Some Post Wedding Rituals In A Tamil Wedding

It is true that there is a lot of aura surrounding Tamil Matrimony as the bride and groom prepare to untie after the conversations between both the families are complete. In fact, the people belonging to this community pay a lot of respect to the rituals before and after the wedding band each one of them is strictly held in the homes of the bride and groom. While there are a lot of rituals that are held before and during the wedding, the celebration of traditional elements continue after the wedding as well. The post wedding rituals are equally important as the ones that are held before and you ought to know about them as well to understand the spirit of the wedding.

  • Exchange of gifts: This occasion is called Sammandhi Maryathai in which the families of the bride and groom exchange gifts just before the bride prepares to leave her paternal home. After offering prayers to the deity in the family, the bride bids adieu to her parents which is much similar to an emotional farewell.
  • Reception ceremony: In the reception which is usually held after the completion of the wedding, the bride and groom are to take their seats that resemble the throne of the king and queen while the entire family is treated with a lavish feast. The food which is served to the guests is usually vegetarian and includes the traditional spread of this community. However, you can decide to include some of the menus that are vegetarian but modern. The décor and design of this occasion can be modern or traditional depending on the values and culture of both families but a combination of both is the flavour of the season of wedding.
  • Blessings of elders: Before leaving her paternal home, the bride and the groom need to seek the blessings of the elders and this occasion is also called Paaladaanam. After this, the groom needs to escort the bride to the new house. As far as Tamil Matrimony is concerned, a lot of importance is given to each and very ritual whether before or after the wedding which makes each occasion beautiful.
  • Welcoming the bride: Grihapravesham is an occasion which is held to commemorate the arrival of the bride in the house of the groom. In this ritual, the mother in law performs a small puja and aarti to welcome the bride and then she goes on to seek the blessings of the deity in the family.
  • Breaking the ice: As part of the ritual which is called Valeyadal in which the bride is introduced formally to all the members in the family as she receives gifts from them. After this, a lot of fun games are played to bring the bride and groom close to each other which adds vigour to the occasion.
  • Final ritual after wedding: This ritual is also called Maruvidu Varudal in which the bride and groom revisit the home of the bride and are treated with a delicious lunch. The parents of the bride offer gifts and jewellery to the couple and it marks the end of the formal wedding celebrations.

The post wedding rituals in the Tamil community is eye catchy and each of the ceremony has a different tone of celebration. It is no wonder that Tamil weddings are gorgeous and joyous for the families of the bride and groom.

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Essential Pujas Before A Traditional Tamil Wedding

Although there is not much place for extravagance in Tamil Matrimony but they are lavish anyway. One of the most important aspects of the wedding which is held in this community is the pujas that are held before the wedding. It is like paying respect to God before starting a ceremony which no less pious than worshiping the God. The sacred rituals and the mesmerizing ceremonies that are typical to Tamil weddings can be described with the pujas that are organized before the wedding and each one has its significance. If you want to enjoy the spirit of the wedding which belongs to this community, you must understand the value of each occasion.

Karthik Sivakumar Ranjini Wedding Photos Stills
  • Beginning of the ritual: The wedding in Tamil household begins with a prayer which is offered to the God and is also called Panda Kaal Muhurtham in which the families of the bride and groom offer their initial prayer to God asking for peaceful solemnization of the wedding. In fact, the families also pray for the wedding to undergo no hindrance and the occasions must be heart-filled and joyous.
  • Respect to the ancestors: In this ritual, puja is offered to the ancestors and it takes place in the household of the bride and groom. As part of this occasion, Brahmins are invited at home and treated with a grand feast which is strictly traditional. They are also treated with paan, flowers, supari, fruits, coconut and traditional clothes. The Brahmins offer their blessings to the bride and groom to be. This occasion is also referred to as Nandi Shrardham.
  • Puja in bride’s house: One of the important pujas which is held in the household of the bride is Ganesh Puja which is held in the beginning. During this occasion, the bride is presented with a new sari and jewellery by the family of the groom and gifts are also offered to the groom. The bride and the groom changes into the new clothes during this puja.
  • Puja and prayer for married women: This occasion in Tamil Matrimony is also called Sumangali Prarthanai and is dedicated to all those women who lead a harmonious and blissful married life. In this occasion or ceremony, the puja is offers to all the married women and the bride needs to seek their blessings in the end. Some of the special aspects of this puja are that the number of women invited for the ceremony and it must always be an odd number. Furthermore, these women need to dress up with nine yard sari which is also called madisar and all of them must have food in the house of the bride in the authentic banana leaf.
  • Feeding the fishes: In this auspicious occasion, the bride needs to feed the fishes using nine varieties of grain that are mixed in earthen pots and each one is decorated with sandalwood. The pots are immersed in water and it is believed to be food for the fishes which embarks an auspicious journey for the bride and groom to be.

The pujas are considered auspicious for every Tamil wedding and the people from this community follow them strictly to ensure the happiness of the bride and groom after marriage.

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Peculiarities and Specialties of a Tamil Wedding

Every wedding is good in its own way and that’s the reason why you should always make way for something great. In tamils too wedding is awesome affair. But all you must do is just enjoy the wedding. There would be some special things that you can get to enjoy at every wedding and so all you must do is make the relevant research for the same. Just being watchful would also work and this will help you notice that how things are to be opted for. If you have been part of Tamil Matrimony before then you need to get an idea that how things are in this arena and you can surely seek some inspiration from the same.


Things that would make these weddings quite special

If you want to know a bit about the south Indian weddings then you can get in touch with your friends who are tamil and they would surely guide you about the special things that happen at their weddings. These days you can find so much of info on the web as well. So, keeping all these things in mind you can get access to the relevant stuff. There are many traditions that are to be performed by the family of the bride and the groom. Then there would be awesome sweets and gifts to be offered to each other. The families try to be the best in the choice of these things. Apart from that there is Kashi yatra which is really quite novel and different and that will help you in knowing about the importance of such places of worship.

You need to know about Tamil Matrimony in detail and you can just check out the decoration too. There would be use of banana leaves for the wedding mandap. Apart from that the look of the bride and the groom would be quite traditional and they wear clothes that are good and quite suitable to their customs.

Tamils are a mix of conservative things and novel things

There was a time when Tamil people held the impression of being quite conservative. But now you will see that there would be touch of modernism in everything they have. So, just stay sure that you know how you can make things work. Like, if a wedding is being held then there would be so many things on the cards. In tamils there are amazing things that happen at the wedding and so there would be fun factors too.

Just that you can be part of the wedding in the way like it would offer you lot of knowledge too. You should be able to get ahead and find the relevant media. There are weddings happening in different castes and so you should know that what all peculiarities prevail in them. Tamils love to be bit different yet traditional and so there are so many things you can absorb from their functions.

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Tips to Make a Simple Tamil Wedding Look Grand

People have a feeling that tamils prefer simple weddings. But in reality, this is not the case. Times have changed and just like that the demands of the people have also changed. Looking into these things you should understand that even the simple Tamil weddings can be bit different now. So, there should be some options that can be exercised to make the wedding bit different and grand. Who said that only money can make things look grand? In Tamil Matrimony, there are so many things that can be done in order to make things work. So, just stay sure that you know how things are to be done.

Wedding Destination Manali

Here are some of the tips that can help you make the wedding look grand with simple things!

The first thing that the Tamil families should go for is a decent venue. This plays a key role in every little arrangement. Like, that should either have good décor. If not, then there should be such facilities that can make the place look awesome. You can spend a bit more in decorations and if you want to make the venue look bit different then the entire solutions can be sought. With changing times we should understand that a bit of relevant options can be sought and that will work. Like, you can just have a glance at the things happening at grand weddings. You will be able to find such things on the web. Just follow the pictures and try to show your wedding arrangement person that what you are expecting.

There are so many things that you can think of. Like, creating a theme wedding would also be a good idea to make things bit grand. You can arrange for good food and good music as well. These are some of the things that you need to work out on. The bride and the groom should get ready pretty well for the wedding and this will really make things perfect.

In Tamil Matrimony you have to exactly understand how things are and this will really work wonders. You should be open to new ideas. Always ask your friends who would have creative thoughts. The best part is that, you should first think of the novel and creative things that would make the wedding look grand. Apart from that you will also have to deal with other things like how long you will be able to add the options.

Talk to your friends and relatives for brilliant ideas

Sometimes when you are managing too many things at a time then it would be quite tough for you to get some amazing thoughts. So, you can just talk to those you know and you feel could really help you. Take up wedding planning well in advance and understand how you need to be open to various things in life.

Wedding happens once in lifetime and so it should be celebrated with finesse. You can add awe and surprise factor to this and it will really be fun.

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Preparing For the Perfect Tamil Wedding

Weddings have always been glorious events in India. These events, particularly, Tamil weddings always give great emphasis on rites and rituals. The pompousness and showy nature of North Indian weddings may not be associated with south Indian functions but you can relate a lot of ceremonies, rituals, and poojas with them. How to prepare for the perfect Tamil wedding?

Identifying the perfect venue for wedding

One of the most important things to do while planning for a wedding is to select and book the best venue. During the season, these types of spaces get filled up in a very fast manner. Generally speaking, Tamil Matrimony weddings are conducted in exclusively designed marriage halls or temple halls and you must book the best one in advance as soon as the wedding date is announced.


perfect tamil wedding


Preparing the mandap and hall

The décor associated with Tamil weddings can be described as traditional and a lot of flowers are also used for decoration. The wedding mandap also known the stage is fully covered with floral arrangements and in order to create a modern touch, things like lights, drapes and other types of decorative props for the venue. The main purpose of the décor is to bring a festive mood in an extravagant and showy way. Today, you can find more subdued and classy style of décor as well. It does not matter, what style you want; you have to hire the services of a professional decorator.

Make arrangement for food

In a Tamil wedding, vegetarian dishes are being served and you can find typical Tamilian delicacies such as rice kheer, Dodiyonam and Mysore pak in these types of occasions. There is a method for every dish is being served and you have to hire an experienced catering company to prepare the authentic Tamilian cuisine.

Purchasing the wedding ensemble

One of the most vital aspects of any wedding is the ensemble the bridegroom and bride. Tamil people give more importance to the attire of the bride. You have to select these dresses well in advance and the accessories like gold ornaments that go well with attire need to be selected as well.  During the wedding day, a Tamilian bride looks like a Goddess in the colorful Kanjivaram silk sari with all those gold ornaments from head to toe. The groom usually wears a dhoti and kurta or ns some people prefer a sherwani. The parents of both the groom and bride have to take care of the outfits and both parties visit the shop together to purchase the dresses.

Tamil Matrimony weddings are also being conducted in accordance with the oldest sacred texts of Hinduism, especially the Vedas. At the mean time, a modern touch can also be associated with these functions. The presence of a priest is necessary throughout the function and he is the person who determines the most suitable date and month for the marriage within the Hindu calendar. When you consider all other aspects, you have to be mindful about this important one as well.

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Traits that can Make a Perfect Telugu Couple

We all want that there should be a perfect couple. When a couple gets married, there should be love and bliss in their life. Telugu boys and girls are quite amazing and they are quite matured in their behavior as well. Here are some of the traits of Telugu couples that would make them a really lovely and adorable couple. They are blessed with natural looks and so they look really smart and amazing. Also, they have heart of gold. So, they have the internal feeling that they should take good care of the respective families and even that of the families of the in-law’s side. These are some of the things that would make Telugu Matrimony truly blissful.


Traits of Telugu couple for successful marriage

In the times when most of the couples fight because of the financial problems between them! So, Telugu couples are matured enough. In this case, you will see that both the partners work and so they would hardly find any time to fight. Also, they should have loving and caring nature so that their life is good by all means. In Telugu, you will find different preferences for families. Some live in joint family and some in nuclear. If the bride has to live in a joint family then she should develop traits like compassion and patience in her. If she wants her marriage to be perfect by all means then she should also develop cooking skills, communication skills and be smart in every possible way.

Telugu males are quite forward in their thoughts. When it comes to maintaining their marriage, they really stand ahead. They do not mind helping the partner with home and kitchen work. This is what makes their life better. If a couple understands the need of one another then they will realize that how their life is and what they can do better out of the same. In Telugu Matrimony you will see that even the adults are quite cooperative and they do help the couple too. So, the couple need not be in any kind of problem.

Make your marriage successful

Your marriage is in your hands and so you should never take things for granted. In a good marriage, there will be need of apt communication and right behavior. If you can win the heart of your spouse and family members then you have won half the battle. This is where you can make the relevant changes.

If you think that you have some negative traits like impatience, anger within you then you should look forward to making them go away so that you can make life perfect by all means. This is how life will give you a perfect chance to do things that you love. Telugu weddings are awesome and if you want them to be taken up in some specific way you should talk to the partner and to the family and work out on what are the things that would be needed for the same.

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Hairstyle Ideas for a Tamil Bride with Long Hair

The wedding is a sacred ritual and you will see that in this ritual there will be the union of two families. Tamil weddings are quite authentic and traditional. But this is the charm of the wedding. You will see that there will be traditional food, decoration and even the bride will come up with the traditional sari and hairstyle. Most of the Tamil brides are blessed with charming looks. Thankfully, most of them have long and beautiful hair and this is the reason why even the hair stylists love to work upon their hair. Before you are finalizing a hair style for the wedding, just get through the best ones for the Tamil bride with long hair.


The best hair styles a Tamil bride with long hair can try

In Tamil Matrimony you will see that brides have to wear traditional dressing along with lots of gold jewelry and lots of flowers adorned in their hair. You will see that when it comes to choosing the best hairstyle, it is always a question that whether the bride has long tresses or short. In the case of long hair, there are such amazing hairstyles that can be tried.

Pola Jada is one such hairstyle that will give you perfect look if you have amazing thick and long hair. In fact, this hairstyle has flower adornment. On the top, there will be some simple jewelry as well. You can get in touch with the hair stylist and let her know what you are looking for. Many brides who have short hair would especially grow long hair before the wedding so that they can get a benefit of this hairstyle.

If you want to keep it classy and simple then a simple bun or messy bun can work wonders. In most of the cases, people have to put wigs because they don’t have long hair. But if you have naturally long hair then you never have to worry. This is because the natural tresses will be used in this bun. Of course, it would be adorned with charms, flowers, and broaches.

Looking awesome at the wedding

Every bride has the feeling that she should look perfect at her wedding. So, all you must do is get ready for the big day. But you have to be cautious in regards to the look of your hair and skin since the wedding gets planned. You must be extra careful that your hair should not fall much or should not become dry or damaged. For that, you must massage your scalp at regular intervals with oil and also eat the right diet. Drinking lots of water can also make your hair look perfect.

In Tamil  Matrimony brides get ready to give the authentic look. So, just find the best option and get on with things that would make you a perfect bride for the day. If you look charming and awesome then you will surely leave a perfect impression on the guests as well as the groom.

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Ideas to Decorate a Stage for a Tamil Wedding

Tamil weddings are quite interesting and they have so many amazing things that will give you perfect knowledge about how the Indian traditional weddings are like. So, make sure that you have done all the preparations well in advance. In Tamils, the weddings are hosted in a simple way. But still, the stage decoration has to be done in a perfect way. There was a time when people did not take the decisions unless and until they would ask the elders. But now, things have changed. Most of the families have turned out to be nuclear families and so you can see that the stage decoration will be mostly given over to the decorators. They would handle these things with perfection. In Tamil Matrimony good amount of importance is given to flowers. So, just make sure that you include the same in an entrance and stage decoration.


Here are some of the ideas to take up stage decoration in Tamil wedding

If you are given the charge of stage decoration for Tamil wedding then you have to understand that what kind of look will be good. You can check out on the web the current trends going in this field. If you have a tight budget then you can always discuss the budget with the decorator. They will help you get some relevant options which you can try. Apart from that, you have a team or you have many family members who are quite excited about the wedding then it would be fun to decorate the stage and the mandap on own. But in most of the cases, it’s the decoration company who would take charge of these things.

Get inspired with the lavish weddings

If you are getting inspired by lavish weddings then all you must do is get a perfect idea about what kind of wedding stage decoration is taken up these days. Some people use lights and some people use flowers and some people use beautiful satin curtains. These all things would tell about the theme.

There are so many stage décor companies. You should choose the one that has expertise in these things. So, just settle down for the one who really knows how to make things work. The Internet has given you a lot of options. So, just make sure that you know how to manage things as they come. In Tamil Matrimony you will see simple stage decoration and at the same time, there will be complex and lavish stage decoration as well. You must choose something that looks good, decent and also that is perfect by all means.

The stage should be perfect as per the venue and when you really know what you need to do just try your best and make things work. Tamil weddings are hosted on the stage and the bride and the groom have to take the rituals over there. After the wedding ceremony, the reception might take place there only.

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Traditional Yet Contemporary Dressing for a Tamil Groom

Weddings are always grand and they are a matter of gala celebrations and magnificent affairs, which you’ve to attend. One of the most significant things and center of attraction to all the guests is the groom and bride dress at the Tamil matrimony. It’s like once in a lifetime moment to enjoy and have fun wearing those luxurious outfits and still feels confident. All weddings are different from weddings that take place in other parts of the nation when it comes to scale, traditions followed guests, families, dresses and ceremonies. When yours is a Tamil matrimony then you have to be very careful about your wedding dress especially groom.

groom dressing

Choose what suits you:

Grooms can choose the desired outfits for their wedding that goes well with the bride’s dress and both the families buy dresses for the wedding day. Tamil matrimony is larger than life event and celebrations along with that it is the most expensive affair of any person’s lifetime. The most significant thing for any groom and bride is the time they spend together in buying wedding dresses. There are different patterns, cuts and designs available for Tamil groom and they are also ready to experiment with their wedding look by trying new and latest fashion trend outfits.

Wear traditional yet contemporary outfit:

They can wear traditional yet contemporary dresses for their Tamil Matrimony. It is very important that they hire a fashion designer that will take a charge of groom’s pre and post wedding outfits so that there is no confusion for the groom about what and how to wear? Though, there are groom’s family members and friends to help in choosing the best outfit for the big day still it’s always advisable to seek help from the professional. Tamil groom on his wedding day wear simple kurta or shirt and dhoti blend with traditional headwear known as pag, which is red in color and particularly selected for the groom.

Wear a fusion suit: you can try on the fusion suit on your wedding day that is a blend of traditional yet contemporary look. You can carry a jacket and shirt inside with dhoti at the bottom. It will definitely provide you a fusion appearance that looks very chic and a blend of modern and traditional culture.

Try on sherwani: sherwani look simply amazing with little embroidery and motif on the left side of the chest and some embroidery is done on the shoulder part. You can choose ivory or gold color sherwani that matches with the attire of your bride.

Go for tuxedo: you can wear tuxedo on your wedding day as it will make you look handsome and your bride would go gaga over your dressing sense. This attire is world famous and adorn mainly by high profile grooms. Tuxedo looks very smart on men and gives them an attractive appearance. For more options you can hire a dress designer for your wedding and get the design that suits your personality.

Some Typical Traits Of A Nadar Bride’s Family

Nadar is the community that comes from the state of Tamilnadu. There are Northern Nadars and Southern Nadars depending on the particular demography that they come from. Historically the Nadars were cultivators of jaggery and the Palmyra trees and have also had experience of facing caste discrimination by the other classes. They were also forbidden to enter the temples and worship there.

Highlights of a bride’s family

Today the scenario has completely reversed, and the Nadars are among the topmost and respected families in the societies of South India. In case you have a proposal of a Nadar matrimony that has come to you from the bride’s side, you will do well to understand the tradition and the customs of such a family. In most cases they still prefer to maintain the age-old traditions incorporating them into their modern lives.

Nadar Wedding Brides
Nadar Wedding Brides (PC:
  • Firstly Nadar family that you are likely to come across today is going to be well-educated with members of the families holding good academic degrees. If it is a working family, they are likely to be well-placed in the government jobs or secure high ranks in the private sectors. They are a community that is known for their intellectual acumen and have attained several accomplishments in different professional fields.
  • Today, most of the Nadars are extremely well off financially being engaged in business of different types. Some are also moneylenders that wield lot of influence in the society. On the whole, the family to which you are likely to be tied by way of Nadar matrimony will certainly command the respect of the neighbors and the populace in general. They are also the trustee of many wealthy temples in the South and have a command over the proceedings of the temple affairs.
  • By nature, they are a religious lot, and the Nadar community population consists of both Hindus as well as a good number of Christians that have placed themselves well in life. Whatever be the religion of the family to which you are likely to be tied by way of the Nadar matrimony, you will find them to be a devout and a God fearing lot. This is one of the reasons that they will insist on following the traditions and the rites of the marriage ceremonies.
  • Despite the Nadar girls being well-educated and some also likely to be working as professionals, they prefer to maintain the traditional ways of South Indian families with respect to the way that they dress up and the lifestyle that they follow. They are also trained to be respectful towards the elders of the family.

Traditionally the nadir community had the family inheritance being shared only among the sons of the family with the eldest son becoming head of the family. This tradition has led to the girls of the community to remain respectful towards the male members and achieve higher educational goals to gainbetter position within the family. Yet, each girl is trained in all the household chores such that you are likely to have an ideal wife after your Nadar matrimony.