Designing A Wedding Card For A Telugu Wedding

Telugu wedding cards can be found in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs. You may find it really difficult to choose a design from the plethora of options available. Traditional style has always been popular among a large number of people and some people combine tradition with modern elements to make the cards unique.  Designing customized wedding cars is also a growing trend in Telugu matrimony and you can find many online stores offering fully customized Telugu wedding cards.


Patrika matching


Think about the budget and theme of wedding

Selecting the best card must be dependent on the theme and budget of the Telugu wedding ceremony. Some people prefer extravagant arrangements and some others opt for a small gathering consisting of relatives and close friends. You have to decide whether you are planning to have a traditional wedding or contemporary wedding style and the most suitable wedding card must be chosen based on these important factors.

Select a design that is innovative and unique

Telugu wedding invitation cards are available in different designs. If you look at traditional cards, you can find a lot of embroidery works. These types of cards can be customized by using hand-painted drawing and there are also card equipped with colorful beads and rhinestones. You must look at all options and it is advisable to select a design that is innovative and unique.

Decide what types of religious symbols to choose

First of all, you need to decide whether you want to use religious icons in the wedding card or not. If you want to choose a religious symbol, you have to decide what type of symbol to select. You can come across Hindu invitation cards featuring a wide range of Hindu gods and goddesses like Ganesha, Parvathy, and Shiva. The size and placement of the icon or image should be decided carefully and most people prefer printing these icons on top of the invitation card.

Plan for the effective use of wedding scroll 

If you want to be different from others while designing your Telugu wedding card, you need to apply your creativity judiciously while selecting the wedding scrolls. There are plenty of choices available and they include making use of paper scrolls, utilizing gold-plated cases, using invitation card boxes and much more.

Be alert on the choice of words

Many people undermine the importance of the choice of words while designing wedding cards for Telugu wedding. It is a serious mistake. The right selection of words makes the card poetic and appealing, a personal touch must be there instead of using some pompous words. Your card should be brief and concise but it needs to communicate properly to the guests.

You have to start early when it comes to designing a Telugu wedding card and the order needs to be given well in advance to avoid any last-minute complications. There are a lot of websites available that offer Telugu wedding card templates and you can go through these sites to help you make the best decision.

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Our rituals and traditions are like a guiding path for us. People who make them the only role in life suffer the most in the end. Patrika matching is one such tradition which is followed in Indian marriages. People depend a lot on patrika before selecting an appropriate bride/ groom for the boy/ girl. In most of the parts of India, people are still following this tradition and even if the boy and girl are not suitable for each other, marriages are fixed as per the patrika.


Patrika matching 1


Patrika can be wrong too

Just like every girl, I was also looking forward to a great life ahead after marriage. When my family discovered that the boy’s patrika is a good match for me, they too were very happy and excited about the whole idea. I was busy in my preparations for the big day to come and it all went well until the first month of marriage. But problems began to cramp out in the end of 1st month wherein my husband started to yell at me without any reason and my in-laws no longer supported me for anything. All I was facing was criticism from all of them.

I tried to give it another chance thinking that I might be unable to adjust in this new environment and started to please them by cooking their favorite meals, etc. But nothing worked out. I told my parents about all this and they asked me to try more from my side and I did as they said until one day my patience level broke down when my husband raised his hand to slap me for not ironing his shirt. That was the day when I decided to step out of my marriage and left the house.

Our knowledge- our decision

We have given our decision-making authority to the patrika readers despite having the knowledge and capability of choosing a right life partner. The law of India says that after 18, one can take their own decision to get married and the standard age to get married is 21. This law is being enforced because at this age, a person is capable enough to take his/ her own decision. Where family members are involved, they are even more aged, more experienced and more knowledgeable to take the right decision then, why is that patrika matching is of so much importance?

Several types of research and studies have proved that marriages fail even after matching patrika and succeed even when patrikas don’t match. In the coming years, people are going to outcast this system and will listen to their gut feeling. The coming generation will believe in true stories and live examples of a married couple and not on patrikas. Patrika is just a part of our horoscope in written form for future reference but, other than this, they should not be the mainstay of decision making for anyone.

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India is a democratic nation and considered to be free when it comes to taking our own decisions but, is it really free? I guess not because even in this modern society, we still follow our old customs and traditions which have proven to be wrong a number of times. One such tradition is patrika matching which is more of a burden on arranged marriages.


Patrika matching


Almost every Indian family looks forward to matching patrika of the boy and girl to be married before taking any further steps. Some people even match patrikas before meeting the families. What if, the family was good and because of the predictions of the patrika, you are declining a good offer? What if, the boy/girl is your type but, the patrika says something else? What if, something else is written in the fate but, the patrika reader said the opposite? All such questions can have answers which no one will want to think of or reply to.

Relevance of Patrika

With the changing scenario, some people have also understood the relevance of patrika in a marriage. However, they do not rely on patrika completely and consider other factors more important. When a child is born, (especially in India) his/her patrika is the first thing that is made by the pujari and even the name is given with the help of that patrika. Some even believe that our entire lifetime is engraved in it; one should just know to read it.

Unmatched patrika- unchanged life

The whole negotiation of patrika matching is a tiresome ritual but, still, it came out to be a positive decision for both of us. Although I knew that convincing my family with an unmatched patrika will be a tough fight but, finally I won over it. I liked the boy in my village and this liking grew from our childhood as we grown to play together sharing our toys. Our families have known each other for a long time and were good neighbors. Gradually, I fell in love with this guy but, never tried to tell him as I feared of my family.

One day when I discovered that my parents are planning my marriage, I had no choice than to speak out my heart. Without many quarrels, they accepted it but, they asked to match our patrika. Unfortunately, our patrikas didn’t match and it took days to think over the matter. Somewhere deep in my heart, I was praying to make them say ‘yes’ for both of us. The years of acquaintance and understanding between the families worked and we both were united in the bond of marriage. As per our patrikas, we were never good for each other but, even after all these years, our marriage is as fresh as the first day.

It is not necessary that every patrika matches in the same way as the families expect and the future predictions come out to be correct. There are couples who despite unmatched patrikas were married and are living a happy life together.

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India is a country of many languages, religions, traditions and rituals. However, religion has always been a very sensitive issue in India and so are its traditions. People may become modern and technologically advanced but, still, they do not want to compromise with their rituals and traditions. Patrika matching is one such ritual which plays an important role in uniting two families in a bond called marriage.

Even today, people intend to follow the traditions which were followed by their ancestors. Some traditions are considered very serious and matching patrika to find the right bride/ groom is an inevitable part of any marriage. Nobody knew about their future or what is going to happen the next moment but, still patrikas play an important part in depicting future. It is believed that pairs are made in heaven and the heaven is in our patrikas that guide us to choose the right life partner.


Patrika matching


Choosing the right life partner

There is an endless debate between love marriage and arrange marriage but patrika has always been an important part of every kind of marriage. Families do not just match patrika to know the future but also to console their heart that they have done the right thing. Since this ritual is being carried by their great-great-grandparents, they have to follow it. In most of the cases, arrange marriages have shown the highest relevance of patrika matching which has turned out to be right and wrong in some cases. The bride and groom are being forced to accept what their patrika is saying about their future husband/ wife without considering the fact that they like each other.

Patrika predictions- right or wrong

There are thousands of cases of arranging marriages which did not go the way they were predicted by the patrika (as said by the patrika readers). It is just in the head of the people that everything will be good if the patrika says so. Nobody can predict the future, not even the patrika. There are people out there who do not believe in patrika and are living happily ever after. There are lot many things which are of great importance in a marriage but, still, families give relevance to patrika. Nobody can answer or guarantee that patrikas can be right at all the times or if something opposite happens, how are patrikas to be justified.

Patrika is just a part of the whole ritual called marriage. They should not be given utmost importance rather they should be used just for reference. Our ancestors have given us our value system and these rituals as assets and it is our duty to preserve them in our family. Although one should also consider other things in a bride/ groom like their personality, their talents, etc. and not just judge them on what the patrika says. The world around us is changing and so, we also have to adapt to the changes else we can affect our own lives in a negative manner.

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Tips To Arrange a Traditional Kerala Wedding with Least Cash

You can make a traditional Kerala Matrimony wedding either lavish or affordable. It is up to you to decide depending on your budget. If you follow lavish methods and select costly venues and high budget foods; the cost will always be on the higher side. With proper planning and right methodology, a wedding can be arranged at an affordable price. Here are some tips to arrange a traditional Kerala wedding with least cash:


Traditional Kerala Wedding


Choose your home or relative’s home as the wedding venue

Rental expenses account for a major portion of the wedding cost. Many people choose a big auditorium or hotel as the wedding venue and it can be really expensive. If your home is reasonably big, you can conduct the engagement and wedding at home. By doing so, you are eliminating the rental expenses and there is no need to arrange vehicles for the guests to arrive. If you book a private hall at a distant place, you have to arrange the transportation facilities for the guests. When you choose home as the venue, you do not have to worry about all these expenses. If your home cannot offer the much-needed space, you can think about selecting a relative’s home as the venue.

Control the number of invitees

Many people consider the wedding as a matter of prestige and status. They invite as many guests as they can and as the number of guests increases, the cost also increases. Keralites are very sentimental and they invite all and sundry that are even located in far distances. This practice needs to be curtailed and you must keep the wedding simple by inviting close friends and relatives. When there is only a small gathering, you can conduct the wedding at your home lawn. When the number of invitees comes down, you just need to prepare foods for a limited number of guests and it cuts down the overall expenses significantly.

Control the expenses on mandap decoration

You can think of a constructing a small mandap in your lawn and there is no need for any pompous decorations and lights. Affordable flowers can be used to create a beautiful mandap and it helps you save a lot of money.

Spend wisely on jewelry

Kerala people spend a lot of money on jewelry and they even borrow money or take loans to purchase ornaments for the wedding. All these practices add to the cost of the wedding. If you want to control the wedding costs, you must make some smart decisions while purchasing jewelry. First of all, you must limit the quantity and opt for a wholesale jeweler is a good option compared to a retailer or designer jewelry.

Other effective methods that help you arrange a traditional Kerala Matrimony wedding with least cash include getting married off season, cutting down on the number of functions, booking wedding venues well in advance and hiring a reputed wedding planner. All these steps help you make the wedding affordable and you can save a lot of your hard earned money.

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Preparing For the Perfect Tamil Wedding

Weddings have always been glorious events in India. These events, particularly, Tamil weddings always give great emphasis on rites and rituals. The pompousness and showy nature of North Indian weddings may not be associated with south Indian functions but you can relate a lot of ceremonies, rituals, and poojas with them. How to prepare for the perfect Tamil wedding?

Identifying the perfect venue for wedding

One of the most important things to do while planning for a wedding is to select and book the best venue. During the season, these types of spaces get filled up in a very fast manner. Generally speaking, Tamil Matrimony weddings are conducted in exclusively designed marriage halls or temple halls and you must book the best one in advance as soon as the wedding date is announced.


perfect tamil wedding


Preparing the mandap and hall

The décor associated with Tamil weddings can be described as traditional and a lot of flowers are also used for decoration. The wedding mandap also known the stage is fully covered with floral arrangements and in order to create a modern touch, things like lights, drapes and other types of decorative props for the venue. The main purpose of the décor is to bring a festive mood in an extravagant and showy way. Today, you can find more subdued and classy style of décor as well. It does not matter, what style you want; you have to hire the services of a professional decorator.

Make arrangement for food

In a Tamil wedding, vegetarian dishes are being served and you can find typical Tamilian delicacies such as rice kheer, Dodiyonam and Mysore pak in these types of occasions. There is a method for every dish is being served and you have to hire an experienced catering company to prepare the authentic Tamilian cuisine.

Purchasing the wedding ensemble

One of the most vital aspects of any wedding is the ensemble the bridegroom and bride. Tamil people give more importance to the attire of the bride. You have to select these dresses well in advance and the accessories like gold ornaments that go well with attire need to be selected as well.  During the wedding day, a Tamilian bride looks like a Goddess in the colorful Kanjivaram silk sari with all those gold ornaments from head to toe. The groom usually wears a dhoti and kurta or ns some people prefer a sherwani. The parents of both the groom and bride have to take care of the outfits and both parties visit the shop together to purchase the dresses.

Tamil Matrimony weddings are also being conducted in accordance with the oldest sacred texts of Hinduism, especially the Vedas. At the mean time, a modern touch can also be associated with these functions. The presence of a priest is necessary throughout the function and he is the person who determines the most suitable date and month for the marriage within the Hindu calendar. When you consider all other aspects, you have to be mindful about this important one as well.

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Must haves for the wardrobe of a newlywed Marathi groom

In a wedding, bride and groom are the center of attraction. The guests cannot take their eyes off from them. When we talk about Indian weddings then there is no doubt that Marathi Matrimony is the simplest and the least affluent in the whole country. Marathi couple wears traditional and simple attires. The Maharashtrian groom wears options range from a dhoti and a kurta to a kurta pyjama or an elegant sherwani. The dresses are simple and the styles are consciously meticulous.


Marathi Couple


Marathi people are soft-natured. They have close family bonds that translate into beautiful and simple-styled wedding ceremonies. They are known for their traditions and are very rigid with the customs. Marathi Matrimony has some unique attires, customs and traditions which are not seen in any other culture. The weddings are very simple which are attended by their family and friends. These are not as thriftless as many other traditional Indian weddings are, yet they have an interestingly endogenous proclamation that needs to be experienced to be fully understood.

After marriage, they have to go to their relatives and for that they should have fascinating dresses, accessories etc. When they are going to their kins and friends, the bride and the groom should look appealing as they are the newlywed couple, everyone’s eyes will be on them.

Although the bride draws more attention but it does not mean that the groom can take his looks lightly. The newlywed groom should have an absolute wardrobe in which he has all the dresses and accessories which he can wear on the auspicious occasions.

Let us see what he should have in his wardrobe-


A Maharashtrian groom usually wears a dhoti kurta, which is the traditional outfit for Hindu ceremonies. It comprises a long shirt or kurta and loose-fitting, pleated pants called dhoti. This outfit can be made of material ranging from cotton to silk, but Maharashtrians opt a plain, cotton-blend that is embroidered with gold or silver designs. Apart from that, suits and casual wears must be there in the wardrobe.

He can also wear some modern or western outfits. He can have some ethnic and trendy blazers in his wardrobe. With blazers, he can wear trousers or jeans which will make him look smart and enchanting.


The newlywed groom can also embellish gold jewelry like ring, chain, bracelet that is passed down from his forefathers or gifted from any relatives.


If the newlywed Marathi groom is going to a wedding or any ceremony and wears any traditional dress then he can wear a piece of decorated cloth across his shoulder. It is commonly red or gold to stand out against his white outfit. This is one of the most important accessories that a newlywed groom should have.

He should have ties and cufflinks of different shades and styles which he can wear according to his blazer and shirt. Apart from this, he should have sporty and chain watches to wear with casual and formals.

This is well said that a good fragrance add a positive mark in your personality. So, deodorants and perfumes of his favorite fragrance are also required in his wardrobe.


A good collection of footwear is also required because different dresses need different footwear to complete the look. Traditional Jutis, Shoes, Boots and slippers must be there in his wardrobe.

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Jewelery essentials for a working Brahmin woman after marriage

Working women these days are given so much awareness to the jewelry essentials that they have started incorporating those jewelry essentials designs in Indian wedding too. They seem to prefer western jewelry essentials for the wedding ruling out the traditional wear.

Brahmin matrimony jewelry has become one of the most important things to have. It is very important when it comes to special occasions like weddings and other auspicious occasions. Wedding rings, engagement rings are all very important and so it is very important to rely on the most reliable store for buying Jewellery and diamond or gold products. It is not just about the store having the products, but it actually is that such reliable stores provide certified Jewellery which are best in class and quality and which is very important.


brahmin bride with jwelery


There is a trend of online stores that’s standing ahead among all other stores. With the variety of products and services online stores have and services catering to different product requirements and requirements of the customers, these stores are one of the most trusted and reliable places of shopping. Being a customer, that what you are looking for. You can find all types and kinds of products and some services which are very unique and very useful. It is very important to rely on best of Jewellery essentials for a working Brahmin woman after marriage.

Jewelry store and manufacturing

There are all kinds of Jewellery they have in online store. No matter what the requirement is, the Jewellery store has it all to fulfill your requirements with lots and lots of products in the Jewellery bank. Be it gold, platinum or diamond, one can rely on us for everything. Diamonds are something that they specialize in.

The Brahmin matrimony diamond products they have are of highest quality and are internationally certified as well. So, the loose diamonds they provide are all certified diamonds. They even provide wedding and engagement rings for special occasions. Online services are not just limited to having all the Jewellery and providing those to online customers. They also specialize in manufacturing Jewellery for someone who comes to us asking for that. You can even get your old Jewellery which is not being used and give that to us to remake the Jewellery. Yes, they also manufacture Jewellery along with providing high-quality Jewellery to online customers. The manufactured Jewellery also has the same quality and class.

While the quality and class are some parameters that should be considered, there is something else which matters and comes to the minds of customers is the price. Keeping that in view, they provide best quality products, no matter what that may be at reasonable rates and rates which are lower than all other stores though they do not provide high-quality products like they do. Wedding rings like diamond rings For Brahmins and other Jewellery are available and can be easily availed in no time. Being in this domain for years now has made us aware of the requirements of online customers and they know exactly what they are looking for.

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When you become Brahmin housewife- Merits and demerits.

When you decide to become a Brahmin housewife, there are many merits and obviously a set of demerits as well.

Brahmin is that caste that comes and stands at the highest of the ranking of all the Hindu castes and also, there are many things that are associated with Brahmins, Hinduism, and marriages. Marriages in Brahmin households are considered to be the most vital thing that happens in one’s life. The families choose the bride very carefully. It is believed by the families that the responsibilities of the generations and the ancestral roles, too, rest with the choice of bride.


Indian Wedding Jweller


The standards of the Brahmin matrimony bride are too high, coming with a set of merits and little of demerits as well. Well, everything has positive and negative, right? Here’s the list of the positive points that comes with the tag of ‘Brahmin housewife’-

  1. Brahmin housewife enjoys the best of dignity and respect in the house and family. The pure Brahmin households prefer their housewives to be groomed and perfectly dressed all the time, giving them utmost importance.
  2. The dishes- The Brahmin households are very much famous for the variety of vegetarian dishes they make. Even though the choice of dishes varies and evens the obsession too. But in general, the families give the bridegroom enough space to experiment a lot in the kitchen.
  3. In a typically strict Brahmin matrimony household, the housewives, and later mothers have the entire role to play in their child’s development, choice of education/dressing/upbringing and almost everything. Unlike many of other castes, mothers in Brahmin community have a different level of dignity. This is seen as the merit of being a Brahmin housewife.
  4. Brahmin housewives are spiritually and socially alert and active. They tend to have a lot of knowledge about their own selves, spiritually and physically. They tend to lead a strict, yet a pleasant life.

But, there are also demerits of being a Brahmin housewife-

  1. There are certain beliefs that few Brahmin women do not find suitable with the changing times. Many of the strict Brahmin households do not allow their housewives to work. They tend to believe that women are supposed to take care of spiritual, social and the rituals of the households, and not to go out and work.
  2. In the majority of the households, men are seen a little superior to women. Hence, the households prefer women who are a little less educated than the man counterpart. This might be the drawback, as the inferior- superior game is sometimes present in the household. Not all the households, but the majority of them do hold this.
  3. The Brahmin culture comes with a lot of rituals, fasts, and programs. The fasts happen almost every week in the majority of the households. Being the Brahmin wife, it is inevitable for the woman and hence she has to abide by all the strict rules of this culture, whether or not she likes it and whether or not they suit with the changing times.

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When a Brahmin girl decides to keep working after marriage-

Brahmin women have been considered to be highly intellectual and hard working, nevertheless, not just the caste that matters, but their thinking level is believed to be rather high. Other than the high-end intellectual level, Brahmin women are believed to be punctual and give their 100 percent when in work. In the current generation, working and owning a job is quite common, irrespective of what caste they belong to. But being a Brahmin girl, there are a different set of merits and demerits.


Brahmin Bride


The merits of working even after marriage are many that are given below-

  1. Owing to the intellectual level- Being from the open, and being a married Brahmin woman, the way and the level of the working of the brain of women are high, they believe. And also, Brahmin women, after Brahmin matrimony becomes responsible towards work and their responsibilities.
  2. The Brahmin matrimony society- No matter how digitized the world is, and how much the technology has developed, In India caste still matters. Being from the Brahmin background and a housewife only earns you a lot of respect in the workplace. There’s a lot of dignity associated with it.
  3. In some households, the support from the husband would be intense in the case of working outside.

There are certain demerits as well, these are listed below-

  1. The Brahmin culture doesn’t allow the women of the family to go out and work. It has been the common practice and the common belief that has been continuing since ages and years altogether. Women are supposed to look after the spiritual and ritual roles.
  2. For Brahmin wives, there’s an immense amount of responsibility that rests with them to bring up their children, to keep up the rituals of the Brahmins and to pull up the spiritual level of the family as well. So obviously, for the women belonging to this caste, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage work-family- beliefs balance.
  3. The society always has a say in the functioning of the woman’s life, in India. Women don’t really get the freedom to work after getting married because the society believes that women are supposed to take care of the family, their children and their marital life. Also, the kids don’t get the entire privilege of the parenting when the Brahmin, too, works. Kids inculcate a lot from their mothers in the Brahmin household. More than the men, women are supposed to have a deeper understanding of spiritual level. Hence, children of Brahmin families rely a lot on their mothers and learn a lot from them.
  4. Brahmin culture and background is immensely positive that gives out positive and spiritual vibes all around. Also, Brahmin women are more into the rituals and they tend to miss out on that when they happen to work too. It is increasingly difficult for them. Hence, in the later years of their lives, they don’t have much to pass on to the younger generations. Even this turns out to be a bit of disadvantage.

Working after marriage or not, is solely the decision of the duo- husband and wife and the families. In the changing times, society doesn’t always play a role. But it’s all dependent on the place and the kind of job that is involved.

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