Shadi And The Glorious Days For Indian Homes

A typical Indian shadi has a lot of buzz and excitement attached to it! The moment any member of the family comes of age, the over concerned relatives start bombarding him or her with the typical question, “Aur fir, shadi kab kar rahe ho?”  even the poor family members are not spared, who are often bombarded with questions like, “Koi nazar mein hai?” or “raunaquen kab laga rahe ho?”  While most of these relatives with their endless list of questions may come across as irritating at times, one cannot deny the fact that behind all the questions, they are mainly hiding their anxiety and excitement. They are mainly looking forward to that big fat Indian wedding, where they can have the time of their life with their long lost friends and relatives. And while at it, we need to remember one thing for sure, which is that no Indian wedding is complete, without the involvement of relatives and friends in the same. The moment the wedding is fixed, the atmosphere all around a typical Indian home changes. The would be bride or groom suddenly become the most important people in the world, who are showered with love and care by their relatives. Let us take a sneak-peek into a typical Indian home, which is gearing up for the big, fat Indian wedding:

  • The pampered bride and groom: just the fact that their wedding is fixed make the would-be bride and groom the most important people in the world. They are showered with love by their family members. From buying clothes and accessories of their choice to preparing their favourite food every single day, they are actually spoilt rotten to the core before the D-day.
  • Happiness all around: the whole atmosphere around the house takes a happy tone when the wedding is fixed. Everyone is happy about the fact that their beloved family member is about to embark on a new journey, which will impact his or her life. All want to bless them and wish them all the best.
  • The emotional drama: we Indians as humans are an emotional breed. The moment the wedding is fixed, the immediate family, especially mothers of the bride and groom, suddenly become very emotional. From the time their child took his or her first step to the time they started college, they start recalling all events and shed tearful rivers for the same.
  • The hustle bustle: the mundane routine of any household takes a drastic change once the marriage is fixed. Everyone seems to be in a rush, making preparations for the approaching D-day. While half of the people involved don’t even know what they are doing, they still want to contribute towards the preparations in any way possible.

A typical Indian wedding is a spectacle that you need to see to believe. With so many rituals, traditions and involvement of family members, it is unique in every aspect in comparison to   weddings worldwide. Don’t miss on attending it if you get a chance.

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Shadi And The Fun it Brings For Families

The great Indian wedding tamasha  is an actual celebration of life. With all its colourful fun and frolic, it is a perfect platform where you get to meet your long lost relatives and friends, whom you have not met for ages. As having a huge gala and gathering of friends goes synonymous with the typical Indian shadi, the family of both the bride as well as the groom are in for one hell of a roller coaster ride. From meeting relatives, looking into their comfort, to pacifying the angry ones, all comes as a part and parcel of the big fat Indian wedding. All these things and anecdotes leave life- long beautiful memories for the couple as well as their families. Following are the situations that are bound to occur in a typical Indian wedding:

  • Meeting platform for long-lost relatives: well, you might not have met or seen them for years together, but when it comes to a wedding, you are bound to invite your relatives. Once they arrive, the whole wedding and the functions get centred around them. While some will be co-operative, others might just add to problem. By taking them all in a stride, the immediate family of the bride and groom is always appreciated in the end for providing a lovely opportunity for all the family members to meet.
  • Making stay arrangements: one of the primary objective of families is to ensure a comfortable stay to their guests. For this, many a times the younger ones of the family are assigned special duties to ensure that all the relatives who have arrived are comfortable and get all that they need.
  • The In-house functions: while it has somewhat become mandatory to have elaborate functions to mark a wedding, the in house intimate get together with your near and dear ones have a charm of their own. Sitting with your close relatives and friends, singing and dancing the night away on the beats of a traditional dhol has a unique charm of their own, which no DJ can ever match.
  • The small fights and making up sessions: You cannot make everyone happy. In every Indian wedding, there is bound to be a relative who might not be very happy with the arrangements that you have made. So start the small tiffs with the family members, which are later resolved in a jiffy, over a cup of tea and a big bear hugs sessions. Priceless!
  • The family jokes: Every family is bound to have a set of certain jokes and anecdotes, that only the close family members understand. Once all the relatives get together, these age old jokes are bound to crop up, leading to various funny and memorable situations.

Indian wedding are incomplete without the involvement of families. So try and make it the most important event of your life, keeping your near and dear ones close by. All the best!

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Different Weddings, One Shadi

The best and perhaps the most interesting part of Indian weddings is that despite having the rituals from the same Vedic system and belief, the implementations vary. The Shadi remains the same. You can call it saath phere or saptapadi or saath paak in different languages, but the meaning and purport remain the same. If you’ve ever been to an Indian wedding, you can get curious about the proceedings or what’s going to happen. Shadi is the common aspect or element of all Indian weddings. It’s the main ceremony symbolizing the holy union of two souls.

perfect tamil wedding

Traditionally Indian weddings last for an average for 3-4 days. On the first night, you have the priest performing the ganesh pooja, a pre-wedding ritual that usually takes place at the couple’s home. The close relatives and bridal party come in attendance.

  • Finding the common link: A handful of common ceremonies that you always enjoy are the henna or mehendi ceremony. The Haldi or gaaye holud or snanam is another momentous function celebrating the day when the bride lets her hair down at her home and the women in her family helps her. She is adorned for the big day. Sangeet is another favorite ceremony. It includes dance extravaganza and music. There are many other wedding games and fun traditions designed to bring the newlyweds closer or if it’s an arranged marriage, then break the ice between them. It helps to make a traditional setting look beautiful. The families also get comfortable with each other.
  • The var mala ceremony: It’s one of the most important wedding rituals without which a Shadi is not complete. It’s also called Jaimala and primarily involves the couple exchanging garlands. Like all other rituals and customs, it’s another significant ceremony finding much reference in the Vedic fold as well. This ancient practice is observed in India under different names. The ceremony takes place right after the groom enters the venue of the wedding. He comes with his baarat, a common feature in a shadi.
  • The tilak ceremony: Also known under various names, the Tilak ritual is one of the initial wedding traditions in India. Initially, it used to be held once month prior to the actual wedding day. However, times have changed and people have become very flexible with these things. The time and date of this ceremony is determined and decided as per the convenience of both families. To be precise, you can conclude that commencement of the concerned wedding alliance starts from this ritual.
  • Vidai ceremony: Now, who doesn’t know or have across this enduringly touching ceremony? Practically all individuals dream of getting married one day or the other. After you attain maturity and adulthood, the search for the perfect someone begins. One of the main post-wedding ceremonies, Vidai takes places right after the completion of wedding rituals. The parents and family members of the bride bids her farewell and the teary-eyed, emotional bride says them bye as she steps into the car with her husband, heading for her new home.

There are other post-wedding rituals lined up at the house of the groom.

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Shadi: Big Days of Weddings

Indian weddings are primarily and popularly imagined and acclaimed as stupendous spectacles. Well, the image is surely true and real, despite the fact that it represents a small of the total population and carried forth by the world of the prosperous and the super-rich. Shadi translates into a span of joy, merriment, food and revelry for two families and friends. The interesting thing is that even people with humble income or those in the lower-middle class strata; they also leave no tables unturned in ensuring that their wedding matches up to the world-renowned tag associated with Indian weddings, the big, fat Indian wedding.


If you look at any Shaadi in the Indian sub-continent or Indians living abroad, you will see that the ceremonies begin quite early.

  • The engagement: Both the families come together to choose an auspicious date for the marriage. They select the day for formal betrothal of the girl and guy. The priest selects this date and the engagement ceremonies remain uniform across majority of ethnicities and religions across the country, only differing in details and nuances of the rituals. The exchange of rings is not compulsory in all regions of the country. The Muslims of India follow the marriage customs as per delineation in the Quran. Hindu engagement functions vary across different ethnicities and states. The various terms associated with it is Sagai, mangi, Nischayam, Ashirbadd etc.
  • A little backdrop: Indian weddings are definitely one of the primary occasions celebrated in the culture with unbridled zeal and enthusiasm. Apart from the different Indian food, ceremonies, music and dance coming from different parts of the country, the unified presentation form a huge part of the grand Shadi You also have little, often quirky details and fun wedding games that vary from one ceremony to the other. The weddings are ritual and religion based and they are also meaningful, emotional and beautiful. These are reasons why they generally span for a few days.
  • Rituals and customs: Wedding ceremonies do differ from one religion to another. For example, the quintessential Hindu wedding entails the symbolic and sacramental saath pheras or seven rounds across the holy fire in the wedding ritual, the kanyadan ceremony, the Vedic ritual denoting the bride being presented to the groom by her father or both parents, or the wearing of the sacred Mangalsutra and the famous baraat. The pre-wedding rituals are also fascinating across cultures.
  • The regional discourse: The rituals differ within various communities like the Jains, Malyalees, Gujrathis, Punjabis, Bengalis, Rajputs, marathis, Sindhis, Telegus and so on. There are different regional traditions and cultural flavors that add their unique flavor and color to mark the weddings.
  • The diversified context: It remains to be seen that marriages also involve the varied Indian wedding traditions and ceremonies of other faiths like Parsi and Muslim weddings. For instance, Muslims have their wedding ceremony starting with Mehendi ceremony. The beautiful Nikaah ceremony awaits and the bride is all decked up just like other religions.

Indian wedding ceremonies offer a multi-level result and differ massively from one another. That’s the reason why they stretch for so long.

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The Shadi Benefits

The marriage vows or Shadi form the epicenter of a wedding ceremony. The couples utter the words as an expression and manifestation of their future promises and intentions that they wish to emphasize on and uphold in their marital life. The vows or pheras cover the usually accepted and sanctified dos and don’ts of a happy married life. Hence, they cover almost all the things. These include individual roles and duties to the promise of placing each other’s welfare first. Two persons promise to bear the task of rearing a family jointly and do the right thing for their kids.

europe couple

Apart from the social, financial and overall emotional benefits of marriage, it also helps you to become a better individual, more dutiful and serious.

  • The mutual understanding and equality: There is a reason why people focus a lot of The promise to enter the holy union as friends and as equals defines the spirit of marriage. You don’t submit to some threadbare defined roles. It’s just for the Hindus conducting a Vedic wedding ritual. It exists across all cultural spectrums. The wedding vows highlight the same objectives, mutual respect and lifelong commitment. Marriage is a beautiful bond that is supposed to be everlasting and the chain of vows taken during the shadi reinforce the bride and groom’s intent and pursuit of staying together through the ups and downs of life. As they say, till death do us part is the narrative.
  • Sharing life: Well, staying single isn’t as poppy or appealing as it seems to be. At some point in life, people may feel the need to be taken cared of or loved. You’d wish to have someone by your side to share your happy and sad moments, to share your joys and success, downfalls and failures, and someone to do things side by side. You also wish someone to go with you on vacations and some to share life in all its myriad aspects with you. With marriage, you have this special someone in your life with whom you can share all experiences and feelings. When you have that somebody to share these stuffs, you get to know what’s more pivotal for your relationship and for you. It’ll help you to realize your true value, dreams and you can then strive to achieve them.
  • The financial part: One of the most obvious parts of marriage benefits, you aren’t just earning more money but you can also reduce your expenses, saving extra money. If both the wife and husband earn, the two incomes enhance your financial security. Besides companionship, marriage also gives you financial stability. Married people can purchase assets sans much legal hassles.
  • Religious and social acceptance: If you want your society to approve of your relationship, the best thing is to get married. Most religions don’t approve premarital sex or cohabiting. When you get married in front of your parents, family members and friends, exchanging vows and affirming your lifelong commitment to one another, society will recognize this union.

The additional thing is it’s very good for your mental health and affirms a safer and better sex life as well.

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Best Fashion Ideas for the Wedding Season

If you’re tired of wearing the same old saris, Anarkali and evening gowns to weddings, it’s time to explore styles and fashions that are not only refreshing but also look perfect in the festive setting. Shadi wear need not necessarily be formal, traditional and proper; a little experimentation never harmed anyone. A look at the latest trends in wedding wear that are fast becoming the rage:


Wear a cape

A cape is the latest trend to hit wedding fashion. For a shaadi, you can pair it with a lehenga, with a pair of dhoti pants, palazzos or a gown. Wear a longer cape with a churidar for the ultimate fashion statement. A cape can be sheer worn on top of a traditional choli or solid, long and flowy to be paired with a tighter lower garment. Choose festive colors to nail the wedding look.

Dhoti Pants

This garment has made quite a few comebacks and it is trending again. A comfortable pair of pants, the dhoti is a fresh take on the salwar but with a higher glam quotient. You can pair the dhoti with a mid-length kurta, a peplum and crop top, with a jacket or with a cape.

Dhoti sari and pant sari

The dhoti has lent style to the sari as well. The dhoti sari has become the hottest trend and is ruling the ramp these days. Another spin-off is the pant sari which looks equally alluring and fashionable. So go ahead sport this latest fashion and rock the wedding.

Pair crop top with skirt

This is the latest spin-off on the traditional lehenga choli. Replace the lehenga with a festive skirt and the choli with a crop top. What you have is a trend that is modern, stylish yet is rooted deep in wedding tradition.

Pair lehenga with long kurta

This is a beautiful comeback of our traditional classy Punjabi village costume. The only difference is that it’s not just a humble dress any more. Silks, brocades, chiffon, georgette kurtas paired with a swirly layered lehenga is just perfect to behold.

Pair a kurta with Palazzo pants

Your favorite kurta just found itself a new mate –palazzo pants. This is a chic yet classy look perfect for the shaadi atmosphere. For a more traditional approach, try pairing your kurta with a sharara. You can experiment with wearing palazzo pants with a long kurta, with a short kurta or one with an uneven hemline. Same goes for the sharara; wear it with a long kurta or a short one.


Another extremely popular garment that has caught the imagination of designers and fashionistas alike is the jacket. It is an extremely versatile style and can be worn long, sheer, open, short, buttoned up etc etc. Pair a jacket with a pair of cigarette pants, or a lehenga, with dhoti pants, with palazzo pants or with a sharara.

Kurta avatars

If you are not in the mood to spend, you can give a slight tweak to your ‘normal’ salwar-kameez and come up trumps. For example, pair a short kurta with brocade or printed pants, or a very short kurta with a salwar whose pleats you are proud to show off.

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Unique and Creative Ideas for your Wedding Invitations

It’s everyone’s dream to host a shadi that is unique in every way. Unique setting, unique flower arrangements, unique dresses, unique theme, unique food, basically unique everything. Well, what better way to start with than a unique wedding invite. A wedding invite is what sets the mood for the wedding guests and the more personal touch there is to the invite, the warmer the guests’ response. Here’s taking a look at some innovative ideas to help you customize your wedding invites:


Different strokes

This is the most personal touch you can add to your wedding invite. Mildly caricaturize your illustration as a couple and include quirky details such as things you are obsessed with. It will add a fun element to your invite and give it a warm informal touch. You could also add quirky one-liners.

Raise a toast

If you have the money get a custom box designed to fit a bottle of champagne and two printed glasses with an illustration of the couple. This invite will be for keeps and your guests will always remember you when they will raise a toast. For a budget alternative, skip the champagne and go for the customized printed glasses.

Pop-up cards

We’ve all been in love with pop-up birthday cards as children. Why not try it for your wedding invite. Think of a design that you want to pop up when the card is opened and your job is done. You can go quirky with a fun cutout of the both of you popping up out of nowhere to surprise the guest. Alternatively, you could go in for a more sophisticated design of a bride and groom walking hand in hand or any other romantic image that you can conjure.

Croon it

This is a novel idea. Instead of paper invites, opt for a digital one. You can communicate your wedding announcements by making up a song of your own or borrowing the tune from a hit number and keeping the words your own. Write it on a CD and deliver it to your guests in person or via email. This is going to be one memorable invite that your friends and family are sure to remember for years to come.

Message in a bottle

This one is for those who love old school casual. Put your wedding invite in a customized bottle (you can even think up ideas to beautify or design the bottle) and serve it to your guests. Fill up the bottle with some sand, tie a ribbon or a piece of twine around the neck of the bottle, and lo you have your nautical invite ready.


You can either make a poster of your own from scratch or customize a romantic movie poster to design your wedding invite. Put your own fun picture on the poster and if you want, a catchy headline in place of the movie name. Roll it up and deliver it to your guests.

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5 Post-wedding Fun Games for Newlyweds

Grand weddings are a worldwide phenomenon but the great Indian shadi is more special and memorable for the playfulness and the sincerity that go hand in hand through all the rituals and traditions. We may have graduated to evening gowns in place of saris and lehengas, shorter ceremonies, designer sets but fortunately have still managed to retain the charm of an Indian wedding. Post-wedding games are one such event that everyone looks forward to as a sort of ice-breaker between the newly-weds and their families.

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The groom and his boots

If you belong to the bride’s side the entire wedding day is spent in planning a strategy to steal and hide the groom’s shoes. On the other hand, if you are from the groom’s family, a lot of time is put into planning how to save the groom’s shoes from being stolen. It’s a fun game that goes along the entire evening passing secret messages and signals. Once the shoes are off for the pheras, the bride’s sisters spring into action to lay their hands on the coveted pair. If they do, the groom gets his shoes back only after he pays an amount specified by the bride’s friends and sisters.

The fellowship of the ring

The wedding ceremony over, it’s time for the bride to officially head for the groom’s house. She’s sad, apprehensive of what the future holds for her and feels odd entering the new household. After the groom’s family has welcomed her into the house, the bride and the groom sit down to play this traditional game. A ring is dropped into a basin full of milk and the task is to find it. Whoever does it first is the winner. This is a great ice-breaker as some family members cheer for the bride and some for the groom. The knowledge finally dawns on the bride that now this is her family too.

Untying the knots

The bride and the groom are given a rope which has been knotted several times over. Both the bride and the groom have to together untie the rope, the faster they do it the better. Knots signify marital problems and discord so to untie knots means to smoothen out these obstacles.

Without a clue

The bride and the groom are made to sit with their backs towards each other and a cushion is placed between them. Then they are asked silly and suggestive questions to which they have to reply not knowing what their partner’s response is. The game is full of innuendo and laughter and is a great ice-breaker.

Figure it out

It is customary for a bride to get her husband’s name written in henna on her palm. The name is hidden in the rest of the design and is difficult to spot. Now is the time to let that hard work reap the fruit. The groom has to find his name camouflaged by the mehndi design. If he succeeds it is believed he will be the dominating partner if he doesn’t then the wife will dominate the relationship.

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How To Arrange A Perfect Theme Wedding

The wedding has a lot of significance in the lives of the couple that is supposed to begin their life with new ideas and ambitions. No matter what it is, spending money for a wedding is the choice of many people but it is good to take the decisions wisely to consider the money well spent during the occasion. Planning for a wedding comes with lots of stress particularly if you have chosen a theme.  A majority of people have the intention to make their wedding day different than the rest of the crowd but you may not have to go over the board and spend money uselessly but it is effective planning that can lead to a perfectly themed wedding that does not create much stress.

  • Sticking to budget and time: A wedding can be made every expensive but you have to stick to a budget no matter what the theme of the wedding is and you have to add to the set of priorities that you have prepared from the beginning. Whether you have chosen a vintage theme or have decided to celebrate along the seaside, it is necessary to think before making a choice. Another aspect that you have to keep in mind for theme wedding is the timeline. Make sure that you have chosen a theme which fits into your schedule. It is important to choose a theme for which you have ample time to make plans.
  • Choosing quality designs: Although you have chosen a perfectly romantic setting for the wedding ceremony but it is not just for the sake of celebrations but the quality that matters the most. For instance, careful selection of flowers will complement the theme particularly one which is studded with a romantic theme.
  • Service of event planners: Most people prefer choosing event planners on the occasion of Shadi as it can allow you get respite from the laborious planning work. Make sure that the planner that you have chosen create an opportunity for you to plan a wedding that follows a particular theme. When you choose an event planner with a good customer service, you will not have the trouble to run around whether it is for invitations, favors or getting the goodies from different places.
  • Taking the challenges: Whether you have chosen an event planner or planning the theme of the Shadi on your own, nothing comes without challenges. However, the trick is to take the challenge with the best approach to make the wedding a complete success.
  • Checking the tools: Depending on the theme that you have chosen, the tools for events must be organized accordingly. During the recent times, the planners prefer to keep every data on the computer rather than in the manual system that was prevalent in the past.
  • Paying attention to details: Even though you may have hired the best planners in town, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail to avoid missing out things that are genuinely important for executing the theme that you have chosen.

Along with the planning procedures, you must soak in the enjoyment which is a part of every wedding occasion. However, you must never go on to an overwhelming situation which can destroy the actual spirit of the plan. The best thing is to add fervor to the wedding occasion with different ideas and a combination of themes.

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Tips On Choosing The Perfect Mangalsutra For Your Bride To Be

Mangalsutra is a collection of black and golden beads that are tied together to form a chain and along with a pendant, it is one of the most important symbols that is to be tied around the neck. Usually the groom puts it around the neck of the bride during the rituals of the wedding. In fact, this ornament is considered as one of the most precious for married women and it is something that she must wear for the lifetime. It also symbolizes the union of two souls and auspicious in more ways than one. Nowadays, you will come across different designs of mangal sutra and there are a lot of factors that can determine your choice. Keeping in mind that the colors of the beads must be similar, you have to make the right choice.

  • Knowing the budget: The price of the mangal sutra which is worn by the bride during Shadi depends on the design that you choose. Moreover, the price of the pendant is another thing that you have to keep in mind. The amount of gold that you want to include in the mangal sutra can also decide the price to a great extent.
  • Suited for requirements: You may not have to get swayed by the designs and styles that are prevalent nowadays even if it does not suit your requirements. Keeping in mind that you will have to wear this piece of ornament every day, it is good to buy something which is lightweight. In other words, comfort is one of the major factors that you must keep in mind while buying mangal sutra for the wedding. However, you can choose a pendant which has an intricate design and keeps the basic design as simple as possible.
  • Design and length of the chain: It is not only the design of the pendant but the length of the chain that lends the beauty to it. However, the longer is the chain, the pricier it will be and you have to buy according to the requirements.
  • Choosing the style of pendant: The pendant of the mangal sutra may have different designs but you can choose to design a heavy or a lightweight ornament. Try to prepare a checklist of designs before choosing the final one.
  • Deciding the metal: Gold is one of the most precious metals and it has been traditionally used in mangal sutras. Ideally, women must wear gold mangal sutra during the occasions of Shadi but other metals are available nowadays. The best option is to explore all the possibilities before you arrive at a decision that suits your budget.
  • Authenticity and matching earrings: No matter you have chosen the mangal sutra well after exploring the possibilities, the quality of the gold must be authentic. In addition to this, you can always try to buy matching earrings to have a complete set of ornament that can be worn on different occasions after the marriage.

Buying mangal sutra is not difficult when you take these tips into consideration. The idea is to buy the thing that suits your choice and the budget. You need not overdo whether it is the style or the design that you want to choose although it is good to keep all the points in mind.

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