Are There Any Dependable Dating Sites And Apps in India

To talk about dating sites or apps in India and know their viability and dependability, you need to understand Indian Dating as a whole. Dating is a relatively new phenomenon in this country. It was earlier confined to the elite circles and then crept to higher echelons of the society. These were people who could afford to have a separate place to meet each other. The scene now has changed and cable TV culture has not only made people dating each other a customary or common thing in the country, there are separate parks and places for dating. That’s called coming of age, isn’t it? However, mainstream society still frowns upon dating and sees it as some sort of adultery. It’s regarded on the same lines as overt expressions of emotions.

However, a guy and girl can now meet and date one another and their parents can also know it. There’s been a tectonic shift in the mindset of people and this transition has given rise to many dating sites and apps.

  • Caters to a particular lot: It goes beyond saying that online people who seek recourse to dating sites are the adventures or the more experimental ones. It holds true for the Indian mindset where people like to date persons from different regions or cultures. India is a rich, composite culture and each region offers something special. It’s this deep interest in one another that drives today’s youth to explore the specialties of another state. For example, a Punjabi guy might want to date a Bengali girl because he finds the look fascinating and culture interesting. A Bengali girl would want to date a Punjabi or Rajput guy because she is bowled over the dress, happy spirit and vibe. Dating sites make it happen.
  • Sites with detailed mechanism: It’s pretty much like matchmaking agencies. The most disciplined and dedicated sites have separate segments for men and women clients. You upload your best photo and create a profile. There are sites that seek a longer profile while some settle down with little information. They keep your profiles and pair them with each other. They do this matchmaking to ensure that you find the right one with common interests. However, there are no professional matchmakers working behind the scenes. You do have experts though, occasionally chipping to guide you.
  • Sites that seek details: Now you have sites that want a lot of information about yourself. You mention your age, stats, hobbies, aims and interests. Also, you mention your pastime, skills and other talents. You need to know that Indian Dating is still in an evolving stage and it will take some time to get its proper footing in the circuit.
  • A chance to see the girl/guy: You find a site dependable when you can actually see and interact with someone in the chat room. If there’s no conversation but random images and words, you know that it’s futile.

It’s not that the dating sites aren’t credible, but it’s too early to decide their commercial viability because of the volume of people using it. When the numbers rise, it will be pretty clear.

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How to Plan a Perfect First Date

As things turn out today, the first date is often planned and executed by dating sites or portals like matchmaking agencies. Not only they make two people meet on their site, but also arrange a place and time for their one-on-one date. But, if you are doing that all by yourself, who still is the more in vogue and is the classic way, there are certain things to remember. In Indian Dating, you don’t have much scope to slog or go for wild-west-end kind of adventures. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and there won’t be any excitement. You need to go for run-off the mill ideas and you can craft your own forte here.

Remember the key is to entail the girl’s reservations, wishes, wants and preferences while planning a perfect first date. There’s a host of factors that determine the plan.

  • Know the person a little before planning a meet: In Indian Dating, there’s less chance of crash and burn candy floss romances. Let’s accept it that what we see in celluloid is mostly false and concocted. Rea life is different. You need to know what the girl likes or wishes to see or do in a date. If you know that she loves sea food or continental, a beach-side café or restaurant, or shack replete with the best cuisines will do the trick.
  • Finding the viable place: If you’ve decided to go to a beach, far from the madding crowd of the city, then look for beach eateries that are less commercialized. People don’t like glares and hustle while dating. Privacy is always a much sought-after thing and you need to respect that each step. Even if you have dated before, it could be your partner’s first date. So, the reservations and apprehensions are crucial. You need to factor them while selecting a place. Also, ensure that the service is good and generous. Less of interruptions or glitches mean more of a candid and smooth date.
  • Focus on little things: This is an area where most people go wrong. Many people think buying the costliest clothes for the date or expensive gifts would impress and set the ball rolling. But the idea is not to splurge or indulge heavily in excesses. The key is to indulge smartly and intelligently, not heavily and beyond your capacity and comprehension. Bring red roses, a bunch of chocolates, a little necklace or souvenir for the girl. You can buy tribal jewelry or cowries that make a special gift. Remember its gesture and effort that matters, not over-indulgence.
  • Book a special table: The best thing is to book a separate table for the two of you. A fine table-cloth with a little board carrying your names will make it look special and set apart. That’s what sets the tone for the evening. If you treat your date in that manner, you’ll be treated likewise.

Lastly, the dress you wear could match the wants of your partner. If he or she likes a certain type of cloth or style, you can wear it on that date. The idea is to surprise her or him.

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Is Horoscope Matching a Sure Shot Way of Finding a Life Partner

Whether or not Horoscope matching is a definite way to find a suitable life partner beseeches an extensive study and analysis of the belied system and ritual. First, you need what it stands for and why people do it. Then only you’ll be able to know its effect or viability in marriage or a married life. However, times are changing and this age-old system, handed down to us since time immemorial is facing some resistance from certain sections of the society. In many cases, the kundalis have matched, showed awesome results, some which scored more than 30 even, yet the marriage failed.

Nobody has been able to decipher the mechanism behind the success or failure of the system, but yes it’s the belief system that matters here. Let’s take a look.

  • The viability points: Kundali matching is important and relevant, not because it’s faultless or absolute; it has its own set of limitations as well. The reason behind its viability is that it’s not baseless or a hypothesis. It does matter in the long run. It’s a blend of science and art, developed by ancient sages, which continues to be reliable and accurate even today. Believe it or not, many of the predictions made by some of the astrologers have come amazingly true for a lot of people.
  • The things checked: While comparing the horoscope of a prospective bridegroom and bride, there are certain points up for consideration. The first is Varna or ego development. The number is 1. Next is Vashya, representing mutual attraction with the number 2. Then is Tara, which denotes well-being and health. It has number 3. Yoni is 4 and stands for biological compatibility and attraction. At number 5, there’s graha mantra, which denotes spiritual level and intellectual parameters. It’s very necessary for a marriage. Gan stands for temperament and entails number 6. Next is Bhakut at 7, which stands for family welfare. Lastly, you have Nadi for health and appearance with numeric point of 8. Make a sum total of the points and you have the figure of 36. This is the basis of the calculation.
  • Following the leads: Once you’ve found out the gunas and doshas, it’s time to check them or enhance the positive points to overpower the negative ones. If you see it from a prism, you will find much sense in it. The various parameters or factors of a happy and long conjugal life are weighed and valued as per importance. The last three points are naturally more pivotal.
  • The next directive: If two horoscopes, when compared, fetch 18 points or less than half, then it’s generally not regarded as good enough for that marriage. If you are serious about the relationship already and are committed to it, there are various rituals and havaans to eliminate the negative points and energies from the kundli.

So, Horoscope matching gives a platform to parents and children to come together and share their standpoints in the marriage.  Calling this a reality check will be far-fetched and wrong. It’s more of a formality and mutual arrangement.

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Importance of Horoscope Matching in Today’s Age

There has been conflicting opinions on the importance and necessity of Horoscope matching in today’s world. Majority of people believe in it, hold it auspicious and fully relevant to life, while the other lot, though antagonistic in this regard, still do it as a formality. So, somewhere down the line kundali milan is deep in everybody’s minds. There are many views for or against it. It’s best to analyze all. To be honest, it’s best not to burden yourself with what some call as abstract thing. You may ask why people follow religion.  Actually, it’s an integrating element and factor. In the same way, a horoscope or kundali is a process of ratifying a marriage, a method of intelligent detection and elimination that has been passed down since ages. It doesn’t have much scientific proof or relevance to validate its credibility, but astrology is science too. So, you have an argument right there.

There have been cases where kundli matched 22 gunas and yet they divorced in six months. There are cases where kundli matches 30 gunas and the marriage broke in two months. There are also cases where the kundli didn’t even match 10-15 or 18, still the marriage went strong and good. There are reasons.

Telugu Matrimony
  • Knowing the backdrop: On a pragmatic note, we all know that kundali matching will not ensure matrimonial bliss if the couple is not serious about it. If there is no trust or bond, no amount starts can do anything. So, why is it at all important before marriage? Well, it’s a source of satisfaction to parents, who are from another generation. We belong to a different generation and have a different value set. Having two qualities or gunas is important for every human. The horoscopes give an insight into your own characteristics, which you might not have been aware of.
  • A conviction for the mind: In most cases today, Horoscope matching is a formality and ritual done to show parents that the children do care about the customs and values. Of course they believe in too, but not to the extent that a guy can call off the marriage despite loving the girl for years. Here, kundli matching doesn’t matter. It’s to show the parents that their concerns and beliefs are taken into account as well. They will be happy and satisfied. They will bless the couple.
  • Matching the wavelength: For many people, it’s a good practice as it helps to match one’s mental wavelength with anther. If a person is aggressive and the other is cool, they will complement one another naturally. Besides, it’s always good to detect, match and remove the ill points in marital life. If the horoscope predicts a good married life, you can make it better. If people treat it as a means of getting better or check, then all good.

To sum it up, it’s all about the trust and understanding between two people. If that bond is strong and smooth, life will surely be good. No kundli can dictate what to do or what not to.

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Has Horoscope Matching Become Redundant Today

There has been a lot of speculation about the importance or relevance of Horoscope matching in recent times. More commonly known as kundali study or matching, it’s a practice that was once deemed an imperative for every marriage. It’s a study of both horoscopes of the guy and girl, rather the soon-to-be bride and groom, see their position in stars, find the birth faults or glitches, spot the measures and execute them. One of the biggest reasons behind the practice is to find a suitable date for the marriage. There have been occasions when a marriage ceremony has been delayed by months or a year or more just because the pundit didn’t find a suitable date in the horoscope.

Well, it has been a large part of the faith system in India or amongst Indians living anywhere in the world. People repose their faith in this Vedic practice because marriages are regarded as sacred and an institution. Since nobody wants to toy with the idea of marriage, they go for Horoscope matching. However, with the onset of fast and busy life, it appears to lose sheen. Here’s why:

Patrika matching 1
  • When one of the couple or the couple has to go abroad for work: There are infinite cases where the guy or girl is scheduled to live on a particular date and wants the marriage to take place before it. The tickets are booked long back and its serious professional commitment. Many times, they take leave from work in another state or country to come to their native place just for this marriage. If the date is delayed or made uncertain, their job or business becomes jeopardized. This makes people select for a date that’s actually not suggested in the kundali matching. They are willing to take a chance with this but not their career. In this material world, it’s a practical step.
  • There’s no way to dump love: Today, people are very forthright when it comes to love and life. They make sure that no piece of paper gets to decide what they do with it or how they do things with it. Hence, people don’t much care with horoscopes in the capacity of what they used to. Oftentimes, it’s just become a show or mere formality to locate the ‘gunas’ and ‘doshas’. People are willing to solve the fault in stars later in marriage but not delay or nullify it. Nobody wants to curtail a marriage just because the papers don’t match. You can call it conviction, trust and confidence that win over any astrological calculations.
  • It’s love that matters: Love has steadily become a traffic affair in today’s world. But, it also becomes a very bold and sure object. When people used to be tentative with love or marriage, horoscope made a huge difference or rather made all the difference. But now, a guy doesn’t care much as long as he loves that girl and she loves him.

Personal opinions and trust have taken over the precedence and it’s only a matter of time before people formally acknowledge the reduction in horoscope matching practice. It doesn’t mean it has become redundant; it has just lost its sheen.

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How to Build on Your Relationship While Dating

We have come out of that bygone era when dating used to be regarded as an activity for a privileged few. The dynamics have evolved, patterns have become mixed and it’s more of a cosmopolitan culture now where Asian Dating will have shades and tones of other cultures. It’s primarily because the concept of dating isn’t exclusive to a particular region or culture anymore. For some people, dating is plain fun and time pass, for some, it’s the prelude to eccentricities and excesses and for some, dating is the best platform to build a sustainable relationship.

We are talking about the last category here and in Asian Dating, you can do many things to work on those precious hours of your date and cultivate a strong bond.

  • The choice of place: It’s really simple. It all begins when you mutually agree upon a certain place. If your partner likes a beach spot, then go for it. Get the best one in town and bring your partner there. It will be an ideal way to get started. Plus, the clothes you wear also could match. You can call each other and decide on the clothes.
  • Talk about the present: Well, in any discussion, poignant or otherwise, the past is bound to come. But, first you can ask how life’s been going lately, the things to do or already done. These are generic things but very important to tighten the loop. Then just as the cold coffee has come, tell what help you can do to solve the problems. Don’t be judgmental or preaching here, but tell him/her about the right things to do, visit or see. If you know a person who’s bad, make your partner aware of it. Concisely, you are showing that you care.
  • Dumping the past: Don’t let the past get into your present. In Asian Dating, show that bringing flowers and the best gifts she likes. Tell your partner that you’re willing to accept her or him even if the past was so cruel. It will show that you are ready to embrace the person despite all odds and showcase your sincerity. When you convince the person that you understand that he/she did all the right things but it didn’t yield results, it doesn’t mean that it was wrong. The people were wrong. Your confidence, gesture and faith in that person, coupled with care and compassion will take your date to another level.
  • Focus on the heart: It means doing away with cheesy, breezy and lame conversations. While some fun is inevitable, you don’t have to cling on to it. Tell her that you’d really be lucky if you got someone like her to spend the rest of your life with. Show her confidence and trust you have in her, the importance you attach and your willingness to give that person top priority.

It will eventually culminate into a strong bond and mature into a relationship. You need to watch straight into the eyes and say all these and if she smiles and quivers through her lid, you have done it.

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What to Wear When Going Out on a Blind Date With an Asian Man

Studies and surveys show that a lot of Asian men are getting more and more interested in dating sites. It’s the opulence of these dating apps, portals and websites that have led to the emergence of blind dates and romantic dating. There are independent, adventurous and forward-looking Asian men, who love to stretch their amorous instincts, shed inhibitions and go for a blind date. Now for women who are into Asian Dating, you need to remember the tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes of the men. Oftentimes, there are certain anxieties and apprehensions that men have in these dates. They’re really particular about the dress or the choice of clothes women prefer to wear in a date.

While they don’t tell you much about this, they will sure bat an eyelid. You can make a selection of dresses that could make the meeting better.

Asin Rahul Wedding
Asin Rahul Wedding (PC:
  • Going for gowns: While gowns may be typically western in their style and vogue, they have a quintessential appeal. When you know that you are seeing the man for the first time, wearing a white or purple, navy blue or black gown could be the best. They not only make you look elegant and sophisticated, but also attach a charming swagger and modern charm to your persona.
  • Your makeup: Asian men have grown up amidst women who don’t put on heavy makeup. Most women they’ve seen look natural and are not prone to hide their inadequacies with concoctions or too many embellishments. Having a minimalistic makeup is best and wearing the proper clothes with a minimalistic flavor could clinch it. If it’s a beach, then a spotless white gown with nylon flavor and bangles or artificial shells and cowries products as adornments is a sure-shot winner.
  • Being in your most sober and sophisticated self: In Asian Dating, the one thing you need to be particular about is not to expose yourself much. Compare that to western sets, what’s perceived as normal or befitting attire in the context, will be treated as revealing apparel here. So, you need to be particular about that factor. A nice, shinny necklace can do a lot of magic on the neckline and render a superb feel to the overall outfit.
  • Your shoes and choice of accessories: Although there’s a strong misconception that men don’t look at your feet, they actually do. They do watch your shoes as much as you. You can wear stiletto, standard ferragamo, the classics or modern, sleek shoes to make your dress appear livelier. If the colors and fit look more in sync, then you will look more wonderful and endearing. Little earrings and bangles could do well as well. A very good idea to dress in a blind date with an Asian man is to layer your outfit with some traditional vestige.

You will get to know the region the man is hailing from and put on something to make him overwhelmed. A robe, scarf, shawl or even a jacket can do wonders.

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Why Horoscopes Should Not be Matched in Present Day Marriages

Since the evolution of mankind all societies and races all across the globe have tried to come up with a certain set of rules for all to follow. As the societies advanced and flourished many of these rules became customs and traditions. It was now upto each individual whether to follow these customs or live life in a unique way. All throughout history only those religions, sects and races have been able to survive who have been able to continuously evolve and not get stuck in its past traditions.

Indians as a race and Hinduism as a religion have survived this test of time and have always continued to evolve with time and have a rich and varied bag of customs and traditions that binds it all together. It has also been able to discard any such custom that might hold back its progress. These customs and traditions especially come to the fore in time of marriages which do follow a long practiced series of customs and rituals. Some of them have scientific reasons behind them but some of them continue to become the baggage of next generation even though they seem to have lost their relevance and acceptability. One of these traditions is the practice of patrika matching.

Horoscope matching is done so as to match the stars and their future alignment for both the bride and the groom and try and decipher whether the prospective couple will have a happy and successful marriage and also to test if they are compatible or not. Initially introduced as a means to check whether the compatibility between the couple was good the practice has now lost its relevance owing to many factors, some of which are enumerated below.

  • Lack of skilled horoscope readers – horoscope reading though not an exact science is a highly complex practice and needs long years of practice and study to master. With lots of phony pandits and horoscope readers moving around it is hard to decipher if the horoscopes have been matched rightly or not. Also the authenticity of the pandit who has made the horoscope at the time of birth can also not be examined.
  • Couples get courtship time – initially the horoscope matching practice was there as the couples did not get enough time to spend with each other and this was a substitute to find out if the couple were compatible or not but now with the prospective bride and groom getting a chance to interact a lot more before finally tying the knot, the compatibility issue can be sorted out more easily.
  • Changing times and mindsets – the generation today have a different mindset and are aware that for a marriage to work all it requires is love , care and affection towards each other and not some planets to align and are hence ready to make the commitment with the person rather than his or her horoscope.

All these factors do show that the ancient art of horoscope matching finds no place in the modern times and is best laid to rest. It is high time we start moving ahead with times and introduce practices, which lead to the progression of the society.

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The Science of Horoscope Matching

India is a country which prides itself when it comes to following traditions and culture. Since time immortal, we have been living while following certain set of rules, which have remained unchanged over the ages. From birth to death, every aspect of a person life is touched by these traditions, in one way or the other. It is what makes us unique. One such custom that Indian Hindus have been following since the beginning of time is that of matching horoscopes or patrikas at the time of marriage. This is an age old tradition, which most families follow even today. Patrika matching has even been mentioned in our most ancient text, the Vedas.  In most Hindu marriage across India, matching of the horoscopes of the boy and the girl is considered to be of primal importance.

What is the basis of Patrika matching?

In most Hindu families, the birth chart or Janampatrika of a person is made based on the planetary positions and placement of the stars at the time of his or her birth. It is believed that planet and star positions, if read and analyzed correctly, have the power to predict the future of all aspects of a person’s life, including his marriage.

While matching the horoscopes of two individuals, a total of 36 pointers (Gunas) are considered to predict the compatibility between a couple. Out of these 36, at least 18 gunas should match for the couple to get married. If it is less than 18, then the match is not considered ideal. The higher the number of gunas matching, the more are the chances of the couple to lead a happy life.

How are horoscopes matched?

As per Indian Astrology, the horoscopes are matched as per the Ashtkoot (8 category) method. The various gunas of the person are divided under these 8 categories, and then matched. These categories, namely Nadi, Rashi, Gana, Graha Maitri, Yoni, Dina and Vaishya, represent various characteristics of a person like dominance, physical strength, sexual prowess, temperament, compatibility, harmony, adjustment and others. Based on these characteristics, the compatibility and understanding between a couple is predicted.

Why should horoscopes be matched?

While many may believe that matching of horoscopes in modern world is no longer required, it is still better to do so. The reasons for the same are as follows:

  • It is tradition: We live in a country where following traditions is a matter of pride. It is what makes us different and unique from the rest of the world. Since patrika matching is one such tradition, it should be followed.
  • Helps predict compatibility: Horoscopes, it analyzed properly, have the power to predict the compatibility of the couple. Hence, proper patrika matching can help you find your ideal life partner.
  • Gives peace of mind: Horoscope matching to an extent, gives us an assurance that all will go well after marriage. Hence, it has a psychological effect on us and gives us the desired peace of mind.

Whether horoscope matching is a science or not can be considered as a topic of debate. However, following it is a subjective choice and should not be forced on non-believers. May the stars be with you!

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Is Matching Kundalis Losing its Importance in Modern Day Marriages

Society has come a long way since its inception. At the time of its genesis, there were a certain rules and practices created by the wise men to insure that the society runs smoothly. However, one must remember that some rituals which were practiced earlier, were suitable only for a certain period. With times, certain practices need to change for the betterment and progression of the society on the whole. One such practice is that desperately needs to change is that of kundali Milan or Patrika matching. Patrika matching is a ritual in which the janampatrika or horoscope of the perspective bride and groom are matched and analyzed before the wedding. Based on the positioning of stars and planets in these horoscopes, the predictions about the married life of the couple are made. While some families still have blind belief in this practice, there are others who have started thinking otherwise. As per them, it is the person in question that matters more than his or her horoscope. They believe that the practice of matching horoscopes should be done away with when it comes to modern day marriages. Life for a present day couple is as such very tough. Along with the pressures that they face at the professional front, there is as such very little time that they can give towards their personal life. Adding the horoscope angle when it comes to marrying the love of their life might just spell catastrophe in their personal paradise. The reasons that they give against matching patrikas are as follows:

  • Leads to social regression: Patrika matching is not a proven science and following it blindly leads to the regression of the society. It is a medium which when followed, can actually take us back to medieval thinking and lead to superstition.
  • We can lose out on good matches: It is the person in question who matters more rather than his horoscope. Hence, while choosing a life partner, one should look out for the kind of person he or she really is. If we keep sticking to the horoscopes rather than judging a person on ground, we may lose out on good matches.
  • Can lead to superstition: Certain predictions made by astrologers while matching kundalis can lead to superstitions and boycott of a person by the society. Such practices do no one any good and should hence, be avoided.
  • Can lead to doubt: There are cases when you meet and like a person and want to get married to him or her. However, when the patrika predicts otherwise, it creates a doubt in your mind and you tend to let go of a person who could have been ideal for you. In another case, even if you plan to go ahead with the alliance, that doubt remains in your mind and tends to resurface in case if anything goes wrong after marriage.

Keeping all things is clear perspective; we can conclude that kundali matching can be done away with when it comes to modern marriages. We need to understand the fact that at the hectic pace at which life is going on, it is necessary for us to take out life in our own hands and make it work, rather than finding the fault in our stars.

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