Fresh wedding flowers- have you ordered these nine arrangements for your wedding day

Flowers are the love of life. Everyone live flower arrangements especially in a wedding which has now become a synonym of wedding decoration. This is a must have the decorative item in the wedding. Fresh flowers take everyone’s heart away and create a magic that remains in the heart forever. The decoration is one thing that remains in the mind of people for years. While planning a wedding always keeps these 9 things and arrangements in your mind while planning sadi and executing the wedding details:

Wedding Destination Manali
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  • Make budget for your wedding:

You can plan your wedding according to your taste and budget. Make sure you plan everything in detail and make everything hassle free. Categorize your dream wedding into various parts. Jot down the points you want to include in your wedding and the things you want to avoid.

  • Book catering services:

Catering is an important task to accomplish during the wedding. A good and delicious food is what everyone wants. The wedding is the time when you have to take care of everything from guests to caterings services and from dresses to wedding trousseau. There are 5 tips that you can follow to get started with your dream wedding planning.

  • Plan your trousseau:

You need to get your dresses for the wedding done well in advance to avoid last minute hassles. This is one of the most important arrangements you need to do for your wedding day!

  • Gifts for guests:

Make sure that gifts are packed for your guests. You have to give a token of love to your friends and relatives for marking their presence on the most auspicious day of your life. Gifts make them feel wanted and desirable. It makes everyone happy.

  • Wedding venue:

Wedding venue should be in good condition. Always make visits to the venue in case you need any change then suggest the authority to do the same. Make sure the venue is spacious enough to accommodate your guests.

  • Bridal accessories:

There are many bridal accessories that come in wedding planning. Ensure that you have kept all important items that you need in your new house from sanitary napkins to hair and saree pins. All little things that are forgettable items must be listed and then purchased by the bride before the wedding date.

  • Book your makeup artist:

You need to book your makeup artist before it’s too late. Always set your budget for the makeup and make sure you hire the expert for the job as this is the most important day of your life and you definitely do not want to look over makeup or dull. Book your appointments with some reputed beauty parlor as this is the main wedding preparation you should accomplish.

  • Plan different occasions as per wedding day:

You can plan different occasions and night’s days before your wedding like sangeet night, cocktail party, bachelors’ party and much more. You can plan these events as per your needs and budget.

  • Book your wedding photographer:

Wedding photography holds great importance in wedding planning. You have to make sure that you have selected the most reputed wedding photographer for your wedding. This is the most tedious task and arrangement to do for the wedding day as finding a good photographer is quite a hectic task.


Wedding Planning for the Brides to Be

If you are the bride to be and if you are looking for some of the wedding planning ideas then you are in the right place. The wedding is the time that would require you to stay prepared. Right from the wedding dress to all the things that would be needed at the wedding should be ready. Being the part of matrimonial sites in Delhi it is vital that you know how you need to create the important things. In India, the bride is supposed to look quite gorgeous on the main day of her life. You would be required to work out all the important dress options and that of the accessories and footwear. The jewelry is also an important part of the bride.


The planning that needs to be done

If you have are would- be bride then you will be a bit casual and you would not know as to what all things you must be prepared with. But if you don’t know then you can get in touch with your friends and ask them as to what all options would be the best. Apart from that, you need to know as to what all things are required to be done.

The wedding is really a perfect affair and you have to look perfect on that day. Thus the dresses and the beauty process everything should be planned well in advance. If at all you are undergoing any beauty treatments then you must do the search well as to who is an expert in this field. Once you get an idea about such things you must move ahead.

Since matrimonial sites in Delhi would have so many demands you will see that there would stress in the mind of the new bride. But she should always take care that if she is confident and if she is ready to adjust to the new atmosphere then things would really be under control.

The list that the would be bride should make

The bride should be ready with the list of things she has to buy and the things that she has to take care of. If anything is missed out then it would really have issues. So, just make sure that rather than opting for anything like missing out something you just keep ready all the things that are basically needed for making the wedding work. The wedding is the time when you really have to make all the right arrangements. But again, rather than getting stressed you should be ready with the right preparations. If you are creative then you will be in the position to find the best solutions ever. Right from the dresses to makeup trials to invitations to friend’s party to girl’s party to the reception, the bride would have a good amount of load and so it is vital that the things are all arranged properly. Many brides who work would make last moment preparations. But remember that it is your wedding and you just can’t take any chance with the same.

How to Organize a Perfect Mehendi Party?

Pre-wedding celebrations are a fitting prelude to the actual marriage ceremony. Creating a comprehensive checklist for arranging pre-ritual functions and ceremonies will save you time and hassle. One of the most anticipated and grand celebration is the mehendi ceremony that happens before the matrimony. Your guests can indulge in fun and engaging games that will certainly make the evening quite delightful.

Mehendi Ceremony Fun
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Consider these points

Opt for a spacious area if you have a sizable guest list. However, make sure that the venue is not at a far-off distance. Consult with your family members regarding the list of attendees who will be there for your matrimony. Organizing a lavish buffet will not be an ideal option as guests will be incapable of handling cutleries and plates. It is because henna-dyed hands can pose to be a problem. Enlisting facilities from an expert mehendi designer is of utmost importance. These proficient professionals will perform an exceptional job that will surely impress the bride and her guests.

Make requisite arrangements

Preparing a special menu is an essential point. It is crucial to talk with the caterers for making necessary alterations and additions. It is important to have delectable snacks and finger foods as it is easy to eat with henna on your hands. These can entail wide-ranges of kebabs, chaats, interesting drinks, dry sweets, etc. Finding a skillful team of mehendi experts is necessary with them you can discuss the rates in advance. Preparing a proper and separate invitation list for these rituals is a crucial point. Add the names of close relatives and friends who will be attending this event along with the official matrimony event. Hosting these ceremonies at farmhouses is an appealing prospect as it gives you the space to dance and sing to your heart’s content.

Some important factors

Certain effective party ideas begin with wearing the right outfit. Opt for attire that is easily removable and will not ruin the wet henna patterns. Many brides and their friends select saris with tie-up cholis that are hassle-free alternative to Anarkali and heavy suits. The next essential aspect is a selection of appropriate decorations. Themed party ideas and decorative aspects create inviting and warm ambience. For making this event successful, keep some essential mehendi accompaniments nearby. Apart from providing the right henna equipment and ingredients, provide a substantial amount of cotton balls and lemon juice. Guests can dab on these ingredients on their henna designs for bringing out a strong color.

Mehendi Ceremony Games
Mehendi Ceremony Games (Image Credits:

Ideas for entertainment

Dance and songs are integral aspects of mehendi functions. Incorporation of games involving singing will be the highlight of the evening. Guests can form groups after which you can pitch them with other groups. Antakshari is a popular game that is a party favourite. Another game that all age groups enjoy is Charades. It helps create a relaxed and enjoyable ambience.

Guests can participate in dancing competitions and events that allow them to open up and let loose. After completion of these events, you can give your guests their gifts for making your mehendi such an enjoyable ceremony.