Understanding Nair Wedding Customs

Nairs are mainly Malyalee and they belong to Kerala. They take up the wedding in the simple way. You will see that there are so many rituals and customs in these weddings. But the point is that, do we really need to understand the rituals and customs. Well, it is not compulsory. But if you try to take a close looks at Nair matrimony you will realize that knowing the customs and understanding them would be a very good thing as in you will be in the position to gain enough of knowledge.

The customs and traditions in Nair weddings

In Nair weddings you will see that the wedding ceremony may take place at the temple or some convention center near the temple. Some people even hold the wedding at the bride’s ancestral place. Now, there are many rituals that would come into picture. There would be few things that would be taken up at the wedding and some before the wedding. Thus, there are many pre-wedding and wedding rituals that you would come across.

Nair Wedding Customs
Nair Wedding Customs (PC: entepournami.blogspot.com)

The ceremonies would start when the boy and the girl would meet and like each other. There would be matching of horoscopes and if things are fixed then there would be announcement of engagement ceremony. Once that is done, you will see that the shopping would start. The bride’s family would have to do lots of preparations. Also, the groom’s family has to buy things for the bride. This would include sari, jewelry and so on.

There is blessing ceremony that takes place a few days before the wedding at the bride’s place. This is because, the bride would now leave her home and thus this would be a good opportunity for her to spend time with her family members. The blessing ceremony would include all the elders coming home and blessing the bride for a good and successful married life.

Of course, there would be ceremonies like haldi, mehendi etc. These wedding ceremonies are really quite amazing and there would be fun filled environment in the home. They take up the wedding in the banquet halls or at some good destination. With the changing times you will see that even the Nair matrimony is changing.

But the rituals are still quite authentic and the food that they serve is also awesome. If you have attended a Nair wedding till date then you would know as to what things they celebrate. If you have not attended and if you get a chance to attend it once then go ahead and attend this wedding once as it is fun filled and full of customs. It is fun to even know about the rituals as it would represent the culture that is quite rich.

Some people even hold the wedding at the bride’s ancestral place. Now, there are many rituals that would come into picture. There would be few things that would be taken up at the wedding and some before the wedding. Thus, there are many pre-wedding and wedding rituals that you would come across.


3 Locales for a Destination Kerala Wedding

Kerala wedding is very special and unique as well. Kerala Matrimony says that, keralites would like to do destination wedding than hosting the wedding in any nearby or easy accessible places. Wedding means full of enjoyments for no reason. But hosting the wedding in a special and mind blowing place could double our joy and happiness – right? For this is what, keralites would like to organize the wedding in a perfect and ideal place. But the keralites expect the place should be spacious to welcome their guests, should be neat and clean, should be accurate as far as arrangements are concerned and should be peculiar too.

Only three destinations of Kerala could fulfill the dreams and expectations of people. And those three destinations are as follows,

Tamarind Wedding Destination–This wedding destination make you go mad about the arrangements and decorations available there. The ambiance and atmosphere of this wedding destination would be awesome to glance at. If you want to organize an unforgettable and wonderful wedding, you should consider hiring this destination. This Tamarind wedding destination is located at Ernakulam, Kerala. You can contact the resort either through phone or mail for asking about the rent and whether or not this destination is free to hire.

Tamarind Wedding Destination
Tamarind Wedding Destination (PC:tamarind.co.in)

Ramada Resort–This is another destination located in Cochin, Kerala. You can reach this resort by travelling 12.4km down from Cochin. From Mattancherry palace, you need to travel for only 16.1km to reach this destination. The rent of this wedding destination is over 15000 per day. This is an excellent wedding destination surrounded by nature and beautiful sceneries. You will be amazed by the nature, if you choose to hire this destination for your wedding. This destination is a superb choice to go with, says Kerala Matrimony.

Zuri Kumarakom Resort – People who crave for style and fashion to be indulged in their wedding destination will find this resort an excellent choice to choose. This resort is situated at Kottayam, Kerala. This resort is just 5km from Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. And merely you need to travel for 12km from Thrirunakkara Mahadevar Temple to attain this resort. Obviously, this resort is surrounded by lake, temple and bird sanctuary. You can enjoy the natural view from just sitting in the resort. Overall, this resort is a stunning choice to choose for hosting a wedding.

Zuri Kumarakom Resort
Zuri Kumarakom Resort (PC:thezurihotels.com)

Among the above said three wedding destinations, you could choose something that matching your style and demands. Also, you can get the chance to memorize your wedding and its happenings by hiring any one of the above said wedding destinations. These wedding destinations will suit all kind of people and especially will suit the ravishing people that explore for trendy and attractive wedding destinations. By hiring any of the wedding destinations, you can get the chance to show off your wealth and status to your relatives. And also, you can welcome them to your wedding in a unique manner. By this, they will never forget your wedding very easily as you think.

Get a Contemporary Look Even In That Traditional Keralite Bridal Attire

Kerala matrimony focuses on various styles of traditional and contemporary nature. It is one of the few weddings ceremonies in India which is a bit different than the others. While it is perfectly okay going with the traditional white saree with golden borders you can go for a different approach like a gown with minimalistic jewellery.

Go for the colour white
Kerala brides tend to go for the wonderful colour of white. It is a great colour for wedding attire and it shows a flowing elegance and subtleness to the entire outlook. However many people are trying on gowns instead of sarees. Since a majority of the Kerala population tend to be Christians it is catching up a lot. These gowns are perfect and look exquisite. You can get one with a flowing lower side and a shoulder less corset style top. They go perfect with a bit of gold pendant or necklace and the veil is a must for this type of wedding dress.

Keralite Bridal Attire
Keralite Bridal Attire (PC:ingrid.zcubes.com)

Minimalistic approach
When picking jewellery for the wedding day brides tend to wear as much jewellery as possible since it is a sign of prosperity and wealth. However it is not a bad idea to go for lesser jewellery. Just keep it simple with a sleek pendant or necklace adorning your neck and a bracelet of gold on your wrist. They go wonderfully with any white wedding gown. Also you can go for one of the hair accessories as well like hair pins of gold or silver. Avoid too much flower accessories but a little bit can work if you know how to balance the look.

Use less make up
Kerala matrimony sets a very different approach to the style of makeup used by brides. Firstly the brides tend to use very natural make up which just accentuates her features and nothing more. While other wedding traditions include lots of makeup Kerala brides tend to keep it simple. But that doesn’t mean you cannot go for a bit more. You can always add a bit of kajal to the eyes instead of an eye shadow. The contrast of the white bridal dresses and the black kajal make a splendid look. Also if you are inclined on going for an eye shadow do so but make sure that you keep in tone with the wedding dress. Subtle shades of pink or blue works well but remember to keep it light and simple.

Adding silk gloves to the attire
This is a style which is not followed by many but it is catching on. It can be a good idea to wear an elbow high silk glove of white colour to go with your wedding dress. It creates a royal feel to the wedding and certainly makes the entire attire stunning. Before you go for it, it is advised that you check to see if you like it or not. Kerala matrimony dresses can become stunning if you can hit that right balance of contemporary and traditional on your wedding day.

Decorating a Wedding Venue the Kerala Way

When it comes to decide the venue of the marriage, people often get confused. The venue should be engaging for the guests and make the moment memorable. In Kerala wedding, people prefer having the ceremony in a traditional way. These days various marriage gardens, palaces, islands are booked by the Keralites for an unforgettable marriage experience. Here are some wonderful places for the Kerala matrimonial.

Wedding in Cruise Liners
Wedding in Cruise Liners(PC : trendybride.net)
  • Cruise Liners: Similar to a 5 star hotel, cruise liner offers a large space for the marriage functions and separate banquets for the guests to rest. Booking a Cruise liner can be one of the exceptional places for marriage. Adding decorations to the cruise liner as per Kerala tradition will give the touch of Kerala culture. You can even get the real taste of Kerala food for your guests in cruise liner catering. Try to book it three or four days before the marriage so as to get arrangement as per the need.
  • Heritage Hotels: The family of couple is always concerned about the hospitality of their guests. In this case, Heritage Hotels will serve them with full heart. A 5 star hotel would offer you top quality Kerala food and traditional decoration for the marriage you expect. Such heritage hotels consist of large parking capacity for the guests, so that guests coming from their vehicles won’t be troubled for parking. You can get the pick and drop facility for your guests to gather them in the hotel at the right time for the ceremony. Always go for a king sized heritage hotel so that any number of guests can stay in the same hotel.
  • Beach resorts: Being in Kerala, who does not love to celebrate the marriage function in beach resorts? It will be a pleasuring wedding for the gathering guests as they can enjoy the beach and ceremony simultaneously. Beach resorts can be decorated with banana leaves and other Kerala decorative items to offer traditional touch.
  • Palaces: Most of you have dreamt to get married like a king and queen. Royal palace will make your dream true. These palaces are structured as per the ancient kings’ time which is something new for you and your guests. Adding some Kerala decoration to it will improve the beauty of the palace. Bride and Groom would be served in the complete royal way to make them feel like real king and queen. It’s time to get into a royal marriage.

No matter where the marriage ceremony is arranged, Kerala traditional touch will make it beautiful and engaging. People of Kerala believe in simple decoration marriages so it would be easy for them to choose any of the marriage spot from above. Try to book the place before hand unless it won’t be free for you at the time of marriage function. Decide few days before about how to arrange the function and food so as to finalize the marriage successfully. It’s time to make a remarkable marriage spot for the couple.

Perfect Gifts for a Typical Keralite Wedding

Wedding turns out to be one of the most talked about issues in an Indian society when the society is concerned. In Kerala, where the event observed with grandeur and devotion, gifts lay a key role in the weddings. Most of the people give traditional gifts to the brides and the grooms, but still, there is enough scope for thinking something out of the box and making your gifts worth remembering. Here are a few tips about what you can present in a typical Keralamatrimonial ceremony.

What can you gift in a Keralite wedding?

Flowers: You will agree that the flowers are one of the most loved gifts. But, due to its extensive popularity, gifting of flowers is often considering nothing out of the trend. Still, you can make a change in the tide with the most beautiful and innovative designs, colours and the type of flowers. You can go for a rare flower, for instance, which the bride may have never seen in a lifetime. It may cost you a lot, but when you are to make your mark with the gifts in a Keralite wedding, you are bound to consult the best florists in the city.

Flower Bouquet for Wedding
Blue flower bouquet for wedding (image credit: giftscollection.co)

Pillar watches: This is quite out of the trend and you can always win the hearts of the people with the simple, but long lasting gifts. Even long after the wedding ceremony, your gift will stare at the lucky ones over the time. This is not only beautiful, but also carries the essence of your taste.

Fancy show pieces: Even though show pieces as common enough in wedding as gifts, you can innovate and buy the most trendy and fancy show pieces for wedding gifts. For instance, you can go for a marble statue or a gorgeous flower vase with its towering structure, lighting up the essence off the room where it is placed. Always remember, give gifts to the people according to their likes. You can even go for a marble clock with the perfect essence of a glorified status that matches the room.

Couple Showpiece
Couple Showpiece (image credit: sweetcouch.com)

Hand printed crafts on terracotta: Kerala loves its tradition a lot. You can think of all sorts of traditional gifts when it comes to wedding. You can go for statues and show pieces which are intricately curved with designs all over it and are printed with some of the master artists. To live up with the tradition, you can use your innovations. You can gift a table lamp which is made of terracotta with the traditional prints all over it.

Handprints on clay
Handprints for Keepsake (image credit: cbc.ca)

Ganesha: Kerala has a culture that is rich in devotion. You can always go for the statues of the Ganesha so that they remain in their house forever. Also, the traditional beliefs are strong enough and when you buy a gift for a Keralite wedding, make sure that you can please the people with their tradition.

Thus, you have the perfect lists of gifts and you can pick them for conveying your feelings.