To Do or Not To Do : The horoscope Matching Dilemma

India is a nation which prides itself for staying rooted to its traditions, even in present times. No matter how modern or progressed we become as a society, we still believe in following our traditions and culture, which makes us unique from the rest of the world.  From birth to our marriage, all events of life are celebrated with full vigor, adhering to your cultural practices, which have existed since time immortal. One such practice which is considered an important part of Hindu marriages is that of Horoscope matching. Since the very beginning, it is considered auspicious for the bride and groom to get their horoscopes matched. It is believed that by doing so, the future of the marriage can be predicted. While it has its own benefits, it has, however even led to certain superstitions, which cause regression of the society. Hence, be it a love marriage or an arranged one, the biggest dilemma faced by couples is whether or not should they get their kundalis matched. The society in a way has split wide open when it comes to debating kundali Milan. While one set strongly supports it, the other strongly opposes it. Hence, the would-be couples are left confused and wondering if or if not should they get their horoscopes matched. Here we have some pros and cons of horoscope matching, which might help ease down the confusion a little:


Pros :

  • It is a part of our culture: Horoscope matching has been an important part of the Indian culture and tradition since time immortal. It should hence be followed.
  • Mental peace: By matching kundalis before marriage, a person’s mind is at peace with the fact that the partner he or she has chosen will keep them happy throughout their life.
  • Sense of security: Whether or not you believe in astrology, still matching horoscopes gives you a sense of security that all will go well after marriage.
  • Predicts compatibility: If analyzed properly, it is believed that horoscope matching has the ability to predict whether a couple is compatible or not. Hence, it should be done before marriage.


  • Leads to superstition: The biggest con of this practice is that it propagates superstition in the society. How can one judge whether a person is good or not, just on the basis of some calculations made at the time of his or her birth? Hence, it should be avoided.
  • Un-qualified astrologers: These days, most of the common people don’t have the knowledge in regard to horoscope matching. They hence approach astrologers, who might be frauds. With lots of phony pandits and horoscope readers moving around, just looking for business opportunities, it is hard to decipher if the horoscopes have been matched rightly or not.
  • Lose out on ideal matches: you might be liking a person and consider him or her ideal as a partner, but still can’t marry because your horoscopes say otherwise. Hence, many a times you give in to superstition and lose out on a person, who could have been perfect for you.

Whether or not to get horoscopes matched is completely a personal choice. One should have the freedom to do so at his or her own will. So think wisely, as your whole future depends on it.

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Horoscope Matching For Love Marriages

India is a country where traditional practices are taken very seriously.  This hold especially true case of one of the most important aspect of a person’s life, i.e. marriage. Till date, arranged marriages are considered better than love marriages in India. However, with changing times the dynamics of marriages in India are changing as well. Society is becoming more open to love marriages. As this trend is gaining acceptance in India, more and more people are now opting for love marriage. They avail this opportunity to find the ideal partner for themselves who understands and accepts them for who they are. However, despite finding acceptance, there are a few hiccups which come in the way of true love in form of age old traditions. One such tradition is horoscope matching. While people have become open to dating and love marriages, families of many couples still insist on getting their horoscopes matched before marriage. Only if all the given parameters of kundali matching are met are the love birds allowed to go ahead and spend their life together. With this said, there are still some who believe that horoscopes should not be matched, especially in case of love marriages. Thus, the society tends to become split wide open when we start debating whether or not horoscopes should be matched in love marriages. Let us now take a look at the viewpoints of both the sects:


One’s who favor horoscope matching in love marriages:

  • Social acceptability: Couples in love with matching horoscopes find that they are whole heartedly accepted by the society. They are considered the ideal match, who are born to be together.
  • Mental peace: Whether or not you believe in astrology, your mind is certainly at peace if your horoscope matches with your beloved. This helps build a strong base for a happy marriage.
  • Sense of security to family: If you marry your beloved after having your horoscopes matched, it gives a sense of security to your family members that you both will be happy and enjoy marital bliss.

One’s against horoscope matching in love marriages:

  • Acts as a biggest hindrance in love: If you insist on getting your horoscopes matched to your beloved, it might prove to be a big blow to your love life. You may just come across as a person, who believes more in keeping others happy rather than the love of your life.
  • Is not fool proof: there is no guarantee that you will lead a happy life even if your horoscopes match. So it is better to work on understanding each other that running after kundali predictions.
  • Leads to superstition: There might as well be a chance that you go ahead with marriage despite your horoscopes not matching. However, if something unfortunate happens later, you might end up thinking that getting married was a mistake. Such trends lead to superstitions and should hence be completely avoided.
  • You may lose out on your one true love: If you decide to call off the wedding just because your kundalis don’t match, you might end up losing the one person who truly loves you and is perfect for you.

Horoscope matching in love marriages is totally subjective and should not be forced upon. So think wisely before taking a call.  

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Is Horoscope Matching a Sure Shot Way of Finding a Life Partner

Whether or not Horoscope matching is a definite way to find a suitable life partner beseeches an extensive study and analysis of the belied system and ritual. First, you need what it stands for and why people do it. Then only you’ll be able to know its effect or viability in marriage or a married life. However, times are changing and this age-old system, handed down to us since time immemorial is facing some resistance from certain sections of the society. In many cases, the kundalis have matched, showed awesome results, some which scored more than 30 even, yet the marriage failed.

Nobody has been able to decipher the mechanism behind the success or failure of the system, but yes it’s the belief system that matters here. Let’s take a look.

  • The viability points: Kundali matching is important and relevant, not because it’s faultless or absolute; it has its own set of limitations as well. The reason behind its viability is that it’s not baseless or a hypothesis. It does matter in the long run. It’s a blend of science and art, developed by ancient sages, which continues to be reliable and accurate even today. Believe it or not, many of the predictions made by some of the astrologers have come amazingly true for a lot of people.
  • The things checked: While comparing the horoscope of a prospective bridegroom and bride, there are certain points up for consideration. The first is Varna or ego development. The number is 1. Next is Vashya, representing mutual attraction with the number 2. Then is Tara, which denotes well-being and health. It has number 3. Yoni is 4 and stands for biological compatibility and attraction. At number 5, there’s graha mantra, which denotes spiritual level and intellectual parameters. It’s very necessary for a marriage. Gan stands for temperament and entails number 6. Next is Bhakut at 7, which stands for family welfare. Lastly, you have Nadi for health and appearance with numeric point of 8. Make a sum total of the points and you have the figure of 36. This is the basis of the calculation.
  • Following the leads: Once you’ve found out the gunas and doshas, it’s time to check them or enhance the positive points to overpower the negative ones. If you see it from a prism, you will find much sense in it. The various parameters or factors of a happy and long conjugal life are weighed and valued as per importance. The last three points are naturally more pivotal.
  • The next directive: If two horoscopes, when compared, fetch 18 points or less than half, then it’s generally not regarded as good enough for that marriage. If you are serious about the relationship already and are committed to it, there are various rituals and havaans to eliminate the negative points and energies from the kundli.

So, Horoscope matching gives a platform to parents and children to come together and share their standpoints in the marriage.  Calling this a reality check will be far-fetched and wrong. It’s more of a formality and mutual arrangement.

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Importance of Horoscope Matching in Today’s Age

There has been conflicting opinions on the importance and necessity of Horoscope matching in today’s world. Majority of people believe in it, hold it auspicious and fully relevant to life, while the other lot, though antagonistic in this regard, still do it as a formality. So, somewhere down the line kundali milan is deep in everybody’s minds. There are many views for or against it. It’s best to analyze all. To be honest, it’s best not to burden yourself with what some call as abstract thing. You may ask why people follow religion.  Actually, it’s an integrating element and factor. In the same way, a horoscope or kundali is a process of ratifying a marriage, a method of intelligent detection and elimination that has been passed down since ages. It doesn’t have much scientific proof or relevance to validate its credibility, but astrology is science too. So, you have an argument right there.

There have been cases where kundli matched 22 gunas and yet they divorced in six months. There are cases where kundli matches 30 gunas and the marriage broke in two months. There are also cases where the kundli didn’t even match 10-15 or 18, still the marriage went strong and good. There are reasons.

Telugu Matrimony
  • Knowing the backdrop: On a pragmatic note, we all know that kundali matching will not ensure matrimonial bliss if the couple is not serious about it. If there is no trust or bond, no amount starts can do anything. So, why is it at all important before marriage? Well, it’s a source of satisfaction to parents, who are from another generation. We belong to a different generation and have a different value set. Having two qualities or gunas is important for every human. The horoscopes give an insight into your own characteristics, which you might not have been aware of.
  • A conviction for the mind: In most cases today, Horoscope matching is a formality and ritual done to show parents that the children do care about the customs and values. Of course they believe in too, but not to the extent that a guy can call off the marriage despite loving the girl for years. Here, kundli matching doesn’t matter. It’s to show the parents that their concerns and beliefs are taken into account as well. They will be happy and satisfied. They will bless the couple.
  • Matching the wavelength: For many people, it’s a good practice as it helps to match one’s mental wavelength with anther. If a person is aggressive and the other is cool, they will complement one another naturally. Besides, it’s always good to detect, match and remove the ill points in marital life. If the horoscope predicts a good married life, you can make it better. If people treat it as a means of getting better or check, then all good.

To sum it up, it’s all about the trust and understanding between two people. If that bond is strong and smooth, life will surely be good. No kundli can dictate what to do or what not to.

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Has Horoscope Matching Become Redundant Today

There has been a lot of speculation about the importance or relevance of Horoscope matching in recent times. More commonly known as kundali study or matching, it’s a practice that was once deemed an imperative for every marriage. It’s a study of both horoscopes of the guy and girl, rather the soon-to-be bride and groom, see their position in stars, find the birth faults or glitches, spot the measures and execute them. One of the biggest reasons behind the practice is to find a suitable date for the marriage. There have been occasions when a marriage ceremony has been delayed by months or a year or more just because the pundit didn’t find a suitable date in the horoscope.

Well, it has been a large part of the faith system in India or amongst Indians living anywhere in the world. People repose their faith in this Vedic practice because marriages are regarded as sacred and an institution. Since nobody wants to toy with the idea of marriage, they go for Horoscope matching. However, with the onset of fast and busy life, it appears to lose sheen. Here’s why:

Patrika matching 1
  • When one of the couple or the couple has to go abroad for work: There are infinite cases where the guy or girl is scheduled to live on a particular date and wants the marriage to take place before it. The tickets are booked long back and its serious professional commitment. Many times, they take leave from work in another state or country to come to their native place just for this marriage. If the date is delayed or made uncertain, their job or business becomes jeopardized. This makes people select for a date that’s actually not suggested in the kundali matching. They are willing to take a chance with this but not their career. In this material world, it’s a practical step.
  • There’s no way to dump love: Today, people are very forthright when it comes to love and life. They make sure that no piece of paper gets to decide what they do with it or how they do things with it. Hence, people don’t much care with horoscopes in the capacity of what they used to. Oftentimes, it’s just become a show or mere formality to locate the ‘gunas’ and ‘doshas’. People are willing to solve the fault in stars later in marriage but not delay or nullify it. Nobody wants to curtail a marriage just because the papers don’t match. You can call it conviction, trust and confidence that win over any astrological calculations.
  • It’s love that matters: Love has steadily become a traffic affair in today’s world. But, it also becomes a very bold and sure object. When people used to be tentative with love or marriage, horoscope made a huge difference or rather made all the difference. But now, a guy doesn’t care much as long as he loves that girl and she loves him.

Personal opinions and trust have taken over the precedence and it’s only a matter of time before people formally acknowledge the reduction in horoscope matching practice. It doesn’t mean it has become redundant; it has just lost its sheen.

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Marriages are made in heaven – the popular adage. This might be true, but in India, deep-rooted culture prefers to ensure that no earthly mistakes result in any faulty lines. Thus, Indian weddings have mostly been based on same cultural backgrounds, religion, caste, status of the families and family background for times immemorial. This time-tested means had kept divorce rates in India to a minimum. However, as western cultures have reached out and the world has flattened, India today has seen a perceptible rise in love marriages. These have resulted in the ever increasing cases of inter – caste, interfaith and inter-culture marriages. In fact marrying of Indians with none – Indians is also on the rise.




Aspects of Marrying a Non – Indian.  A number of issues need to be kept in mind when marrying outside of the country, to a person not brought up in India.

  1. Different Cultures. Just being brought up in a different environment can make a huge difference to the whole concept of marriage and the individuals will require making adjustments, especially if they haven’t already experienced that other culture.
  2. Indian Way of Life. Indian way of life and culture has a large number of aspects which are very different from cultures around the world. The merging of the ways of life, especially with the more conservative Indian ways will be a major aspect for consideration before the couples decide to take their vows.
  3. A marriage of Families.  Marriage is a mating of two families and marrying from outside your caste or religion brings two totally different cultures and faiths in direct contact. These can be trying times and the families must be prepared for it.
  4. Horoscope Matching.  When an Indian and Non – Indian decide to tie the knot, keeping cultures, backgrounds, and religion aside, the amount of adjustment and commitment required is well understood. The aspect of horoscope matching does, however, always come to mind, as for most Indians it is a part of their way of life and a part of their pre – wedding confirmations.

Horoscope matching which most Indians uses to determine the compatibility of couples is pre-dominantly an Indian culture based on astronomy and planetary aspects. In addition, it helps chart out a broad life chart while determining the troubled spots too. The questions a couple, of an Indian and Non – Indian would want to ask each other would include-

  • “Do we really love each other enough, to not need to match our horoscopes”
  • “Are we going to go with the results, good or bad”
  • “Are we  ready to reject the horoscope results, in case we don’t match enough guans”

Sometimes, in life, not knowing is bliss. However, it also requires being kept in mind that horoscope matching beforehand, helps one to tide over their issues when troubled times come. Also, it is increasingly being seen, across the landscape, as more and more “across the seas” marriages happen, that couples are going the full mile without matching their horoscopes.

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The Indian marriage system has been based on a set of time-tested beliefs which have been passed down since time immemorial. The marriage system is based on finding the perfect match, based on a few set guidelines and customs. Everyone wants a blissful married life and everyone equally wants to make sure that the correct steps are taken towards achieving the same. Horoscopes are one such means to achieving the perfect match and horoscope matching the path.


Indian Wedding Jweller


Inter – Faith Marriages- Traditionally, marriages were confined within the same caste and religion and inter religion marriages were far and few between. This kept the aspect of horoscope matching simple, with few variations required. The opening up of society and the acceptance of “love marriages” in Indian society has given a new dimension to the aspect. Even today, interfaith marriages aren’t very well accepted with great resistance from the immediate family Horoscope matching and setting’ things straight takes on a more ominous task, especially as the percentage of successful interfaith marriages is not too high.

Horoscope Matching – The Basis.  The aspect of the lifelong partnership between husband and wife is what makes horoscope matching so important in life. The Vedic culture believes in the effect of both partners on each other throughout life. Horoscope matching attempts to study these relations based on planetary movements, amongst other things, and see if they would make a happy couple in the long run.

Horoscope matching in Inter – Religious Marriages.   Traditionally horoscope matching has been a Vedic culture which has passed down the times to the Hindu religion. It is one of the branches of the Vedas. Other religions don’t accept the aspect of the concept of horoscope matching. Thus, prior to getting into an inter – religious marriage, it is important to understand the following issues.

  1. The religion of the Couple.  As a couple, one would want to decide whether they plan to convert their faith and to which religion. Once that is decided it would be easier to plan on the requirement of horoscope matching.
  2. The requirement of Horoscope Matching.  The next aspect would be of seeing whether you both believe in horoscope matching. A number of marriages which succeed are testimony enough to the fact that one need not require matching horoscopes to have a successful wedded life.
  3. Cultural Differences.   Getting used to the idea of living with a person of a different faith for life, especially when the initial period of “blind love” dies down is important.

If as an individual one can answer the above three aspects and dependent on the faith you plan to embrace as a couple, horoscope matching will then be certainly an additional step to ensuring that the wedding is indeed “blessed in heaven”.

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10 reasons why you can miss on to horoscope matching

The initial step towards fixing a Hindu wedding in India is matching of the kundali. Kundali Milan or Horoscope matching is considered to be the first and the most important thing while fixing a marriage of a couple. As per Indian astrology, it is considered very important to match the horoscopes of the boy and girl. As per the astrologers, it is a proper scientific way in which the kundalis are matched as per the ashtakoot method. The placements of the stars at the time of the birth of the boy and the girl are divided under 8 categories and matched accordingly. Ideally, a least of 18 out of 36 gunas are required for a good match and a happy marital life.


Indian Wedding Jweller


Off late, horoscope matching has become very popular, especially in the case of arranged marriages. The parents of the could-be couple make it a point to have the horoscopes matched before proceeding further. While some consider kundali Milan to be bogus and refute it from the core, others believe it as an utmost necessity. Banking on this, we have recently witnessed the springing up of many websites which make horoscope matching easier at home. All you need to do is just fill in the birth details of the bride and groom and the portal will do the rest. However, unlike getting it matched from a real Pandit, we cannot be sure whether the predictions made are accurate or not. Let us now have a look at the pros and cons of getting the kundalis matched via pandi or online websites:

Horoscope matching through a pandit:


  • He is knowledgeable: Most pandits are masters in matching horoscopes. They know the science of science and planets well and hence prove to be more accurate than any virtual portal.
  • Can clear doubts: as common people, most of us don’t know much about horoscope matching. Hence, in case of any doubt, we can as Pandit ji face to face for a solution.
  • Can be held accountable: In case the couple doesn’t get along well, we can always go back to the Pandit and seek answers from him and hold him accountable for misguiding us.


  • Is expensive: A Pandit can ask for a large amount of money for matching horoscopes. Hence, it can turn out to be an expensive affair.
  • Can lead to superstition: For their monitory benefits, some Pandits can misguide you while matching horoscopes, leading to superstition.

Horoscope matching online:


  • It’s free: anyone can go online and match kundalis on such sites free of cost. Hence you save a lot of money.
  • Easy to use: using these sites is very easy. All you need to do is go online and fill in the required details. The software will do the rest.
  • Quashes superstition: Since a computer is doing all the work, there is no scope of any superstition to arise.


  • No accountability: A computer cannot be held accountable if in case anything goes wrong. Hence, you have no one to turn to.
  • No proof of authenticity: being laymen, we cannot be sure whether the predictions made are true or not.

So think over the given points and choose wisely. All the best!

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