Online dating v/s in person meeting: which is safer

In present times, everything thing is becoming digitalized. From books to gas stoves, all things have a digital alternative, which is much better than its predecessor. Not just that, even our personal lives are being dominated by digitization. From taking admission in a pre-school to finding love, all can be done at the click of a button. Off late, online dating has become a rage. With sites like tinder and match, it has become very easy for people to register online and try finding the person of their dreams. The anonymity these sites provide makes them all the more comfortable for an individual to find their prince or princess charming. However, there are always two sides to a coin.  While some believe that online dating is the “It” thing, there are others who believe that nothing can beat the charm of old school in person dating. Both the forms of dating have their own pros and cons, which are as follows:




Online Dating:


  • More to choose from: A vast number people these days prefer online dating. You can meet and date anyone sitting in any corner of the world. Since the perspective is wide, hence you have more people to choose from when it comes to finding your prince charming.
  • Can be done any given time of the day: Online dating can be done at any given time of the day. So if you have had a tough day at the office, you can still talk to your beloved at late night.
  • Site suggestions and tools: The website helps you suggest and select people as per the details are given in your profile. This makes searching for the one you might click with easier.


  • Filled with liars: many times people lie about their age, appearance, like and dislikes on a dating site. Hence, the actual first date at times turns to be disappointing.
  • Online fraudsters: There are high chances that you may bump into an online fraudster or stalker you may trouble you later on.
  • Can be addictive: there may be a possibility that you may end up getting addicted to the websites, and end up spending your whole day living in a virtual world.

In-person meeting:


  • The possibility of having common friends: in the case of offline dating, you generally meet the person through common friends. Hence, the possibility of the person being bad is very rear.
  • Meeting face to face: Since you meet your date in person, you can hence be sure of what they look like and how they think. You can even judge them on the basis of their body language and gestures.
  • Background check: It is easier to check the background of a person when you have met him in real rather than a dating site.


  • Uncertainty about relationship status: If you meet someone through common friends and like him, you cannot be sure whether the person reciprocates your feelings or not, which can be unsettling.
  • Socially withdrawn: when you date a person offline, you tend to become socially withdrawn as you spend most of the time with him rather than anyone else.

Online or offline dating is totally a matter of personal choice. However, one should weigh the pros and cons in detaining before taking the leap. Choose well!

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Must haves for the wardrobe of a newlywed Marathi groom

In a wedding, bride and groom are the center of attraction. The guests cannot take their eyes off from them. When we talk about Indian weddings then there is no doubt that Marathi Matrimony is the simplest and the least affluent in the whole country. Marathi couple wears traditional and simple attires. The Maharashtrian groom wears options range from a dhoti and a kurta to a kurta pyjama or an elegant sherwani. The dresses are simple and the styles are consciously meticulous.


Marathi Couple


Marathi people are soft-natured. They have close family bonds that translate into beautiful and simple-styled wedding ceremonies. They are known for their traditions and are very rigid with the customs. Marathi Matrimony has some unique attires, customs and traditions which are not seen in any other culture. The weddings are very simple which are attended by their family and friends. These are not as thriftless as many other traditional Indian weddings are, yet they have an interestingly endogenous proclamation that needs to be experienced to be fully understood.

After marriage, they have to go to their relatives and for that they should have fascinating dresses, accessories etc. When they are going to their kins and friends, the bride and the groom should look appealing as they are the newlywed couple, everyone’s eyes will be on them.

Although the bride draws more attention but it does not mean that the groom can take his looks lightly. The newlywed groom should have an absolute wardrobe in which he has all the dresses and accessories which he can wear on the auspicious occasions.

Let us see what he should have in his wardrobe-


A Maharashtrian groom usually wears a dhoti kurta, which is the traditional outfit for Hindu ceremonies. It comprises a long shirt or kurta and loose-fitting, pleated pants called dhoti. This outfit can be made of material ranging from cotton to silk, but Maharashtrians opt a plain, cotton-blend that is embroidered with gold or silver designs. Apart from that, suits and casual wears must be there in the wardrobe.

He can also wear some modern or western outfits. He can have some ethnic and trendy blazers in his wardrobe. With blazers, he can wear trousers or jeans which will make him look smart and enchanting.


The newlywed groom can also embellish gold jewelry like ring, chain, bracelet that is passed down from his forefathers or gifted from any relatives.


If the newlywed Marathi groom is going to a wedding or any ceremony and wears any traditional dress then he can wear a piece of decorated cloth across his shoulder. It is commonly red or gold to stand out against his white outfit. This is one of the most important accessories that a newlywed groom should have.

He should have ties and cufflinks of different shades and styles which he can wear according to his blazer and shirt. Apart from this, he should have sporty and chain watches to wear with casual and formals.

This is well said that a good fragrance add a positive mark in your personality. So, deodorants and perfumes of his favorite fragrance are also required in his wardrobe.


A good collection of footwear is also required because different dresses need different footwear to complete the look. Traditional Jutis, Shoes, Boots and slippers must be there in his wardrobe.

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Jewelery essentials for a working Brahmin woman after marriage

Working women these days are given so much awareness to the jewelry essentials that they have started incorporating those jewelry essentials designs in Indian wedding too. They seem to prefer western jewelry essentials for the wedding ruling out the traditional wear.

Brahmin matrimony jewelry has become one of the most important things to have. It is very important when it comes to special occasions like weddings and other auspicious occasions. Wedding rings, engagement rings are all very important and so it is very important to rely on the most reliable store for buying Jewellery and diamond or gold products. It is not just about the store having the products, but it actually is that such reliable stores provide certified Jewellery which are best in class and quality and which is very important.


brahmin bride with jwelery


There is a trend of online stores that’s standing ahead among all other stores. With the variety of products and services online stores have and services catering to different product requirements and requirements of the customers, these stores are one of the most trusted and reliable places of shopping. Being a customer, that what you are looking for. You can find all types and kinds of products and some services which are very unique and very useful. It is very important to rely on best of Jewellery essentials for a working Brahmin woman after marriage.

Jewelry store and manufacturing

There are all kinds of Jewellery they have in online store. No matter what the requirement is, the Jewellery store has it all to fulfill your requirements with lots and lots of products in the Jewellery bank. Be it gold, platinum or diamond, one can rely on us for everything. Diamonds are something that they specialize in.

The Brahmin matrimony diamond products they have are of highest quality and are internationally certified as well. So, the loose diamonds they provide are all certified diamonds. They even provide wedding and engagement rings for special occasions. Online services are not just limited to having all the Jewellery and providing those to online customers. They also specialize in manufacturing Jewellery for someone who comes to us asking for that. You can even get your old Jewellery which is not being used and give that to us to remake the Jewellery. Yes, they also manufacture Jewellery along with providing high-quality Jewellery to online customers. The manufactured Jewellery also has the same quality and class.

While the quality and class are some parameters that should be considered, there is something else which matters and comes to the minds of customers is the price. Keeping that in view, they provide best quality products, no matter what that may be at reasonable rates and rates which are lower than all other stores though they do not provide high-quality products like they do. Wedding rings like diamond rings For Brahmins and other Jewellery are available and can be easily availed in no time. Being in this domain for years now has made us aware of the requirements of online customers and they know exactly what they are looking for.

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When you become Brahmin housewife- Merits and demerits.

When you decide to become a Brahmin housewife, there are many merits and obviously a set of demerits as well.

Brahmin is that caste that comes and stands at the highest of the ranking of all the Hindu castes and also, there are many things that are associated with Brahmins, Hinduism, and marriages. Marriages in Brahmin households are considered to be the most vital thing that happens in one’s life. The families choose the bride very carefully. It is believed by the families that the responsibilities of the generations and the ancestral roles, too, rest with the choice of bride.


Indian Wedding Jweller


The standards of the Brahmin matrimony bride are too high, coming with a set of merits and little of demerits as well. Well, everything has positive and negative, right? Here’s the list of the positive points that comes with the tag of ‘Brahmin housewife’-

  1. Brahmin housewife enjoys the best of dignity and respect in the house and family. The pure Brahmin households prefer their housewives to be groomed and perfectly dressed all the time, giving them utmost importance.
  2. The dishes- The Brahmin households are very much famous for the variety of vegetarian dishes they make. Even though the choice of dishes varies and evens the obsession too. But in general, the families give the bridegroom enough space to experiment a lot in the kitchen.
  3. In a typically strict Brahmin matrimony household, the housewives, and later mothers have the entire role to play in their child’s development, choice of education/dressing/upbringing and almost everything. Unlike many of other castes, mothers in Brahmin community have a different level of dignity. This is seen as the merit of being a Brahmin housewife.
  4. Brahmin housewives are spiritually and socially alert and active. They tend to have a lot of knowledge about their own selves, spiritually and physically. They tend to lead a strict, yet a pleasant life.

But, there are also demerits of being a Brahmin housewife-

  1. There are certain beliefs that few Brahmin women do not find suitable with the changing times. Many of the strict Brahmin households do not allow their housewives to work. They tend to believe that women are supposed to take care of spiritual, social and the rituals of the households, and not to go out and work.
  2. In the majority of the households, men are seen a little superior to women. Hence, the households prefer women who are a little less educated than the man counterpart. This might be the drawback, as the inferior- superior game is sometimes present in the household. Not all the households, but the majority of them do hold this.
  3. The Brahmin culture comes with a lot of rituals, fasts, and programs. The fasts happen almost every week in the majority of the households. Being the Brahmin wife, it is inevitable for the woman and hence she has to abide by all the strict rules of this culture, whether or not she likes it and whether or not they suit with the changing times.

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When an Oriya girl decides to keep working after marriage: Merits and de- merits

The people of Odisha come from different types of culture and social background and most of them are gods fearing as well as highly disciplined. One thing about people of Odisha that distinguishes them from others is that they are quite orthodox and believe firmly in their traditions and culture. Oriya matrimony, therefore, plays a crucial role in the society and are performed with great fervor and interest.

Since marriage is a union of two people who come together to spend their whole life, girls in marriage supposed to take the traditional route and become a housewife. But of late, girls in Odisha have become quite advanced and they consider themselves no less than men when it comes to securing a job and earning money. Since, there is always a debate about whether Oriya girls should work or not after marriage, given below are pros and cons in respect to girls working after marriage-





  • When girls decide to work after marriage in Oriya matrimony, it helps them earn their bread and butter by self and they feel pretty independent. In addition to this, working after marriage help girls feel more empowered and they are able to support their husbands for meeting domestic expenditures. This certainly helps lead a contented and satisfactory life.
  • Since when Oriya girl decides to work after marriage, they do not need to rely on their husbands for small needs and can afford their personal expenditures. This proves quite motivating and girls stay quite satisfied with themselves which certainly helps them become a better life partner.
  • Working women get better exposure and this helps them get a better understanding of the outside world and they feel quite competitive which helps them progress better in life. Also, these women become a better mother as they remain prepared for motherhood mentally and enjoy being a mother while giving their kids best wonderful care and education.
  • Working women will always stay positive when at the time of adversity in marriage and they are less likely to face domestic violence. They are able to solve differences with their husbands quite amicably and make sure that everything goes smoothly within the marriage.

Demerits associated with girls working after marriage

  • One of the biggest demerits of girls working even after their marriage is that they fail to cope up with dual responsibilities of both home and office and find it difficult to juggle their priorities. This takes a toll on their relationship and problems in marriage start to take place.
  • Another quite known drawback is that when girls decide to work after marriage, they sort of start giving importance to their professional life and start ignoring their personal objectives such a giving birth to a baby on time.
  • Since working women stay out of the home, they cannot devote time to the look after of their kids and it children suffers a lot due to this aspect. They spend most of their time in the nursery and at times pick bad habits which surely are not a positive sign.

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When you decide to become an oriya housewife-merits and de merits

The big day is usually of two types, one when you are born and the other when you get married. There are many experiences in life which a person experiences only after getting married. Good food can be considered as one of the bonus is all most all the cases where a person gets married. The ladies know how to cook and in some cases, they win hearts by what they cook.

Kamma Wedding
Kamma Wedding (PC:

The women are hard to understand but, there are a few facts which will leave you amazed when it comes to describing them as a house wife, the picture is very clear below about how an Oriya women would be as a house wife, read below-

1 get Unlimited Good Food

The best part about dating and marrying women from Odia is that you have an unlimited supply of good food. From someone who belongs to the northern side of the country, where spicy food is appreciated and non-veg is pretty common, an Odia girl can add much more spice to your taste buds! The Oriya food is considered to be one of the finest cooked, decorated and prepared food in India. It has, however, gained popularity abroad too.

2 nothing Fishy

The women are absolutely warm and easy going when it comes to describing them. They are the love you will ever need in your life, dusky in appearance, don’t let yourself be convinced that they cannot carry western outfits. Probably beating the myth, they are far beautiful in real life. You would appreciate her beauty all your life. Coming back to the point, fresh fishes from the coast is something you would love to eat. People from Odia are die-hard fans of fish. They indeed, cook it in the best way possible.

3 Friendly and down to earth

The women not only are friendly in nature but, remain down to earth all the time. The typical Odia women would have a family of four including her and a brother. The brother too, remains of the same nature hence, adding ease to the marriage. The people are down to earth and sophisticated. Finding in-laws who are co-operative and loving is a gem box you will receive for the rest of your life.

Everything has a flip side so, let’s begin with the demerits of marrying Oriya women

1 she cannot adjust to new food

The cultural difference or call it a home shift, women cannot accept food from a different variety unless and until it’s not the only option left. This causes a lot of trouble in relationships however, two people can always talk about what to cook. Right?

2 calling her dusky would land you in trouble

Never compliment her sides which she knows aren’t true, brace yourself in order to face the most disastrous mood swing when it comes to her color. They know, how to embrace themselves in their natural color. Comparing her would also land you in a lot of trouble.

3 No lies, please

She will have an intuition if in case she figures out something is fishy, try remaining loyal else you might land yourself in a lot of trouble. Looking out for such women to marry? Check out Oriya matrimony sites and they would surely be of help.

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Must haves for the wardrobe of a newlywed Oriya groom

India has a rich culture and you can easily get an idea about this from the weddings that this country celebrates. There is unity in diversity and you can see that Oriya weddings are equally rich and awesome. So, keeping these things in mind it is vital that you just know how the wedding customs are to be taken up. Being an Oriya groom you will get basic idea about how you need to look on the main day. You can just ask your elders and find out what you have to wear at which ceremony. White, gold and red are the main colors that form an important part of these dressing of the bride and the groom. You should find out what your cousins wore on the wedding day and at the pre-wedding ceremonies in Oriya Matrimony. After you know, you can start with the shopping.




Getting the best clothing for the Oriya wedding

Oriya groom would be quite busy and so there would hardly be any time for shopping. But thankfully, these days you can find such amazing options on the web that you won’t have to go anywhere else. Times have changed and so even people would want the best options from the online avenues only. So, just take into account these things and start shopping as soon as the engagement is finalized.

The traditional groom would wear a dhoti and he would look awesome in this. He can wear a kurta above that and so; just start the search on the local stores that are expert in ethnic wear. You can even seek some inspiration from the online sources and then check out what will look good. Depending upon these things you can take charge of things that would be included. The groom should also check out for foot wear and the accessories that would look good at the wedding.

The bride and the groom should look forward to establish compatibility and perhaps this will surely give the photographer a perfect chance to make the clicks as perfect as possible. These are some of the basic things every groom should know about.

Wearing the clothes for pre-wedding and post wedding ceremonies

It is important that the Oriya groom should find out what kind of clothes will look good at other ceremonies as in mehndi, sangeet and some other things like puja. The shopping should be done in that fashion. Often, people look out for budget deals. These deals are available in the year end. So, if you have been engaged by that time then don’t wait for the wedding to come. Just shop for the best wardrobe and adorn your closet with the new collection. In fact, you can find them within your budget too. Being a groom you should find out what ceremonies would be held and what kind of clothing you need to wear. Oriya Matrimony is quite amazing and the groom will also get a lot of attention.

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When a Muslim girl decides to keep working after marriage–Merits, and Demerits

The present era is the era of girls. In modern India, girls are not dependent on anyone. They have the potential to fulfill their desires and survive in this world.  After completing their graduation, they choose their career and start working in their desired fields. But this is a fact that every girl has to marry whether she belongs to Hindu or Muslim community. She has to go to their in-laws home. After getting married, certain changes occur in a girl’s life and lots of responsibilities come on her shoulders.

Every religion has some different beliefs for the girls of their community.  Muslims girls have to marry according to the rituals of Muslim matrimony. So, they have to follow different rules. We can’t deny the truth that some religions don’t allow the girls to work after marriage. When a Muslim girl decides to keep working after her marriage, then she has to cross lots of barriers.

Gujarati Wedding Shopping
Gujarati Wedding Shopping (

As a coin has two sides, the concept of a working woman also has some merits and demerits. Now we will talk about some them when a Muslim girl who gets married according to Muslim Matrimony rituals, decides to keep working after marriage.


The advantages of working women generally revolve around personal opportunities, both to develop in one’s career and provide additional financial resources. She does not have to depend on her husband for money. She is able to fulfill all her needs without being accountable to anyone in the family. A married working woman can help her spouse and give their children all the facilities as they don’t have a shortage of money. Also, she gets respect from her husband, family, and the society. She also becomes an expert in balancing her job and home at the same time. If we think from professional perspective, a working girl gets good opportunities to improve her abilities and skills and she also gets a platform for her talent exposure.


Before a Muslim girl decides to keep working after marriage, she must carefully think over all of the options and prepare herself for indefeasible changes. While working, many Muslim women come up with the challenges of working in a non-Muslim environment. Their colleagues discuss the personal aspects of their lives often.

As a working girl, she has to make some sacrifices and cut down on some of her leisure activities. If the working girl is a mother also, then many more problems arise.

According to the Islamic perspective, the most important role for a woman is motherhood. But sometimes a working woman can’t properly concentrate on their children due to their busy schedule. In such situation, children get freedom in excess when they don’t see their mother around to stop them from doing any wrong deeds.

A working woman has to work at home also and if there is no helping hand at home then this makes her frustrated and tired. It may affect husband-wife relationship and other family relations.

So, there are few pros and cons for any Muslim woman if she decides to work after her marriage. But the things get managed according to the decision of her life.

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Ideas to Decorate a Stage for an Oriya Wedding

Any Oriya Matrimony will not be complete without proper decorations. The frill and decorations not only enlivens and beautifies the environment and surroundings but do fill the entire atmosphere with a positive energy. There are renowned decorators and suppliers who provide the finest quality materials to make it possible. The main venue is segregated into various. While the stage acquires a monumental importance because that’s where the maximum action takes place, there are other decorations that play an equally important role in uplifting the spirit of the occasion.


Oriya wedding stage decor


There are many innovative ideas to make the entire venue attractive and lively. Starting with the stage and following it up with the associated ones will the best way to make the occasion grand.

  • For stage decorations: The wedding stage is the spot where the main action happens. It’s this place where you tie the knot; take the seven rounds around the holy fire, and where the sanctimonious rituals take place amidst the holy incantations. You can cover the stage typically with a maroon carpet with posters bedecked with flowers. These are placed on its buntings on the sides and on the four corners. Some innovative décor themes for the stage can be the usage of flashing LED bulbs and lights rather than floral garlands.
  • The other stage ideas: You can also create a small fountain with clean, gurgling water safely placed in one corner of this stage. It gives a cool and pretty ambiance. You can place smoke generators beneath the stage and program it in such a way that it releases small amounts of fancy, harmless smoke sans any drift around the main block. This will surely give the entire space a lofty and heavenly look and feel. If marriages are made in heaven, it’s only becoming to replicate a divine setting. Isn’t it?
  • The backdrop decorations: This is most important after the stage. Your wedding stage’s backdrop is something that catches your eye the moment you step inside the hall. It’s that part which enhances the main stage’s appeal and grandiosity. In an Oriya Matrimony, you can usually decorate the backdrop with flowers of all colors and hues. Innovative ideas for this backdrop will be to create water cascading down a wooden parchment or a mirrored wall. Either way, it looks exquisite. You can also adorn the backdrop with a large collage of snapshots of the bride and groom with their families. Nothing is more sweet and beautiful than this.
  • Reliving the backdrop: You can also embed the backdrop with colorful and strong glass panes of various sizes and hues. This is similar to those present in the Rajasthan palaces. You can also depict snippets or glorious moments from Oriya history in a huge image. That’d render a distinctive touch and appeal to the backdrop.
  • Flower decorations: They play a crucial role in creating the wedding mood. In a majority of Orissa marriages, gerberas and marigolds are traditionally used in this segment.

You can hand or drape large garlands on the walls, backdrop, and stage. Tulips, orchids, baby Roses, and carnations are great examples in this regard. They give a delicate and softer aura to the entire ambiance.

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Things to take care of when Dating a Catholic Girl

When you have to date a catholic girl you should know about her a few things. These days’ people have become quite forward and so dating is not at all a problem. In fact, this is something that will help in making the compatibility better. So, it is vital that you change along with time. If you are a boy who is keen on dating Catholic girl then here are some of the tips for Catholic Dating.


Things you should keep in mind and be careful of

Catholic girls have a mindset and you should therefore try and understand the mindset pretty well. These things will help you in enhancing the trust factor. So, make sure that you are getting perfect idea about things and you should lead the life in that fashion. There are many things that she would openly say and you must, therefore, know and read between the lines. Catholic girls are bold and beautiful and so all you must do is make way for perfect options in life. You should try to gel up with her. She would have an altogether different charm and so try and fetch the charm.

You should know that these girls love to stay happy and so you should also develop your moods that way. They always balance play and work. So, when you think of them as career oriented and ambitious, they would also get on in the party mood. So, all you must do is know that what suits her best.

Catholic girls are quite organized and they know pretty well that how everything should be taken up. If you are giving her some gifts then just keep in mind that the gifts are quite classy and perfect by all means. So, just think first that what gifts you are buying.

Catholic Dating is something that would help you understand the person well. So, you should take advantage of the same and make life good. Some people feel that how would a dating help? Well, dating would mean that you get a better chance to communicate with one another and so this will really give you perfect footage in life.  When dating a catholic girl you must be very clear on your point that what you say is what you mean. This is because these girls hate double standard and they want you to be frank enough. They would like your attitude if you talk to their parents and respect them as well. So, just be a family oriented person and show your gentleness. You have to keep up with the right things in life. Develop a positive approach as they would love good people and those who are good human beings. They just love to be loved and pampered and so you should keep these things in mind when you are going for a perfect life with her. A good start will ensure a very good long lastingness in the relationship.

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