Sakharpuda an Important Tradition in Marathi Matrimony

The world of Marathi Matrimony is so full of beautiful wedding customs. There is a steady list of ceremonies entailing the special and celebrated martial customs. It starts with the most talked pre-wedding custom called sakhar Puda. In this ritual, a packet of sakkar or sugar is exchanged by the families of bride and groom. They do this for celebrating the engagement of the guy and girl. If you look at it closely or from a distance even, you will find that this apparently little tradition holds a lot of significance in Maharashtrian weddings.

It is like the precursor to a chain of events or traditions that mark the pre-wedding customs in a sequence. In Marathi wedding ceremonies, just like any other Hindu custom, each ritual and tradition entails a special meaning.

  • The literal meaning: Sakharpuda from Rupaya Naral is also called ‘Waangnishcay. It literally implies verbal agreement. Sakhar stands for sugar whereas puda stands for box or packet. In this custom, the prospective bridegroom’s elders or parents give a pouch of sugar to the girl. In the same coin, the parents of the bride give a coin and coconut to the prospective bridegroom. It is ominous and carries a message.
  • The significance ingrained: The exchange and gifting of those articles signify a solemn promise made by both parents to give their wards in marriage to the other. It’s another avowal of the fact that they have agreed to give their children into that marriage. On this special occasion, you will find some people arranging party in traditional Maharashtrian style. It includes urma puri and shira-bhat and so on. You need to know that it’s one of the most important ceremonies prior to the engagement.
  • Proceeding with the custom: Sakharpuda is an acclaimed pre-wedding ceremony. It involves the exchange of a sugar packet between the families of the bride and groom. The groom’s parents gift a sari to the bride in this ceremony. In essence, it also symbolizes that the groom’s parents have accepted the girl in their family. The hands of the bride are beautifully accessorized with alluring green bangles. Often times, you can find couple exchanging rings as well. Usually, the families wait for some time to print and then send their respective wedding invites just after the Sankharpuda. Although it’s not an imperative, still many families do it.
  • The inner meaning: Each Hindu ritual entails a meaning and significance. You need to explore rituals like this from its roots. It actually sows the respect and love between the two families. On most occasions, the wedding cards are printed right after this ceremony. It is considered to be a good sign or occasion.
  • Building trust: Earlier, two families hardly knew one another. The bride and groom used to be from far-off places. This Marathi Matrimony ceremony used to serve as the meeting point where the two families can greet one another and pledge a great life ahead for their children.

Many times, they exchange other pleasantries as well. In this way, it has been coming on as a celebrated tradition with much fanfare.

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New Trends in Clothing For Marathi Grooms

The people of Maharashtra are known for their deep-rooted customs and rich culture. They have a soft-nature, a glorious history and close family bond that transcend to simple-styled and beautiful wedding ceremonies. Though Marathas are acclaimed for their rich traditions and are quite strict with customs, their weddings are pretty simple with well-wishers and close friends. They aren’t as extravagant or loud as other traditional Indian marriages, yet they entail a fascinatingly intrinsic appeal that you need to experience closely to understand properly.

If you take a look at Marathi Matrimony you will know that Maharashtra grooms are definitely the coolest.

marathi men dress.jpg
  • The white and orange combo: It’s an interesting observation that although majority of Marathi ceremonies are Hindu traditions owing to the huge Hindu populace, you also have traditional Christian and Muslim Marathi weddings with private functions and ceremonies that truly symbolize the subtle Marathi theme in each thing. Showcasing influences from the Goanese Christian traditions, konkan Coast and from the local Parsis and Anglos, who have made the city of Mumbai their home for many centuries. The weddings here are in fact a wonderful confluence of the most beautiful wedding customs and traditions that the country and its zillion cultures, religions and regional backgrounds have to offer.
  • The traditional Marathi groom: The Marathi couple’s wedding attires are straightforward and traditional. The groom generally wears different ideas ranging from a dhoti and kurta to a more modern kurta pyjama or a suit or designer sherwani. The infusion of modern styles is also something remarkable. The dresses are austerely simple and are laced with consciously subtle styles. Colour choices can vary from rich shades or deep pastel colours. Most times, the groom generally opts for a light and subtle matching colour or a hue of gold, cream off-white or white or the dhoti and kurta.
  • Designer groom wear in north Indian style: There you have silk dhotis, which are traditionally cream or white in colour. They have golden zari border in different symmetrical designs. In Marathi Matrimony, they are considered to be a speciality for festivities and functions. Many Marathi grooms wear these ideas that range from today’s most modern men’s wear. They include tuxedos or blazers, or stylish and simple and stylish custom-made kurtas. There are prolific designers who make your apparel casually and quintessentially ethnic.
  • The royal cream groom wear: You can find customized options too. If you are running short of time or don’t want to invest in getting personalized apparel, then you can opt for many traditional clothing shores that give classic groom wear. You can find them in every nook and cranny of the state. You can just walk into the showroom and pick the coveted dress of your liking. There are white, spotless and elegant colours that render a royal touch to your style.

If you pair these white or orange kurta pyajamas with a turban, your attire is complete. It is both stylish, modern and will be rooted to traditions. Don’t forget to accessorize it with the best watch and pair of shoes, preferably mojaris.

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Ways to Find a Sensible Match For Second Marriage

Nothing in this world can ever match the sheer anxiety coupled with the nervousness of finding the dream life partner. The path of finding the right life partner can be a tedious one as the number of expectations attached are very high and the odds of someone fulfilling them all are very low. The life partner everyone dreams of is either not existing or is hiding and refuses to show up until it’s too late.

This choice can be all the more difficult, in case the first life partner has not been able to sustain the relationship for various reasons. The constant comparisons, anxiety and the fear of something untoward happening again seem to dominate the mind and that too at a juncture when the mind needs to think clearly and maturely. The basic qualities for the correct life partner remain the same but certain extra factors get added as the expectations and the sheer complexity of the situation demands so. Some of the ways to find a sensible match for a second marriage are listed below:

Aparna Pillai Wedding Reception
  • Match making sites: match making sites these days also cater for second marriages. It is however important to testify the credentials of the prospective spouse by doing thorough research before taking the final plunge.
  • Common friends: often a common group of friends acts as the mediator between both the prospective bride and groom as they know both the sides and are also aware about the condition and circumstances of the ending of the previous marriage.
  • Relatives: relatives also often act as mediators between the boy and the girl. Generally, the elders of the family their decision is well respected and is taken after due deliberation. Once you have homed on to a prospective life partner, it is very important to find out if that person is actually right for you and your family or not.
  • Be truthful: the quest for finding the right life partner starts with you. Remember to be truthful and transparent especially about your previous marriage if you feel that the person can be a real force multiplier in your life as your life partner.
  • No comparisons: don’t try and compare both the individuals as not only will this cause a doubt in your mind but is also likely to unsettle the prospective life partner. Remember what is in the past should be kept there permanently if you want to move on.
  • Judge their sensibility, especially their ability to adapt: take stock of the kind of prospective life partner you would want and try and look for those qualities in that person. Make sure your perspective partner has the ability to adjust and adapt to new situations. Remember, this is your second chance so be mature and sensible while choosing and accepting.

The dream life partner is hard to find but if looked for at the right places and with the right mindset, then they are actually nearer to us than we imagined and its only us who is not looking closely or intently enough.

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Dos and Don’ts of Second Marriage

It is often said that marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on earth. But what is never said is the fact that the amount of adjustments compromises and sacrifices that are to be done to make the relationship work are aplenty and they are definitely not written in any heavenly manual. In complex relationships like husband and wife, one needs to be extra attentive and empathetic towards the needs and requirements of the better half as only then can the relation be made to work. This is especially true in the case of second marriages where the emotional baggage and the mental barriers are aplenty before the relationship even begins.

Second marriage requires a lot of care and mature handling in order to nurture it into a happy and successful relationship. With the cobwebs of the previous marriage still clinging tight, the spouses need to make special efforts in order to make the relationship be transparent and trustworthy. Some do’s and don’ts to enable second marriages to flourish are mentioned below:

groom dressing


  • Regular interaction – in sensitive relations like second marriages it is very important to converse regularly and on all topics including previous marriage in order to ensure building up of trust and transparency within the couple. The couple needs to understand that they are making a fresh start and it is extremely necessary to be honest with each other.
  • Be open to change – it is very important for the spouse in second marriage to be open to change. The curriculum and the routine of the new household is sure to be different from what was being practiced earlier and it is extremely necessary to not impose one’s own way of living in an already settled household but try and adapt to the various changes in the routine.
  • Make a fresh start – second marriage by its very nature is a complex relationship which requires a lot of deliberation and maturity in order to make the relationship work. Therefore, it is necessary that the spouses make fresh start both physically as well as mentally in order to lead a happy married life.


  • Compare – it is futile and extremely offsetting for a spouse in a second marriage to be compared to the previous spouse. It not only make the relation sour but also disturbs the better half. The ability of the couple to make a new start is extremely important in the case of second marriages.
  • Carry emotional baggage – it is extremely common and also discomforting for the spouse to carry emotional as well as mental baggage from the previous marriage. This leads to lack of trust between the couple and also results in the couple not being able to settle down fast as if the mind is not attuned to the idea of a fresh start then all the efforts will be cosmetic and will not help the relation to materialize into a happy relation.

These do’s and don’ts are guidelines and the couple in a second marriage are the real people who have to implement these on the ground in order to lead a happy healthy and successful married life.

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To Do or Not To Do : The horoscope Matching Dilemma

India is a nation which prides itself for staying rooted to its traditions, even in present times. No matter how modern or progressed we become as a society, we still believe in following our traditions and culture, which makes us unique from the rest of the world.  From birth to our marriage, all events of life are celebrated with full vigor, adhering to your cultural practices, which have existed since time immortal. One such practice which is considered an important part of Hindu marriages is that of Horoscope matching. Since the very beginning, it is considered auspicious for the bride and groom to get their horoscopes matched. It is believed that by doing so, the future of the marriage can be predicted. While it has its own benefits, it has, however even led to certain superstitions, which cause regression of the society. Hence, be it a love marriage or an arranged one, the biggest dilemma faced by couples is whether or not should they get their kundalis matched. The society in a way has split wide open when it comes to debating kundali Milan. While one set strongly supports it, the other strongly opposes it. Hence, the would-be couples are left confused and wondering if or if not should they get their horoscopes matched. Here we have some pros and cons of horoscope matching, which might help ease down the confusion a little:


Pros :

  • It is a part of our culture: Horoscope matching has been an important part of the Indian culture and tradition since time immortal. It should hence be followed.
  • Mental peace: By matching kundalis before marriage, a person’s mind is at peace with the fact that the partner he or she has chosen will keep them happy throughout their life.
  • Sense of security: Whether or not you believe in astrology, still matching horoscopes gives you a sense of security that all will go well after marriage.
  • Predicts compatibility: If analyzed properly, it is believed that horoscope matching has the ability to predict whether a couple is compatible or not. Hence, it should be done before marriage.


  • Leads to superstition: The biggest con of this practice is that it propagates superstition in the society. How can one judge whether a person is good or not, just on the basis of some calculations made at the time of his or her birth? Hence, it should be avoided.
  • Un-qualified astrologers: These days, most of the common people don’t have the knowledge in regard to horoscope matching. They hence approach astrologers, who might be frauds. With lots of phony pandits and horoscope readers moving around, just looking for business opportunities, it is hard to decipher if the horoscopes have been matched rightly or not.
  • Lose out on ideal matches: you might be liking a person and consider him or her ideal as a partner, but still can’t marry because your horoscopes say otherwise. Hence, many a times you give in to superstition and lose out on a person, who could have been perfect for you.

Whether or not to get horoscopes matched is completely a personal choice. One should have the freedom to do so at his or her own will. So think wisely, as your whole future depends on it.

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Horoscope Matching For Love Marriages

India is a country where traditional practices are taken very seriously.  This hold especially true case of one of the most important aspect of a person’s life, i.e. marriage. Till date, arranged marriages are considered better than love marriages in India. However, with changing times the dynamics of marriages in India are changing as well. Society is becoming more open to love marriages. As this trend is gaining acceptance in India, more and more people are now opting for love marriage. They avail this opportunity to find the ideal partner for themselves who understands and accepts them for who they are. However, despite finding acceptance, there are a few hiccups which come in the way of true love in form of age old traditions. One such tradition is horoscope matching. While people have become open to dating and love marriages, families of many couples still insist on getting their horoscopes matched before marriage. Only if all the given parameters of kundali matching are met are the love birds allowed to go ahead and spend their life together. With this said, there are still some who believe that horoscopes should not be matched, especially in case of love marriages. Thus, the society tends to become split wide open when we start debating whether or not horoscopes should be matched in love marriages. Let us now take a look at the viewpoints of both the sects:


One’s who favor horoscope matching in love marriages:

  • Social acceptability: Couples in love with matching horoscopes find that they are whole heartedly accepted by the society. They are considered the ideal match, who are born to be together.
  • Mental peace: Whether or not you believe in astrology, your mind is certainly at peace if your horoscope matches with your beloved. This helps build a strong base for a happy marriage.
  • Sense of security to family: If you marry your beloved after having your horoscopes matched, it gives a sense of security to your family members that you both will be happy and enjoy marital bliss.

One’s against horoscope matching in love marriages:

  • Acts as a biggest hindrance in love: If you insist on getting your horoscopes matched to your beloved, it might prove to be a big blow to your love life. You may just come across as a person, who believes more in keeping others happy rather than the love of your life.
  • Is not fool proof: there is no guarantee that you will lead a happy life even if your horoscopes match. So it is better to work on understanding each other that running after kundali predictions.
  • Leads to superstition: There might as well be a chance that you go ahead with marriage despite your horoscopes not matching. However, if something unfortunate happens later, you might end up thinking that getting married was a mistake. Such trends lead to superstitions and should hence be completely avoided.
  • You may lose out on your one true love: If you decide to call off the wedding just because your kundalis don’t match, you might end up losing the one person who truly loves you and is perfect for you.

Horoscope matching in love marriages is totally subjective and should not be forced upon. So think wisely before taking a call.  

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How to Add The Fun Element to a Kerala Wedding

Kerala weddings are really so cool then you will have to get ahead and know how you need to take care of the rituals and the other things. You need to be open to many new things that would make things work. So, make the wedding special and understand what all options can make things work. With Kerala Matrimonial alternations and some of the best things you will get an idea that how things are to be taken care of.

Kerala Wedding
Kerala Wedding (PC:

If you wish to enhance the levels of fun then you should try these things in Kerala weddings

If you want to make things work and create a perfect option for the wedding then you can try the Kerala wedding’s new styles. The couples have started opting for destination wedding and this will really add charm and fun in life. You will get to know that a few things are quite amazing and you can just try the same.

These days even these people are opting for the functions like sangeet and this can really be fun. The family members would take part in these things and that will really make everything quite rocking. We think that these weddings are quite simple. But in one way the options are to be looked into. So, just find out what kind of things would work wonders.

In Kerala there are many such places that would help you to arrange the wedding. This means that a wedding that has amazing ideas and options can really make way for the right things. In Kerala weddings you will see that people love the way foods are served and when they are served in a different way then it will really be fun. So, most of the people try fusion foods than the regular traditional food items! 

 You need to know what best thing for making the wedding special is

Wedding is the special day and so people should know that how things are to be arranged. There was a time when Kerala weddings were taken place only in the temples or the small conventional halls. But now you will see that things are different and people will enjoy the fun things in Kerala Matrimonial. There would be difference in food, venue and even the way wedding is to be celebrated. Enjoy the wedding and see how you feel.

The bride and the groom who belong to the new generation would want everything in a new ways and that’s the reason why adding some fun factor can be really an awesome thing. In fact, these are some of the most important things that you need to take care of. So, just stay along with time and see how you feel and what all options can get you on the right track. In fact, these options are really going to make things work and finally you will get to know the right details. The wedding would be fun in every way.

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Peculiarities and Specialties of a Kerala Wedding

Some wedding styles are unique and yes Kerala couples would portray that. Kerala weddings are awesome and so you need to understand that how things are to be taken up. You can fetch a few ideas from these weddings. There are a few special and amazing things that you will notice at these weddings. So, when you get a chance to attend Kerala Matrimonial you should get ahead with that. Kerala weddings are quite special because you will see that the couple as well as the family members would follow the rituals well. The very first thing that they will go ahead is with the wedding announcement. The bride and the groom have to find a good soul mate and so their parents would help them in that. If there is no love relationship, then the parents would announce that the bride and the groom need suitable person in life and keeping this in mind the further formalities are taken care of.

Kerala Wedding
Kerala Wedding (PC:

The amazing things that you will see in Kerala wedding

Kerala weddings are such amazing that many people would derive the ideas from here. They have some peculiar rituals and traditions and this is what makes them quite amazing. There is something like Nalanga Utsav and that would make the wedding special. This is kind of mehandi fest that is organized in the other castes. This function is separately held at the bride’s place and the groom’s place.

Then there is one more ritual where there is a puja held for the bride and the groom at the temple and that would mean that you know what things are important and then based on that the bride and the groom should go ahead. It would mean that there would be no evil present in life and here on they will be able to lead a cool life. So, these are some of the amazing things that you need to know of.

Every ritual would have some or the other meaning and so it would be important that you know how things are to be catered to. For Kerala Matrimonial you will have to know what all things are important and the special things will really make a good difference.

How to make way for a perfect wedding?

A wedding would be great of there is a good venue and location chosen. Apart from that if the wedding is really to be made special then there has to some important events that you can deal with. Online options have become important and that will really make things work. Kerala is an amazing place and a few rituals that prevail are still there and so there would be a few things in mind that you can bear. Life can be all perfect then that would make the real action. Enjoy the wedding and this will really make you feel awesome. You should know what special things prevail for the wedding.

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Peculiarities and Specialties of a Tamil Wedding

Every wedding is good in its own way and that’s the reason why you should always make way for something great. In tamils too wedding is awesome affair. But all you must do is just enjoy the wedding. There would be some special things that you can get to enjoy at every wedding and so all you must do is make the relevant research for the same. Just being watchful would also work and this will help you notice that how things are to be opted for. If you have been part of Tamil Matrimony before then you need to get an idea that how things are in this arena and you can surely seek some inspiration from the same.


Things that would make these weddings quite special

If you want to know a bit about the south Indian weddings then you can get in touch with your friends who are tamil and they would surely guide you about the special things that happen at their weddings. These days you can find so much of info on the web as well. So, keeping all these things in mind you can get access to the relevant stuff. There are many traditions that are to be performed by the family of the bride and the groom. Then there would be awesome sweets and gifts to be offered to each other. The families try to be the best in the choice of these things. Apart from that there is Kashi yatra which is really quite novel and different and that will help you in knowing about the importance of such places of worship.

You need to know about Tamil Matrimony in detail and you can just check out the decoration too. There would be use of banana leaves for the wedding mandap. Apart from that the look of the bride and the groom would be quite traditional and they wear clothes that are good and quite suitable to their customs.

Tamils are a mix of conservative things and novel things

There was a time when Tamil people held the impression of being quite conservative. But now you will see that there would be touch of modernism in everything they have. So, just stay sure that you know how you can make things work. Like, if a wedding is being held then there would be so many things on the cards. In tamils there are amazing things that happen at the wedding and so there would be fun factors too.

Just that you can be part of the wedding in the way like it would offer you lot of knowledge too. You should be able to get ahead and find the relevant media. There are weddings happening in different castes and so you should know that what all peculiarities prevail in them. Tamils love to be bit different yet traditional and so there are so many things you can absorb from their functions.

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Tips to Make a Simple Tamil Wedding Look Grand

People have a feeling that tamils prefer simple weddings. But in reality, this is not the case. Times have changed and just like that the demands of the people have also changed. Looking into these things you should understand that even the simple Tamil weddings can be bit different now. So, there should be some options that can be exercised to make the wedding bit different and grand. Who said that only money can make things look grand? In Tamil Matrimony, there are so many things that can be done in order to make things work. So, just stay sure that you know how things are to be done.

Wedding Destination Manali

Here are some of the tips that can help you make the wedding look grand with simple things!

The first thing that the Tamil families should go for is a decent venue. This plays a key role in every little arrangement. Like, that should either have good décor. If not, then there should be such facilities that can make the place look awesome. You can spend a bit more in decorations and if you want to make the venue look bit different then the entire solutions can be sought. With changing times we should understand that a bit of relevant options can be sought and that will work. Like, you can just have a glance at the things happening at grand weddings. You will be able to find such things on the web. Just follow the pictures and try to show your wedding arrangement person that what you are expecting.

There are so many things that you can think of. Like, creating a theme wedding would also be a good idea to make things bit grand. You can arrange for good food and good music as well. These are some of the things that you need to work out on. The bride and the groom should get ready pretty well for the wedding and this will really make things perfect.

In Tamil Matrimony you have to exactly understand how things are and this will really work wonders. You should be open to new ideas. Always ask your friends who would have creative thoughts. The best part is that, you should first think of the novel and creative things that would make the wedding look grand. Apart from that you will also have to deal with other things like how long you will be able to add the options.

Talk to your friends and relatives for brilliant ideas

Sometimes when you are managing too many things at a time then it would be quite tough for you to get some amazing thoughts. So, you can just talk to those you know and you feel could really help you. Take up wedding planning well in advance and understand how you need to be open to various things in life.

Wedding happens once in lifetime and so it should be celebrated with finesse. You can add awe and surprise factor to this and it will really be fun.

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