Giving a Modern Twist to Some pre wedding Rituals of a Telugu Wedding

India is a vast country of different regions and definite geographic boundaries. Each one has its own beautiful culture, which are knit to one another with one common thread-the Vedic marriage rituals. Despite the regional differences, different names, different phonetics and tremendous diversity of language and food habits, weddings are the only platform where entire India looks to be the same. The Telegu people hail from the region of Telanga and Andhra Pradesh mainly because these are the places where the people speak it as their mother tongue. They have the same order of pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals in their Telugu Matrimony.

mana nellore.jpg

Like every other Hindu marriage fold, the people celebrate the rituals in accordance with the importance and significance in the marriage. Although they are all considered sacred and the people are devoted to their customs, you can still fuse some ideas to make them look even more joyous.

  • Starting with Pendilkoothuru: It refers to the application of turmeric on the bride’s body before she takes her cleansing bath. It’s a great platform to induce some fun. The bride can wear goggles while the elders smear turmeric on her body. Make a wall or select a wall, cupboard in the house where the family members can put a palm stamp on the structure after applying the paste on her body. It will serve as a wonderful cognizance of the days. You can capture the beautiful moments on lenses as the girl’s relatives apply the paste, click photos then go to the side of the verandah to put their palms open wide and press it on the wall. The yellow stamp would tell that someone was there. You can spice up the show with a little competition. The bride has to guess the persons from looking at the palm stamps. You can keep some prizes for that well.
  • Kashi Yatra: Well, being one of the most interesting and intriguing rituals of Telugu Matrimony, Kashi Yatra doesn’t need any special introduction nor does it need improvisation. As the groom pretends to shun all material desires and calling, heading towards the pilgrimage town of Kashi, the bride’s brother steps into the scene. He convinces the groom and makes him change his mind, enabling him to accept the conjugal life. The bride’s brother gives his sister’s hand in marriage with the person and then the hero of the scene, the groom walks back towards the center stage amidst raptures and claps.
  • Making it more interesting: To make things more appealing, you can make the acting more quality. Keep proper stick and shoes for the groom to take with him. Also, when he returns to the mandap and marries the girl, she can tell something that invites instant applause. It is a picture moment and you cannot help but click a hundred photos, capturing a hundred emotions from different people present in the venue.

In the mangala snaanam, where the would-be couple takes a holy bath, you can do a photo-session in wet clothes, provided the weather permits that. Also, involve the other family members in the shoot.

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Menu ideas for a typical Telugu Wedding

Indian wedding is famed for the colorful and lavish events. While the North-Indian weddings are replete with pomp and show, the South-Indian wedding celebrations are slightly from that genre. It’s very joyful but grandiose in general. However, the people spend enormously on gold and similar assets. Food happens to be an integral aspect of any celebration and Telugu Matrimony witnesses some of the best foods out there. While most the Hindu weddings have vegetarian meals, some people also include non-vegetarian meals at reception bashes.




Telegu, the famous Dravidian language spoken mostly in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have some the best cuisines and cultural insignia that make their weddings so spectacular and worth remembering.

  • Starting with appetizers: Appetizers are that important food which you serve before the main course menu Telegu wedding cuisines entails a host of traditional appetizers alongside snacks from various other cuisines. There are separate counters or corners for appetizers. You can find both non-vegetarian and vegetarian foods in the list of appetizers. The food menu is complete without stuff like jahan pakodi, veg cutlet, hot kaza, lasala vada, lollypop, Artikaya bajji, mixed vada and mirchi bajji. You can also have kym balls, Andhra special Gari, Tamalapaku bajji and Vamu aaku bajji.
  • The main course meal: It generally entails roti (Indian bread), rice along with 4-5 types of tasty vegetarian dishes. There are two to three types of non-vegetarian dishes accompanying the first lot. Lentils or pappu (dal) are very common dish in Telugu Matrimony. Since it’s a coastal region, sea foods also rule the roost in the food menu of some families.
  • The vegetarian course: It includes food like makka roti, sajja roti, upudu pindi, sarva pindi, pesara pappu, kandi pappu, rassam, pachi pulusu, pappucharu, vepudu, Pappu koora, ooragaya and so on.
  • Non-vegetarian meals: Families that are open to non-vegetarian food prepare Kodi pulao, Talakaya Kura, endu Chapala Vankaya and the famous Hyderabadi mutton biriyani. The latter is a class apart and needs no introduction. You also have meals like Gongura Mamsam, Royyala Kura and Kodi Gudla Pulusu on the list. Mostly, Muslims and Christians present this wonderful non-vegetarian.
  • Come home to the desserts: Desserts and savories happen to be an integral part of the wedding culture of this region. Like any other wedding food, they are a must in the menu. You have a host of traditional sweets in the local cuisine. They are perennially and automatically in the menu. However, many people also prefer to have desserts from different other cuisines of the country. Talk about customization, this is your forte. You can seve Malai-kulfi with chakodi. How about it for a real fusion?
  • Know the names: Some of the best desserts and sweets to serve are Boondi laddu, Sunnundallu, Malai khaja, Gavvalu, Kobbari Lavuju, Chakkera pongali, Rava Laddu, Poornalu, Boondi, Vennappalu, Payasam, Pongali, Polellu or Bhakshalu and Tapeswaram Kaja. There are other extremely popular sweets like Palathalikalu, Undalu, Laskori, jeedilu, Pappuchekka and Ravva Kesari.

You can pick any three or four from the list and serve them according to your preference.

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Saree Options for a Telugu Bride

Indian wedding and the dressing tales they bring is a never-ending gamut. Every bride spends oodles of energy and time in searching for the perfect wedding ensemble. The search gets more intensified when it comes to choosing the bridal outfit. On most occasions, it’s a maddening task. While shararas, gararas and lehenga cholis dominate the marriage ceremonies in North, it’s the quintessential sari that reigns supreme down south and in Telugu Matrimony. The varieties are just too good and the bride looks beaming and beautiful in embroidery marvels of Kanchipuram and Kanjeevaram.

Some of the best variants include Chettinad, Gadwal, Konrad, Pochampally saris and Mysore Silk. These traditional beauties look regal on the bride.

  • Draping in Mysore Silk: Though not as opulent and popular as kanjeevaram, Mysore silk has its own niche. A perfect fusion of bright hues, silk and traditional and rich appeal, these saris is a favorite in the famous six yards ambit. Generally, a Mysore silk sari weighs between 400-600 grams and the rate depends on this weight. They dye the silk in natural pigments, which is then woven into complex yet exquisite patterns of fruits and birds motifs. The beautiful creation is currently experience a huge makeover with the addition of Kasuti embroidery.
  • Knowing the embroidery: This form of embroidery flaunts a plethora of intricate designs like conch shells, lamps and chariot. Even the ingrained designs are now witnessing a synthesis of contemporary appeal with a fusion of patterns and designs, which are inspired by traditional Indian architecture and ornaments of ancient India. In modern times, you can see combination of different designs entailing abstract and floral ones that are being added to the pallu and body via silk-screen printing.
  • Pochampally sari: Also known as the famous Pochampalli Ikat, it’s the proud produce from the Nalgonda district of the state of Telegana. The name is Bhoodan Pochampally. The sari’s frame comes from its conventional geometric shapes in the dying mode of Ikat style. A typical traditional and beautiful Pochampally sari showcases parrot motifs, diamond, flower and elephant etc. The concerned fabric ranges include silk, cotton and sico, which is a mixture of cotton and silk.
  • Gadwal sari: Produced in Mahbubnagar district, a small town in Andhra Pradesh, these saris are popular and famed for their awe-inspiring blend of designs and fabric. The fabric is either cotton or silk, or a hybrid of both. More often, the entire drape of the garment is made from cotton. It also dons a silk border, which ideally is composed of Tussar silk and Mulberry. Usually, they weave the body in different small checks.
  • The magnificent embroidery: The saris are woven in a superb interlocked-weft procedure called Kupadam. Hence, it’s called a Kupadam sari in local language. Usually, it’s framed for the array of borders and designs. Its striking blend of cotton and silk has produced the massive trend and demand of Sico saris. Despite being varieties of pure silk, they have not got that much of popularity.

It represents the rich cultural patterns of the region. The brocaded designs entail aesthetic weaving.

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Dressing Ideas For a Bridesmaid For a Telugu Wedding

While the bride is the center of all attraction in a wedding, her clan or the bridesmaids are no less important as far as aesthetics and photo sessions are concerned. In Telugu Matrimony, there is opulence of colors, dresses, jewelry, lights, food, sounds and décor. It’s lavish in presentations but the rituals are outright simple and traditional. One of the biggest weddings of the country happens in this nick of the woods. The women just love their gajra or the floral buns and it’s not just the bride who adorns one of the most beautiful buns. The bridesmaid too gets a pretty makeover to complement the beaming and gorgeous bride.

Although not laden with heavy jewelry, the bridesmaids showcase a sort of uniformity in their dressing. They are like marching armies of the bride on the wedding day. Here are some ideas that can get you going.

  • For the garland exchange ceremony: If you’re a bridesmaid, the best thing is to go as per the ritual. It will make you look more in sync with the bride’s outfit. On most occasions, the bride picks the ensemble for her friends. A kanjeevaram silk sari is one of the best options in this regard. An arresting and catchy combination of design and colors sets the tone for the day. It comes in plenty of variations that you can select one for your complexion or skin tone. It’s really easy. Even if you’re not decked with stylish accessories, these saris will outshine all other saris by dint of their contrasting patterns and tremendous zari work.
  • The perfect blouses: Now, let’s talk on the topic of pairing up your beautiful saris with the ideal blouses and set off those amazing shades. Young women of today like to keep the blouses intricate yet sophisticated. Blouses with contrasting colors can bring out the true colors of your bridesmaid ensemble. You can match them with an embellished bag or clutch in the same color. It will surely complete the overall look.
  • The fresh look: The pink and cream white silk kanchipuram sari with regal braids is one of the best bridesmaid ensembles in Telugu Matrimony. The floral bun with fresh jasmine flowers makes it more beautiful. Another winsome dress is the red silk sari with golden borders and long, windy gajras. The jasmines are your USPs in this regard. You can also keep your locks open.
  • About the accessories: Last and definitely not the least comes your accessories. Telugu people consider wearing flowers in the bun as not just beautiful but also auspicious. You will see that throughout south India. So, get some fresh flowers and fit that into the bun. You can use floral strings or beads for this purpose. Keeping the palette of colors in mind, you can get some big, pretty and dangling earrings to complement the look.

You can also wear jhumkis to bedeck the delicate and prettified neck-piece, lacing it with a handful of over-sized and ornate rings. With this list, you’re all set to don the garb of a bridesmaid.

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A Day Out At a Telugu Wedding

There is a reason why Telugu weddings are so much fun and regal in their outlook. Despite being particular about their culture and roots, the Telugu people amazingly manage to blend them with a dash of modernity and flashy presentation. They always ensure that all wedding customs and rituals are followed in the right traditional order. Andhra people are most particular about this observance and don’t compromise on the customs. If you ever visit their wedding, you will find equal importance given to the décor, lights and food in Telugu Matrimony.


The marriage traditions are sacred and very colorful. Starting from the pre-wedding rituals of Nischitartham and going into the pendikoothuru ritual, the stage is set for the marriage functions.

  • Things worth mentioning: You have the Pendikoothuru ritual, Snathakam, kasha yatra, Mangal snaam and aarti as very important rituals. The people perform gauri puja and ganesh puja at their home. Ganesh puja is conducted on the day of wedding at the mandap before the bride arrives. The prime objective of conducting this puja is to offer obeisance to God Ganesha and seek his blessings for a happy conjugal life. It’s also done to ward off any evil and obstacle in their married life.
  • The entry of the bride: The maternal uncle of the bride accompanies her to the mandap. This is the stage where there is a curtain or chadar between the bride and groom. They are now allowed to look at each other. The priest recites the mantras and holy slokas. In some communities down South, the maternal uncle carries the bride to the mandap in a rabid bamboo basket. The process leads to Kanyadan.
  • Jeerakalla Bellamu: In this ritual, the groom and bride apply a mixture of jiggery and jeera on each other’s hands and join each other from under the chadar. It’s a pious ritual denoting their unbreakable and inseparable bond.
  • Madhuparkam: It’s another elaborate and catchy ritual that you can’t miss in Telugu Matrimony. The bride wears a cotton sari with a bright, red border. The groom adorns a spotless and white cotton dhoti showcasing a red border. It’s the traditional Telugu wedding outfit of both the groom and bride. These shades symbolize their purity and strength.
  • The mangalsutra custom: Call it a custom or ritual, wearing the mangalsutra is the ever beautiful part of any Hindu wedding. Different cultures have their slants and timings on this episode, but the message and content remains same. During this pious tradition, the family members remove the curtain separating the couple. The groom bends sideways to tie the mangalsutra around the neck of the bride and ties a careful three knots. The number is a must! It signifies the physical, spiritual and mental union of the groom and bride.
  • Saptapadi and kanyadan akshata: In this famous wedding custom of Telugus, the couple exchange pretty flower garlands. In the saptapadi custom, they take seven rounds around the scared fire and take their wedding vows.

They make seven promises to one another. After the completion, the guy puts a silver ring in the toe of the bride.

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Telugu Weddings: Things Not To Be Missed

Indian weddings are unmatchable in colors and beauty. They are full of myriad traditions and life. Telugu wedding or Andhra marriage rituals are actually quite similar to the traditions of Tamil weddings. The wedding ceremonies of Telugu Matrimony provide a glimpse of original regional attributes, comprising the splendid rituals of the region. Generally, the weddings of this state are conducted through elaborate rituals. Interestingly, some people of this region also follow Tamil rituals of marriage. The people are very religious and particular about the wedding customs.

Traditional Kerala Wedding

You will never find any modification or alteration in the customs and rituals except the food part. There are many things that you cannot miss in these weddings.

  • The pre-wedding rituals: The most significant and the first wedding ritual in this region is the same as everywhere. It starts with engagement. It’s popularly called Nishitartham by the people of the state. In the course of this engagement, the groom’s and bride’s families exchange, jewelry, gifts, sweets, clothes and fruits. They perform each engagement function and rituals most traditionally. The would-be couple also exchanges their rings. Both the families decide a good wedding date on this special occasion.
  • The Pendikoothuru ritual: The Telugu marriage tradition is remarkably similar to the haldi ceremony of North India. In this ritual, the women of the house apply a mixture of oil and turmeric paste on the bride as well as the groom. After this ceremony is completed, they take a purifying bath or snanam in the river and then change into their new clothes.
  • Snathakam: It’s one of the marriage ceremonies that are generally held at the groom’s house. It’s another important wedding ritual and the groom wears a silver thread, which is regarded to be very holy. It’s a clear indication that he is becoming ready to step out of his bachelorhood and enter a new threshold of life as a family man.
  • Kashi Yatra: Perhaps the most interesting, fun-filled and intriguing part of Telugu Matrimony in kasha yatra. It’s pretty much the replica of kasha yatra of a Tamil wedding tradition. Here, the groom acts as if he is going off to the holy pilgrimage city of Kashi and is just not interested in worldly matters, marriage, relationships and rituals. He prepares to leave with an umbrella, walking stick and a few bare necessities. At this very moment, the bride’s brother steps into the fold and stops him. He promises to give his sister’s hand in marriage to him. The groom returns to the mandap and gets married.
  • Aarti: Just after the holy bath, the couple applies oil in their respective houses. Then, their families conduct an aarti and puja, and pray for the prosperous and happy married life of their children.
  • Gauri puja: The aarti is followed by offering prayer to Goddess Gauri, who stands for marital bliss, harmony and prosperity.
  • Mangal snanam: They conduct this ritual on the wedding day’s morning generally.

In this ritual, the bride and groom take a holy dip into the river after performing auxiliary scared rituals of their marriage.

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Designing A Wedding Card For A Telugu Wedding

Telugu wedding cards can be found in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs. You may find it really difficult to choose a design from the plethora of options available. Traditional style has always been popular among a large number of people and some people combine tradition with modern elements to make the cards unique.  Designing customized wedding cars is also a growing trend in Telugu matrimony and you can find many online stores offering fully customized Telugu wedding cards.


Patrika matching


Think about the budget and theme of wedding

Selecting the best card must be dependent on the theme and budget of the Telugu wedding ceremony. Some people prefer extravagant arrangements and some others opt for a small gathering consisting of relatives and close friends. You have to decide whether you are planning to have a traditional wedding or contemporary wedding style and the most suitable wedding card must be chosen based on these important factors.

Select a design that is innovative and unique

Telugu wedding invitation cards are available in different designs. If you look at traditional cards, you can find a lot of embroidery works. These types of cards can be customized by using hand-painted drawing and there are also card equipped with colorful beads and rhinestones. You must look at all options and it is advisable to select a design that is innovative and unique.

Decide what types of religious symbols to choose

First of all, you need to decide whether you want to use religious icons in the wedding card or not. If you want to choose a religious symbol, you have to decide what type of symbol to select. You can come across Hindu invitation cards featuring a wide range of Hindu gods and goddesses like Ganesha, Parvathy, and Shiva. The size and placement of the icon or image should be decided carefully and most people prefer printing these icons on top of the invitation card.

Plan for the effective use of wedding scroll 

If you want to be different from others while designing your Telugu wedding card, you need to apply your creativity judiciously while selecting the wedding scrolls. There are plenty of choices available and they include making use of paper scrolls, utilizing gold-plated cases, using invitation card boxes and much more.

Be alert on the choice of words

Many people undermine the importance of the choice of words while designing wedding cards for Telugu wedding. It is a serious mistake. The right selection of words makes the card poetic and appealing, a personal touch must be there instead of using some pompous words. Your card should be brief and concise but it needs to communicate properly to the guests.

You have to start early when it comes to designing a Telugu wedding card and the order needs to be given well in advance to avoid any last-minute complications. There are a lot of websites available that offer Telugu wedding card templates and you can go through these sites to help you make the best decision.

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Traditional Telugu Wedding Arranged With Least Amount Of Cash. Some Tips To Be Followed

Telugu weddings are special. Be it a traditional, laid back wedding or an opulent, lavish and modernized ones, Telugu Matrimony and all its weddings entail a charm and beauty of their own. Owing to the colorful exuberance and vibe associated with it, these weddings have also been featured in quite a few Bollywood movies. However, the younger generation strives to add more colors and flavors to this already appealing and vibrant affair. Of late a trend that has become extremely popular in Telugu, weddings are that the theme based matrimonial. They provide a simple yet beautiful event without you having to dish out loads of money.


The would-be couples nowadays are opting for themes, which make their beautiful and special sans any extra money. This is a cost-effective way to organize a wedding.

  • Beginning with the set-up: Needless to say, since this style is relatively new, a host of couples gets confounded in deciding an ideal theme for their wedding. There are a plethora of themes to enliven your event. You just need to figure out your priorities.
  • Traditional theme: For those who seek to have a theme wedding yet stay rooted in the traditions, this theme is perfect for you. Make sure to deck the venue with deepshikhas and traditional brass lamps for getting that desired effect. You can also use figurines and motifs depicting traditional folklores and dances like Bharatnatyam. That’d embellish the wedding venue.
  • Usage of flowers: Use jasmine and marigold flowers for the flower décor and ask your guests to drape themselves in traditional Kanjeevaram sarees and lungis. It’d surely make for a theme that compensates for the cost-cutting you make the guest list, venue choice, and flowers and lights. Your guests will always remember it.
  • The Origami theme: You can also opt for this unique theme wherein the wedding décor comprises paper. You use objects of colorful paper and flowers rather than traditional flowers and related arrangement. It’s sure to render a different and unique touch to your wedding. You can save a lot on flower arrangements.
  • Garden and floral theme: Telugu people love their gajras and flowers, just like Tamils. With this backdrop, you can opt for a floral theme. Though it’s simple, it adds immense beauty to the wedding venue’s décor. Use different varieties of flowers for decorating any indoor venue. If you want to spend some money, you can book a considerably big garden with plenty of flowers for this theme. You can request your guests to adorn floral printed garments or traditional wear with floral headgear.
  • Red and gold theme: To make it happen, you use gold and red drapes to do the décor. You request your guests to wear traditional red and gold apparel for attaining that desired look. You can surely paint the area red with this theme.

You also have a beach wedding theme in this form of Telugu Matrimony. However, that’d necessitate some more cash as you need to choose a clean beach and get all the arrangements done there. Apart from that, the expenses stay much lower.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting The Trousseau For A Traditional Telugu Bride

In India, culture is a way of life for. One of the most defining and strongest torchbearers of culture is weddings. Wedding culture varies across castes, creed, religion, region, language, and ethnicity and so on. The ultimate wedding trousseau for the Telugu bride presages a certain backdrop. The bride’s role in a wedding is most pivotal. She is the most highlighted character of the day. People coming to the venue eventually notice her makeup, attire and overall personality. Thus, it’s very important for her to look perfect and carry her best trousseau.


In Telugu Matrimony, the primary focus lies on the bride. Her appearance reflects the traditional beauty and culture. The perfectionist trousseau needs to comprise saree, footwear, makeup, hairdo, jewelry and so on the best way.

  • The quintessential saree: You have the traditional silk saree with heavy golden border and south-Indian built, which is a key component of the Telugu bridal trousseau. The clothes with pallu work ornate border make the bride look absolutely stunning and beautiful. The sarees used are Pochampally Silk Saree, Mangalagiri, Dharamavaram, Kancheevaram, Gadwal and Venkatagiri. Additionally, the bride also carries other magnificent sarees for her pre and post wedding events. The georgette and chiffon sarees with wonderful embedded stonework are superb for smaller functions. They are light weight and comfortable, and reflect a core South-Indian flavor.
  • Traditional gold jewelry: Most Telugu brides are adorned with gold jewelry from the head to toe. You have temple jewels which showcase vintage Telugu ornaments. They have depictions of deities and Gods with the antique finishing of Gold.
  • Jewelry used by the bride: Pure, small golden Lakshmi Kasu Mala for the neck, necklaces in beautiful layers and traditional peacock Gold waistband, which you call Vaddanam rules the roost here. You also have a golden arm band featuring nakshi or artwork of flora and fauna along with Gods. There are heavy golden earrings in the style of jhumka and gold bangles with traditional embellishments for gold hair. Today’s bride prefers to keep things simple. They wear mostly contemporary jewelry.
  • The make-up: Now, this is where you get finicky and delirious. Perfect makeup is clinical for a perfect look. The bride is the cynosure here and her makeup should transform her into a goddess. Great eye lining, perfect lip symmetry and finishing and adept application of face blusher remain an imperative. Eyes are to be embellished with mascara. A comfortable and matching pair of sandals alongside a matching bag completes the wedding trousseau.
  • Trousseau packing: Bridal or wedding trousseau reflects one’s traditional and cultural values. It also contains linens, clothing, and lingerie. The color scheme of the function or wedding theme can also be utilized as packing modality for the trousseau. Its concept isn’t old-fashioned. Rather it adds beauty and mirth to the wedding and bride.

Although the features of this particular package have been conditioned with time and entail constant updating, each culture has its own slant and priorities. You can find the same blend in Telugu Matrimony.

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How To Convert A Typical Telugu Wedding Into A Destination Wedding

Ever fancied having your dream destination wedding and that too in India? Well, if you have, the plethora of options might have surely confounded you. Goa is undoubtedly the best location for a destination wedding in India, but it won’t be ideal for a culturally rooted wedding ceremony like a Telugu Wedding. Though each region in India entails a different set of traditions and rituals to be followed in the wedlock spectacle, Telugu wedding traditions are very similar to the Tamil weddings. Also, a unique aspect of Telugu Matrimony and the weddings are that the focus is primarily on spirituality and not just of religion.

  • The scene and scent: Beautiful, lush hills looking down the spectacular Doon Valley, clear skies that give you a brilliant show of twinkling stars of the gazing milky way, the surreal view of the mighty Himalayas during sunset and the flickering mass of lights in the valley all give you the base of a fantastic destination wedding. After the Muhurtam and pre-wedding rituals get over at your home, you can head straight to the hills for the wedding rituals.
  • Mangala Snaanam: In this ritual on the wedding morning, the bride and groom take a holy bath for purifying themselves. They attend the aarti after this. Then there’s Gauri and Ganesha Puja for seeking the divine blessings. Now imagine all of this amidst the wonderful romantic air and scent of the hills. Canals, beautiful orchids, long pines, beautiful architecture, and waterfalls make it a heaven for both pre-wedding and wedding pictures. A Telugu wedding here is just bliss. The beautiful sunsets also make the ideal platform for the puja and aarti, not to mention the evening rituals and functions.
  • Bride’s entry to Kanya Adan and mangal sutra: The bride’s maternal uncle accompanies her to the mandap where the priest recites the sacred mantras. After the Madhuparkam where the couple wears traditional wedding clothes comes the Mangalsutra ritual. Saptapadi or the seven rounds taken around the holy fire whilst taking the marriage vows looks wonderful atop the hills. A true destination wedding, you’d say.
  • The viability of destination wedding: These weddings are thought to be less expensive than traditional weddings. First, you can amalgamate the wedding and your honeymoon together. You just need to stay a few extra days there. Although for Telugu Matrimony, grihapravesh is an important post-wedding ritual.
  • The fiscal aspects: generally, you only pay for yourselves as the groom and bride. The guests pay for their stay. It includes flight or train and hotel accommodation.

You don’t need the expensive venue, exquisite furniture, and elaborate decorations. The hills and the ambiance speak for themselves. The reception becomes grander and much more in tune with spiritual ecstasy.

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