscope in written form for future reference but, other than this, they should not be the mainstay of decision making for anyone.

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India is a democratic nation and considered to be free when it comes to taking our own decisions but, is it really free? I guess not because even in this modern society, we still follow our old customs and traditions which have proven to be wrong a number of times. One such tradition is patrika matching which is more of a burden on arranged marriages.


Patrika matching
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Almost every Indian family looks forward to matching patrika of the boy and girl to be married before taking any further steps. Some people even match patrikas before meeting the families. What if, the family was good and because of the predictions of the patrika, you are declining a good offer? What if, the boy/girl is your type but, the patrika says something else? What if, something else is written in the fate but, the patrika reader said the opposite? All such questions can have answers which no one will want to think of or reply to.

Relevance of Patrika

With the changing scenario, some people have also understood the relevance of patrika in a marriage. However, they do not rely on patrika completely and consider other factors more important. When a child is born, (especially in India) his/her patrika is the first thing that is made by the pujari and even the name is given with the help of that patrika. Some even believe that our entire lifetime is engraved in it; one should just know to read it.

Unmatched patrika- unchanged life

The whole negotiation of patrika matching is a tiresome ritual but, still, it came out to be a positive decision for both of us. Although I knew that convincing my family with an unmatched patrika will be a tough fight but, finally I won over it. I liked the boy in my village and this liking grew from our childhood as we grown to play together sharing our toys. Our families have known each other for a long time and were good neighbors. Gradually, I fell in love with this guy but, never tried to tell him as I feared of my family.

One day when I discovered that my parents are planning my marriage, I had no choice than to speak out my heart. Without many quarrels, they accepted it but, they asked to match our patrika. Unfortunately, our patrikas didn’t match and it took days to think over the matter. Somewhere deep in my heart, I was praying to make them say ‘yes’ for both of us. The years of acquaintance and understanding between the families worked and we both were united in the bond of marriage. As per our patrikas, we were never good for each other but, even after all these years, our marriage is as fresh as the first day.

It is not necessary that every patrika matches in the same way as the families expect and the future predictions come out to be correct. There are couples who despite unmatched patrikas were married and are living a happy life together.

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India is a country of many languages, religions, traditions and rituals. However, religion has always been a very sensitive issue in India and so are its traditions. People may become modern and technologically advanced but, still, they do not want to compromise with their rituals and traditions. Patrika matching is one such ritual which plays an important role in uniting two families in a bond called marriage.

Even today, people intend to follow the traditions which were followed by their ancestors. Some traditions are considered very serious and matching patrika to find the right bride/ groom is an inevitable part of any marriage. Nobody knew about their future or what is going to happen the next moment but, still patrikas play an important part in depicting future. It is believed that pairs are made in heaven and the heaven is in our patrikas that guide us to choose the right life partner.


Patrika matching
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Choosing the right life partner

There is an endless debate between love marriage and arrange marriage but patrika has always been an important part of every kind of marriage. Families do not just match patrika to know the future but also to console their heart that they have done the right thing. Since this ritual is being carried by their great-great-grandparents, they have to follow it. In most of the cases, arrange marriages have shown the highest relevance of patrika matching which has turned out to be right and wrong in some cases. The bride and groom are being forced to accept what their patrika is saying about their future husband/ wife without considering the fact that they like each other.

Patrika predictions- right or wrong

There are thousands of cases of arranging marriages which did not go the way they were predicted by the patrika (as said by the patrika readers). It is just in the head of the people that everything will be good if the patrika says so. Nobody can predict the future, not even the patrika. There are people out there who do not believe in patrika and are living happily ever after. There are lot many things which are of great importance in a marriage but, still, families give relevance to patrika. Nobody can answer or guarantee that patrikas can be right at all the times or if something opposite happens, how are patrikas to be justified.

Patrika is just a part of the whole ritual called marriage. They should not be given utmost importance rather they should be used just for reference. Our ancestors have given us our value system and these rituals as assets and it is our duty to preserve them in our family. Although one should also consider other things in a bride/ groom like their personality, their talents, etc. and not just judge them on what the patrika says. The world around us is changing and so, we also have to adapt to the changes else we can affect our own lives in a negative manner.

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